F.No. ------------                               Government of Pakistan                  Ministry of Capital Administratio...
PARTICIPANTS:       Approximate 100 participants would be invited from different segments of print& electronic media as fo...
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Proposal for 1 day seminar (dr. saim)1


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Proposal for 1 day seminar (dr. saim)1

  1. 1. F.No. ------------ Government of Pakistan Ministry of Capital Administration & Development Directorate General of Special Education & Social Welfare National Institute of Special Education *********Subject: PROPOSAL FOR ONE-DAY SEMINAR ON AWARENESS OF DISBAILITIES. Faculty of Mental retardation /Intelligent disability has given a proposal for awareness about disabilities with special emphasis on Mental retardation /Intellectual disability, among targeted population, following are important features of Awareness Seminar for Journalists & media persons. • Disabilities is a diverse and important issue in our country, Pakistan being seventh most populated nation in world, Ratio of the persons with disabilities is roughly 10% internationally and Pakistan is no exception. • NISE is prime institute and flag barrier in the field of Special education & Professional training, manpower preparedness NISE is a unique & most respected throughout the country. • Dissemination of awareness and education of masses is also responsibility of NISE and its Faculty, because it’s most appropriate to deal the subject. • One day seminar on awareness about Disabilities is being arranged by faculty of Mental retardation, Special targeted population is Journalists of print and electronic media, they will be imparted knowledge, current trends and value of Special education. • The concise information about social stigmas persons with disabilities suffer in day to day lives in our society, we will throw light on the issues PWDs suffer, rehabilitation facilities available and where to contact for treatment and rehabilitation. • Seminar will be divided in three sessions, first two sessions will be conducted by professionals of NISE, and third session will be questions and answers among guests and panel of professionals from NISE. Keeping in the view above reasons and importance of Awareness to targetedpopulation of different trends we have selected Journalists of print & media communityto impart knowledge, so that they should spread awareness to general population, throughtheir respective medium.AIMS & OBJECTIVES OF SEMINAR. • To disseminate awareness disabilities in general with special emphasis on mental retardation /Intellectual disability. • To impart knowledge & ethics about the disabilities, its history & current trends. • To make Journalists aware about disabilities so that they should be able to write and speak in their medium to educate/ guide general population.CONTENTS: • Introduction to disabilities with special focus to Mental retardation, causes, diagnosis . • Role of professionals ,teachers & other society members. • Management & rehablitation technique
  2. 2. PARTICIPANTS: Approximate 100 participants would be invited from different segments of print& electronic media as follows:SR.# PARTICIPANTS NO1 Participants from National Press club. Islamabad. 202 Participants from Rawalpindi Press club. 103 Halqa Arbab Zauq , Islamabad & Rawalpindi chapters. 104 Progressive writers Association, Islamabad. 105 Associated press press of Pakistan(APP) 206 National language Authority/ Pakistan academy of letters 207 Pakistan Special 058 Pakistan television 05TA/DA for the participantsNo TA/DA will be provided to any participants.RESOURCE PERSONS:Mainly the resource persons will be from the NISE and experts from the field of SpecialEducation.ANTICIPATED EXPENDITURE:Resource person Rs: 3000/-Printing of Banner & resource material: Rs: 3000/-Stationery: Rs. 5000/-Refreshment for 100 participants: Rs. 3500/@Rs. 30 per person :Miscellaneous: Rs. 3000Total Rs. 17500/- The above expenditure would be met out from the training budget of NISE. Approval of Competent authority is solicited: A, To conduct One-Day Seminar on above mentioned topic on October 02,2012 . B. To draw the involved expenditures in advance from the budget of FY 201213. Mrs Naila Iqbal Mir Vice PrincipalDeputy Director (MR ID)*Submitted Please for approval : Deputy Director (MR+ID)