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Article: Airlines and The Use of Language to Build Brands


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APEX Magazine, May 2015 - A article by APEX magazine on how airlines use language to build culture, attract customers and staff, and solidify their brands within a competitive industry. Also featuring Shashank Nigam, founder and CEO of SimpliFlying.

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Article: Airlines and The Use of Language to Build Brands

  1. 1. Can you match the slogan to the correct airline? Visit > APEX.AERO/SLOGAN to check your answers. Language and tone are powerful tools: Taglines and buzzwords can by Jenn Wint If it matters to you, it matters to us Airline Passenger Experience Association apex experience 55volume 5, edition 3 Follow us @theAPEXassoc Language
  2. 2. photos:jetblue;airCanada;southwestairlines So often it’s not just the words we choose shining personalities consistent messaging “I am a big believer in the power of language to change the world. The way we communicate, whether verbally, digitally or physically, has a massive effect on how we work, live and learn.” Richard Branson 56 volume 5, edition 3 Airline Passenger Experience Association apex experience Visit us at apex.aeroLanguage
  3. 3. Often, a brand creates its own language for buzz words Traditionally, airlines have been formal in their customer communications, but airline marketing has evolved to to appropriately meet customer expectations in various settings. It’s essential for brands to establish a rapport with their customers, making them feel welcome by making personal connections. In premium classes, cabin crew may still address passengers as Mr., Mrs. and Ms., but many passengers challenges the airline industry faces is the ongoing focus on safety and security. This is where formal communications are often still required. Sharing routine but important information in an engaging and genuine way is a recent trend. Airlines are striving to make airline experiences enjoyable by wearing their culture on their sleeve and including passengers. Tone and language, indicating transparency and shared culture, are the choices for both younger carriers and legacy carriers looking to refresh and keep up with passengers expecting speaking my language Getting Personal The Language of Business an ideal business culture were: Innovation Creative Fun 58% 57% 55% Fair to employees Responsible Inspiring change 58% Airline Passenger Experience Association apex experience 57volume 5, edition 3 Follow us @theAPEXassoc Language