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March 2012 SVB TechCrawl NYC


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Slides from Doreen Bloch
TechCrawl NYC from Silicon Valley Bank
March 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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March 2012 SVB TechCrawl NYC

  2. 2. “The future will be determined in part by happenings that it is impossible to foresee; it will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.” - Emily Greene Balch, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  3. 3. Top Trends to Know1. Quantified Self2. Design3. Big Data4. Incubators & Accelerators5. Mobile6. Social Entrepreneurship7. Physical MeetsVirtual
  4. 4. #1: Quantified Self• Self-Tracking; Knowledge Through Numbers• Conceived by Dean Ornish; meetups by Kevin Kelly & Gary Wolf• Health: FitBit, Asthmapolis• Productivity: Tout, iDoneThis• The Myth of Continuity• Other models: Eatery by Massive Health•
  5. 5. #2: Design• Macrotrend for products to be “prettier and prettier”• Affects superficial look (branding, layout) as well as processes (reduce salesforce, competitive advantage)• 3D Printing (Organovo, Shapeways, Bespoke Innovations)• Crowdsourced Design (Quirky)• Infographics& information design
  6. 6. #3: BIG Data• In 2010, the amount of digital information created in the world exceeded a zettabyte for the first time. That’s one trillion gigabytes of data. (Source: EMC, IDC)• Segmint, Palantir,, Qwiki, Dekko• Data marketplaces• Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  7. 7. #4: Incubators & Accelerators• It’s easier than ever to launch a startup• Shifts in capitalization and liquidity• Y Combinator, TechStars, DreamIt, ER Accelerator, Blueseed…
  8. 8. #5: Mobile• Today there are over 5 billion mobile phone connections worldwide; by 2015, there will be over 15 billion Internet- connected devices (Source: BBC News)• Voice-enabled technologies (information access, commerce…)• The difference in design• Apps (Quixey)
  9. 9. #6: Social Entrepreneurship• Modern social entrepreneurship since micro-lending• Non-profit or for-profit (& Social VC)• Regulation challenges
  10. 10. #7: PhysicalMeets Virtual• SXSW top buzz went to Highlight and Glancee• Bringing offline inventory online (ZocDoc, CourseHorse)• Greengoose (Quantified Self offline goes online)• Augmented Reality
  11. 11. “Don’t follow trends. Start trends.” - Frank Capra, famous Hollywood Golden Age filmmaker