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Mcq peresentation


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The prime objective of “Online MCQ Quiz application” is to take quiz for any individuals through internet. Multiple choice questions (MCQ) will arrive for user with certain time limit for each quiz. “Online MCQ Quiz application” is an android app for making the competitive job exams easier. This app targets users who preparing for different kinds of government and non-government jobs like BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service), bank jobs etc. Users can read online and saved it for future offline reading. All the study materials are divided into chapters, topics, and subtopics and topic related. User can take exams on various subject and get points for his performance which will determine their rank among all the users. User can also take quiz for preparation before taking exams. Users can also request for a particular topic or a discussion.

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Mcq peresentation

  1. 1. Android Operating System Based MCQ Quiz Application A Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Undergraduate project defense Date: 22-05-2017
  2. 2. Project Supervisor Dr. Uzzal Kumar Acharjee Chairman & Associate Professor Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Jagannath University
  3. 3. Submitted by • Md. Shah Jalal Hridoy Roll: 118404 • Abdullah-Al- Mamun Roll: 118416
  4. 4. Overview • Introduction • Objectives • Flowchart • Schema Diagram • Features of Mcq Quiz • Uniqueness • Tools used • Future aspects and conclusion
  5. 5. Introduction • In today’s world, Smart phones have changed our lives and have become an indispensable part of our lives because of its specialty to simplify our routine work and thereby saving our time • There are tons of application available and one of the prime reason for this vast number is android being an open source. On the other hand, android based device like mobile, tab are very user friendly
  6. 6. Introduction
  7. 7. Introduction • In this context, Our project application is developed based on android platform. “Mcq Quiz” is an android app for making the competitive job exams easier. This application target those users who are preparing for different kinds of government and non-government jobs like bcs, bank jobs etc.
  8. 8. Objectives • Subject wise topic, question and discussion list. • Questions with answer and hint. • Exam and quiz and records of previous exam. • Syllabus and model question of exams. • Push notifications for job circular and current affairs.
  9. 9. Objectives • User ranking.. • User can Save questions, discussion, job circular and current affairs • User can request new topic
  10. 10. Related Works
  11. 11. Features • User login system • Facebook integrated • Google+ integrated
  12. 12. Features • Categorized topics • Learning everything in a categorized way
  13. 13. Features • When User select a topic he can choose: • Subjects • Discussions • Questions • Syllabus
  14. 14. Features • Subjects under specific topic • User can see how many questions and discussion are there
  15. 15. Features • Discussion about one topic • User can take quiz and save it for future
  16. 16. Features • Quiz activity. • User can prepare himself for the exam by taking quiz.
  17. 17. Features • User can take exam with a timer • User gets points based on his performance
  18. 18. Features • User can see his exam statistics in a pie chart • Red indicate wrong and green indicate right answer.
  19. 19. Features • User can also see his right and wrong answers in exam statistics
  20. 20. Features • User can see his profile information like : • Ranking • Gained point • Overall performance
  21. 21. • User Ranking is one of the unique feature of our application • User can be able to know his position among all the users. Features
  22. 22. Features All the previous examination records are reserved. User can see his previous performance and analysis his improvement through it
  23. 23. Features Registered user can be able to request a topic or discussion to the admin. Its increase the interactivity between user and admin
  24. 24. Admin Panel
  25. 25. Admin Panel
  26. 26. Notification panel
  27. 27. Notification panel
  28. 28. Flowchart(Anonymous user)
  29. 29. Flowchart(Registered user)
  30. 30. Flowchart(Admin)
  31. 31. Schema Diagram
  32. 32. Development Work • Web based admin panel using CodeIgniter. • MySQL as database • Android app for the users
  33. 33. Uniqueness • Up to date information about current affairs • User ranking • Hint with answer • Subjects organized through topics • Personal record
  34. 34. Target User • BCS Preliminary candidates • Bank job MCQ exam candidates • Participant of different exams taken by PSC.
  35. 35. Tools used • Android Studio • Sublime Text • Xampp • Genymotion
  36. 36. Future Aspects • In future, we will try to overcome the limitations that we currently have, limitations like shortage of information, user’s discussion on a specific topic etc.
  37. 37. Conclusion • Mcq Quiz application will reduce manual intervention and brings flexibility to users. It’s very easy to use from anywhere if internet is available and concern user has access to this application • its output is basically service oriented in nature. It is an effort to contribute to the development of our Education system.
  38. 38. Reference [1] Zuhayr Reaz. ‘The Smartphone Industry in Bangladesh’. [Online, accessed 28 march 2017]. [2] “BCS Syllabus” [3] “BCS Preparation 2017” [4] “BCS Champion”
  39. 39. Thank You
  40. 40. Any Questions ?