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IT 415 - Capstone Project Orientation


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PPT for IT 415 - Capstone Project Orientation
2nd Semester, 2011 - 2012
College of Information and Computer Science
University of Cebu

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IT 415 - Capstone Project Orientation

  1. 1. OrientationCAPSTONE PROJECT
  2. 2. Agenda: Formation of Project Teams Guidelines (an overview) Grading Policies Important Announcements Important Dates
  3. 3. Formation of Project Teams Each project team shall be composed of five (5) members. The following are the roles that the project members should play: ◦ Project Manager ◦ Systems Analyst ◦ Programmer ◦ Software Tester ◦ Technical Writer Approx. 10 groups
  4. 4. Groups Breakdown 8 groups with 6 members 2 groups with 5 members
  5. 5. Policy on RegroupingRegrouping is allowed if less than 3 members ofthe group remain from IT 415 to IT 420.Should this happen, the group may be disbandedand members of these affected groups may join inother groups for as long as the maximum numberfor each group is followed. However, if theremaining member(s) decide(s) to continue withhis/their Research / Capstone Project, regroupingmay not apply but with consent of the Adviser andthe Dean.Revision of the scopemay then be an option. The title/topic to be pursuedwill then be decided among the teammembers and the Dean.
  6. 6. Capstone Project Guidelines(overview) Introduction Objectives of Capstone Project Suggested Project Areas Duties and Responsibilities of the Proponents Project Duration Capstone Project Manuscript Details Grading System
  7. 7. Introduction The Capstone Project includes project proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, teamwork, budget, schedule, management, professional communications (i.e. reports, presentations), planning, design, implementation, deployment, and testing. Students will be expected to meet a number of strictly enforced milestones and to take considerable initiative in realizing specific goals. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a way of determining whether students are ready to graduate.
  8. 8. Objectives of CapstoneProjectThe subject will involve students in: Bringing together and integrating knowledge and skills in the course as a whole; Reinforcing and developing competencies that have not been sufficiently emphasized in the fundamental subjects; Defining a substantial engineering study or design task and carrying it to completion within a specified time and to a professional standard;
  9. 9.  Completing a comprehensive written and bound report that places the project in context, defines its objectives, and describes the work done and the resulting conclusions or recommendations; Bridging the gap between the undergraduate studies and the professional future, and demonstrating professional competencies and capabilities; and Demonstrating initiative and creativity, and taking pride in the achievement of a difficult task.
  10. 10. Suggested Project Areas Mobile Application Natural Language Processing/Digital Image Processing Web Applications Business Applications (.NET/VB/Client- Server) Intelligent Systems
  11. 11. Duties and Responsibilities ofthe Proponents1. Keep informed of the Capstone Project Guidelines and Policies.2. Keep informed of the schedule of project activities, required deliverables and deadlines posted by Subject Adviser and Dean.3. Submit on time all deliverables specified in this document as well as those to be specified by the Subject Adviser and Dean.4. Submit on time all requirements identified by the thesis defense panel during the defense.
  12. 12. 5. Submit on time the requirements identified by the project adviser throughout the duration of the thesis.6. Schedule regular meetings (at least once a month) with the subject adviser and project adviser throughout the duration of the thesis / project. The meetings serve as a venue for the proponent to report the progress of their work, as well as raise any issues or concerns.7. Schedule regular meetings (at least once a semester) with the Dean throughout the duration of the thesis project.
  13. 13. Pre-requisites Methods of Research Technical Writing SAD Advanced Statistics Technopreneurship Software Engineering
  14. 14. Project Duration Pre-Proposal Stage ◦ Course Enrolment ◦ Capstone Project Orientation ◦ Shortlisting of Possible Projects ◦ Title Hearing Proposal Stage ◦ Proposal Preparation ◦ Proposal Hearing
  15. 15.  Final Oral Stage ◦ Analysis ◦ Implementation ◦ Deployment ◦ Testing ◦ Final Oral Defense
  16. 16. Important Announcements Register and enroll in the Capstone Project course in CICS Portal (, capstoneone (enrollment key) Secure the following other requirements: ◦ Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 6th edition by Kate L. Turabian (1 copy per team) ◦ 1 Long Brown Envelope per team ◦ Individual notebook (journal)
  17. 17.  Prepare three (5) different project titles. Title hearing will be on December 17, 2011 (whole day) 2 - 5 faculty members will sit as panel members during the title hearing. These panel members will also be the advisers of the capstone project teams.
  18. 18. Important Dates: December 17, 2011 (Saturday) at 9AM ◦ Title Hearing March 12 – 14, 2012 ◦ Proposal Hearing
  19. 19. Thank you 