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Age of Context


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My 1st prezo on Age of Context, my 1st new book-in-progress with Robert Scoble

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Age of Context

  1. Age of Context Storm’s Coming Big 3 Conference Aug. 9, 2012
  2. Conversation Age• 2005-2012• Disruption• Normalizing
  3. Storm’sComing
  4. 5 Forces of Context• Mature SM• Web of all things• Mobile/wearable• Big Data• Digital mapping
  5. Business Changes• Humanized technology• Predictive behavior• Extremely personal
  6. Wearables• Freaky factor [Steve Mann]• Hands-free• Augmented Reality• Knows where & what
  7. Marketing Changes• Intention• Everyone is media• Smart notifications• Mass-micro media
  8. Takeaways
  9. Takeaways• Start of journey• Follow social’s path• Think ultra-personal• Use the 5 Forces 9
  10. Shel Israelshelisrael1@gmail.comSocial Media: ShelIsraelForbes: The Social Beat