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Best Airline on Social Media - SimpliFlying Awards 2014


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Who should win Best Airline on Social Media at this year's SimpliFlying Awards 2014? Vote at:

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  • This is very informative overview of best practices and successful use of social media for customer care. It would be interesting to know the relative amount of resources that these companies invest in their social media strategies. What are the sizes of their social media teams? How many languages do they work in? I imagine things like overall budgets and the tools that they use are closely guarded competitive secrets, but even notional ranges would be interesting. Another great piece of information by SimpliFlying! Thank you.
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Best Airline on Social Media - SimpliFlying Awards 2014

  1. 1. Best Airline on Social Media FinalistEntries Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014
  2. 2. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Airline on Social Media Finalist
  3. 3. Southwest)Airlines)is)NUTS) About)Social)Media!) 2014%Simpliflying%Award%Entry% Best%Airline%on%Social%Media%
  4. 4. Southwest)Airlines)is)NUTS)About)Social)Media!)) % The%airline%has%a%small,%but%mighty,%Social%Media%Team%that%is%constantly%finding%new%ways%to% make%the%brand%relevant,%engaging,%and%FUN%in%the%social%media%space.%% % The%airline%was%a%pioneer%in%blogging%and%conHnues%to%tell%the%Southwest%story%on%the%awardI wining%Nuts%About%Southwest%blog.%It%maintains%a%presence%on%numerous%other%social%media% plaKorms,%and%works%to%ensure%they%are%making%travel%human%by%showing%that%the%airline%is% made%of%fabulous%people%flying%other%people,%proving%Hmely%and%relevant%content,%unique% offerings,%and%informaHon%that%is%important%at%the%local%level.%% % The%airline%has%grown%its%Social%Care%Team%over%the%last%year%to%include%8%fullIHme%Employees% providing%that%extraordinary%Customer%Service%that%their%Customers%have%grown%to%LUV.% Southwest%is%also%training%it’s%Employees%to%ensure%that%they%have%the%required%training%to% navigate%the%social%web.%% % Southwest%recently%launched%a%new%Listening%Center%facility%at%it’s%headquarters%office%in% Dallas,%TX%that%operates%as%the%airline’s%version%of%a%social%media%command%center.%% % All%this%to%say,%Southwest%Airlines%has%integrated%social%media%into%all%aspects%of%its%business.% The%airline%conHnues%to%grow%and%innovate%in%the%space,%and%is%the%best%airline%on%social% media!%
  5. 5. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Airline on Social Media Finalist
  6. 6. SimpliFlying Award 2014 for the category of: Best Airline on Social Media Lufthansa SimpliFlying Award 2014
  7. 7. Lufthansa’s Campaigns and Activities Lufthansa’s Social Media Strategy We translate our brand promise ‘nonstop you’ into meaningful programs/activities on a rational level, giving consumers a support on every level (ground and in the air) as well as on a emotional level (enriching experiences) with inspiring travel content. For this we use different channels which are embedded in our whole marketing mix. Ich bin #DeinBerliner Special Social Media Campaign #Iamfcb Special Social Media Activity Blue Legends Social Media App We asked a young Berlin writer to guide the users on our social media channels live through the city for one day. Through voting users were able to control the activities of the day. FC Bayern Munich Fans were asked to twitter a number with the hashtag #iamfcb. Lufthansa automatically provided via Twitter a visual of a football shirt with the twitter name and the number. With Blue Legends travellers can earn badges for having checked in at Lufthansa Lounges Lufthansa Flights. E.g.: Check-in at 5 tourist locations in Berlin and you will receive the „Ich bin ein Berliner“- Badge.
  8. 8. #inspiredby Special Social Media Campaign Klaus-Heidi Integrated Social Media Campaign #inspiredbythemoment Special Social Media Campaign Lufthansa’s Campaigns and Activities We captured the essence of “Nonstop You” by focusing on creating memorable experiences. We enriched our content with a sense of discovery and a passion for travel that would excite our audience. We interviewed 10 protagonist (5 crew members / 5 testimonials) and asked them how travel is inspiring their lives. Lufthansa challenged the Swedes: Show us you love Berlin as much as we do! Are you ready to change your name LEGALLY to Klaus-Heidi to win a new life there? A photo contest via Instagram where the community can vote for the best and most inspirational travel content. This campaign activated consumers to share their emotional moments with the community.
  9. 9. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Airline on Social Media Finalist
  11. 11. OUR COSTUMER SPEAK FOR US WE ARE A LOVED BRAND. Source: Facebook Insights
  12. 12. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Airline on Social Media Finalist
  13. 13. Simpliflying Awards KLM social airline.
  14. 14. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Start of our social media efforts. 04/2010 The ash cloud. 04/2013 KLM Space, win a ticket to space by involving your friends. 07/2011 24/7 servicing via twitter, facebook based on a 60min reply. 05/2013 Aviation Empire, an iOS / Android game that challenges you to run and airline. 11/2013 KLM Planes, 300 kids experienced the movie screening of a lifetime. What we did last 12 months. 2014 02/2014 KLM Social Payment, pay directly via social media for flights and ancillaries. 12/2013 KLM Wannagives surprise passengers on board with personalised gifts. Enabled through social media. 11/2013 KLM live service monitor, see the live expected response time of customer service on twitter and facebook. 12/2013 KLM Local Eyes, lets KLM employees voluntarily curate a twitter account and platform with their best local tips. 01/2014 KLM iPad app with deep social media integration (see where my friends are). 06/2014 KLM City Selfie campaign that seduced travellers around the world to put their favorite places in a videoselfie. 04/2014 Mystery Ticket & Ask a local, buy a blank ticket to an unknown destination and get local and personalised tips via WhatsApp.
  15. 15. Why should we win? Industry recognition. Most Socially Devoted Brand (3 years in a row - Social Bakers). Winner Webby Award Best Social Customer Service. Proven return. Service equals sales. Numerous new initiatives (Social Payment, Mystery Ticket) that prove social media is truly business now. Deep integration. Seamless integration of social media throughout all touch points and a willingness to experiment even further.
  16. 16. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Airline on Social Media Finalist
  17. 17. Turkish Airlines Best Airline on Social Media SimpliFlying Awards 2014 Presentation Pitch
  18. 18. Turkish Airlines on Social Media *Total number of followers across multiple regional accounts. Turkish Airlines has a massive social media operation which encompasses numerous Facebook and Twitter accounts along with a presence on YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and more locally focused social networks such as Vkontakte, Sina Weibo and Wechat. Across all these platforms and more, Turkish Airlines strives to create and maintain meaningful relationships with its millions of followers.
  19. 19. Localized Content on a Global Scale As the airline which flies to the most countries in the world, Turkish Airlines uses social media for round- the-clock communication in multiple languages across numerous time zones in order to maintain a constant connection with its widespread community. 20+ Facebook pages and 15+ Twitter accounts are used to deliver timely, relevant, and engaging content to our millions of followers around the globe. Content is tailored to the needs and interests of our followers, based on their location and their preferred social media platform.
  20. 20. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 So, which do you like best? VOTE NOW!