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E3MAWD Amsterdam


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Published in: Technology, Business
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E3MAWD Amsterdam

  1. 1. MAWD Version 2.0A Mobile B2BAmsterdam, September 22-23, 2011
  2. 2. MAWD Version 2.0WelcomeTime: 13.00 - 13.10The mobile revolution has changed the way we work, rest andplay, and these devices have become our window to the world.For businesses, they are the new shopfront, and will become afundamental part of the future of commerce. Businesses, B2B orB2C, that care about their customers need to act now and becomea part of itDefine MAWD•Welcome to E3 MAWD•Why MAWD? Explain how it came to be.•Mission: Helps educate and inform how we can better develop mobile apps to integrate into B2B and B2C marketing business, a chance to build trust and friendship and knowledge with other E3 members•Projects that are running/in proposal at the moment (IO Coffee, RENO Shoes, FM1)•Blog, TwitterDefine the goals of the Seminar•To better understand the world of B2B Apps•To be able to explain to clients the advantages to them investing in a B2B App•What they add to the clients brand in way of value (measurables)•To be able to co-create a B2B App from concept to launch and the possibility of collaboration
  3. 3. MAWD Version 2.0Program OverviewTime: 13.10 - 13.15E3 MAWD Version 2.0 - Program MapWhy B2B Apps? (Part 1 - Stats)Why B2B Apps? (Part 2 - Selling Points)Coffee breakB2B Apps ‘we’ use in the field now! Why?B2B App CategoriesCoffee breakB2B App Examples (show some live examples)Wrap up Day 1, DrinkDinner and DrinksRecap and Insights from Day 1Coffee breakWhere to from here? How to I go about building an AppWrap up!Lunch
  4. 4. MAWD Version 2.0Why B2B Apps? (Part 1 - Statistics)Time: 13.15 - 13.45We are currently in a Mobile ‘Phenomenon’. Close to 6 billionmobile subscriptions world wide. Half of the world’s population.Statistics Mobile General•By the end of 2010 there were 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions and 940 million of those have – potentially - access to mobile broadband services•38 percent of cell phone owners use their phone to access the internet, 34 percent to access email; 72 percent for text messaging; 30 percent for instant messaging; 76 percent for taking pictures•Sales of smartphones are growing at 74.4 percent each year. Smartphones are now 21.8 percent of mobile-phone sales globally – this is higher in the US and other developed nations. While you can still do web surfing, email and download apps to many feature phones, smartphones deliver a richer experience, which is why many people are upgrading.•1/2 of our day is spent consuming media
  5. 5. MAWD Version 2.0Why B2B Apps? (Part 1 - Statistics)Time: 13.15 - 13.45Mobile is how professionals stay in contact with their teams, stayabreast of breaking developments in their industries, and staycompetitive in a 24-7 global business world.Statistics Mobile B2B Specific•Mobile is one set of media most used by B2B target audiences•Engage hard-to-reach, busy and highly mobile people•There are over one billion mobile workers in the world who are able to do their job remotely, while away from their desk. The US is the most highly concentrated market for mobile workers – with 72.2 percent of the workforce being mobile in 2008.•The perception of “mobile as purely a consumer media” is akin to arguing that professionals don’t use computers for their work, purchasing and communications activities either•It’s just a matter of explaining the business case, the expansive suite of communication tools that mobile offers, and the B2B strategies and best practices that they need to follow•B2B customers have already gone mobile.
  6. 6. MAWD Version 2.0Why B2B Apps? (Part 2 - Selling Points)Time: 13.45 - 14.15Investment in B2B Mobile Apps can produce real, tangible returnon investment.Selling Points•In the high-touch, highly personal selling environment of B2B, relationships are everything; especially given that the B2B landscape is punctuated by high-priced offerings, long sales cycles, and complex contracts•Growing levels of impatience (magnified by a tool like ‘Google Instant’•Increases in revenue. (remove friction in the sales process, spend more and with greater frequency)•Cost savings by eliminating labor intensive processes•Improved customer satisfaction. (making working with customers easier)•Offer users value through exclusive, entertaining and educational content that also reinforces your overall platform and company servicesWhat is stopping us from selling to clients now?•We just don’t have the right type of clients•We don’t fully understand the mobile world•The client doesn’t see the advantage of a mobile app or isn’t familiar with the media•General discussion
  7. 7. MAWD Version 2.0Why B2B Apps? (Part 2 - Selling Points)Time: 13.45 - 14.15Thinking about the next steps?Notes/Thoughts•Create an App that helps make something: Better, Faster and Easier•It has to be a pleasure to use•Think inside the box, help extend the brand value proposition•Mobile Content: Leverage existing content, shorter texts, video to convey long articles, audio to summarize, SMS alerts. B2B offerings are far more complex and far more risky for the buyer because of their higher prices. You are selling to enterprise.•Website optimization for Mobile (Basic first step)•Don’t sell to you audience, help them do their jobs better etc.•Efficiency over entertainment•Most create thinly veiled promotional apps, create custom content apps that show not tell, consume content on the go, use B2C sensibilities: clever messaging, packaging and audience targeting.•your business needs to communicate, prospect, engage, train, inform, build relationships and, yes, build ROI with business professionals via mobile•Optimize existing content for mobile. Chances are people are accessing your website via mobile. Optimize graphics, design and optimize content to provide quicker answers, bite-sized content (a new content strategy)•All brands are becoming more accessible, also in B2B.
  8. 8. MAWD Version 2.0Coffee breakTime: 14.15 - 14.30Get your fix of caffeine!
  9. 9. MAWD Version 2.0B2B Apps ‘we’ use in the agency field now! Why?Time: 14.30 - 15.00Always connected mentality, content/information/updates whenand where you need it, personal productivity, projectmanagement.AppsMail, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, LinkedIn, Calendar, Twitter, Hootsuite, Mashable,Skype, Wunderlist, Dragon dictation, iThougts HD, Keynote, Pages, TED, RSA Vision,WebEx, GoToMeeting, Flipbook, Feeddler RSS Reader.Thoughts•Why do we use these?•How often do we use them•How can we categorize them?Let’s DiscussOpen discussion on what attracts us to the platform and what might attract clients and theclients of clients.
  10. 10. MAWD Version 2.0B2B App CategoriesTime: 15.00 - 15.30There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the AppStore. With so many options available, business professionals willfind that there is an app for just about any business orproductivity function imaginable.Types•Internal (for employees) / External (for customers/buyers)Categories•Business Intelligence•Salesforce Automation•Collaboration•Mobile IT•News, Information & Research•Documents & Files•Organization•TravelThoughtsOpen discussion - Could you think of current clients and categorize them an app?
  11. 11. MAWD Version 2.0Coffee breakTime: 15.30 - 15.45Get your fix of caffeine!
  12. 12. MAWD Version 2.0B2B App Examples (show some live examples, interact-discuss)Time: 15.45 - 16.45There is a B2B App for that!AppsKayak Pro, TripIt, FlightTrackPro, GateGuru, Taxi, Kindle, Viber, Truphone, Skype, FreeConference Call, Callvine, Calliflower, Beluga, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, GoToMeeting,Square, Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal, Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and receiptReader, Expensify, LinkedIn, WorldCard Mobile, Card Manager, Bump, Gist, CalveticaCalendar, Dialvetica, Documents To Go-Office Suite, QuickOffice Connect, Dropbox, WysePocketCloud, Mocha VNC, Genius Scan, PrinterShare, Roambi - Visualizer, Keynote,MiniBooks for Fresh Books, iPunchclock, Salesforce Mobile, Kinito Lite, OmniFocus, DragonDictation, Evernote,, PageOnce Pro, Sure Payroll, RUN, PlacePop, WeReward,HKTCD MobileHuge selection of Business Finance Apps, Inventory, Timehseets, CRMhttp://www.appolicious.comThoughts•In the 1 hour session give everyone an App to choose and let them explore and define what they like, dislike about it. Like an interactive workshop.
  13. 13. MAWD Version 2.0B2B App Examples (show some live examples, interact-discuss)Time: 15.45 - 16.45App choice.Results and DiscussionEach group can go through the app of their choice.•How does it make the job or process more efficient?•How might it add value to the brand?•Was it easy to use, or difficult to figure out?
  14. 14. MAWD Version 2.0Wrap up Day 1, Drink.Time: 16.45 - 17.15Quickly recap the program, explain the details for Dinner andmeeting point.Why B2B Apps? (Part 1 - Stats)Why B2B Apps? (Part 2 - Selling Points)B2B Apps ‘we’ use in the field now! Why?B2B App CategoriesB2B App Examples (show some live examples)
  15. 15. MAWD Version 2.0Recap and Insights from Day 1Time: 09.00 - 10.00A reflection on what we covered yesterday. Show the programfrom yesterday.Insight SessionThink alone, write down you ideas for 15 minutes. Talk / Open discussion for 45 minutes•What happened?•How did I feel / react?•How can I apply it at work?Thoughts•create an open discussion, letting people share there insights from yesterday
  16. 16. MAWD Version 2.0Coffee breakTime: 10.00 - 10.15Get your fix of caffeine!
  17. 17. MAWD Version 2.0Where to from here? How do I go about building an App?Time: 10.15 - 11.30From concept to design to price to time to delivery.Pre-requisites•Main goal is to create an App that helps make something Better, Faster and Easier•Initial thoughts Concept•Pricing considerations/models (Concept, Design, Programming, Infrastructure, Client/ Projectetc.)•Basic Design Considerations/App flow (Tapworthy - Designing great iPhone Apps, by Josh Clark)•Timeline and deliverables including App Store (or similar) submittalDocuments to take with you from my Public Dropbox Folder•app_concept (Pages, PDF)•app_pricing (Pages, PDF)•mawd_amsterdam (Keynote, PDF)
  18. 18. MAWD Version 2.0Wrap up!Time: 11.30 - 12.00Lets work together.Points for further consideration•Global business model•Virtual Office•Openess / Communication / Accountability•Trust between people is always needed•Build a team and build an AppDid we reach our goals?•To better understand the world of B2B Apps?•To be able to explain to clients the advantages to them investing in a B2B App?•What they add to the clients brand in way of value?•To be able to co-create a B2B App from concept to launch and the possibility of collaboration?
  19. 19. MAWD Version 2.0LunchTime: 12.00 - 13.00Time for a lunch together.