Delivering Customer Service in a Social Media World


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For a long time, a company’s commitment to outstanding customer service began – and ended – in its mission statement. This is all changing in a 24/7 connected world.

Your customers are taking to social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, every day to recommend brands, provide usage tips, share content, and praise or criticize customer service; all affecting the perception of your brand. These conversations – whether stellar or abysmal – are taking place where they can be ‘heard.’

Join us for this matter-of-fact, no-nonsense webinar to discover:

1. Why – when the world is your competition – is customer service your only sustainable competitive advantage?
2. Why you need to personalize the customer experience or get left behind.
3. Why, with social media, customer service is the new marketing.
4. How to bust the 20 myths of customer service that hold your company back.
5. How to develop a formula to determine the economic value each customer contributes.
6. How to develop a two-way customizable customer service manifesto.
7. How to develop action plans for CEOs, line managers, and customer service reps.
8. How to get your best customers to stay and the harmful ones to leave.

Webinar attendees will learn tactics that enable their organizations to make more money through attitudes, and actions that will help their customers feel satisfied in bad times or good.

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  • Let me show you some examples of these questions and the stark realization that Vizio is not responding to these questions. Read the three examplesThis slide depicts the challenge with having a facebook fan page but no way to answer customer questions. The level of frustration is high and customers who may be interested in buying from Vizio will now think twice because of the lack of engagement by Vizio to answer their questions.
  • Delivering Customer Service in a Social Media World

    2. 2. Parature Parature is a global leader in cloud software (SaaS) for customer service and support Parature enables organizations to: • Reduce the cost of supporting their customers • Have a 360 view of customer issues • Retain their customers • Improve customer loyalty • Generate more revenue from their base • Deliver “great” customer service • Engage customers and deliver service through Facebook and Twitter
    3. 3. HealthcareAssociationsEducation Gaming and Digital MediaBusiness ServicesTechnology 850 Customers Across Industries & Market Segments
    4. 4. The Customer Has Never Been More Important! • In light of sales teams selling less - organizations are focused on: – Customer retention – Customer upsell and cross sell opportunities – Lifetime value of a customer – Overall revenue from the customer base
    5. 5. Service Has Become A Major Differentiator • Improving the customer experience – Multi-channel support • Providing support in the manner by which the customer wants it • Reducing customer effort – Delivering on the promise of first contact resolution • The result is reduced frustration • Increasing customer loyalty – By reducing customer effort you increase customer loyalty • Increased loyalty is a game changer
    6. 6. Service Desk Parature: An Integrated Support Suite 6 Your Customer Metrics & Reports Deploy Surveys Phone Forums Downloads Knowledge- base and FAQ’s Ticket Chat Mobile CUSTOMER TOUCH POINTS SERVICE DESK ? 360º Customer History Feedback Your CSR Delivering Multi-Channel Support For your CSR’s to Manage All Customer Interactions E-Mail Intelligent Workflow
    7. 7. …Backed by an Intuitive, Intelligent System Parature lets you: •Define hierarchical ticketing queues and personalized routing rules •Program auto-responses for repetitive inquiries •Establish an integrated internal knowledge base •Manage tasks and time-based alerts to ensure adherence to SLA thresholds •Report upon CSR productivity •Incorporate customer data to ensure “One View of the Customer” •Collect and analyze customer feedback •Integrate ticketing data with customer records and chat windows •…update your customer portal with each and every mouse click
    8. 8. Rosetta Stone Customer Portal – Serving 1 Million Customers Submit a Ticket Chat with Agent Browse or Search Knowledge Base Phone Support Support Portal
    9. 9. The Era of Social Media 3.0 …a paradigmatic shift is underway, with your customers expecting active dialogue, and getting upset when they don’t hear from you
    10. 10. It Takes a Village Facebook SWAT Team Customer Service, Agencies, Sales & PR Teams Digital Marketing While digital marketing teams still own social media properties, they are increasingly relying upon the social support of cross- departmental and agency stakeholders
    11. 11. Support for Every Facebook Fan Page  Monitor, listen and engage with your customers on your Facebook Fan Page.  Your Customers can get Support right on your Facebook Fan Page.  Your Customers can share their positive support experiences through their friend’s streams. Be Where Your Customers Are. Parature for
    12. 12. Deliver multi-channel support to your customers via searchable FAQ’s, live chat, and feedback/comment forms Deliver Multi-Channel Support On Facebook
    13. 13. Customer Service is the New Marketing Barry J. Moltz
    14. 14. 16
    15. 15. 17 Do you see something about customer service in every company’s mission statement?
    16. 16. 18 Got Customer Service? Company Goals Department Policies Feedback Systems
    17. 17. 19 The Great Customer Service We Get “How Can I Help You?” “There is Nothing I Can Do” “You Need to Talk to a Manager” “No Problem”
    18. 18. 20 The Great Customer Service We Get We wait all day at home for the cable person who doesn’t come We wait in long lines at the post office get passports or ship packages We stay with accountants when she ever never calls back
    19. 19. 21 The Ombudsmen Have Problems
    20. 20. 22 The Ugly Step Child “Press #1 for Sales...Press #13 for Customer Service” Bonuses For Sales Reps…Minimum Wages for Customer Service Reps
    21. 21. 23 The New Marketing - 2010? Learn or Lose! Deliver or Die!
    22. 22. 24 1. The Great Recession ’08-’10
    23. 23. 25 2. Technology Has Changed It Forever
    24. 24. 26 3. Faux Personalization
    25. 25. 27 There is a Party Going On…
    26. 26. 28 4. Advertising Can No Longer Control the Conversation
    27. 27. 29 The Brands are Listening
    28. 28. 30 Small Business, Big Edge schnaars: @ryankuder speaking of which, are there any plans post practice? ryanKuder: @schnaars We're in. Should we and head to Jake's for pizza? tonyalba_pizza: @ryankuder or Tony & Alba's maybe? ryankuder: @TonyAlba_Pizza Could you save us a table for 12 at Stephen's Creek so we don't have to wait? tonyalba_pizza: @ryankuder You got it what time? Do you want to pre order? I'll throw in fountain drinks. .
    29. 29. 31 “Beyond” Customer Service “Our Dedicated Family Provides This Community an Unforgettable Place; to Connect with your Family and Friends, to Have Fun and to Feel at Home”.
    30. 30. 32 A Restaurant with 3,000 Raving Fans
    31. 31. 33 In A World With No Boundaries The only true sustainable competitive advantage The only long term way to ensure profitability for your business
    32. 32. 34 Defining Customer Service is Hard Almost never the same from customer to customer or time to time. A constantly changing, perpetually moving target.
    33. 33. 35 #1. Let’s Bust It Up! What Do You Believe? B-A-M!
    34. 34. 36 What is the biggest customer service myth?
    35. 35. 37 The Customer is Always Right The Belief: Need to keep all customers happy “because we can’t afford to lose a single one”
    36. 36. 38 Under Promise and Over Deliver The Belief: Set customer expectations low, then exceed them and customers will be delighted
    37. 37. 39 Unhappy Customers = Business The Belief: Be reactionary since there will always be problems. Fix what is broken and customers will stay!
    38. 38. 40 Comment Cards and Surveys Accurately Tell Us How We are Doing The Belief: When asked, people tell us what they think – then we analyze and come up with a plan!
    39. 39. 41 Customers only care about Low Price The Belief: Forget about great customer service, customers only care about price
    40. 40. 42 Customer Service is “Just Plain Honest Common Sense” The Belief: All “logical and well intended rational people” can offer good customer service.
    41. 41. 43 Finally, All Customers Are the Same The Belief: There is the “perfect” customer
    42. 42. 44 2. Move the Blockers Our product, service or computer system stinks Paying front-line people minimum wage Our customers are unreasonable Our budget has been cut We don’t hear bad things
    43. 43. 45 3. Define what Customer Service Whatever a customer says it is… …in a particular instant …on a particular day
    44. 44. 46 Forget “Can I Help You”… How can I make your day better?
    45. 45. 47 “BAM!-good” Customer Service is the attitudes and actions we take to help a customer feel more satisfied, each time they interact with the company
    46. 46. 48 Remember! Your employees treat your customers the same way that you treat your employees
    47. 47. 49 What Customer Service is Not Satisfying every customer no matter what Compromising your integrity to meet demand Threats to tell others through the internet
    48. 48. 50 4. Quantify Its Value
    49. 49. 51 The Only One Why
    50. 50. 52 How Do You Value Your Customers?
    51. 51. 53 Value A Customer Based On: 1. Revenue Minus Cost 2. Revenue Timing 3. Referrals and Buzz 4. Retention 5. The Customer’s Brand
    52. 52. 54 The 20 Points For Customer Value Revenue: (+1 to +4 Points) Timing (+2 points) Referrals (+4 points) Additional products they buy (+3 points) Feedback they give you (+1 point) Stickiness (+2 points) Brand power (+4 points) Unhappy customer (-2 points)
    53. 53. 55 5. Create a “BAM!-good” Manifesto 1.We deliver on what we promised Standard Training Process and Feedback Loop
    54. 54. 56 More BAM!-good Manifesto 2. If you are dissatisfied, we will listen 3. When things go wrong, you can reach us easily 4. We will resolve the issues in a reasonable time and compensate you when possible 5. We will admit that we made a mistake 6. We will empower our employees to solve your issue when they occur
    55. 55. 57 More BAM!-good Manifesto 7. We will make it easy to stop doing business with us 8. We will not charge nuisance fees or surcharges 9. We will treat you with respect and dignity at all times 10. We will tell you when we change our agreement
    56. 56. 58 Do You Offer Discounts to First Time Customers?
    57. 57. 59 The Manifesto Does Not Include Uneconomical or Teaser Commitments
    58. 58. 60 Developing Your Manifesto 1. What would I want as my own customer? 2. What do I like or hate that other businesses offer me as their customer? 3. What do my customers expect?
    59. 59. 61 6. Getting Feedback When?  Directly after the job, visit or product delivered  Survey later as a follow up
    60. 60. 62 What Do You Ask? 1. Why did you choose to do business with us? 2. Is there anyone here who did a particularly great job or a poor one? 3. Do you plan to use our service in the future? 4. Can you tell us any friends or associates who may be interested in using our service?
    61. 61. 63 Can You Handle the Truth?
    62. 62. 64 Feedback in a Social Media World Outlets to address concerns immediately It’s instant feedback without boundaries Customers seem to be more open to say “hey, this isn’t working” faster without the extra step of calling our service people. On the other hand, they’re also faster to express their excitement about a great experience.
    63. 63. 65 Connected to a Human Face Putting a human face on the company and brand. Peachtree is for the “cool people”
    64. 64. 66 Twitter Transformation
    65. 65. 67 The Big Hug Hiring Customer Service from Hospitality Fields Top of the list is knowledge, courtesy and attentiveness Solving their problem is not high on the list
    66. 66. 68 6 Actions For Every Company 1. BAM! 2. Tackle the Blockers 3. Define Customer Service 4. Economic Value of customers 5. Your Own Manifesto to Set Expectations 6. Test Measurement Tools
    67. 67. 69 For Your Customers Whatever a customer says it is… ….in a particular instant ….on a particular day
    68. 68. 70 For Your Company the attitudes and actions to help a customer feel more satisfied, each time they interact with the company
    69. 69. 71 Ultimate Customer Service Question How can I make your day better?
    70. 70. Deliver or Die! Any Questions?
    71. 71. 73 Get BAM! at a Special Offer Get the book that the webinar is based on  Special Offer at $10 per book  Includes BAM! Customer Service Workbook  customer-webinar
    72. 72. Twitter @barrymoltz FB BarryMoltz
    73. 73. Follow Parature On