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Aristotle's Guide To: Persuasive Presentations


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Aristotle's Guide To: Persuasive Presentations

  1. 1. Persuasive Presentations The Greek Philosopher’s Guide to: Aristotle
  2. 2. Question: What do you bring to a sales pitch?
  3. 3. >2000 Years back A Greek Philosopher answered that very question.
  4. 4. Enter the Presentation Trifecta Ethos Pathos Logos
  5. 5. Credibility Charisma Coherence
  6. 6. EthosEthosYour Credo
  7. 7. Ethos refers to people’s liking for Credibility & Character
  8. 8. We more readily believe people we revere or appear to be credible.
  9. 9. Distinctions
  10. 10. Bring up real experiences and know your topic intimately
  11. 11. If you’re a real expert prove it.
  12. 12. Don’t speak impulsively, it only takes one blunder to look like a clueless bozo.
  13. 13. In other words, you need to look the part. Literally.
  14. 14. But make sure you know what you're talking about.
  15. 15. Overdressing a little doesn’t hurt but underdressing can make you look incompetent.
  16. 16. “ Our perception of a speaker or writer's character influences how believable or convincing we find what that person has to say”
  17. 17. PathosYour Charisma
  18. 18. refers to people’s liking for emotional & personal connection.Pathos
  19. 19. The goal of Pathos is to put the audience in a certain emotional state where they become less critical.
  20. 20. You could say it reduces the ability to judge, thereby clouding better judgement. An almost primal reaction
  21. 21. Gerhard Roth , Biologist “Most decisions are made unconsciously, free will is an illusion.”
  22. 22. Does ‘Follow your heart’ ring a bell?
  23. 23. Distinctions
  24. 24. Use strong visuals to elicit an emotional response from your audience.
  25. 25. Using images rather than just text helps keep things interesting.
  26. 26. Tell Riveting Stories that link back to your point
  27. 27. This indirectly raises the emotions of your audience to your cause.
  28. 28. It also makes them less likely to become critical of what you’re saying.
  29. 29. Utopia View Give a
  30. 30. Illustrate a contrast between what is the status quo and what you want to achieve
  31. 31. Relate back to them
  32. 32. No one cares about listening to what you have to say. They only care about what’s in it for them.
  33. 33. Highlight parts of your solution that are congruent with their values.
  34. 34. “ The Emotions are all those feelings that so change men as to affect their judgements,and that are also attended by pain or pleasure. Such are anger, pity, fear and the like, with their opposites. We must arrange what we have to say about each of them under three heads.”
  35. 35. Logos Your Coherence
  36. 36. refers to people’s liking for logic, facts and reasoningLogos
  37. 37. To prove your point, you need cold hard facts and numbers.
  38. 38. But Remember: Quote only True facts. If it’s based on your opinion, say it. Don’t mislead your audience.
  39. 39. On the other hand, if someone credible said the same thing, feel free to quote them on it. To be or not to be~ Shakespeare
  40. 40. Industry-specific buzzwords used sparingly can help you look more informed and impress your audience.
  41. 41. Persuasion is effected through the speech itself when we have proved a truth or an apparent truth by means of the persuasive arguments suitable to the case in question.
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