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Transmedia engagement participatory culture to activism

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Transmedia engagement participatory culture to activism

  1. 1. Transmediaengagement Participatory Culture to Activism siobhan o’flynn, phd June 1, 2012 toronto Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  2. 2. Thehungergames casestudy: defining metrics of success Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  3. 3. SocialMediaCampaign thehungergames facebook active Early: March  2011,  cas,ng  revealed  on  Facebook Facebook Fan contest to visit set: 24  June  2011 teaser trailer: August  2011,  reveals  #whatsmydistrict,                                                                                                        use  triggers  tweet  back  from  @CapitolPN thecapitol.PN site:                                                29  August  2011,  register  for  your  district 13 Pages launched on Facebook:        12  Districts  &  Capitol  PN tumblr site:          January  2012,  style  guides,  pics,  contests tour site: 31  January  2012,  sign  up  for  tour cafepress merchandizing: 21  February  2012,  fan  &  official  designs  for  sale Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  4. 4. socialplatforms fan of the week district mayors beta testers tumblr youtube channel fan made content official & fan merch red carpet on facebook Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  5. 5. teaserpuzzles • #HungerGames100  Campaign  15  Dec.   2011 •Integra,on  &  Cross-­‐Pollina,on  of  Social   Media  PlaTorms •100  pieces  hidden  on  Partner  Facebook   pages •Treasure  hunt  to  assemble  poster   •Generated  100,000+  tweets •Facebook,  and  TwiWer  to  work  together.   “We  were  pleasantly  surprised  throughout   the  en,re  process.” •12  different  websites  as  “district  sponsors.”   Yahoo,  Machinima,  Fandango,  IGN... Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  6. 6. hybridmarketingcampaign traditional marketing: 80,000  posters  distributed,  50  magazine   cover  stories,  ads  on  3,000  billboards  &   bus  shelters   marketing budget: $45 million vs typical: $100 million 21 staff vs 100 in typical campaign Before  the  launch  on  March  23,  ‘a   staggering  84%  of  moviegoers  said  (last)   week  that  they  had  heard  of  'The  Hunger   Games,'  and  61%  said  they  were   definitely  interested  in  seeing  it.’ Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  7. 7. Success bynumbers Between  Thursday,  March  21  and   Sunday,  March  24  The  Hunger  Games   generated  over  3  million   conversa,ons  on  the  social  web. Majority  of  conversa,ons  were  on   TwiWer. Facebook  was  the  second  most-­‐used   plaTorm  with  just  over  a  hundred   thousand  conversa,ons. Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  8. 8. 1stweekendnumbers 3rd highest domestic, non-summer/non-sequel opening $152.2 million •‘A’  CinemaScore  overall  on  Friday  night •Males  made  up  39  percent  of  Hunger   •under  age  25  ra,ng  =  ‘A+’   Games'  Friday  night  audience. •over  25  ra,ng  =  ‘A-­‐’ •  49  percent  of  those  showing  up  to  see   •39  percent  of  the  audience  younger  than   Hunger  Games  were  under  age  25;   18 Lionsgate's  exit  polling  showed  that  44   •CinemaScore  exit  polling percent  were  under  25. Saturday/Sunday  viewing  fell  by  only  20%  indica,ng  strong  family  turn-­‐out. Success  in  all  4  quadrants:  Men  over/under  25;  Women  over/under  25 The  Hunger  Games  played  in  4,137  theaters  at  the  domes,c  box  office,  including  268  Imax   theaters,  which  turned  in  a  heny  $10.6  milion  for  a  per-­‐screen  average  of  $40,000,  a  record   for  a  2D  nonsequel. Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  9. 9. hybridmarketingcampaign ‘...Lionsgate  marketers  likely  spent  $15   million  to  $20  million  less  (30%)  than  a   larger  Hollywood  studio  might  have,  using   a  campaign  heavier  on  television   adver,sing.’   ‘The  mix  will  change.  Companies  that  are   conglomerates,  with  large  broadcast   networks  or  a  bouquet  of  cable  channels   are  going  to  have  to  adapt.  And  it  will  be   disrup,ve.’ Jon  Feltheimer,  Lionsgate  Entertainment   Corp  Chief  Execu,ve Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  10. 10. data pulled April 21 & May 20 Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  11. 11. Danielle DePalma interview with Lionsgate’s senior vice president for digital marketing thehungergames ‘socialmediamachine’ 1.  Play  to  your  base.  Fans  come  1st.  &  2nd.  &  3rd 2.  Exploit  Each  Social  Media  PlaTorm  for  its  unique   quali,es 3.  The  Source  -­‐  the  Book  -­‐  is  Your  Bible 4.  Cast  a  Wide  Net:  Every  One  is  on  Team  ‘Hunger   Games’ 5.  Tease  Judiciously 6.  Turn  Tradi,onal  Adver,sing  into  Social  Media  Events 7.  Cross-­‐Pollinate  Social  Media  PlaTorms 8.  Tweak  (and  Tweak)  Constantly! 9.  Employ  Apps  &  Games  to  Sustain  Post-­‐  Release  Momentum  to  DVD  sales 10.  Play  the  Long  Game,  This  is  Only  the  Beginning Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  12. 12. designdecision “We  made  a  rule  that  we  would  never  say  ‘23  kids  get  killed,’  “We  say  ‘only  one   wins.’  ”  The  team  also  barred  the  phrase  “Let  the  games  begin.” “This  is  not  about  glorifying  compe,,on;  these  kids  are  vic,ms.” “Everyone  liked  the  implica,on  that  if  you  want  to  see  the  games  you  have  to  buy  a   ,cket.” Tim  Palen,  Lionsgate’s  chief  marke,ng  officer “We  were  able  to  dive  into  the  world  of  the  Capitol.  It  allowed  us  to  focus  on  the   stunning  visuals  of  the  Capitol  and  the  adult  cast  of  the  film  [Woody  Harrelson,   Lenny  Kravitz,  Elizabeth  Banks],  who  were  much  more  known,  rather  than  selling   the  games.”   DanielleDePalma,  Lionsgate’s  senior  vice  president  for  digital  marke,ng Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  13. 13. storyworldextension Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  14. 14. monetizing “Having  a  nail  polish  for  the  rabid  young  girl   fan  base  to  relate  to  our  movie  on  a  personal   level  feels  smart.” Tim  Palen,  Lionsgate’s  chief  marke,ng  officer “...[because]  the  film’s  characters  are  too   busy  murdering  each  other  to  get  manicures,   the  nail  polishes  are  sold  as  products  worn   by  the  extras...”   Monica  Corcoran  Harel,  NY  Times  style  ar,cle March  23,  2012 Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  15. 15. Recap: “6 Reasons Why ‘the Avengers’ is Crushing it at the Box Office” Jeffgomez & fabianNicieza 1.  A  Mastermind  with  a  Long-­‐Term  Scheme   2.  Insis,ng  the  Story  Wins  Out  Over  Egos   3.  Homer,  Dante  and…Stan  Lee!                Embracing  a  Mythos  of  Our  Own 4.  One  Universe,  Dozens  of  Access  Points 5.  Incen,vizing  Rivals  to  Team  Up 6.  A  Daring,  Well-­‐Timed  Release  Strategy 15  May  2012, Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  16. 16. The Story, the Storyworld, the Archetypal Pattern? Thehungergames theavengers 1.  Play  to  your  base.  Fans  come  1st.  &  2nd.  &  3rd. 1.  A  Mastermind  with  a  Long-­‐Term     2.  Exploit  Each  Social  Media  PlaTorm  for  its  unique   quali,es        Scheme   3.  The  Source  -­‐  the  Book  -­‐  is  Your  Bible 2.  Insis,ng  the  Story  Wins  Out  Over  Egos   4.  Cast  a  Wide  Net:  Every  One  is  on  Team  ‘Hunger   3.  Homer,  Dante  and…Stan  Lee!   Games’          Embracing  a  Mythos  of  Our  Own 5.  Tease  Judiciously 4.  One  Universe,  Dozens  of  Access  Points 6.  Turn  Tradi,onal  Adver,sing  into  Social  Media   Events 5.  Incen,vizing  Rivals  to  Team  Up 7.  Cross-­‐Pollinate  Social  Media  PlaTorms 6.  A  Daring,  Well-­‐Timed  Release  Strategy 8.  Tweak  (and  Tweak)  Constantly! 15  May  2012, 9.  Employ  Apps  &  Games  to  Sustain  Post-­‐  Release   Momentum 10.  Play  the  Long  Game,  This  is  Only  the  Beginning Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  17. 17. who is team ‘hunger games’? who  do  we  iden,fy  with? what  is  the  long  game? Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  18. 18. Meanwhile....FanGeneratedExtensions thehungergames Panemoctober.cCOM: down with the capitol Fan  ARG  launches  October   Facebook  page  launches:     2011,  50,000+  players  sign   January  2012 up,  Gamemaster  changes   the hunger but mainly the hunger games rPG fan-­‐created  site name  aner  Lionsgate’s   death games May  2012  fans  train  then,   cease  &  desist  LeWer fight  in  a  Hunger  Game  as   tributes Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  19. 19. thehungergames singapore GROW A BETTER FUTURE In  Panem,  the  Capitol  enforces  scarcity.  Though  there  are  a  mul,tude  of  resources  throughout  the  Districts,  though  Katniss  and  Gale   are  expert  hunters,  the  Capitol  uses  its  power  to  enforce  ar,ficial  scarcity.  This  forces  ci,zens  of  the  Districts  to  break  the  law  or  to   enter  their  names  for  the  Reaping  over  20  ,mes.  The  system  is  designed  to  keep  the  rich  in  the  lap  of  luxury  and  the  poor   scrounging  for  scraps  to  feed  their  children. Our  system  is  broken  too.  There  is  enough  food  in  the  world  to  go  around.  There  are  enough  farms,  enough  resources,  to  ensure   that  no  one  goes  hungry.  That’s  why  Oxfam  America  has  dedicated  its  GROW  campaign  to  reforming  these  systema,c  injus,ces.  It   addresses  5  major  failings  in  our  system  that  lead  to  starva,on  around  the  world. Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  20. 20. Crowdsourcing Currency/Concurrency ‘Ushahidi & The Cult of the Crowd’ currency a  mechanism  for  exchanging  value system  of  transac,ons quid  pro  quo currency as  $  =  a  system  of  trust Jongosier concurrency          simultaneous,  interconnected  ac,on Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  21. 21. Currency/Concurrency Jongosier social currency ‘...enables  collabora,on.    But  collabora,on  is  more  than   just  the  exchange  of  ideas  and  intent.    It’s  also  where   ac,ons  occur.  These  interdependent  ac,ons  are   concurrent  to  each  other  —  meaning  they  occur   simultaneously,  because  of,  and  in  spite  of  each  other.’   ...crowds  are  mo,vated  to  work  together  because  of  social  currency,  intangible  assets  that   offer  value  for  others.  But  the  mechanics  of  the  crowd  work  because  of  this  concurrency   and  collec,ve  intelligence.  Working  together  to  achieve  a  big  thing,  allows  individual   contribu,ons  to  maWer  more. In  this  increasingly  connected  world,  the  value  of  monetary  currency  is  diminished  where   the  currencies  of  social  exchange  and  collabora,on  maWer  more.    Individuals  can  self-­‐ organize  for  the  greater  purpose  of  achieving  a  collec,ve  task.’ Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  22. 22. two models of engagement Is One Better Than the Other? Tuesday, 5 June, 12
  23. 23. thankyou Siobhan O’Flynn, PhD CFC Media Lab University of Toronto @Sioflynn on Twitter Tuesday, 5 June, 12
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