SFAwards12: Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media (Finalist Presentations)


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Here are the finalist presentations for SimpliFlying Awards 2012 - Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media.
If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email contact@simpliflying.com

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SFAwards12: Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media (Finalist Presentations)

  1. 1. BestBest Airlines Driving Revenue Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist Swiss International Air Lines Switzerlandhttp://simpliflying.com
  3. 3. SWISS Customer Service 2.0Simpliflying Award / 03 October 2012Christian Lüdi, Social Media Manager03.10.2012
  4. 4. Volcano Ash Crisis as Kick-off - No experience at this point - 2 persons working on shift basis - Marketing/Communication background - 1,200 answers on Facebook - 120 answers on Twitter - Highly positive feedback from the community -> Start of expectation of Customer Service on Social Media by our community/customers -> first proof of usefulness of Social Media tools for Customer Service within SWISS2 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  5. 5. Where did we come from?- Since May 2009: customer feedback through Social Media is handled by LX Social Media Team (Christian / Backup: Parand)- Social Media strategy and daily operational work is handled by one team- Overall positive feedback, high level of media and customer awareness- With current rise of Social Media, number of requests is growing steadily- Current service only available in English and German, no FR/ES/IT- No service beyond working hours – users in different time zones (USA/Asia) and questions communicated during the night are not answered until the next morning- Service is limited by internal resources3 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  6. 6. Situation normal4 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  7. 7. Analysis of the situationMore than 90% of all requests on Social Media are service or product-relatedCommunity is expecting more Customer ServiceCommunity and thus requests will increase steadily in the futureProject implementation could be done internally with own employeesNo additional staff neededHigh interest on the part of Management and colleagues from Customer Service5 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  8. 8. What was our original goal?Strengthen our image as a customer-focused airline (customer proximity) by integrating Social Media in our existing serviceframework  and  providing  an  integrated  customer  support  (phone,  mail,  social  media,  …)Why do we want this? Customers • expect to find companies on Social Media platforms and get in contact with them • want accurate information from one source • expect quick answers, especially in irregularity cases SWISS • can use platforms, which customers use in their daily life • can improve and expand services offered • can stand out from its competitors, be ahead and state-of-the-art • can collect first-hand experiences in Customer Service 2.0 • increase the number of fans/followers • can focus on strategic and marketing activities • offers support for markets as their local accounts can be serviced6 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  9. 9. How did we get there?Separate strategic and operational work SWISS Social Media Team ZRH SWISS Service Center - Develop and promote LX Social Media Strategy - Daily operations: answering customer requests on overall Facebook and Twitter - Monitor the online services and provide guidance, - Feedback to departments and sharing of learnings tools and trainings with other teams - Extension of online customer service on Social Media channels (integration of forms, contact information,  …)7 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  10. 10. Staggered Introduction Starting in January/February 2012 Starting in June/July 2012 2nd Step1st step Responsibility for customer-related requests: Responsibility for customer-related requests: Service Center Basel Service Center Basel (Lead) / Provider for 24h support Opening hours: Opening hours: From 7:30 to 21:30 (BSL office hours), 7 days/week 24 hours, 7 days/week Response times: Response times: Answer all requests within 2 hours during office hours Answer all requests within XX hours during office hours Language: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian Language: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian during day English and German only at night Task assignment: done by Online Marketing (learning period) Task assignment: Service Center BSL & Provider8 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  11. 11. The project- Training the agents - Bring everyone to the same level - Deep insights into our Social Media activities - Theoretical training of answering - Frist steps on CoTweet - Training in live environment- Documents created for the agents: - Guidelines (language + wording, response time, data privacy, trolls, etc.) - Contact persons internally - Shortlinks - CoTweet guide- Collaboration tool CoTweet - Interaction history - Reporting - Tagging - Task assigning - Different work groups - Supporting local Twitter accounts9 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  12. 12. First figures since launch 20% increase in inbound messages in July and August! 35% of requests/comments answered (due to inclusion of photos, spam, love letters which don’t need an answer) Increase of new Fans/Followers Huge increase in ‘Talk about this’ on Facebook Blogosphere starts to talk about it now Very interesting fact: In July we had more outbound messages on Twitter than on Facebook for the first time (33,000 Followers vs. 125,000 Fans!)10 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  13. 13. Now we also know a lot more 20% say thank-you for loyalty & flying with us 9% complaints 9% questions about our services 9% we wish a pleasant flight 7% network 6% irregulations 5% inflight (product, entertainment, food, etc.) 4% swiss.com problems 3% check-in 3% luggage Further topics: rebooking, refund, PR, sales, upgrades, Miles & More, lounges, Star Alliance, HR, fleet, games, new booking, apps, airport information, blog, animal transport11 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  14. 14. Summary Fulfill customers expecations Increase of new Fans/Followers Improve and expand services offered Collect first-hand experiences in Customer Service 2.0 Stand out from its competitors, be ahead and state-of-the-art Know more about our Fans/Followers12 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  15. 15. Thank you very much!13 | SWISS Customer Service 2.0
  16. 16. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist American Airlines USAhttp://simpliflying.com
  17. 17. *Click here to view video presentation
  18. 18. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist Volaris Mexicohttp://simpliflying.com
  19. 19. Best Use of Social Media toDrive Customer ServicePresentation PitchAugust, 2012 DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  20. 20. An  introduction  to  Volaris… 2 DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  21. 21. Volaris distinguishes itself by communicating withits customers directly through innovative channels Innovating and disruptive marketing• “Put  Your  Name  on  a  Plane”  (Volaris anniversary promotion for the past 2 years) - We  declared  our  anniversary  as  the  “The   Traveler’s  Day”• Concerts during flights - Zero Flight, first concert that took place during a flight in Mexico - Los Tigres del Norte concert• “Fashion  Show  in  the  air”,  the  first   catwalk that took place during a flight to show our new uniforms DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  22. 22. Social networks are communities in which peopleshare their opinions and experiences …  these  opinions  represent   In social networks everyone have opportunities of direct and viral something  to  say… marketing for enterprises • Community of potential customers who share common interests • Interaction without interruption • Customers know what they want and express their opinions • The customer has the power to express his opinion about a product and make it change accordingly (customer empowerment) To build brand loyalty, it is important that companies get involved with their customers 4 DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  23. 23. We answer questions quickly providing usefulinformation to our Customers on a friendly tone DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  24. 24. Twitter as a Customer Service platform: we turneda negative topic into a positive one DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  25. 25. Quick reaction is the key: how to take advantageand capitalize a Mexican Trending Topic• Volaris took advantage of one of the most polemic Trending Topics of the year in order to boost our clients loyalty with a promotion #ViveViajando• As a result, several printed and online media mentioned the succesful use of the Hashtags #SoyProle and #ViveViajando DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  26. 26. We thank our followers with contests to win a freeround trip DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  27. 27. We  love  to  receive  our  Customers’  travel  experiences and share them on Social Networks•Volaris Sky Contest: in only one day and a half, we received over800 pictures! DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  28. 28. Twitter followers grow constantly:graph shows how Volaris increased its base on July DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  29. 29. Our Facebook fans base is also increasing day byday DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  30. 30. In June, Volaris was distinguished as the MostDevoted Airline on Facebook by Socialbakers DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  31. 31. José Calderoni, Volaris CMO was recognized asJune’s  Hero  of  the  Month  by  Simpliflying DAL Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention 14 DAL DAL Volaris Social Media to Drive Customer Service v1 Best Use of Master Slides (version Feb 2011) - ESP DAL
  33. 33. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist Kulula South Africahttp://simpliflying.com
  34. 34. *Download flash file here and open in web browser
  35. 35. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist TAP Portugal Portugalhttp://simpliflying.com
  36. 36. TAP Portugal — Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service
  37. 37. Beggining
  38. 38. Customer support given through Facebook & Twitter since 2009 by the Marketing team.
  39. 39. Our Focus:Be closer to our passengers;Create a stronger emotional connection with them;Answer in a quicker and more efficient manner to customer’s questions and concerns.
  40. 40. Growth
  41. 41. Major growth on customer requests on April 2010 with the flight disruptions caused by Eyjafjallajökull ashes
  42. 42. Since then, we have a team of 15 trained people from the Customer Service area.
  43. 43. There are permanently 2 team members available 7 days a week from 8h to 24h GMT.
  44. 44. Results
  45. 45. Every Question is Answered in less than 30 Minutes on Customer Service hours on Facebook and Twitter.
  46. 46. People are progressively moving from traditional support to Facebook (Portuguese Contacts)and Twitter (International Markets)
  47. 47. Data from July 2012:434 wall contacts and 956 messages for Customer Support with a 95% Response Rate on Facebook.
  48. 48. Considered by SocialBakers as the top socially devoted brand in Portugal in June and July 2012.
  49. 49. Praise comes on a daily basis from the satisfied customer.
  50. 50. Thanks :)!
  51. 51. Best Airlines Driving Customer Service from Social Media Finalist Royal Jordanian Airlines Jordenhttp://simpliflying.com
  52. 52. Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service- ROYAL JORDANIAN!August 14, 2012 !PRESENTED BY The Online Project!
  53. 53. INTRODUCTION!About Royal Jordanian!!!Royal Jordanian Airlines was established in 1963 upon the royal decree of His Majesty KingHussein bin Talal. At the time, the airline launched with three planes that flew to fourdestinations. Today, Royal Jordanian boasts 30 aircraft and connects Jordan to sixtydestinations. In 2007, Royal Jordanian was inducted as a full member of the One World, oneof the leading airline alliances in the world.!!Launch into Social Media!!!Royal Jordanian partnered with The Online Project to establish, maintain, and grow theirsocial media presence; the Facebook and Twitter channels were launched on March 3, 2011.While there were many reasons to establish the pages, one of the main objectives was toprovide fast, open, and easier customer service to Royal Jordanian’s fans and followers.!ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  54. 54. KING HUSSEIN!"I want our national carrier to be ourambassador of good will around theworld and to bridge across which weexchange culture, civilization, trade,technology, friendship and betterunderstand with the rest of theworld."  -His Majesty King Hussein
  55. 55. MECHANIC !24/7 Monitoring:!!For all queries that are submitted after traditionalworking hours, the monitoring and analysis teamtouches based with the fan then notifies the communitymanager immediately via e-mail. The communitymanager then attends to the fan’s request. Themonitoring team replies to the question if the answer isreadily available.!! ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  56. 56. SOCIAL MEDIA CUSTOMER SERVICE!System!!!In order to maximize efficiency, thecommunity manager is the hub for allcommunication between the fans/followers and Royal Jordanian’sdepartments. Depending on the query,the community manager relaysinformation to the concerned parties.!!ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  57. 57. AGENDA!60 minute response:!!To ensure timely responses, thebenchmark of a 60 minute responsetime was set for all inquiries on theFacebook and Twitter pages. Sincethe launch, the average responsetime has been 12 minutes.!! ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  58. 58. AGENDA!Another inquiry solved in a timely manner:!! ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  59. 59. AGENDA! Query solved via private message because of sensitive information:! !ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  60. 60. AGENDA!Brand Advocates:!!As a result of the community managerability to fosters relationships with thefans and followers; they are quick todefend the airline against subjectiveremarks. The fans also constantly showtheir support by thanking the socialmedia team.!! ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  61. 61. AGENDA! Going the extra mile:! !ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  62. 62. CUSTOMER SERVICE!Results:!!!   Royal Jordanian now has over 130,000fans on Facebook and 18,000 followers onTwitter, that engage with the brand on dailybasis.!!!   Solved over 1,120 issues over Facebookand Twitter with the Customer ServiceDepartment and Call Center.!!   Provided a new and convenient way forcustomers to contact Royal Jordanian.!!   Positive sentiment on Facebook andTwitter pages (negative sentiment <5%)!!!   Loyal and supportive brand advocates.!! ROYAL JORDANIAN-CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  63. 63. THANK YOU!
  64. 64. The EndLook forward to the final results to be announced on 3 October 2012 on http://simpliflying.com