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  • The Proof that Allah is Unlike any of His Creation Extracted from Shefa by Judge Eyad Translated by Anne Khadijah Stephens and Ahmad Darwish All mankind should believe that the tremendous Greatness of Allah, His Beautiful Names and His attributes do not beareven the slightest resemblance to those qualities found in His creation. No created quality resembles Him not even the angelic universe. Allah tells us, "There is nothing like Him" (42:11). His Essence is unlike all other essences and His Names and Attributes are unlike those of His created beings. Remember, the attributes of created beings, are not independent, neither are they free from desires, whereas Allah is free from all this. He is Everlasting, as are His Names and Attributes. By Allah, it is an excellent statement, made by the knowledgeable of realization, and reality who say Oneness, (Tawhid) is the affirmation of the Essence of Allah in which that Essence is unlike all other essences. He created and His Essence and attributes are never incapacitated. Al Wasiti, may Allah have mercy on him, summarized the matter - and this too is Supreme Justice Judge Eyad's goal - Regarding Allah he said: "There is no essence like His Essence. There is no name like His Name. There is no action like His action. There is no attribute like His attribute, all that can be said is the expressions (those of Allah and other than Allah) are similar only in their pronunciation." The belief of the truthful followers of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, is that the Essence of Allah, which is not subject to time, is by far too majestic to have a quality which is timely, in the same way that any created essence lives in the confines of time does not escape from time, nor do they have any ancient attributes prior to time This is the belief of the people of the truth who follow the prophetic ways (sunnah) and the congregation of (Ahle Sunnat wa Jamat) the Companions, and those who follow them. Imam Abu'l Kasim Al Qushayri commented and expounded upon the preceding saying, "This contains the total of all statements relating to the Oneness of Allah. How is it possible for His Essence to be like the essence of created things, which are confined by time when His Essence, is independent from time, location, dimension, the imagination of our reasoning, or any created substance with its characteristics by His very existence? And, how can His action resemble the action of any of His creation, when His action is not caused by it, rather, Allah is the Creator of it, nor is His action repelling an action of imperfection and is not derived from thoughts or desires. His action does not come through any created physical or non-physical cause, whereas the actions of His creation are created by Him (and maintained until its end by Him)." Imam Al Juwayni said, "Whosoever stops at something that exists and which he is capable of understanding must know that it is a human production. Whereas whosoever takes the stand of pure negation of the Creator is an atheist. As for the believer, he/she admits it is impossible to perceive the reality of Allah. Dhu'n Nun Al Misri gave an excellent explanation of the Words of Allah that read, ”There is nothing like Him" (42:11), "He is not to be questioned about what He does, but they shall be questioned" (21:23) and, "When We decree a thing, We only say: 'Be," and it is. (16:40). He said, "The reality of Oneness is that you understand the power of Allah is in things without stating the means, and that His action is the cause of everything, but this action is without cause. Whatever forms in your imagination about Allah, be sure Allah it is not that!" These are precious, wonderful, precise words. Supreme justice Eyad concludes with the following supplication, "O Allah by Your Favor and Mercy, make us firm in the belief of Your Oneness, testifying to it and disconnection from disbelief, and prevent us from misguidance, and error that leads to atheism, and man-made faith." Praise be to Allah, this is an English free Islamic shelf for Allah's sake served by Anne Stephens (Khadijah Abdullah) over 35 years - may Allah accept -
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Belief in allah

  1. 1. The Belief in Allah The only message of salvation WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  2. 2. what do you think is the purpose of life? Just live this life and die!! Do you believe in a creator of our universe? Why? WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  3. 3. Something about our Creator, Allah WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  5. 5. The Belief in Allah Comprises Four Matters: The Belief in The Existence of Allah Belief in Allah’s Lordship (Ruboobiyyah) Belief in Allah’s Worship (Uloohiyyah) Belief in Allah’s Names and Sifaat (Attributes) WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  6. 6. The Belief in The Existence of Allah The evidence for the existence of Allah is established by WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  7. 7. 1-Pertaining To The Proof of The Fitrah: Every creature has been created in a state of belief in his Creator without preceding thought or education WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  8. 8. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Prophet (pbuh) said: “ Each child is born in a state of “Fitrah,” but his parents make him a Jew or a Christian” (Bukhari)
  9. 9. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION 2-The Evidence of “Reasoning” I was a child. Before that, I was inside my mother’s womb. Before that, Where was I?
  10. 10. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION One day trees fell down, its branches turned to wooden logs. Suddenly iron transforms into nails. Nails and wooden logs together joins to form a boat. BY CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 11. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Creatures need a creator. Why? Creatures can’t bring themselves into existence They can’t come to exist by coincidence! (a thing does not create itself) (every occurrence (novelty, etc.) must need an originator)
  12. 12. Anything that is ordered indicates intelligence For example: if you were walking on a beach and saw the word ‘HELLO’ written in the sand, you would conclude that there is an intelligence that wrote this because the letters are ordered. You would never assume it happened by chance. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  13. 13. Our solar system is highly ordered with intricate systems, laws and patterns which indicate that there is an intelligent designer WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  14. 14. WISD M GLOBAL ISLAMIC MISSION BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE “Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.” (52: 35-36) WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  15. 15. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION which means that they were neither created without a Creator, nor they were the creators of themselves. It becomes clear, therefore, that their Creator is Allah
  16. 16. The sun is at a perfect distance from the earth. If the sun was slightly further away, we would freeze and if it was any closer we would burn The sun’s distance from the earth WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  17. 17. If the gravitational force was altered, this would have a massive effect on our existence Gravity WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  18. 18. If we did not have an ozone layer protecting us, we would be dramatically affected by the sun’s harmful rays. Ozone layer WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  19. 19. Earth’s axis If the axis of the earth was altered, this would create chaos and our earth would be uninhabitable. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  20. 20. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Suppose one says that Taj Mahal was founded by itself or comes by coincidence! What will be your reply? “You are mad, How can this like magnificent and ordered building comes by chance. There should be someone behind its construction? Common logic
  21. 21. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Then, Are you saying this structured, ordered, different creations around you are found by chance or coincidence!!! Think dear
  22. 22. The best explanation for our existence is that there is a creator of our universe who has an amazing amount of power and intelligence WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  23. 23. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION 3-The Al-Shar’a Evidence For The Existence of Allah All of the revealed Scriptures talks about existence of the God Perfect legislations and laws put forwarded by Islam considers human nature
  24. 24. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION 4- Al-Hiss: The “Physical” Evidence For The Existence of Allah Comprises Two Aspects Allah hears and witness response to the call of those who supplicate and those who are distressed and grieved Signs of the Prophets which are called Mu’jizaat (Miracles) and which people see or hear about, constitute an irrevocable evidence for the existence of the One who dispatched them
  25. 25. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Musa (a) strike the sea with his stick and the sea splits (26:63) Eesaa (Jesus-a) was able to bring life to the dead and bring forth the dead from their graves by Allaah’s Leave Splitting of moon as a mu’jizah of prophet (pbuh) Examples
  26. 26. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Belief in Allah’s Lordship (Ruboobiyyah): means to believe that Allah is the only Rabb withouta partner or a helper Most of people accepts ruboobiyyah except a few.
  27. 27. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION “Such is Allah your Rabb; His is the kingdom. And those, whom you invoke or call upon instead of Him, own not even a Qitmeer (the thin membrane over the date-stone).”
  28. 28. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Command of ar-Rabb al-Kawnee (Universal) commands ash-Shar’ee (Legal or Judicial) Commands whoever sets up a legislator besides Allah in Ibaadaat or a judge in Mu’aamalaat, commits Shirk and does not ascertain the Eemaan
  29. 29. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION ONENESS OF GOD Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, nor is there to Him any equivalent.” (Quran 112)
  30. 30. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION THE REVELATION – Message to Humanity God has speak to us before, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus (peace be on them all). They all have one MESSAGE “There is no God, But Allah”
  31. 31. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Why revelation ? First generation of Human were agreed the oneness of creator and worship only Him. Later people starts deviating. They start worshipping Idols, trees, sun, moon, prophets (eg: Moses and Jesus (pbut)), angels, jinns and more. So God send REVELATIONto show the way of truth.
  32. 32. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION The Quran does not call for us to believe that the creator became the creation, which is the beliefof most religions (eg: Hinduism, Christianity, Jews, Budhism, jainism) and goes against our logic and reasoning.
  33. 33. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION All other Divine scriptures were undergone editing by their scholars latterly. But regarding the final Divine Scripture – Quran– God says “Verily, it is We who have sent down the Quran and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)” (Quran 15:9)
  34. 34. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Preservation Through oral tradition, until today The original texts of most former divine books were lost altogether, however, the Quran exists exactly as it was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH).
  35. 35. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Eternal Challenge And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant Muhammad], then produce a Surah the like thereof and call upon your witnesses other than Allah, if you should be truthful. (Quran 2:23) This challenge refers to the literary miracle of the Quran
  36. 36. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Doyouknowthisperson? Muhammed (Peace be upon him) The final messenger
  37. 37. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Having an amazing good character Nick named Al-ameen (The honest) Was Mohammad (PBUH) a real prophet? Is he a liar? In view of enemies of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), He was A liar normally lies to get some worldly gain. Mohammad (PBUH) was offered power, wealth and women by the chiefs of Makkah, but refused them all for the message he brought and as a result suffered great hardships. Does this sound like the profile of someone who is a liar to you?
  38. 38. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Mohammad (PBUH) always speaks the truth. It was clearly known to the people of Arabia. Then how can such a honest man speaks lie in the name of God?
  39. 39. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION I born as a Hindu/jew/christian/islam Am well educated. I have choice in minute points of my life. Eg: to buy a pen, I choose the finest
  40. 40. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Then why you don’t have a choice in your religion? We choose the religion in which our father chooses!! Insteadwe need to choose the right religion which gives salvation.
  41. 41. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION What can I do? Is it possible to learn all the religions? NEVER ----- BUT Glorious Qur’an is the only Divine book in World which itself argues that its from GOD. No contradictions in Qur’an Scientific facts, etc....
  42. 42. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Belief in Allaah’s Worship (Uloohiyyah) It is the belief that Allah alone is the true Ilaah who has no partner or associate. The Ilaah means al-Ma’looh i.e. al-Ma’bood, the only true God who deserves to be worshipped out of love and magnification
  43. 43. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION That is because Allah - He is the Truth, and those besides Him whom they (the polytheists) invoke-they are but Baatil (vain Falsehood). And verily, Allaah,-He is the Most High, the Most Great. (22:62)
  44. 44. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Polytheism invalidated by No Divine Quality in the gods they worshipped These gods are created They cannot create other things Neither benefit to their worshippers nor can they ward off harm from them
  45. 45. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION They can neither give them life, nor cause their death They possess nothing from the heavens and have no share in it “They have taken besides Him other gods that created nothing but are themselves created, and possess neither hurt nor benefit to themselves, and possess no power (of causing) death, nor (of giving) life, nor of raising the dead.” (25:3)
  46. 46. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Belief in Allah’s Names and Sifaat (Attributes) Affirm the Names and Attributes which Allah affirmed to Himself in His Book and in the Sunnah of His Messenger (pbuh) in the way that best fits Him without Tahreef (distortion of the meaning) Ta’teel (negating the meaning) Takyeef (assigning a manner to any attribute) Tamtheel (drawing parallels to Allah)
  47. 47. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION “And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.” (7:180). “And there is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.” (42:11).
  48. 48. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Two sects went astray regarding this matter Al-Mu’atilah Mushabbiha
  49. 49. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Al-Mu’atilah Who negated all or some of Allah’s Names and Attributes claiming that affirming Allah’s Names and Sifaat necessitates Tashbeeh (drawing similarities between Allaah and His creation)!
  50. 50. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Mushabbiha Who affirm Allah’s Names and Attributes but make Tashbeeh (draw similarities) between Allah and His Creation, claiming that this is what is necessitated by the meaning of the texts on the ground that Allah addresses the ‘Ibaad (mankind) according to their understanding!
  51. 51. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION The belief in Allah according to what we have described above yields great benefits to the believers: First: The true manifestation of the Tawheed of Allah such that there is no attachment to other than Him in hope, fear, and worship
  52. 52. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Second: The perfect Love, Magnification and Exaltation of Allah as obligated by His Most Beautiful Names and Sublime Attributes Third: Manifesting our worship of Him by doing what He commands and avoiding what He forbade.
  53. 53. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION Seeking knowledge is the only solution. So start learning