Corporate Universities Successes & Challenges - CLO Summit India 2013


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Corporate Universities Successes & Challenges - CLO Summit India 2013

  1. 1. Corporate University Successes & Challenges CLO India Summit 12th Sept, 2013 Harlina Sodhi Senior Vice President – Reliance Industries Ltd Head - Employee Engagement, Communication & Diversity Head - Human Resource Academy
  2. 2. Journey so Far… 1. CEOs expect strong Alignment with Strategic objectives, Greater Accountability and Measurable ROI. 2. They don’t care about Competency Models as much as they care about Production Quotas, Sales figures, and Market share…… 3. Increasingly CXO’s are turning toward Corporate U-universities as the most Viable and proven Solution to these Challenges.” 1. We don’t have so much money to spend on “Cost Centres”. We are Reducing the Training Budgets 2. I don’t care about your training hours or Efficiency metrics. Stop taking my People away from Work 3. Times are tough….We need to focus on Business, Financials and our Talent Challenges. Let’s review L&D some other time ! Death of Corporate Universities Dawn of Corporate Universities Forbes - 1999
  3. 3. Socio-Economic-Political Scenario 2003 - 2009 • Economic Growth • Business Expansion • Global Competition • War for Talent 2000 - 2002 • Layoffs • Down Economy • Co’s Consolidation • Talent Surplus • Brick & Mortar • Faculty & Central programs • Staffing for peak loads • Publishing a Calendar Old Money New Money • Technology Infrastructure • E Learning & Online Content • Tools – iPads, SmartPhones • Social Learning Platforms What’s the Macro-Economic Scenario ? Where’s the Money going ? 2010 - 2013 • Global Recession • Weakening Rupee • Shrunk Job Market • Political Unrest
  4. 4. Dramatically Changing Talent Landscape Rapidly Changing Workforce Shift in Demographics Shortage of Skilled Labor Pool
  5. 5. Winds of Change “R” Blowing….… We double in size every 5 years. Keeping up with the leadership pipeline is our biggest challenge – Fortune 500 Financial Services Company How do we reach our target audience who are increasingly busy with a cost-effective & timely solution ? – Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company How do we cross silos to create enterprise level impact and stay aligned with line management to ensure relevance and value ? – Fortune 100 Oil & Gas Company Alignment Efficiency Speed
  6. 6. Academy Demystified - Corporate University Training Centre Learning Campus University Learning Organization 1 2 3 4 5
  7. 7. Paradigm Shift in way that C.Universities work From “U going to the University to be trained TO University coming to U !!! Training as Corporate Education Technology to reduce Costs Program Centric Processes Selected for Features A Project or a work in Process Courses in the Catalogue Running the Courses A function within HR, Centralized, Separate & Independent Training as Business Tool Technology as Enabler Service Centric Processes, Highly Consultative For Supportability & Scale Central to everything & Highly Actionable Aligned and working together to solve Business Problems Content is everywhere Serving User Needs & thereby Customers & People From To Focus Technology Processes Tools Measurement HR Linkage Content Org Focus
  8. 8. Iconic Corporate Universities
  9. 9. Success Story – General Electric Co • Crotonville was set up in 1956…It is a 53-acre Corporate Learning Campus of GE • It was renamed as “John Francis Welch Leadership Center” in 2001 • America's 1st Corporate University and a Symbol of GE's Commitment to Lifelong Learning. • Crotonville is the place where Jack Welch drove Business Initiatives. • Jack often said that - Crotonville is a Glue that holds GE together. • It serves as a megaphone for the GE culture and It aids Maintenance of a Corporate Culture even when spread over Diverse geographies GE invests >$1 billion every year on Developing Future Global Leaders !!!
  10. 10. Challenges – Call to Action  Let’s clear the muddy water and get out a Clean and Clear definition of Corporate university  We must develop a robust Operating Model with detailed Work Streams to enable set up of standard Corp. Universities  Its time to help Organizations not just from tactical and operational perspective but Strategic !  Our Corporate Universities should begin to contribute to “academia” by getting into Research and Analysis  Its time for us @ Learning Org’s to “March Ahead” & award Degrees accredited by Ministry of Human Resources !!!
  11. 11. Ask Questions….Share your Views…. Contribute Ideas – Enrich the Discussion Harlina Sodhi Senior Vice President – Reliance Industries Ltd Head - Employee Engagement, Communication & Diversity Head - Human Resource Academy