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SC PBA 2010-2011 nominees


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Published in: Education
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SC PBA 2010-2011 nominees

  1. 1. South Carolina Picture Book Award 2010-2011 nomineesG rade s K-3
  2. 2. Bandit Karen Rostoker-GruberWhen Bandits family moves to a new house, the cat runs away and returns tothe only home he knows, but after he is brought back, he understands thatthe new house is now home.
  3. 3. Bark Park Karen Gray RuelleMeet dogs of every shape, size, and personality as they romp andfrolic in a park.
  4. 4. Bats at the Library Brian LiesBored with another normal evening, bats discover an open library window andfly in to enjoy the photocopier, water fountain, and especially the books andstories found there.
  5. 5. Big Bad Bunny Franny BillingsleyMama Mouse hurriedly searches the forest for her missing little one,Baby Boo-Boo, while Big Bad Bunny stomps and growls not far away--but the bunny may not be as bad as it seems.
  6. 6. The Dog Who Belonged to No One Amy HestThe hard-working daughter of two bakers and a perfectly nice stray doglive lonely lives in the same town, until they meet one very stormy day.
  7. 7. Help Me, Mr. Mutt! Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens CrummelDogs across the United States write to Mr. Mutt, a people expert, for helpwith their humans.
  8. 8. Mail Harry to the Moon! Robie H. HarrisHarrys older brother, unhappy that the new baby is making lots of noiseand getting all the attention, thinks up creative ways to get rid of him.
  9. 9. Nobunny’s Perfect Anna DewdneyBunnies, who slurp their juice, forget to say "please," and bite their friends,learn about good manners.
  10. 10. Owney, the Mail-Pouch Pooch Mona KerbyIn 1888, Owney, a stray terrier puppy, finds a home in the Albany, New York,post office and becomes its official mascot. He rides the mail train through theAdirondacks and beyond, criss-crossing the United States, into Canada andMexico, and eventually traveling around the world by mail boat in 132 days.
  11. 11. The Pout-Pout Fish Deborah DiesenThe pout-pout fish believes he only knows how to frown, even though many ofhis friends suggest ways to change his expression, until one day a fish comesalong that shows him otherwise.
  12. 12. Read All About It! Laura Bush and Jenna BushTyrone likes everything about school except reading, until he and his classmatesare swept into a mysterious adventure during the class story hour.
  13. 13. Ron’s Big Mission Rose Blue and Corinne J. NadenNine-year-old Ron, is a frequent visitor to the Lake City Public Library in SouthCarolina in the 1950s, where he pores over books on airplanes and flight. Hemakes his own quiet stand against segregation when he decides to apply for hisown library card. Based on the life of astronaut Ron McNair.
  14. 14. Seabiscuit: The Wonder Horse Meghan McCarthySeabiscuit, a funny looking horse with a losing streak, is bought and given asecond chance by Charles Howard. After new training and a loving jockey,Seabiscuit starts winning more races, but must prepare to run against WarAdmiral, the top racehorse in the country.
  15. 15. Skunkdog Emily JenkinsDumpling, a lonely dog with no sense of smell, moves with her family tothe country and makes a new friend who takes some getting used to.
  16. 16. The Lion’s Share Matthew McElligottAnt is honored to receive an invitation to lions annual dinner party, but isshocked when the other guests behave rudely and then accuse her of thinkingonly of herself.
  17. 17. Turtle’s Penguin Day Valeri GorbachevAfter hearing a bedtime story about penguins, Turtle dresses as one forschool and soon the entire class is having a penguin day, sliding on theirbellies and eating goldfish crackers.
  18. 18. Two Bobbies Kirby Larson and Mary NetheryA true story of Bobbie the dog and Bob Cat, two pets who bonded togetherand were able to survive the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
  19. 19. Wangari’s Trees of Peace Jeanette WinterRead about Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Prize-winning environmentalist who wasshocked to see forests being cut down in her native country of Kenya. She decidesto take action, beginning with the planting of nine seedlings in her own backyard.
  20. 20. What Bluebirds Do Pamela F. KirbyLearn about the unique characteristics and behaviors of bluebirds, includingtheir courtship, nesting, hatchlings, fledglings, diet, and more.
  21. 21. A Whiff of Pine, a Hint of Skunk Deborah RuddellA collection of whimsical poems about life in the forest through the four seasons.