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Golden Sower.Intermediate.12.13


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Intermediate Golden Sower Titles for 2012-2013

Published in: Education
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Golden Sower.Intermediate.12.13

  2. 2. BECAUSE OF MR. TERUPT ROB BUYEA Seven fifth-graders at Snow Hill School in Connecticut relate how their lives are changed for the better by "rookie teacher" Mr. Terupt.
  3. 3. EVERYTHING FOR A DOG ANN M. MARTIN In parallel stories, Bone, an orphaned dog, finds and loses a series of homes, Molly, a family pet, helps Charlie through the grief and other after- effects of his brothers death, and lonely Henry pleads for a dog of his own.
  4. 4. THE FAMILIARSADAM EPSTEIN & ANDREW JACOBSEN Three young wizards-in- training are kidnapped by an evil queen and their familiars--Aldwyn the alley cat, Skylar, a know-it-all blue jay, and Gilbert a tree frog who can see the future--set out on a dangerous journey to rescue the boys.
  5. 5. THE FANTASTIC SECRET OF OWEN JESTER BARBARA O’CONNOR After Owen captures an enormous bullfrog, names it Tooley Graham, then has to release it, he and two friends try to use a small submarine that fell from a passing train to search for Tooley in the Carter, Georgia, pond it came from, while avoiding nosy neighbor Viola.
  6. 6. LOVE, AUBREYSUZANNE LAFLEUR While living with her Gram in Vermont, eleven-year- old Aubrey writes letters as a way of dealing with losing her father and sister in a car accident, and then being abandoned by her grief-stricken mother.
  7. 7. LUCKY: MARIS, MANTLE, AND MY BEST SUMMER EVER WES TOOKE Louis, who loves baseball despite being the worst stickball player in White Plains, New York, sees his opportunity to be bat boy for the 1961 Yankees team as the perfect way to escape the problems of his fathers remarriage and moving to the suburbs.
  8. 8. OUT OF MY MIND SHARON M. DRAPER Considered by many to be mentally retarded, a brilliant, impatient fifth- grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time.
  9. 9. STORM MOUNTAIN TOM BIRDSEYE Two thirteen-year-old cousins are trapped in a blizzard on the same treacherous mountain in the Cascades that claimed the lives of their world-famous, mountain- climber, twin fathers exactly two years earlier.
  10. 10. WALLS WITHIN WALLS MAUREEN SHERRY When the Smithfork family moves into a lavish Manhattan apartment building, they discover clues to a decades-old mystery hidden behind the walls of their new home.
  11. 11. WILDFIRE RUN DEE GARRETSON A relaxing retreat to Camp David turns deadly after a faraway earthquake sets off a chain of disastrous events that traps the presidents twelve-year- old son, Luke, and his two friends within the compound.