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Building a Culture of Learning


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Skillsoft’s Global Leader Forum is an exclusive group of customers who have proven strategies of success around Engagement, Alignment, Adoption and Value – the Four Building Blocks of Learning and Talent Success. As part of the Forum, these clients regularly collaborate with other leading organizations and to share best practices, resources and tips within the new Client Community portal. They are also invited to participate quarterly in short research efforts around key topics that are of interest to the Skillsoft and industry-wide learning and talent communities.

Our 2016 Spring research topic was dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of building a successful and strategic learning culture. Our leaders shared their definition of a true learning culture, who is the owner of an organization’s learning culture, as well as what barriers stand in the way of a strong learning culture. Lastly, and most importantly, we learned what business outcomes they have seen positively impacted by having a strong learning culture.

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Building a Culture of Learning

  1. 1. Members of Skillsoft's Global Leader Forum share insight on learning culture. Members of Skillsoft's Global Leader Forum say "empowering employees" has the most profound effect on the learning culture in their organizations. ACCORDING TO BERSIN RESEARCH, THERE ARE 6 ELEMENTS OF LEARNING CULTURE. Learning culture is a mindset of an organization's employees. It is a curiosity and desire for learning through values, processes, tools, etc. to enable employees to actively and constantly develop capabilities aligned with the business direction. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ “ LEARNING CULTURE IS A MINDSET. We partner closely with leadership to encourage and reward learning. Our learning culture encourages experimentation, strives for excellence in its spheres and aims to create an enabling environment for individual competence building. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ “ We have developed innovative and creative programs encouraging employees to both develop their own knowledge as well as to share their knowledge with others. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ “ We help our learners understand and demonstrate the value of their learning via day to day accomplishments and documentation of their talents. Skillsoft Global Leader Forum Member “ “ BUILDING TRUST DEMONSTRATING LEARNING’S VALUE ENABLING KNOWLEDGE SHARING ENCOURAGING REFLECTION Global Leader Forum members believe Skillsoft and managers play a significant role in building a strong learning culture. Feel they have or somewhat have a strong learning culture. 93% Feel that the Skillsoft/SumTotal partnership strongly and positively supports their learning culture. 97% Believe that the employee's direct manager plays the biggest role in living out the principles of a strong learning culture day to day, more so than anyone else. 63% Those that operate without a strong learning culture cite 3 barriers: Improved customer satisfaction, increased workforce expertise and employee producitivity are the top learning culture business outcomes. We have curated our own content playlists. Click the YouTube link to see our backstage passes to Leadership, IT and Desktop video course samples and more. *Skillsoft surveyed 40 of its elite customers who are part of the Skillsoft Global Leader Forum *"High-impact Learning Culture: the 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise." David Mallon, Bersin & Associates. LEARNING CULTURE ENCOURAGES AND SHOWS VALUE. LEARNING CULTURE IS INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE. LEARNING CULTURE IS DRIVEN BY LEADERSHIP. No recognition of learning's contribution to the business Knowledge is guarded/not routinely shared Employees are not encouraged to take risks or make decisions Learning Agility 34% Innovation 37% Customer Satisfaction 45% Employee Productivity 55% Workforce Expertise 55% s k i l l s o f t . c o m EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES FORMALIZING LEARNING AS A PROCESS ? Interested in seeing more from Skillsoft?