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Are You Equipped to Lead L&D Into the Future?


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This presentation explores the new skills required by L&D in a VUCA business world and how to build them. It was delivered by Ruth Stuart, (L&D Research Advisor, CIPD), Laura Overton (MD, Towards Maturity) and Lisa Johnson, (Assistant Director Information Services, Barnardos) at the CIPD L&D Show in London 14th May. It draws on the reports, 'L&D: Evolving Roles, Enhancing Skills' research by CIPD and Towards Maturity and the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.

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Are You Equipped to Lead L&D Into the Future?

  1. 1. Are you equipped to lead L&D into the future? 14th May 2015 Lisa Johnson, Barnardo’s Laura Overton, Towards Maturity Ruth Stuart, CIPD #LDSkills
  2. 2. Session overview • Your challenges • Key drivers of change affecting L&D • Lessons from top learning organisations • Transforming learning in Barnardo’s #LDSkills
  3. 3. What challenges are you and your L&D team facing? Are you equipped to lead L&D into the future? #LDSkills
  4. 4. VUCA Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous The only constant is change … @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  5. 5. External drivers • Globalisation • Economic downturn and austerity • BRICS nations Social & cultural Economic Science and technology • Demographics • Changing values • Multiple careers • Pace of change • Cross-discipline tech • Automation @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  6. 6. Organisational impact Agile Adaptive Ambidextrous As a result of the VUCA environment organisations must be: @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  7. 7. To enable this L&D needs to be … Affecting & Aligned Versatile Ubiquitous Savvy @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  8. 8. What does this mean in practice? … @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  9. 9. …Roles are evolving From delivering courses to supporting performance @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  10. 10. Business alignment Using metrics effectively Learning at the point of need …Our focus is changing Social learning Content curation Behavioural science @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  11. 11. …We need to invest in new capabilities L&D skills Considered a priority Currently have this in- house Using social media effectively 93% 15% Programme evaluation 96% 41% Blended learning delivery 96% 47% Supporting learners online 96% 36% Digital content development 91% 31% Marketing and stakeholder engagement 91% 42% Business planning 87% 47% Towards Maturity 2014-15 Benchmark (views from 600 L&D leaders) @RStuartCIPD #LDSkills
  12. 12. Which capabilities do you and your team need to build? #LDSkills
  13. 13. LauraOverton #LDSkills 9 out of 10 L&D professionals want more. But only 3 in 10 are delivering
  14. 14. TM Index THE TOP 10% New for 2014/15 Defining Need Learner Context Work Context Building Capability Ensuring Engagement Demonstrating Value Benchmarking Who is reporting the best L&D outcomes? What are they doing differently? TheTowardsMaturityModel
  15. 15. DELIVERING RESULTS Improved application of learning in the workplace Faster response to changing business conditions Increased productivity on the job TOP DECK Average 2x revenue improvements 50% improvement on attrition 25% increase in staff engagement LauraOverton #LDSkills
  16. 16. DELIVERING RESULTS Improved application of learning in the workplace Faster response to changing business conditions Increased productivity on the job TOP DECK Average What are the Top Deck doing differently?
  17. 17. Top Deck make alignment to business needs a priority 100% agree L&D activity is aligned to business Compared to 56% on average
  18. 18. …it doesn’t matter where you sit Alignment is king …whether it is a performance issue or a skills issue our job is to solve business problems problems Sarah Lindsell, Pwc
  19. 19. Top Deck support the full learning continuum 100% agree they support learning beyond the course Compared to 53% on average
  20. 20. Top Deck Harness Technology Allocate twice the budget to technology 35% of L&D budget vs 19% on average
  21. 21. 2x User generated External video Blogs Curation Content in the cloud Badges
  22. 22. Data Driven Decision Making Less than 25% Audit the skills of L&D teams Use learning analytics to improve service Use benchmarking as an L&D performance improvement tool “ 7 out of 10 engage with data driven decision making
  23. 23. Introducing change is never easy. For us it started by presenting our existing L&D staff with clear independent evidence from both learners and experts showing showing that we needed to change. Col. Garry Hearn, MOD “
  24. 24. Top Deck are active in building priority L&D capabilities today 50% more likely to provide CPD opportunities for L&D staff 87% 89% 89% 91% 91% 93% 96% 96% 96% 47% 34% 49% 42% 31% 15% 47% 36% 41% 79% 56% 68% 70% 44% 50% 81% 71% 70% Business planning Delivery via virtual classroom Instructional design Marketing and stakeholder engagement Digital content development Using social media effectively Online or blended learning delivery Supporting learners online Programme evaluation Current skills in house (top Deck) Current skills in house (avg) Considered a priority
  25. 25. WHAT ARE THEY DOING DIFFERENTLY? Improved application of learning in the workplace Faster response to changing business conditions Increased productivity on the job TOP DECK Average Top Deck organisations: Align to need Support the full learning continuum Harness Technology Use Data to Drive Decisions Build priority skills today
  26. 26. Pre 2000 All Classroom or On-site 2000+ eLearning 2003+ Self Service 2005+ Virtual Classroom 2013+ Performance Support 2014+ Social & Curation Barnardo’s journey… Pic & Mix to ‘meet the need’
  27. 27. How we learn... Twitter eBooks Webinars Conferences MOOCs Blogs Seminars Meet ups YouTube Courses eLearning Sharing Development days
  28. 28. New Experience it Potential Train the Trainer Play Build confidence Apply & Refine Share & coach Review & adapt Team development
  29. 29. Impact… Improved business relationships Greater alignment Motivated and skilled team Reach more learners Reduction in helpdesk calls Willingness to participate in new initiatives Business come to us for help External recognition – industry awards
  30. 30. be prepared to change and adapt be bold, be fearless, be the best you can be!
  31. 31. What can you do differently to build priority skills? #LDSkills
  32. 32. Get in touch #LDSkills
  33. 33. Reference Materials) L&D: Evolving Roles, Enhancing Skills (CIPD & Towards Maturity) Modernising Learning: Delivering Results (Towards Maturity) Evolving L&D at Barnardos