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SmartERP presentation covering automating student enrollment processes in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Covering primarily student onboarding, the solution presented shows orchestrated navigation of guided step-by-step process for new students entering an institution--without filling in any paper forms! Use case is from Cal Poly student onboarding process, as experienced by a current student.

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Automating PeopleSoft Student Onboarding-SmartERP Presentation

  1. 1. Automating StudentEnrollmentSession #31712March 19, 2013
  2. 2.  Doris Wong Former Group VP and General Manager for Oracle’sPeopleSoft product line 25+ years technical, product development & businessexperience in software industry 17 years PeopleSoft veteran Dan White, VP of Product Strategy– Former Oracle/PeopleSoft FunctionalArchitect– 15 years working with PeopleSoft
  3. 3.  About SmartERP Value of Automating Student Processes Onboarding Best Practices Student Project on Automating EnrolledStudent Q & A
  4. 4.  About SmartERP Onboarding Trends Best Practices Automated Onboarding Q & A• Pre-built, packaged,proven solutions• Highly configurable –tailor to YOUR needs• Customer drivenrequirements• Affordable• Integrated withexisting PS apps• Architected as add-on solutions• Avoid customizations• Low-cost• Minimal risk• Release independent– no upgraderequired• On Premise solution• Rapidimplementation• Deep PeopleSoftknowledge &experience• Unique bestpractices forimplementations &upgrades• PeopleSoft datamodel and existingdata• Current PeopleSoftbusiness rules andprocessing• End-user PeopleSoftskills• Infrastructure andtechnologyExtendFunctionalityImprove ROI Get FasterResultsLeverage ExistingInvestmentHuman CapitalManagementFinancials andSupply ChainCampusSolutionsInnovative Solutions & Services for PeopleSoftCommon – Critical – Complementary
  5. 5. ReduceOperating CostsIncreaseProductivityImprove DataSecurityHigher QualityDataReduce AdminTimeBetter ServiceLevelsEnsureComplianceEnvironmentallySoundValue of Automating Student ProcessesAdmissions, Financials Aid, Enrollments,Student Records, Student Onboarding, etc.
  6. 6. Enrolled Student Onboarding
  7. 7. What Is Your EnrolledStudent OnboardingProcess Today?
  8. 8. Is This Your New Student’sProcess Today?
  9. 9. The Challenges Cumbersome process Difficult to navigate Too many different placesto navigate Not as user-friendly Incomplete activities Confusing requirements Too many Call Center calls
  10. 10. New StudentsCan FeelNew StudentsShould Feel
  11. 11. ReduceOperating CostsIncreaseProductivityImprove DataSecurityHigher QualityDataReduce AdminTimeBetter ServiceLevelsEnsureComplianceEnvironmentallySoundValue of Automated Student Enrollmentand Onboarding
  12. 12. Who to Enroll and OnboardGraduatesUndergraduatesTransferStudentsForeignStudentsNewReturning
  13. 13. Automating Enrolled StudentOnboardingIntuitive UserInterfaceConfigurableCriteria-basedProcessesAutomatedFormsManagementTaskManagementSocializationToolsAdministrativeSupportDeliveredOnboardingMetricsIntegration withAny ExternalSystemsFully Integratedwith PS CampusSolutions
  14. 14. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllVary Onboarding Process BasedOn:•Degree•School or Campus•Generation•Location•Minority•FT/PT Status•New Student vs. Returning
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. “The will to win is notnearly so importantas the will to prepareto win.”-Vince Lombardi
  17. 17. Stop by our Booth inthe Exhibit Hall for ademo of our StudentOnboarding Solution
  18. 18. For more information on employee onboarding bestpractices and automating your process, contact:Telephone: 925/271-0200Email:
  19. 19. Q & A