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48 benot-long

  1. 1. Benoît LongSenior ADM, Transformation, Service Strategy and DesignShared Services CanadaNovember 7, 2012
  2. 2. ••• 2
  3. 3. Budget 2011 Standardize Consolidate Re-engineer Shared Services Canada:  Created on August 4, 2011 Mandated to deliver email, data centre and network/telecom services to 43 Government of Canada institutions representing 95% of the federal IT infrastructure spending  Budgets, people, assets and contracts transferred to SSC in November 2011  Full accountability for the infrastructure on April 1, 2012  Shared Services Canada Act, Royal Assent, June 29, 2012 Raison d’être  Reduce costs  Improve Security  Maximize Efficiencies  Minimize Risks 3
  4. 4. Highly complex, costly and Mission-critical programs highly Issues persist and are barriers less secure than desired dependent on infrastructure to government priorities 63 email systems  2,100 mission-critical, mandate- Current state of IT 19 large data centres specific systems that span: infrastructure: 65 Medium-sized data  key benefits programs (e.g.  is complex, old and expensivecentres of varying quality, employment and pension benefits)  is a long-term unfunded liability  security (e.g. national defence and  is vulnerable to availability andsecurity and energy national policing systems and performance issuesefficiency; provincial police force databases,  is a barrier to business system hundreds of smaller renewal, modernization and“closets”; CBSA border systems, and Public agility 50 wide area networks Safety cyber security and  has uneven quality of serviceconnecting over 3000 Emergency Response);  has some resiliency soft spotsbuildings and data centres –  safety and health (e.g. food  is not service orientedover 1,000 firewalls; monitoring, health science labs, less than 100 buildings with weather systems, seismic systems);  Procurement practices thatwireless WAN services;  farmers and students (agriculture limit innovation. over 110,000 people with 2 innovation, student loan programs)phones;  finance systems (e.g federal- over 1000 PBX and key provincial tax and benefit systems,systems; money laundering) largely in-sourced  connectivity that ensures safe access to government, programs, citizens and protects information 4
  5. 5. Nov 2011 Jan – May 2012 June 2013 Oct 2013 – April 2015 Email Current state Procurement Build and Migration to new service Business case and plan 2012-2013 2013-2020 Data Centres (2012-2020) Current State, Business Case, Detailed Migration to New Data Centres Inventory and Plans (Multiple Waves) Networks (2012-2020) Current State, Business Case, Detailed Inter-building (WAN) - integrated and aligned with data centre consolidation plan Inventory and Plans Intra-building (LAN) - integrated and aligned with data centre consolidation plan Telecommunication services transformation – data, voice, video and call centre services Key Stakeholders Inter-departmental Working Forums / EventsEngagement • Ministers Groups: • Chief Information Officer Council (CIOC) • Inter-departmental Advisory • Security • DPI, GTEC Committees (IT Business • Policy and Standards Transformation) • Functional • Executive Summit • CIO Council • Business Requirements • Heads of IT meetings • 43 Partner Departments • Transition • Unions • Operational & Service Mgmt Industry – Launch and closure of procurement process; • Industry • Information Mgmt engagement of industry based on sourcing strategies 5
  6. 6. • •  •  •• •  •• •••  • 6
  7. 7. Internet Businesses Canadians Governments Public Servants GC Network Regional and International Carriers (377,000 users; 3500+ locations) GC Offices Production X Production YEnterprise Security Business Continuity Development Development Centre Geographic Diversity • Separate Development Data Centres • Data Centres in pairs for high for best support of application performance development • Data Centres in diverse locations • Leading practice to ensure strong for disaster tolerance segregation of production environment from non-production 7
  8. 8. On-Premise IaaS PaaS SaaS •IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service managed CIO Applications Applications Applications Applications •PaaS: CIO managed Runtimes Runtimes Runtimes Runtimes Platform as a Service Managed by Shared Services Managed by Shared Services Security & Security & Security & Security & Integration Integration Integration Integration •SaaS:CIO managed Databases DBMS DBMS Databases Software as a Service (non Managed by Shared Services Servers Servers Servers Servers Dept/Agency program Applications) Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Server HW Server HW Server HW Server HW Storage Storage Storage Storage Network Network Network Network 8 8
  9. 9. Private Cloud (GCnet) Remote Internet Public-facing web sites Access• Internal services for GC community• SSC-provided cloud services to the GC GCTravel• Secured perimeter; access withinHybrid Cloud (GCnet over Internet)• Secured extension of GCnet to vendor GCnet Canada.gc.ca• Vendor-provided cloud services to GEDS the GC Collab Jobs MySchool RDIMS Pension Mail & Messaging Pay Intranet sites GCdrive Free / Busy Mobile Integration Directory Dept. Private Cloud GCnet Public Cloud (GCnet) • Some public-facing GC presence • Limited Development / Test capacity Dept. Private Cloud 9