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SmartERP PeopleSoft Security

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SmartERP PeopleSoft Security

  1. 1. SmartERP Solutions | Global Expertise with Local Presence UAE Dubai Bangalore Hyderabad INDIA • Toronto • Boston • Chicago • Texas • Atlanta HQ Pleasanton, CA Chennai Founded in 2005 by former Oracle Executives, Architects, and Consultants Implementation Partner Oracle Cloude, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, EBS and JDE Solutions and Services A unique blend of Solutions and services 300+ Clients Worldwide clients for life across various industries 350+ Employees Certified experts around the world – 24x7x365
  2. 2. Which PeopleSoft databases do you run? A. Finance B. HCM C. Campus D. All of the above
  3. 3. How would you rate your current PeopleSoft security? A. Poor B. Mediocre C. Good D. Excellent E. Don’t Know
  4. 4. Security and Control Points
  5. 5. Cohesion Communication – Typically Business Users don’t understand the Application. Technical Users don’t understand the Risks. Business Users Technical Users Responsibility and Ownership “Foxes watching the Hen House”
  6. 6. ‘Super User’ Access Don’t rely on PSADMIN or VP1 generic logins without controls Options for management: •Break Glass •Individual User Logins
  7. 7. Individual User Logins Employee’s request access to Production, Sys Admin unlocks their account and grants the Roles required for diagnosis. At the end of the process, the User’s account is locked again.
  8. 8. One more thing… Always worth Auditing User Profiles, Roles/Permission Lists in PeopleSoft. Low transaction, high impact
  9. 9. Role Assignments Too many Roles = too many Risks/too difficult to answer who has access to what We’ve seen: 160+ Roles per User 12-24 months before Security is regarded as a mess Are Role Assignments going through a change request?
  10. 10. Access Definitions Security too complex – not ‘Business friendly’ Ensure new/copied Security is easy to read Re-Use where possible, for example: Sign on process Delivered Roles have Security issues and please secure ALLPAGES!!
  11. 11. Access Definitions – find the Navigation
  12. 12. Data Security •Row Security limited in PeopleSoft •What about GDPR or CCPA? •Field Security, Tokenization, restrict Fields in the Pages, Database Level Security?
  13. 13. Is this a good or a bad thing to have?
  14. 14. Opportunities for Securing Data For Query: Create Roles/Permission Lists for accessing this Data Secure them against the Fields you use & the Queries for accessing this information • Pros: Accountability – track the Roles that have access • Cons: Can leave out other data required from a table For Access: Use Database level Security to Secure or Obfuscate the Data • Pros: Total Security at the Data level • Cons: May need each User to have a DB level User If one DB User, what about Self Service Users?
  15. 15. Production Do’s and Don’ts •Data Mover and Configuration/Development processes– secure them! •Submission of Jobs •Copy of Production for testing and simulation •Who wants to refresh every day? •Don’t rely on Auditing •The Horse may have bolted already!
  16. 16. Production Do’s and Don’ts •Separate Configuration from Transactions •Segregation of Duties and Access Analysis •OMB •NIST •SOX Compliance is forcing Organizations to change their Approach to ERP Security and Controls
  17. 17. Production Do’s and Don’ts ¼ Users had SoD Violations Where vendor delivered security was used.
  18. 18. Does your organization require compliance/readiness with Data legislation? A. Yes B. No C. Don’t know what this is D. Don’t know if we need to comply
  19. 19. Smart ERP Security
  20. 20. Access and SoD Subscription or Software purchase • Analysis of Security for efficiency • Power User & Third-Party access • Segregation of Duties • PII and Sensitive Data Access • Reports, Recommendations and Project Management
  21. 21. Access Levels Evaluated Users/OPRIDs Roles Permission Lists Components Pages Buyers User Preferences Workflow Approval
  22. 22. Rules Rule Maintenance and Controls Assessment through subscription Segregation of Duties & Sensitive Access Including Security and Configuration access – who has keys to the kingdom?
  23. 23. Cross Application Support Running multiple in-scope applications? Our service covers any application that may be in scope in conjunction with Peoplesoft.
  24. 24. Access and SoD Reporting as a Service Extract Data from PeopleSoft Import into Smart ERP Run Analysis No PII or Sensitive Data is taken
  25. 25. Access and SoD Reporting • Users and their SoD Violations • Power User Access • Sensitive Access • PII Access Reports and Remediation
  26. 26. Benefits • Report on who has access to what in plain ‘English’ • Identify and Remediate Users with too much access • Enforce strong Data Security Policies • Comply with legislation and reduce costs Reporting and Data Security as it should be..
  27. 27. Exceptions Sometimes Users need to break the rules… VP’s, Power Users, Limited Staff, etc All Exceptions are stored for future reference, and Reports available
  28. 28. How do you report over your security and controls currently? A. Manually B. Automated C. We don’t D. Not sure
  29. 29. Report Overview
  30. 30. A. Just Smart Form I-9 (Free) B. Both Smart Form I-9 and E-Verify (Free) C. Smart Applications with Smart Onboarding ($) D. Full Suite with HR Integration ($) E. Full Suite with HR Integration plus other apps ($) F. Not Sure? Use the question feature in your Zoom application
  31. 31. For More Information 404-226-6225| Lynn Duffy | Customer Success