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Bcfl vdlc helpful hints

  1. 1. BCFL/VDLC 2014 Trip to China June 3rd Helpful Hints
  2. 2. Where are we going? What to expect
  3. 3. We’ll visit  Beijing  Shanghai  Shandong Province
  4. 4. What if I get lost?  Take the hotel business card with you  Take the telephone number of our Chinese translator/guide with you  Ask someone for help – someone (especially younger people) will speak English, unlike in 1974
  5. 5. In meetings  Ask questions  Be polite  Remember, it’s tiring for interpreters  Take notes (can compile a summary for use in our reports to BCFL, VDLC and individual unions)  Perhaps we could do a conference on China or a series of presentations upon our return
  6. 6. Light luggage  We will be on and off planes, trains, buses and vans so please pack lightly
  7. 7. Print your plane ticket and take it with you for check-in at airport  Copy your passport photo page and your visa page and stick copies in various places  Keep your departure card (get it with arrivals card in Beijing)
  8. 8. Electricity  220 volt (we use 110)  Chargers and plugs for cameras, computers, cell phones:  You probably won’t need a transformer because most have built-in systems now
  9. 9. Hotel Rooms  Where is the light switch?  Use your key card in the slot by the door  Many light switches, TV, radio, etc. have controls in the bed’s headboard  Do not rely on hotels for wakeup calls  Bring an alarm clock
  10. 10. Optional: to bring  Optional: camera, charger, small computer, ethernet cord, plug in converter  If you bring a cell, remember to turn off the internet function because of roaming charges  Hotel rooms will have soap, shampoo and hair dryers. But a few may not have hair dryers (if you need one, it must be 220 volts).  If you use hair conditioner, bring it.
  11. 11. To give away  To give away, business cards, union pins, pens and small presents  Can get Canada pins and BC pins from MPs/MLAs
  12. 12. What about money?  There are ATMs everywhere  Can change CAD dollars or withdraw money at airport  Don’t bring travellers’ cheques  Credit cards are accepted some places
  13. 13. It will be hot and humid  Room temperature is no less than 26 degrees  Outside temperatures will be 30 and more  Wear a hat or carry an umbrella outside when sightseeing  Wear cool clothing such as short sleeved shirts  Wear sandals but shoes must be comfortable for walking  You will need jacket and tie for formal banquets but rest of time dress casually (not shorts)  Bring sunscreen
  14. 14. What about the water?  Drink lots of water but don’t drink the water  Don’t drink the water out of the tap  But drink lots of bottled water or boiled water – use the kettle in your room  Speaking of drinks, watch out for mao tai – sorghum liquor – white lightening
  15. 15. What about the food?  It will be great at banquets  Wait to be seated (Irene and Joey first)  At banquets, pace yourself  Does anyone have any dietary issues?  Coffee is relatively rare outside of breakfast buffets so you should bring instant coffee and powdered milk and sugar if you need it
  16. 16. Shandong 2009
  17. 17. When you can, sleep  On the plane, on the bus, on the train  It’s about 11-12 hours to fly from Vancouver to Beijing or Shanghai  The time change is difficult  When it’s 8 am in Beijing, it’s 5 pm in Vancouver, the previous day
  18. 18. What to buy in China?  Best to delay most souvenir shopping till Shanghai because you will have to carry it
  19. 19. What about translation?  They will have generally good translation which will be accurate as possible  We will have Xinying Hu who teaches in the Labour Studies Programme at SFU  Please remember to speak slowly, use short sentences and pause
  20. 20. We will all sometimes be  Tired  Hot  Overwhelmed  Irritable  But if so, please complain to me, not to our hosts  2009 trip to Shandong
  21. 21. What if I forget  My toothbrush, socks, tie, etc.  You can buy anything you need in China  But please remember that each minor shopping trip causes delay
  22. 22. Important to be prompt  Every time you forget something and run back upstairs to your hotel room, it delays things  Chinese are prompt
  23. 23. What to read about unions in China?  If you have a chance, read this book:  Tim Pringle: Trade Unions in China: The Challenge of Labour Unrest  Book review:  http://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.edu/cgi /viewcontent.cgi?article=3135&context =ilrreview
  24. 24. Questions and comments?  Please feel free to send me an email:  cathywalker856@gmail.com
  25. 25. Thanks very much!