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How utility drives adoption of Enterprise Social Networks


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Presentation to the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore, June 2015

Published in: Technology
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How utility drives adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

  1. 1. How utility drives adoption of enterprise social networks Building Bridges
  2. 2. – …to enable communication – facilitate collaboration – …to create value for the organisation and the people in it Internal, private social network technologies within organisations
  3. 3. •Focus on utility and purpose •Start with research •Understand where there is latent demand •Understand your users •No 1 driver of adoption is utility
  4. 4. Meet existing demand
  5. 5. A group of people… doing something on the Bridge …to achieve a business benefit WHO WHAT WHY
  6. 6. Wide use cases
  7. 7. Deep use cases
  8. 8. Replicable models
  9. 9. Fit company culture
  10. 10. Demonstrate successes
  11. 11. Build support
  12. 12. •Focus on utility: create purposeful communities and spaces •Keep it simple •Support users •Give people freedom to experiment and find their own uses •Find and nurture champions Bottom-up
  13. 13. • Demonstrate the need • Show value and impact • Make it mobile • Anticipate and manage risk • Equip them to sell it to the business Top-down
  14. 14. Manage risk
  15. 15. • Engage risk and compliance early • Understand the regulatory context • Be pragmatic • Use carrot as well as stick