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Taking conversational design to the next level


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Presentation at JBoye 2017 on conversational interfaces for the enterprise - applications and risks.

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Taking conversational design to the next level

  1. 1. Taking conversational design to the next level Sharon O’Dea Founder and Principal Consultant, Lithos Partners
  2. 2. Credit: Jonathan Phillips Employee Life Cycle Employee Value Proposition Talent Development Employee Satisfaction Employee Perks
  3. 3. Sum of all the perceptions employees have about their interactions with the organisation in which they work. Ex is the totality of an employee’s experiences Ex
  4. 4. Email Intranet ESN Self-serve HR Learning Management Line of business applications Records management CRM Resource planning Inventory management Finance Travel booking
  5. 5. What are chatbots?
  6. 6. Chatbots in the wild
  7. 7. Ex
  8. 8. Hype
  9. 9. @sharonodea
  10. 10. What does that look like? Can I book holiday? Sure. When for? Book I’m afraid someone else in the team is off at that time. Would you like to ask your manager for an exception, or try different dates? Ask my manager Try different dates
  11. 11. Book meetings
  12. 12. Approve expenses
  13. 13. Frequently asked questions
  14. 14. Data capture
  15. 15. Repair Bot
  17. 17. HR IT Finance Travel Learning Inventory
  18. 18. get search right first
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Bus Uncle (Singapore)
  22. 22. blog: web: email: twitter: @sharonodea