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Data Portability Project External Communications Roadmap


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Data Portability Project External Communications Roadmap

  1. 1. DataPortability Project Communications Action Group External Communications Strategic Framework & Roadmap
  2. 2. Document purpose This presentation aims to provide a framework for planning external communications and marketing activities by the Communications Action Group. This document includes an initial Roadmap, or action plan, and a proposed measurement framework. This section will provide an overview of the Communications Action Group mission Overview and goals as they support DataPortability Project strategic goals. The proposed approach aims to provide a foundational process by which the Approach Communications Action Group plans and organizes external communications initiatives. The Roadmap is the “action plan” that proposes tactical, external communications activities as informed and prioritized by the Communications Action Group Roadmap objectives, voting members and alignment with the Steering Group. This Roadmap is a working document and is intended to be flexible and changeable. The Measurement framework is designed to map Communications goals to initiatives to KPIs, providing a means to easily identify our performance and impact, and to Measurement ensure initiatives are measureable and tracking against core DPP and Communications Action Group goals. 2
  3. 3. Contents • Overview − DataPortability Project Strategic Goals − Communications Action Group Mission − How we’ll do it • Approach − Planning process • Roadmap − Core communities − Assets − Programs • Measurement − “3A” Scorecard • Putting it all together − Communications ecosystem − Timeline • Next Steps 3
  4. 4. Overview
  5. 5. Review of DataPortability Project strategic goals • Plain language documentation and media on what data portability is • Distinguish language being used to create a more effective boundary Clarity of discussion internally and for the industry • Extend our advocacy and educational efforts Awareness • Bring together work and thinking to create a more coherent world view Policy relating to data portability • Maturity of the governance of the DataPortability Project to ensure its Governance effectiveness • Engage with the broader community to encourage Participation more active participation • Define and execute a budget and associated plan to Sustainability finance the ongoing efforts of the DataPortability Project 5
  6. 6. With these goals in mind… The DataPortabilityCommunications Action Group seeks to promote Awareness of The DataPortability Project and data portability, help core communities take Actionand inspire Advocacywithin key industries through ongoing education and outreach. 6
  7. 7. How we’ll do it Establish communications- Align with DataPortability Measure success and refine specific goals & supporting Project strategic goals programs tactical initiatives Clarity Awareness Awareness Measurement Scorecard Policy Action Governance Advocacy Participation Sustainability 7
  8. 8. Approach to planning
  9. 9. Communications planning process 1 How do we effectively Identify plan & execute Core communities communications activities in order to: 2 Inventory • Increase Awareness of the Assets DataPortability Project and data portability through 3 education Develop • Inspire Action and adoption of Communications initiatives data portability best practices • Foster Advocacyof the DPP Measure 4 and data portability across key Establish KPIs and industries measurement framework 9
  10. 10. Roadmap
  11. 11. 1 Identify Core communities Rationale Opportunity The digital marketing industry is a key driver Engage and educate this group through dialogue and interaction by “speaking their language.” Marketing/ of technology awareness and adoption by Digital brands online. Agency strategy, creative and Tap into industry thought leaders and help them Agencies tech teams are tasked with building solutions for become evangelists for data portability and their corporate clients. Let’s help them think answer the question “what does data about “building for data portability.” portability mean for marketing?” Develop relationships within industry verticals Education and evangelism in core industry Enterprise/Ind and leverage Analyst insights and reporting to verticals is key to expanding adoption and ustry Verticals become the go-to information resource for key advocacy of data portability beyond the “geek” community. decision makers. Tech/ Activate the “doers” and expand the network of It is of course paramount that the builders of the Developers future Web understand and embrace the those who not only appreciate and evangelize precepts of data portability. data portability, but who can actually build for it. Educate the average user on 1) what data After all, this is the is the core group to benefit End User portability is 2) why it matters 3) what they from data portability! can do about it 11
  12. 12. 2 Inventory Assets Digital Non-Digital • Website/wiki • Blog • DataPortability Analysts • DataPortability& data portability videos (on • Analyst reports & projects • Print and promotional collateral (e.g. Vimeo and YouTube) Current Assets • Facebook Group, Page stickers, t-shirts) • Twitter account • Monthly reports • Digital press room • Conference and event attendance/Speakers • Endorsements of the DataPortability Project • Video Section on-site/YouTube Channel • Approved Lexicon • Endorsements of the DataPortability Project − Overview of DataPortability Project − Roundtable Discussion videos • Industry-specific training − Conference coverage workshops, conferences and events • DataPortability News podcast / webshow Proposed • Conference vloggers/bloggers/Twitterers − News/announcements assets / in • Community-specific educational repositories development on-site • Working demo of data portability “in action” site • Social Media Press Releases 12
  13. 13. 3 Develop Initiatives PROPOSED INITIATIVES 13
  14. 14. Create currency through video content / asset development • DataPortability News webshow (weekly) • Conference call updates • Key updates from action groups and task forces • Highlights from monthly reports, “this week on the blogosphere” • Community Roundtables (monthly) • Topic-based by target community (marketing, tech, Program(s) end user, verticals) • Led by DPP members • Invite community thought-leaders to discuss topics as it relates to their industry/Q&A • DPP Analysts to lead/coordinate industry verticals • Conference coverage (periodic) • Dispatches from conferences/recaps • Interviews • Awareness • Video views • # Mentions of DPP • Action Sample KPIs • Subscriptions • # Comments • Advocacy • #Inbound links • #Embeds 14
  15. 15. Increase awareness through blogger outreach • Conduct periodic outreach to industry vertical blogs • When the DPP has new announcements/relevant content • Leverage Analyst reports as sharable assets • Build long-term relationships with key bloggers Program(s) • Data portability advocates who display badge • Invite as guest-contributors to the DPP blog • Interviews/Q&A on DPP News episodes with relevant bloggers • Awareness • Mentions • Traffic • Views • Action Sample KPIs • Comments • “Follow” • Advocacy • Badge embeds • #Inbound links 15
  16. 16. Increase action & advocacy through social spaces • YouTube • Primary repository for all DPP video content • Educational resource for all core communities • Facebook • Extension of DPP site with an emphasis on educating the End User community Program(s) • Hub for End User-specific educational content • Contains additional information in designated tabs for each of the other core communities (including Analyst reports, DPP monthly reports) • Twitter • Primarily designated for updating interested parties on all news, announcements and content updates • Primary live-Twitter feed of DPP conference sessions • Awareness • Mentions • Traffic • Views • Action • Comments Sample KPIs • “Follow” • Subscriptions • Advocacy • Fans • #Embeds • #Inbound links 16
  17. 17. Establish DPP leadership through conferences & events • Evaluate and pitch DPP speakers to various industry conferences • Tech / Web 2.0 • Digital Marketing • Industry verticals, where applicable Program(s) • Establish rolling calendar of events and publish on site, Facebook Page • “Reporters” • Establish list of bloggers/vloggers to cover conferences • Awareness • Mentions of DPP at conferences • Twitter hashtags • Traffic to DPP sites • Action Sample KPIs • Comments • “Follow” • Advocacy • Badge embeds • #Inbound links 17
  18. 18. Continue building awareness through press releases & “traditional” PR • Regular press release creation and distribution through key industry newswires • Social Media Press Releases (SMPRs) are designed for Program(s) easier and faster distribution of news through social spaces by taking a content-heavy and easily sharable approach to the traditional text-based press release • Awareness • Traffic • Views • Mentions • Action Sample KPIs • Comments • Page clicks/views • Advocacy • Shares • Embeds • Inbound blog links 18
  19. 19. Considerations for DPP blog and website • Dedicated repository for all educational assets and content, organized by community • Addition of SMPR’s to Press section • Feature links to all DPP social spaces Program(s) • Add section for DPP News web show • Create a “demo” site that show what data portability could be/function like • Awareness • Traffic • Views • Mentions • Action Sample KPIs • Section clicks • Interaction with demo site • Advocacy • Shares • Embeds • Inbound blog links 19
  20. 20. Measurement
  21. 21. Sample “3A” Measurement Scorecard Metric Category Metrics Benchmark/Date Update/Date • • • # blog mentions 1,234 1,345 • • • # content views 400 512 AWARENESS • • • Traffic 2,034 2,500 • • • #Twitter hashtags 150 435 • Blog comments • #Followers ACTION • #Subscriptions (YouTube) • Traffic to “demo” site • # Inbound blog links • #Facebook Fans • ADVOCACY #Content embeds ☛ Scorecard to be updated monthly and shared during Communications Action Group conference calls 21
  22. 22. Putting it all together
  23. 23. Our communications architecture Outreach/PR YouTube Facebook Twitter Dot Com &Blog Events activities • • • • • • Roundtable Roundtable Links to Roundtable Roundtable Analysts videos videos content videos videos • updates DPP speakers • • • • DPP News DPP News across DPP News DPP News • Webshow Webshow YouTube, Fac Webshow Webshow DPP ebook, Blog conference • • • • Conference Current DPP Conference Conference dispatches • dispatches intro videos Live dispatches dispatches conference • • • User Q&A Tweets DPP news Analyst and reports reports • DPP user- • • specific info Q&A with DPP including Analysts Speakers/bylin EULA and es User’s Rights • General • SMPR’s and updates press releases • • • • • • Marketing End User Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing • • • • • • Tech Marketing Tech Tech Tech Tech • • • • • Verticals (Tech) Verticals Verticals Verticals • • End User End User Program Assets Primary Communities 23
  24. 24. Initial timeline of activities April May June July Approve proposed Asset assets for Launch DPP News webshow development; Development Launch Industry Rountable Industry Roundtables: Create (Marketing) Verticals; Developers development Task Force Ongoing DPP News filming Update Approve and Launch Social Facebook Page establish proposed YouTube Spaces social spaces Channel Ongoing content updates Inventory news-worthy Identify key bloggers across verticals and begin blogger announcements; Blogger target lists craft releases for NewOrg + Google Outreach & China PR Ongoing outreach based on relevant, sharable assets and news Calendar upcoming events, idenfity potential speakers Inventory upcoming and “reporters’ to cover for DPP Events events; approve vloggers Ongoing event vetting and coverage ☛ A monthly calendar of activities should be maintained and reported on during monthly CAG calls 24
  25. 25. Next Steps
  26. 26. Next Steps • Review of proposed Roadmap including program initiatives and Measurement Framework • Roundtables – Establish topics for initial series – Volunteers from DPP to lead sessions – Contacts for participation • Test run of DPPWebshow – Cover quarterly report – Upcoming events & recent news • Conference coverage and dispatch from Web 3.0 NYC (May 19-20, 2009) – Designate “reporters” – Twitter updates Copyright iCrossing - Proprietary and Confidential
  27. 27. Thank you Alisa Leonard-Hansen Vice Chair, Communications DataPortability Project 347.420.2561 @alisamleo