Future proofing your L&D strategy


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What do we know today that can help us better prepare for tomorrow? Towards Maturity celebrates ten years of research into effective learning practices with this presentation first delivered at Learning Technologies, the UK’s leading workplace learning event. Laura Overton the MD of Towards Maturity outlines nine steps to help L&D organisations prepare to deliver the future of learning. The session draws on data from 500+ L&D professionals participating in the 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark – see www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark and 2,000 learners taking part in the Learning Landscape audit, see www.towardsmaturity.org/learner for more details.

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  • Future proofing your L&D strategy

    1. 1. Future proofing your L&D strategy Laura Overton Data in this presentation is drawn from 2000 staff participating in the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape www.towardsmaturity.org/learner and 500+ L&D professionals participtating in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark Images courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net New Learning Agenda graphic courtesy of Brightwave Laura@towardsmaturity org Lauraoverton
    2. 2. Talent Business Priorities Technology Change New Learning Agenda
    3. 3. What driving change for L&D? Comply with new regulations and legal requirements Help implement new processes or new products Develop a better qualified workforce Provide a faster response to changing business conditions 84% 36% 89% 40% 89% 59% 93% 47% 91% Increase productivity 49% 89% Improve customer satisfaction 52% Improve staff satisfaction/retention/ motivation 94% 55% 2013 N=447 % of or participants wanting this benefit 2008 N=261 L&D want so much more
    4. 4. 10 years of Benchmarking 2004 2014 What do we know today that can help us better prepare for tomorrow?
    5. 5. Fact Learning innovation, done well, delivers bottom line results! + Adding Value 14% Productivity 19% Staff engagement 9% attrition rates Improving efficiency 12% Time to competency - 22% learning delivery time 17% Training Cost
    6. 6. Top Learning Companies TM Index Those in the top quartile of TMI are delivering more results, faster! Productivity Agility Efficiency Top learning companies are defined as those in the top quartile of the @towardsmaturity index see appendixB for detail
    7. 7. Only 41% of L&D leaders believe that their business leaders recognise that learning is aligned to the business
    8. 8. How? • Assigning board level accountability for learning • Mutually agreeing business metrics that learning needs to address • Analysing the business problem before recommending the solution
    9. 9. Be Through Touch we are linking company and individual aspirations to achieve a transformation in the business Dr Chai Patel, Chairman Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    10. 10. In a VUCA world you can’t afford a 18 month lead time on delivery!
    11. 11. How? • Prepare for change • Use of technology that allows you to respond faster: • • • live online learning social media video
    12. 12. 3 in 5 learners say the course is effective in helping them learn what they need for the job 88% want to learn at their own pace
    13. 13. How?     Revisit the blend Frameworks for learning Transfer of skills Facilitating collaboration
    14. 14. L&D need to consider how to support a continual learning process that builds confidence and capability of workers and improves business results for organisations Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD
    15. 15. How? Welcome innovation Make time for reflection Support sharing Embed learning where needed Equip line managers
    16. 16. • Developing high performing sales and management • Learning shaped by users and managers • Defining and supporting the role of the sales manager in the process • ‘The power hour’ – applying and sharing • 55% participants agreed the programme had impacted sales Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    17. 17. How? Support recruitment and onboarding Integrate with performance support Integrate succession planning and learning
    18. 18. • 62% of learners are using mobile to access resources to help them do their job • Half of them are using their own technology • Where are they learning? – 51% When they need it – 24% On the way to work – 44% At home and weekend Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    19. 19. How?     Establishing relationships with IT Mobile Cloud Building the skills for flexible learning 40% agree 15% agree Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    20. 20. 55% of CEO’s believe that their customers are most likely to influence their strategy going forward IBM Customer Activated Enterprise – Oct 2013 Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    21. 21. How well do we respond to our learners? 2/3 of learners want their learning to be recognised 23% of L&D reward or recognise online learning 75% are happy to engage with online learning 40% say staff lack skill to manage online learning 65% are motivated by technology that allows them to share 18% think their learners know how to connect and share
    22. 22. How? • Understand how staff are currently learning • Challenge your own assumptions • User led design • Communicate constantly Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    23. 23. Be It is important for us to listen to our audience on how they want to learn Lauraoverton #bethebest13 • Releasing learning beyond the LMS • Personalising learning so that staff can access what they need for their role • Connecting and community • Short Sharp Videos www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    24. 24. Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    25. 25. How?  Ask – what does good like and focus on that  The right tool for the job  Do not rely on the latest technology to do the job for you Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    26. 26. • 2 years ago 90% was f2f learning • 1st project to reduce call handling times – Short bite sized content – Addressing top 4 issues only – Reduced call handling by 20% • Success breeding success Be Be brave, challenge, take risks but don’t get carried away – do one thin, do it well then move on! Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    27. 27. Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    28. 28. How? • Governance/ownership • Modelling change in learning • Speaking the language of business Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    29. 29. Future Proofing your learning Strategy How future proof is your L&D strategy? Compare with others at www.towardsmaturity.org/mybenchmark Lauraoverton #bethebest13 www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    30. 30. Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD The CIPD welcomes Toward Maturity’s New Learning Agenda as a framework for L&D, HR and business leaders to work together in new ways, in the midst of a rapidly evolving work context, to deliver great business results through engaged and motivated staff.
    31. 31. Download the New Learning Agenda Today Or ask us for your future proof L&D information pack www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark
    32. 32. This study is made possible thanks to Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors: Leading learning organisations who share our passion that independent research should be freely available to all . To join or find out more go to: www.towardsmaturity.org/ambassadors
    33. 33. About Us Contact us via: Lauraoverton Towardsmaturity New Learning Benchmarksn Towards Maturity is a benchmarking practice that provides authoritative research and expert consultancy services to help assess and improve the effectiveness and consistency of L&D performance within organisations. It leverages the data gathered from the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe. Download our case studies to support your business case for change at www.towardsmaturity.org Find out your own Towards Maturity Index to see if you are amongst the top learning companies at http://mybenchmark.towardsmaturity.org/