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meaning of life and faith

Wisdom Global Islamic Mission വിതരണം ചെയ്യുന്ന ജീവിതം എന്തിനു വേണ്ടി എന്ന വിഷയത്തിൽ ഉള്ള പുസ്തകത്തിന്റെ ONLINE കോപ്പി ഫ്രീ ആയി DOWNLOAD ചെയ്യാം ..ഷെയർ ചെയ്യുക

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meaning of life and faith

  1. 1. n- -lm-b-m-Wv a-p-jy≥.-.- tcm-Kw.-.- A-]-I-Sw.-.- th-Z-.-.- a-c-Ww Xm-ßm-m-hm-Ø Zp-:J-`m-c-߃.-.- sS≥-j-n-√m-Ø Zn-h-k-߃ A-]q¿-Δw.- a-tm-tcm-K-hn-Z-Kv-≤-cp-sS ]-Sn-hm-Xn¬-°¬ Xn-°pw Xn-c-°pw h¿-≤n- °p-∂p.- ]-co-£-bn-se c-≠v am¿-°n-s‚ Ip-d-hv t]m-epw k-ln-°m-m-hm- sX B-fl-l-Xy sN-øp-∂ Iu-am-c-߃. ssN--bn¬- -am-{Xw- -Hm-tcm c-≠v an-n-´n-epw H-cmƒ ho-Xw B-fl-l-Xy sN-øp-∂p.- C-¥y-bn¬ Hm-tcm h¿-j-hpw 1,50,000 tØm-fw t]¿ B-fl-lXy sN-øp-∂p.- tI-c-f-Øn ¬ Hm-tcm- Zn-h-k-hpw 32 B-fl-l-Xy-Iƒ -S-°p-∂p.- hm¿-≤-Iy-Øn-s‚ H-‰-sΠ-S-epw tm-hp-I-fpw.-.-s]-cp-Ip-∂ hr-≤-k-Z- -߃.-.-H-fn-t®m-Sp-∂ Ip-´n-I-fp-sS-bpw kv-{Xo-I-fp-sS-bpw F-Æw h¿-≤n- °p-∂p.-.- Zm-cn-{Zyw Im-c-Ww Hm-tcm Zn-h-k-hpw tem-I-Øv 22,000 Ip-´n-Iƒ a-cn- ®p-t]m-Ip-∂p.- kw-c-£-I-cn-√m-Ø-Xn-s‚ t]-cn¬ sX-cp-hn-te-°v h-en-s ®-dn-b-sΠ-Sp-∂-h-cp-sS F-Æw h¿-≤n-°p-∂p. -{]-Ir-Xn-Zp-c-¥-߃.-.-. kp- m-an.-.-. sh-≈-sΠm-°w.-.-. h-cƒ-®.-.-.-sIm-Sp-¶m-‰v.-.-. X-I-cp-∂ ]-cn-ÿn-Xn k-¥p-e-w.-.-.-hn-≈p-∂ Hm-tkm¨ ]m-fn-Iƒ.-.-.Im-em-h-ÿm {I-a-am-‰-߃...- h¿-≤n-°p-∂ Nq-Sv.-.-. D-cp-Ip-∂ a-™p-a-e-Iƒ.-.-.-B-h¿-Øn-°p-∂ `q-I-º- ߃.-.-.- 1
  2. 2. A-[m¿-Ωn-I-X-bp-sS Iq-Ø-c-ßm-Wv tem-I-an-∂v.- a-- n-s th-Z-n- Πn-°p-∂, I-Æp-I-sf Cu-d--Wn-bn-°p-∂, lr-Z-b-ß-sf -Sp-°p-∂, D-d-°- hpw kz-ÿ-X-bpw sI-Sp-Øp-∂ lo--hpw {Iq-c-hp-am-b {]-h¿-Ø-- ߃ sIm-≠v ho¿-Πp-ap-´p-I-bm-Wv ]-{X-Øm-fp-I-fn-∂v. A-Xp hm-bn-°p- ∂ -√ a-p-jy-cp-sS lr-Z-b-ß-fpw.-.-a-p-jy-s-¥p ]-‰n F-∂m-Wv F- √m-h-cpw tNm-Zn-°p-∂-Xv ? N-Xn-bpw h-©--bpw Po-hn-X-Øn-s‚ H´pan° ta-J-e-I-fn-epw ]n-Sn-ap- dp-°p-∂p.-.-.- I-cm-dp-Iƒ ]m-en-°-sΠ-Sp-∂n-√.-.-.-am-bw I-e-cm-Ø D¬-Π- ∂-߃ hn-c-fw.-.-.- I-®-h-S-sa-∂-Xv X-´n-Πn-s‚ ]-cym-b-am-bn am-dp-∂p. A-f- hn-epw Xq-°-Øn-epw Ir-{Xn-a-߃ hym-]-Iw.- sNe-h-gn-°m-m-Im-Ø D¬-Π-∂-߃ h¿-W-°-S-em-kp-I-fn¬ s]m-Xn-™v hn¬-Π- -S-Øp- ∂p.- hm-ßp-∂-h-pw hn¬-°p-∂-h-pw A-dn-bmw,]-‰n-°-sΠ-Sp-∂p-sh-∂v.- cm-jv-{So-b-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬, ]m¿-´n-bp-sS t]-cn¬, A-Xn¿-Øn-bp-sS t]-cn¬, kz-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬, t{]-a-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬, s]-Æn-s‚ t]-cn¬, {]-ÿm--Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬, a-X-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬.-.-.-a-p-jy-a--:km-£n-sb a-c-hn-Πn-°p-∂ `-bm--I-hpw ar-Ko-b-hp-am-b F-{X-sb-{X sIm-e-]m-X-I-߃.-.-! a-X-n-b-a-ß-tf-bpw a-p-jy-Xz-tØ-bpw a-dn-I-S-∂v.-.-. A-k-ln-jv- Wp-X-bpw A-cm-P-I-Xz-hpw h-f¿-Øn.-.-.- `o-Xn-bpw hn-tZz-j-hpw ]-S¿-Øn.- .-.- B-fn-°-Øp-∂ `o-I-c-X.- H-c¬-]w B-izm-kw tX-Sn sN-√p-∂ a-X-Ønt‚-bpw B-flo-b-X-bp-tSbpw tI-{μ-߃ `q-cn-`m-K-hpw Nq-j-W-Øn-s‚ {]-Xn-cq-]-ß-fm-Wv. B-flm- hn-s‚ tam-£-sa-∂ e-£y-Øn-v th-≠n F-{X a-X-ß-ƒ, F-{X X-Xz- kw-ln-X-Iƒ.-.-H-tc a-X-Øn¬ X-s∂ tN-cn Xn-cn-hp-Iƒ.-.-Pm-Xn, h¿- 2 Kw, h¿-Ww, `m-j.-.- k-Xyw {]-N-cn-Πn-°p-∂-h-sc Xn-cn-®-dn-bm≥ {]-bm-k-sΠ-Spw-hn-[w kw- L-S-m a-’-c-߃.-. ssZ-hw H-t∂-bp-≈q-sh-∂v hm-Zn-°p-∂-h¿ t]m-epw ssZ-h-a-√m-Ø-h-sc hn-fn-®p {]m¿-∞n-°p-∂p.-hr-Ym-hn-em-Ip-∂ A- ≤zm--߃, {]-Xo-£-Iƒ. A-⁄-X-bp-sS-bpw ]m-c-º-cy-hm-Z-Øn-s‚- bpw a-d-hn¬ A-‘-hn-izm-kn-Iƒ s]-cp-Ip-∂p. I-Wn, ssI-o-´w, ssI-t m-´w, Zp¿-a-{¥-hm-Zw, e-£-Ww tm-°¬, hm-kv-Xp, [-m-K-a- b- {¥w, P-Σ--£-{X-°-√p-Iƒ.-. H-tc a-X-Øn¬ X-s∂ ]-c-kv-]-c hn-cp-≤-am-b B-Nm-c-߃. tZ-iw-am- dp-tºmƒ, Im-ew am-dp-tºmƒ, ]p-tcm-ln-X≥ am-dp-tºmƒ tIm-ew am-dp-∂ B-Nm-c-߃.-. -D-‰-h-cp-sS a-c-W-Øn¬ t]m-epw e-£-߃ Nn-e- h-gn-t°-≠n h-cp-∂ A-m-Nm-c-ß-fp-sS N-ß-e-Iƒ. a-p-jy-ssZ-h-ß-fp- sS kz-¥w m-Sm-bn am-dp-I-bm-Wv `m-c-Xw. Xp-Wn-bp-Sp-°m-Ø, Ip-fn- °m-Ø, {`m-¥-n-s‚ e-£-W-߃ t]m-epw Im-Wn-°p-∂-h¿ ssZ-h-am-bn, ssZ-h-Øn-s‚ G-P≥-kn-I-fm-bn hm-gv-Ø-sΠ-Sp-∂p.-hn-Zym-`ym-k-hpw
  3. 3. hn-h-c-hp-ap-s≠-∂v hm-Zn-°p-∂-h¿ t]m-epw h-e-bn¬ Ip-cp-ßp-∂p. m-sf- sb-°p-dn-® a-p-jy-s‚ B-i-¶-I-sf Nq-j-Ww sN-bv-Xv X-Sn-®v sIm-gp-° p-∂ tPym-’y≥-am¿.-.- hm-c-^-e-hpw Zn-h-k-^-e-hpw {]-kn-≤o-I-cn- ®v tPym-’y≥-am-cp-sS Ip-X-{¥-߃-°v Iq-´p-n¬-°p-∂ am-[y-a-߃. {]-h-N--߃ sX-‰m-sW-∂v 100 {]m-h-iyw sX-fn-bn-®n-´pw ]n-d-sI Iq-Sp- ∂ hn-izm-kn-Iƒ (?) ˛ {]-Xn-k-‘n-I-fpw {]-bm-k-ß-fpw ]-e-Xpw A-p-`-hn-°p-∂-h-cm- Wv mw.-.-.-D-Ø-cw In-´m-Ø, a-- n-p-≈n¬ ]q-gv-Øn-sh-® H-cp ]m-Sv tNm-Zy-߃. a-p-jy-s‚ {]-iv--߃-°pw, {]-Xn-k-‘n-Iƒ-°pw tNm- Zy-߃-°pw A¿-∞-ap-t≠m? ]-cn-lm-c-ap-t≠m? {]-Xn-hn-[n-bp-t≠m? D-Ø-c-ap-t≠m? F-∂n-ß-s H-cn-°-se-¶n-epw Po-hn-XØn¬ tNm-Zn- °m-Ø-h-cm-bn B-cm-Wp-≠m-hp-I.-.- Po-hn-X-sØ-°p-dn-®pw Po-hn-X-e-£y-sØ-°p-dn-®pw Xm-¶ƒ-°v Ir- Xy-hpw hy-‡-hp-am-b Dƒ-°m-gv-N-bp-sS A-dn-hp ¬-Ip-∂ G-Xm-pw h-cn-I-fm-Wv Cu sIm-®p-]p-kv-X-I-Øn¬. Z-b-hm-bn A¬-]-k-a-bw, £- a-tbm-sS Cu h-cn-I-fneq-sS I-S-∂v t]m-Iq.-.-. n-ß-fp-sS sI-´p-Iƒ A-gn-°- sΠ-t´-°mw. -`m-c-߃ C-d-°n-sh-°-sΠ-t´-°mw.-. D-Ø-c-߃ I-s≠- Øn-tb-°mw.-.-Im-gv-N-Πm-Sp-Iƒ Xn-cp-Ø-sΠ-t´-°mw.-.- 3 Xp-S¿-∂m-epw.-.-.-.- B-cm-Wv a-p-jy≥.-.-? F-¥n-m-Wo Po-hn-Xw.-.-? a-p-jy≥ A-h-sØ-s∂ Xn-cn-®-dn-bp-I F-∂-Xm-Wv am-‰-Øn-s‚ Xp-S-°w. ]-s£ Zu¿-`m-Ky-I-c-sa-∂p ]-d-bmw Po-hn-X-sa-¥m-sW-∂pw, B-cm-Wv a-p-jy-s-∂pw n¿-h-Nn-°p-∂n-S-Øp X-s∂ `q-cn-`m-K-Øn-pw A--≤w kw-`-hn-°p-I-bm-Wv. ]p-¿-P-Σ-ß-fn-eq-sS ap-÷-Σ ]m-]-tam kp-Ir-X-tam A-p-`-hn-°m-p-≈-sX-∂pw, hn-izm-kw sIm-≠v P-Σ-]m- ]w I-gp-In-°-f-bp-hm-p-≈ A-h-k-c-sa-∂pw, ]-c-am-h-[n B-kz-Zn-®p sIm- ≠v a-c-W-tØm-sS A-h-km-n-°m-≥ t]m-Ip-∂ {]-l-k--sa-∂pw F- √mw Po-hn-X-sØ ]-e-cpw hymJym-n-°m≥ {i-an-®p.-F-∂m¬ Po-hn-X-
  4. 4. sØ Ip-dn-®pw Po-hn-X e-£y-sØ Ip-dn-®pw Ir-Xy-hpw hy-‡-hp-am-b D-Ø-cw ¬-Ip-∂ B-Z¿-i kw-ln-X-bm-Wv C-kv-emw. a-‰p Po-h-Pm-e-ß-fn¬ n-∂v hy-Xy-ÿ-am-bn k-Xy-hpw A-k-Xy-hpw Xn-cn-®-dn-bm-p-≈ hn-th-N--p-≤n-bpw, sX-‰pw i-cn-bpw H-cp t]m-se {]-h¿-Øn-°m-p-≈ kzm-X-{¥y-hpw ¬-I-sΠ-´, ]-S-®-h-s‚ k-hn-ti-j kr-„n-bm-Wv a-p-jy≥. hn-izm-k-hpw I¿-a-ß-fpw sIm-≠v D-∂-X-t m n-Ir-jv-S-tm B-Im≥ I-gn-hp-≈-h≥, hn-a-eo-I-c-W-Øn-eq-sS im-iz- X kz¿-Kw e-`n-°m≥ t]m-Ip∂ `m-Ky-hm≥, A-s√-¶n¬ a-en-o-I-c- W-Øn-eq-sS im-iz-X -c-Iw e-`n-°m≥ t]m-Ip∂ n¿-`m-Ky-hm≥, A-Xm- Wv a-p-jy≥. a-p-jy Po-hn-X-Øn-se G-‰-hpw h-en-b {]-Xn-k-‘n-bm- Wv a-c-Ww.-.-. a-c-W-sa-∂- bm-Ym¿-∞y-Øn-v ap-ºn¬ ]-I-®p n¬- °m-Ø-h¿ B-cm-Wp-≠m-hp-I.-.-? ]-W-hpw ku-I-cy-hpw A-[n-Im-c-hpw D-≠m-bn-cp-∂m-epw a-c-Ww I-S-∂p h-cn-I X-s∂ sN-øpw. a-c-W-tØm- sS A-h-km-n-°m-Ø A--¥-hpw A--iz-c-hp-am-b H-cp Po-hn-X-Øn- te-°p-≈ {]-th-in-I am-{X-am-Wv C-l-tem-I Po-hn-Xw F-∂-Xm-Wv 4 C-kv-em-an-s‚ Im-gv-N-Πm-Sv. A-tΠmƒ mw n-ß-sf hr-Ym kr-jv-Sn-®-Xm-sW-∂pw, -Ωp-sS A-Sp-°-te-°v n-߃ a-S-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bn-s√-∂pw n-߃ I-W-°m-°n-bn-cn-°p-I-bm-tWm? (Jp¿-B≥23:115) n-ß-fn¬ B-cm-Wv Iq-Sp-X¬ -∂m-bn {]-h¿-Øn-°p-∂-h≥ F-∂v ]-co-£n-°p-hm≥ th-≠n a-c-W-hpw Po-hn-X-hpw kr-jv-Sn-®-h-m-Ip-∂p.-.-.-(Jp¿-B≥67:2) A-tΠmƒ B¿ H-cp A-Wp-hn-s‚ Xq-°w ≥-a sN-bv-Xn-cp- ∂p-thm A-h--Xv Im-Wpw.-B¿ H-cp A-Wp-hn-s‚ Xq-°w Xn≥-a sN-bv-Xn-cp-∂p-thm A-h≥ A-Xpw Im-Wpw. (Jp¿-B≥ 99:7,8) .-.-.-sF-ln-I-Po-hn-Xw H-cp Xm¬-°m-en-I hn-`-hw am-{X-am-Wv. Xo¿-®-bm-bpw ]-c-tem-Iw X-s∂-bm-Wv kv-Yn-c-hm-k-Øn-p- ≈ `-h-w. (Jp¿-B≥ 40:39) h-√-h-pw ]-c-tem-I-sØ Ir-jn-bm-Wv D-t±-in-°p-∂-sX-¶n¬ A-h-s‚ Ir-jn-bn¬ mw A-h-v h¿-≤- ¬-Ip-∂-Xm-Wv. h-√-h-pw C-l-tem-I-sØ Ir-jn-bm-Wv D-t±-in-°p-∂-sX-¶n¬ mw A-h-v A-Xn¬ n-∂v ¬-Ip-∂-Xm-Wv.-A-h-v ]-c-tem- I-Øv bm-sXm-cp hn-ln-X-hpw D-≠m-bn-cn-°p-∂-X-√. (Jp¿- B≥ 42:20)
  5. 5. B-cm-Wv a-p-jy≥ F-∂ tNm-Zy-Øn-pw hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥ Xr-]v- 5 Xn-I-c-am-b D-Ø-cw ¬-Ip-∂p.- Iq-Sn-t®¿-∂p-≠m-b H-cp _o-P-Øn¬ n-∂v Xo¿-®-bm-bpw mw a-p-jy-s kr-jv-Sn-®n-cn-°p-∂p. mw A-h-s ]-co-£n- °p-hm-m-bn-´v. A-ß-s A-h-s mw tIƒ-hn-bp-≈-h-pw Im-gv-N-bp-≈-h-p-am-°n-bn-cn-°p-∂p.-Xo¿-®-bm-bpw mw A-h- ∂v h-gn Im-Wn-®p-sIm-Sp-Øn-cn-°p-∂p. F-∂n-´v H-∂p-In¬ A-h≥ -μn-bp-≈-h-m-Ip-∂p. A-s√-¶n¬ -μn-sI-´-h-m-Ip- ∂p. (Jp¿-B≥ 76:2,3) F-∂m¬ n¿-`m-Ky-a-S-™-h-cm-I-s´ A-h¿ -c-I-Øn-em-bn-cn-° pw.-(Jp¿-B≥ 11:106) F-∂m¬ ku-`m-Kyw kn-≤n-®-h-cm-I-s´, A-h¿ kz¿-K-Øn-em- bn-cn-°pw. (Jp¿-B≥ 11:108) a-c-W-tØm-sS F-√mw A-h-km-n-°p-∂p-sh-¶n¬ .-.-.? o-Xn- e-`n-°m-Ø ]m-h-߃-°v F-hn-sS o-Xn-e-`n-°pw ? P-n-°pw ap-tº a-cn-®v t]m-b-h¿-°v B-cv Po-h-Xw ¬-Ipw ? tcm-K-Øn¬ P-n-®v tcm-K-Øn¬ X-s∂ a-cn-®v t]m-b-h¿-°v kp-J-Po-hn-Xw F-hn-sS e-`n-°pw ? k-aq-l-Øn-v th-≠n Po-hn-®v, A-h¿-°v th-≠n-Ø-s∂ a-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-bv-X-h¿ F-¥v t-Sn ? F-¥n-v Po-hn-X-Øn¬ ≥-a am-{Xw sIm-≠p -S-°-Ww ? Xn≥-a-I-fn¬ n-∂pw Ip-¡-Ir-Xy-ß-fn¬ n-∂pw F-¥n-v am-dn n¬-°-Ww ? ]n-Sn-In-´m-Ø Ip-¡-hm-fn-Iƒ-°v B-cv in-£ ¬-Ipw ? I-Æpw I-c-fp-am-bn-cp-∂ ]n-t©m-a--Iƒ -jv-S-sΠ-´ am-Xm-]n-Xm-°ƒ-°v A-h-sc Xn-cn-®v ¬-Im≥ B¿-°v I-gn-bpw ? [o-c-c-‡-km-£n-Iƒ F-¥m-Wv a-c-Ww sIm-≠v t-Sn-b-Xv ?
  6. 6. 6 ssZ-h-ap-t≠m.-.? C-cp-ºp km-a-{Kn-Iƒ-°p ap-I-fn¬ sIm-Spw Im-¡-Sn-®m¬ bm-Zr-›n- I-am-bn H-cp hn-am-w D-≠m-Ip-tam.-.-? Im-´n-se a-cw H-gp-In h-∂v, Xm-t H-cp I-Π¬ D-≠m-hp-tam.-.-? Ip-c-ß-s‚ I-øn¬ t]- ¬-In-bm¬, H-cp a-lm-Im-hyw cq-]w sIm-≈p-tam.-.-? F-¶n¬ ]n-s∂.-.-. A--¥-hpw A-⁄m-X-hpw A-h¿-W-o-b-hp-am-b Cu a-lm-{]-]-©-hpw, I-Øn-Pz-en-°p-∂ kq-cy-pw, sXm-´n¬ t]m-se kp-c-£n-X-am-b `q-an-bpw, A-º-c-Πn-°p-∂ ssP-h ssh-hn-[y-ß-fpw, A- ¤p-X-ß-fp-sS A-¤p-X-am-b a-p-jy-pw, hn-{i-a-an-√m-sX an-Sn-°p-∂ - Ωp-sS lr-Z-b-hpw, A-Xo-h k-¶o¿-Æ-am-b Po-h-tIm-i-ß-fpw, F-√mw.-. F-√mw.-.-. bm-Zr-›n-I-am-bn, kz-bw cq-]-sΠ-´p F-∂pw, F-ßn-s-sbm-s°- tbm, F-√mw kw-`-hn-°p-∂p-sh-∂pw, bm-sXm-cp _p-≤n-bpw C-h-°v ]n-∂n¬ {]-h¿-Øn-°p-∂n-√ F-∂pw hn-th-I-ap-≈-h¿ hm-Zn-°p-tam.-.-? 13.-73 _n-√y¨ h¿-j-sØ ]-g-°-ap-s≠-∂v hn-iz-kn-°-sΠ-Sp-∂, C-Xp- h-sc I-s≠-Øn-b {]-]-©-Øn-s‚ A-¡w, `q-an-bn¬ n-∂v 4650 tIm-Sn {]-Im-i h¿-jw A-I-se-bm-W v F-∂-dn-bp-tºm-gm-Wv {]-]-©- Øns‚ hn-im-e-X-bpw k-¶o¿-W-X-bpw -ap-°v t_m-[y-sΠ-Sp-I.- `q-an-bn¬ n-∂v 149.-6 an-√y¨ In-tem-ao-¡¿ A-I-se-bm-bn-´p t]m-epw -ap-°v k-ln-°m-m-hm-Ø Nq-Sv ¬-Ip-∂ kq-cy≥. `q-an-bp-sS 13 e-£w C-c-´n h-en-Π-ap-≠-s{X kq-cy-v. a-Wn-°q-dn¬ 1669 In-tem-ao- ¡¿ th-K-X-bn¬ kz-bw I-d-ßp-tºmƒ X-s∂, H-cp sk-°‚n¬ 30 In-tem- ao-¡¿ th-K-X-bn¬ kq-cy-s Np-¡p-I-bm-Wv `q-an. `q-an-bp-sS I-d- °w n-e-®p-t]m-bm¬ Zn-h-k-߃-°-Iw Po-h-Pm-e-߃ -in-®v t]m- Ipw. 20 e-£w ap-X¬ 10 tIm-Sn h-sc k-ky-˛-P-¥p Pm-e-߃ `q-an-bn ¬ D-s≠-∂v I-W-°m-°-sΠ-Sp-∂p. 500 cq-]-bn¬ Xm-sg am-{Xw hn-e h-cp-∂ cm-k-]-Zm¿-∞-߃ sIm-≠m-Wv a-p-jy i-co-cw n¿-Ωn-®n-´p- ≈-Xv. -Ωp-sS i-co-c-Øn-s‚ 80 % hpw P-e-am-W-s{X. Hm-tcm an-p-´n-epw 750 an-√o en-¡¿ c-‡w X-e-t®m-dn-eq-sS I-S∂v t]m-Ip-∂p. 10
  7. 7. sk-°‚ v c-‡-tbm-´w n-e-®m¬ -Ωp-sS t_m-[w -jv-S-am-Ipw. a-kv- Xn-jv-I-Øn-se c-‡-°p-g-ep-Iƒ-°v am-{Xw 500¬ A[nIw In-tem ao- ¡¿ o-f-ap-≠v. lr-Z-bw ]-ºv sN-øp∂ c-‡w H-cp Zn-h-kw 19000 In-tem- ao-¡¿ k-©-cn-°p-∂p. lr-Z-bw H-cp h¿-jw 10 e-£w _m-c¬ c- ‡w ]-ºv sN-øp-∂p. 20 In-tem-ao-¡¿ Im¿ Hm-Sn-°p-∂Xn-p-≈ Du¿- ÷w H-cp Zn-h-kw lr-Z-bw D-Xv-]m-Zn-Πn-°p-∂p. Cu hm-N-Iw hm-bn-®v Xo-cpw ap-ºv n-ß-fp-sS i-co-c-Øn¬ 10 tIm-Sn tIm-i-߃ a-cn-°p-I-bpw ]-I-cw ]p-Xn-b-h n¿-Ωn-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p. Np-cp-°n-]-d- ™m¬, {]-]-©-Øn-se A-Xn-kq-£v-a I-Wn-I ap-X¬ `o-am-Im-c-am-b -£-{X k-aq-l-߃ h-sc ]T- hn-t[-b-am-°p-tºmƒ H-cp {k-„m-hn-s‚ km-∂n-[yw -ap-°v t_m-[y-sΠ-Sm-Xn-cn-°n-√, _p-≤n-bn-√m-Ø-h¿- °-√m-sX ssZ-h-sØ n-tj-[n-°m-m-hn-√ F-∂-Xm-Wv bm-Ym¿-∞yw.- H-cp Xp-≈n sh-≈w t]m-epw kr-jv-Sn-°m≥ I-gn-bm-Ø-h¿, H-cp sam-´p-kq- Nn-t]m-epw X-n-sb D-≠-m-hp-I-bn-s√-∂- -dn-bp-∂- -h¿,A-h-cpw A-h-c-S-ßp-∂ {]-]-©-hpw X-n-sb D-≠m-bn F-∂v ]-d-bp-∂-Xv F-{X-am-{Xw A-]-lm-ky-w! H-cp Xp-≈n C-{μn-b-Øn¬ n-∂pw, H-cp tIm-i-Øn¬ n- ∂pw Xp-S-ßn A-t-Im-bn-cw hn-hn-[ kz-`m-h-ß-fp-≈ tIm-i-ß-fn-te- °p-≈ h-f¿-®-bn¬, k-¶¬-]-ß-ƒ-°-Xo-X-am-b hym-]v-Xn-bpw th-K-hp-ap-≈ {K-l-ß-fn¬, n-km-c Po-hn-I-fm-b tX-o-®-bp-tS-bpw D-dp-ºn-t‚- bpw t]m-epw {]-h¿-Ø- ssh-Z-Kv-[y-ß-fn¬, I-S-en-s‚ A-Km-[-X-bn-ep-≈ a-’y-ß-fp-sS D-]-Po-h--Øn¬, Im-‰n-epw,a-g-bn-epw, sh-bn-en-epw, am-dn-am-dn h-cp-∂ cm-Π-I-ep-I-fn-epw E-Xp-t`-Z-ß-fn-epw H-cp {k-jv-Sm-hn-s‚ ssh-`-hw Im-Wm-≥ I-gn-bm-Ø-h¿ I-Æ-S-®n-cp-´m-°p-I-b-t√? BIm-i-`q-an-I-fp-sS kr-jv-Sn-Πn-epw, cm-]-I-ep-I-fp-sS am-‰-Øn-epw, a-p-jy¿-°v D-]-Im-c-ap-≈ h-kv-Xp-°-fp-am-bn I-S-en-eq-sS k-©-cn-°p-∂ I-Π-en-epw, B-Im-i-Øv n-∂v A-√m-lp a-g sNm-cn-™p X-∂n-´v n¿-Po-hm-h-kv-Y-bv-°p ti-jw `q-an- °v A-Xp ap-tJ- Po-h≥ ¬-In-b-Xn-epw, `q-an-bn¬ F-√m- X-cw P-¥p-h¿-K-ß-sf-bpw hym-]n-Πn-®-Xn-epw, Im-‰p-I-fp-sS K-Xn-{I-a-Øn-epw, B-Im-i-`q-an-Iƒ-°n-S-bn-eq-sS n-b-{¥n-®v -bn-°-sΠ-Sp-∂ ta-L-Øn-epw Nn-¥n-°p-∂P--߃-°v ]- e Zr-jv-Sm-¥-ß-fp-ap-≠v; Xo¿-®. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 2:164) 7
  8. 8. ssZ-hn-I n-b-a-߃ a-p-jy-p B-h-iy-ap-t≠m? sX-‰p sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v A-h-cp-sS-Xm-b ym-bo-I-c-W-ß-fp-≠v. kv-{Xo- [-w hm-ßp-∂-h¿-°v, a-Zyw I-gn-°p-∂-h¿-°v, ]-en-i-°v ]-Ww ¬-Ip- ∂-h¿-°v, B-fl-l-Xy sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v F-¥n-t-sd kz-¥w a-°-sf K¿- `-]m-{X-Øn¬ sh-®p X-s∂ sIm-e-sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v t]m-epw A-h-c-h-cp-sS ym-b-ß-fpw, Im-c-W-ß-fpw t_m-[n-Πn-°m-p-≠v. C-hn-sS-bm-Wv ≥- a Xn≥-a-Iƒ a-p-jy-v kz-bw Xo-cp-am-n-°m-m-hn-s√-∂ k-Xyw mw Xn-cn-®-dn-tb-≠-Xv. lr-Z-b an-Sn-Πp-I-sf n-b-{¥n-°p-∂-h-∂p am-{X-ta lr- Z-b-hn-Im-c-ß-sf i-an-Πn-°p-∂ n-b-a-߃ ¬-Im-m-hq F-∂pw a-kv- Xn-jv-I-Øn-se m-Uo-hyq-l-ß-sf hy-h-ÿ-sΠ-Sp-Øn-b-h-∂p am-{X-ta -Ωp-sS Nn-¥-tbbpw _p-≤n-sb-bpw Xr-]v-Xn-sΠ-Sp-Øp-∂ n-b-a-߃ ¬-Im-m-hq F-∂pw B-flm-hn-s ¬-In-b-hv am-{X-ta B-flo-b n-b-a-߃ kr-„n-°m-m-hq F-∂pw -ap-°v t_m-≤y-X D-≠m-IWw. A-tXm-sSm-Πw X-s∂, kz-¥w Xm¬-]-cy-߃-°p th-≠n th-Z-{K-Ÿ-ß- fn-epw a-X n-b-a-ß-fn-epw sh-≈w tN¿-°p-∂ ]p-tcm-ln-X≥-am¿- t°m, a-Zy-hpw, hy-`n-Nm-c-hpw, Nq-Xm-´-hpw h-cp-am- am¿-K-am-bn Im-W-p- ∂ k¿-°-m-cp-Iƒ-t°m k-aq-l-Øn-s‚ ]p-Xn-b X-e-ap-d-sb t]m-epw n-b-{¥n-°m-m-hm-Ø km-aq-ly ]-cn-jv-I¿-Øm-°ƒ-t°m, H-cp q-¡m- ≠p t]m-epw B-bp-s -Øp-∂-Xn-p ap-ºv X-I¿-∂-Sn-™ "C-k'ß-ƒ-t° m tem-Im-h-km-w h-sc-bp-≈ a-p-jy-s‚ {]-iv--߃ ]-cn-l-cn- °p-∂-Xn-tm Po-hn-X-Øn-s‚ ap-gp-h≥ ta-J-e-bn-te-°p-ap-≈ [m¿-Ωn- I k-Zm-Nm-c n-b-a-߃ n¿-t±-in-®p -¬-Ip-∂-Xn-tm km-[y-a-s√-∂ k-Xy-hpw mw a-- n-em-°-Ww.- {]-]-©-Øn-se k-I-e N-cm-N-c-ß-sf-bpw kr-jvSn-°p-I-bpw A-h-tbm- tcm-∂n-pw A-h-bp-sS {]-Ir-Xw ¬-Ip-I-bpw sN-bv-X {k-„m-hv, a- p-jy¿-°p ¬-In-b am¿-K-Z¿-i--am-Wv C-kv-emw.-Hm-tcm Im-e-L-´-ß-fn- epw {]-hm-N-I≥-am-cn-eq-sS-bpw, th-Z-{K-Ÿ-ß-fn-eq-sS-bpw a-p-jy a- - p-I-sf kw-kv-I-cn-°p-∂ n-b-a-߃ A-h-Xo¿-W-am-bn. ssZ-hn-I am¿-K-Z¿-i--ß-fp-sS Po-hn-°p-∂ ]-Xn-Πp-I-fm-bn {]-hm-N-I¿ k-aq-l-Øn- p- am-Xr-I Im-Wn-®p. tb-ip {In-kv-Xp-hn-p ap-ºv {In-kv-Xp-a-X-an-√, {io_p-≤-v ap-ºv _p-≤a-X-an-√, B-Nm-cy≥-am¿-°v ap≥-]v ln-μp a-X-hp- an-√. F-∂m¬ C-kv-em-am-I-s´ tem-I-Øv ]n-d-∂p ho-W H-∂m-a-sØ a-p-jy≥ ap-X¬, tem-Im-h-km--Øn-p ap≥-]v P-n-°m-n-cn-°p-∂ A-h- km- a-p-jy≥ h-sc-bp-≈-h-cp-sS a-X-am-Wv. k-ºq¿-Æ ssZ-hn-I Z¿-i--am-Wv C-kv-em-w. Im-e-L-´-Øn‚ B-h-iy-ß-sf ]q¿-Øo-I-cn- °p-∂ B-Z¿-i-am-Wv C-kv-em-w. C-kv-em-an-I X-Xz-kw-ln-X-I-fn¬ F-s¥- ¶n-epw yq--X-Iƒ kXyk‘ambn Nq-≠n-°m-Wn-°m≥ C-t∂ 8
  9. 9. h-sc H-cmƒ-°pw km-[y-am-bn-´n-√. k-ºq¿-Æ o-Xn-bp-sS B-Z¿-i-am- Wv C-kv-em-w. cm-Pm-hn-pw {]-P-°pw C-kv-em-an¬ H-tc aXn-b-a-߃ am-{Xw. a-p-jy-cp-sS ssI-I-S-Ø-ep-Iƒ-°v hn-t[-b-am-Im-sX, A-√m-lp X-s∂ kw-c-£-Ww G-s‰-Sp-Ø hn-ip-≤ th-Z-{K-Ÿ-am-Wv Jp¿-B≥. a-p-jy¿-°v ap-gp-h≥ Im-cp-Wy-am-bpw lr-Z-b-ß-fn-se th-Z--Iƒ- °pw Po-hn-X {]-Xn-k-‘n-I-ƒ-°pw ]-cn-lm-c-am-bpw A-h-X-cn-Πn-°-sΠ-´ Cu ssZ-hn-I am¿-K-Z¿-i--Øn¬ n-∂v sX-‰n-tΠm-b-tΠm-ƒ a-X hn-izm-kw hn-Ir-X-am-°-sΠ-´p. H-cp a-X-Øn-v ]-I-cw ]p-tcm-ln-X≥-am¿ tkz- O {]-Im-cw a-X-ß-fp-≠-m-°n.-]p-tcm-ln-X≥-am¿ Nq-j-W-Øn-s‚ Bƒ-cq-]- ß-fm-bn.- ssZ-hw A-√m-Ø-h¿, s-sew-Kn-Im-h-b-h-߃ ap-X¬ n-m- c Po-hn-Iƒ h-sc -B-cm-[n-°-sΠ-´p. ss]-im-Nn-I t{]-c-W-bm¬ kz- ¥w a-°-sf _-en ¬-Ip-∂ A-h-ÿ-bp-≠m-bn. a-X hn-izm-kw h-º≥ hy-h-km-b-am-bn am-dn; F-¥n-pw G-Xn-pw ]-Ww F-∂ Zp-c-h-ÿ. a-X-Øn- s‚ t]-cn¬ ]p-Xn-b B-Nm-c-߃ cq-]-sΠ-´p.- h¿-§o-b-X-bpw Xo-{h-hm- Z-hpw a-X-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬ {]-N-cn-°-sΠ-´p.- .-.-.-F-∂n-´v F-s‚ ]-°¬ n-∂p-≈ am¿-K-Z¿-i-w n-߃-°v h-s∂-Øp-tºmƒ F-s‚ B am¿-K-Z¿-i-w ]n≥-]-‰p-∂-h-cm- tcm A-h¿-°v `-b-sΠ-tS-≠-Xn-√. A-h¿ Zpx-Jn-t°-≠n-h-cn- I-bp-an-√ (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 2:38) C-kv-emw (ssZ-h-Øn-p-≈ B-Xv-am¿-Π-Ww) A-√m-Ø-Xn-s B-sc-¶n-epw a-X-am-bn B-{K-ln-°p-∂ ]-£w A-Xv A-h- n¬ n-∂v H-cn-°-epw kzo-I-cn-°-sΠ-Sp-∂-X-√. ]-c-tem-I-Øn ¬ A-h≥ -jv-S-°m-cn¬ s]-´-h-p-am-bn-cn-°pw. 9 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 3:85.-) hn-ip-≤ Jp-¿-B≥ am--h¿-°v am¿-K-Zo-]w F-{X F-{X {K-Ÿ-ß-fm-Wv a-p-jy- k-aq-l-Øn-∂m-bn- A-h-X-cn-Πn- °-sΠ-´-Xv. F-√m-Øn¬ n-∂pw hy-Xn-cn-‡-am-b H-cp k-hn-ti-j {K-Ÿ-am- Wv hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥. a-p-jy-s‚ ssI-I-S-Ø-ep-I-fn-√m-sX, A-h- X-cn-Πn-® A-tX cq-]-Øn¬ n-e-n¬-°p-∂, ssZ-hn-I-sa-∂v kz-bw A-h- Im-i-sΠ-Sp-∂ G-I th-Z-{K-Ÿ-am-Wv hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥.- Xo¿-®-bm-bpw m-am-Wv B DZvt_m-[-w A-h-X-cn-Πn-®-Xv. Xo¿-®-bm-bpw mw A-Xn-s Im-Øp-kq-£n-°p-∂-Xp-am-Wv. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 15:9)
  10. 10. Jp¿-B≥ ≥-a-bm-sW-∂p ]-d-™ G-sX-¶n-epw Im-cyw Xn≥-a-bm-sW- t∂m, Xn≥-a-bm-sW-∂p ]-d-™ Im-cyw ≥-a-bm-sW-t∂m C-t∂ h-sc sX-fn-bn-°-sΠ-´n-´n-√. Po-hn-X-Øn-s‚ F-√m km-l-N-cy-ß-fn-epw {]m-tbm-Kn-I-am-b n-b-a n¿-t±-i-ß-fm-Wv Jp¿-B≥ ap-t∂m-´v sh-°p- ∂-Xv.- Xo¿-®-bm-bpw Cu Jp¿-B≥ G-‰-hpw i-cn-bm-b-Xn-te-°v h-gn Im-Wn-°p-I-bpw, k¬-I¿-Ω-߃ {]-h¿-Øn-°p-∂ k- Xy-hn-izm-kn-Iƒ-°v h-en-b {]-Xn-^-e-ap-≠v F-∂ k-t¥m-j- hm¿-Ø A-dn-bn-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p. 10 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 17:9) Jp¿-B≥ {]-Xn-]m-Zn-°p-∂ N-cn-{X-kw-`-h-߃ k-Xy-k-‘-hpw I-e ¿-Πn-√m-Ø-Xp-am-Wv.-1400 h¿-j-߃ ]n-∂n-Sp-tºm-gpw A-d-n `m-j-bn-se G-¡-hpw D-∂-X n-e-hm-cw ]p-e¿-Øp-∂ km-ln-Xy {K-Ÿ-am-Wv Jp¿-B≥. Jp¿-B-n-se {]-h-N--߃ A-£-cw-{]-Xn ]p-e¿-∂-Xn-p N-cn-{Xw km-£n-bm-Wv.- ]p-e-cm-n-cn-°p-∂ {]-h-N--߃ kw-`-hn-°p-I X-s∂ sN-øpw.- 23 h¿-j-߃-°n-S-bn¬, ]-e L-´-ß-fn-em-bn hy-Xy-ÿ km-l-N-cy-ß-fn¬ A-h-X-cn-Πn-°-sΠ-´n-´pw Jp¿-B-n¬ bm-sXm-cp A- -≤-ß-f- pan-s√-∂p am-{X-a-√, 1500 h¿-jw ap≥-]v im-kv-{X tem-I-Øv n-e-n-∂n-cp-∂ A--≤ P-Un-e-am-b B-i-b-ß-fn-sem-∂p-t]m-epw Jp¿-B-n¬ C-Sw ]n-Sn-®n-´p-an-√. B-[p-n-I im-kv-{X-Øn-s‚ sX-fn-bn- °-sΠ-´ im-kv-{X k-Xy-ß-fp-am-bn G-¡p-ap-´p-∂ H-cp ]-cm-a¿-iw t]m-epw Jp¿-B-n¬ C-√.- A-h¿ Jp¿-B-n-s-Π-‰n Nn-¥n-°p-∂n-t√? A-Xv A-√m-lp A-√m-Ø-h-cp-sS ]-°¬ n-∂p-≈-Xm-bn-cp s∂-¶n¬ A-h-c- Xn¬ [m-cm-fw ssh-cp-≤yw I-s≠-Øp-am-bn-cp-∂p. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 4:82) G-sXm-cp hy-‡n-bn-eq-sS-bm-tWm Jp¿-B≥ A-h-X-cn-Πn-°-sΠ-´-Xv A-t±-lw am-y-pw k-Xy-k-‘-pw i-{Xp-°ƒ t]m-epw Aw-Ko-I-cn-® hy-‡n-Xz-hp-am-bn-cp-∂p.-.-.- Xo¿-®-bm-bpw n-߃-°v A-√m-lp-hn-s‚ Zq-X-n¬ D-Ø-a-am- b am-Xr-I-bp-≠v. A-Xm-b-Xv A-√m-lp-sh-bpw A-¥y-Zn-- sØ-bpw {]-Xo-£n-®p sIm-≠n-cn-°p-I-bpw, A-√m-lp-sh [m-cm- f-am-bn Hm¿-an-°p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp h-cp-∂-h¿-°v . (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 33:21)
  11. 11. hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B-n-v Xp-ey-am-b H-cp A-≤ym-b-sa-¶n-epw sIm-≠p-h- cm-p-≈ Jp¿-B-n-s‚ sh-√p-hn-fn-°v 1400 h¿-j-ß-fm-bn D-Ø-cw ¬- I-sΠ-´n-´n-√.-.-.- ( -n-tb, ) ]-d-bp-I: Cu Jp¿-B≥ t]m-sem-∂v sIm-≠v h-cp-∂-Xn-∂m-bn a-p-jy-cpw Pn-∂p-I-fpw H-∂n-®p-tN¿-∂m-epw Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-Xp-t]m-sem-∂v A-h¿ sIm-≠v h-cn-I-bn-√. A-h-cn¬ Nn-e¿ Nn-e¿-°v ]n-¥p-W ¬-Ip-∂-Xm-bm¬ t]m-epw. 11 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 17:88) Jp¿-B≥ ssZ-hn-Iw X-s∂ n-s‚ m-Y≥ tX-o-®-bv-°v C-{]-Im-cw t_m-[-w ¬-Ip- I-bpw sN-bv-Xn-cn-°p-∂p: a-e-I-fn-epw a-c-ß-fn-epw a-p-jy¿ sI-´n-bp-b¿-Øp-∂-h-bn-epw o ]m¿-Πn-S-ß-fp-≠m-°n-s°m- ≈p-I. ]n-s∂ F-√m-X-cw ^-e-ß-fn¬ n-∂pw o `-£n-®v sIm-≈p-I. F-∂n-´v n-s‚-c-£n-Xm-hv ku-I-cy-{]-Z-am-bn H-cp-° n-Ø-∂n-´p-≈ am¿-K-ß-fn¬ o {]-th-in-®v sIm-≈p-I. A-h-bp-sS D-Z-c-ß-fn¬ n-∂v hy-Xy-kv-X h¿-W-ß-fp-≈ ]m- o-bw-]p-d-Øv h-cp-∂p. A-Xn¬ a-p-jy¿-°v tcm-K-i-a-w D- ≠v.-Nn-¥n-°p-∂ B-fp-Iƒ-°v Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-Xn¬ Zr-jv- Sm-¥-ap≠v. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 16:68,69) tX-o-®-I-sf Ip-dn-®v hn-h-cn- °p-∂ ta¬ h-N--ß-fn¬ A-h-sb-° p-dn-®v kv-{Xo-enw-K cq-]-am-Wv D-]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂-Xv. {In-bm-]-Z-Øn-s‚ (Verb) L-S- tm-°n I¿- Øm-hv (subject) kv-{Xo-tbm ]p-cp- j-tm-F-∂v Xn-cn-®-dn-bm≥ A-d- n `m-j-bn¬ km-[y-am-hpw.-tX- o-®-°q-´n-se G-Xm-s≠-√m tPm-en- I-fpw n¿-Δ-ln-°p-∂-Xv s]¨ tX-o-®-I-fm-sW-∂v I-s≠-Øn-b- Xv 1973 ¬, Imƒ thm¨ {^n-kv- Iv F-∂ P¿-a≥ im-kv-{X-⁄-m-bn- cp-∂p. tX-o-®-I-sf Ip-dn-®p- ≈ ]T-w A-t±-l-Øn-v sm-t_ ¬ k-Ωm-w t-Sn-s°m-Sp-Øp.-
  12. 12. ]¿-Δ-X-ß-sf B-Wn-I-fm-°n- F-∂ {]-tbm-Kw. A-Sp-Ø Im-e-Øv am-{X-am-Wv ]¿-Δ-X-߃-°v B-g-Øn¬ th-cp-I-fp- s≠-∂v I-s≠-Øn-b-Xv.- `q-an-bp-sS D-]-cn-X-e ]m-fn-I-sf C-f-Im-sX, ]¿-Δ-X-߃ B-Wn-Iƒ-t]m-se kw-c-£n-°p-∂p. 60 In-tem-ao-¡¿ h-sc B-g-Øn¬ ]¿-Δ-X-߃-°v th-cp-I-fp-≠-s{X.-.-.- .-.-`q-an n-ß-sf-bpw sIm-≠v C-f-Im-Xn-cn-°p-hm-m-bn A-Xn¬ D-d-®p-n¬-°p-∂ ]¿-Δ-X-߃ A-h≥ kv-Ym-]n-®n-cn-°p-∂p.- n-߃-°v h-gn I-s≠-Øp-hm≥ th-≠n -Zn-I-fpw-]m-X-I-fpw (A-h≥ G¿-s]-Sp-Øp-I-bpw sN-bv-Xn-cn-°p-∂p.-) 12 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 31:10) `q-an-sb mw H-cp hn-cn-Πm-°n-bn-t√? ]¿-Δ-X-ß-sf B-Wn-I-fm-° p-I-bpw (sN-bv-Xn-t√?) (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 78:6,7) kqcypw N{μpw kq-cy-m-Wv sh-fn-®-Øn-s‚ t{km-X-s -∂pw-N-{μ≥ kq-cy-{]-Im-iw {]-Xn-^-en-Πn- °p-I am-{X-am-sW-∂pw I-s≠- Øn-b-Xv Jp¿-B-n-s‚ A-h-X-c- W-Øn-v q-¡m-≠p-Iƒ-°v ti-j-am-Wv.- Jp¿-B-n¬ kq-cy- s-°p-dn-®v ]-cm-a¿-in-®n-S-sØ-√ mw A-Xv {]-Im-i t{km-X- m-sW-∂pw N-{μ-s-Π-¡n ]-d-™n-S-
  13. 13. sØ-√mw A-Xv tI-h-e-sam-cp sh-fn-®-am-sW-∂pw hy-‡-am-°p-∂p. N-{μ-s A-hn-sS H-cp {]-Im-i-am-°n-bn-cn-°p-∂p.- kq-cy-s H-cp hn-f-°p-am-°n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 71:16) Jp¿-B-n-s‚ hn-i-Zo-I-c-W-hpw ssZ-hn-Iw.- ssZ-hn-I t_m-[--Øm¬ {]-hm-N-I≥ ¬-In-b hm-°m-ep-≈ n¿- t±-i-ß-fpw {]hr-Øn-I-fpw au-m-p-hm-Z-ß-fp-am-Wv Jp¿-B-n-s‚ hn-i- Zo-I-c-W-am-b kp-∂-Øv. H∂maXmbn Jp¿Bnpw ]n∂oSv kp∂Ønpw Ckveman¬ {]amWsa∂ ne°v Htc ÿmamWp ≈Xv. Jp¿-B≥ t]m-se A-Xn-s‚ hn-i-Zo-I-c-W-am-b kp-∂-Øpw- -a- p-jy-cp-sS- -ssI-I-S-Ø-ep-I-fn¬ n-∂v -ap-Iv-X-am-bn- kw-c-£n-°-sΠ- Sp-∂p. Zp¿-hym-Jym--Øn-v ]-gp-Xp-I-fn-√m-Ø th-Z-{K-Ÿ-am-Wv hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥.- Jp¿-B-n-s‚ A-h-X-c-W-Øn--p-k-cn-®v Po-hn-Xw {I-a-sΠ- Sp-Øn-sb-Sp-Ø, {]-hm-N-I-n¬-n-∂v t-cn-´v a-Xw ]Tn-®, H-cp am-Xr-Im k-aq-l-hpw Jp¿-B-n-tm-sSm-Πw h-f¿-∂p-h-∂p.-Jp¿-B-n-s‚ {]-Y-a kw-t_m-[n-X-cm-Wv {]-hm-N-I A-p-N-c≥-am-cm-b kz-lm-n-Iƒ.-C-kv-em- an-s‚ D-Ø-a X-e-ap-d-bm-b kz-lm--Øv a-- n-em-°p-I-bpw {]-h¿- Øn-°p-I-bpw sN-bv-X-Xn-∂v hn-cp-≤-am-b bm-sXm-cp Im-cy-hpw Jp¿-B- n¬ n-∂v hy-Jym-n-s®-Sp-°m-h-X-√. X-n-°v k≥-am¿-Kw hy-Iv-X-am-bn-°-gn-™ ti-j-hpw B-sc- ¶n-epw ssZ-h-Zq-X-p-am-bn F-Xn¿-Øv n¬-°p-I-bpw, k-Xy-hn- izm-kn-I-fp-tS-X-√m-Ø am¿-Kw ]n-¥p-S-cp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂ ]-£w A-h≥ Xn-cn-™ h-gn-°v X-s∂ mw A-h-s Xn-cn- ®p-hn-Sp-∂-Xpw, -c-I-Øn-en-´v m-a-h-s I-cn-°p-∂-Xp-am-Wv. A-sX-{X tam-i-am-b ]-cy-h-km-w! 13 ( hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 4:115)
  14. 14. A-ß-s mw A-Xv Hm-Xn-Ø-∂m¬- B Hm-Øv o ]n-¥p-S-cp- I.-]n-∂o-Sv A-Xv hn-h-cn-®p-X-c-epw -Ωp-sS _m-[y-X-bm- Ip-∂p. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 75:18,19) ap-jv-Sn Np-cp-´n ap-{Zm-hm-Iyw hn-fn-°m-pw, D-t´m-Πn-b≥ B-i-b-߃ {]-N-cn-Πn-°m-pw- th-W-sa-¶n¬ -s√m-cp Bƒ-Iq-´-sØ H-Πn-s®-Sp-°m- pw F-fp-Π-am-Wv. hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B-n-s‚ Hm-tcm A-£-c-hpw Po-hn-X-Øn ¬ ]-I¿-Øn, Jp¿-B-n-s‚ B-Z¿-iw 100 % {]m-tbm-Kn-I-am-sW- ∂v tem-I-Øn-v sX-fn-bn-®v sIm-Sp-Ø H-cp am-Xr-Im k-aq-l-sØ, tI-h- ew 23 h¿-j-߃ sIm-≠v {]hmNIv hm¿-sØ-Sp-°m-m-bn F-∂- Xv N-cn-{X-Øn¬ Xp-√y-X-bn-√m-Ø H-cp a-lm hn-π-h-am-bn-cp-∂p. A-Xp sIm-≠v, ]-co-£n-®p hn-P-bn-® H-cp B-Z¿-i kw-ln-X F-∂ n-e-°v C-kv- em-an-s‚-bpw hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B-n-s‚-bpw B-Z¿-iw n-߃-°v k-ss[- cyw ]n-¥p-S-cmw.-.- a-p-jy-tc, n-ß-fp-sS c-£n-Xm-hn-¶¬ n-∂p-≈ k-Zp-]- tZ-i-hpw, a-- p-I-fn-ep-≈ tcm-K-Øn-v i-a--hpw n-߃- °p h-∂p-In-´n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. k-Xy-hn-izm-kn-Iƒ-°v am¿-K-Z¿- i--hpw Im-cp-Wy-hpw (h-∂p-In-´n-bn-cn-°p-∂p.-) 14 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 10:57) BtcmSv {]m¿∞n°Ww? tI-c-f-Øn-s‚ G-sX-¶n-epw H-cp ]p-g-bn¬ ap-ßn-Xm-gp-∂ H-cp bm- {Xm h-©n.-.-. k-lm-b-Øn-pw {]m¿-∞--°p-am-bn F-{X F-{X hn-fn-I-fm- Wv A-Xn¬ n-∂p-b-cp-I. ap-l-Ω-Zv -n.-.-.-? tb-ip {In-kv-Xp.-.-? {io-Ir-jv-W≥.-.-? _o-hn.-.-.-? X-߃.-.-? _m-.-.-? A-Ω.-.-? Pn∂v..? ae°v...? ]p-Wym-f≥.-.-? {]-hm-N-I≥-am¿.-.-? a-lm-flm-°ƒ.-.-? am-em-J-am¿.-.-? C-h¿-°m¿-°pw ssZ-h-Øn-s‚ hn-[n-sb X-S-™p-n¿-Øm-m-hn-√ F- ∂-Xm-Wv bm-Ym¿-∞yw. ]n-s∂-sb-¥n-v mw A-h-tcm-Sv {]m¿-∞n-°- Ww. (-n-tb,) n--°v A-√m-lp h-√ tZm-j-hpw h-cp-Øn-sh- °p-I-bm-sW-¶n¬ A-Xv o-°w sN-øp-hm≥ A-h--√m-sX a-‰m-cp-an-√. n--°v A-h≥ h-√ Kp-W-hpw h-cp-Øp-I-bm-sW-
  15. 15. ¶n-tem A-h≥ G-sXm-cp Im-cy-Øn-pw I-gn-hp-≈-h--s{X. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 6:17) A-h¿-°v -Ωp-sS-`m-j t]m-epw A-dn-bn-√.-ap-l-Ω-Zv -n kw-kv-Ir- Xw kw-km-cn-®n-´p-t≠m.-.-? tb-ip-{In-kv-Xp a-e-bm-fw tI-´n-´p-≠m-hp-tam..? {io-Ir-jv-W-v A-d-n ]-cn-N-b-ap-t≠m.-.-? Ch¿ ΩpsS {]m¿∞ tIƒ°ptam? -Ωp-sS {]m¿-∞- C-h¿-°v a-- n-em-hp-tam? .-.-.-.-.-Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-√m-lp a-- p-I-fn-ep-≈-Xv A-dn-bp-∂-h- m-Ip-∂p. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 5:7) ]m-]n-I-fm-b mw F-ßs ssZ-h-tØm-Sv {]m¿-∞n-°pw, ip-]m¿-i- I-cp-≠m-bm¬ s]-s´-∂v Im-cyw km-[n-°m-a-t√m F-s∂m-s°-bm-Wv ym-b- ߃ F-¶n¬, G-¡-hpw A-dn-bp-∂ ssZ-h-Øn-te-°v a-[y-ÿ-cpw ip- ]m¿-i-I-cpw th-≠ F-∂ Im-cyw Hm¿-°p-I, Nn-¥n-°p-I.- -Ωp-sS {]- iv--߃ -tΩ-°mƒ A-dn-bp-∂-h-n-te-°v AYhm ΩpsS {kjvSm hnte°v ]-cn-N-b-sΠ-Sp-Ø-ep-Iƒ B-h-iy-an-√-t√m.- Xo¿-®-bm-bpw a-p-jy-s mw kr-jv-Sn-®n-cn-°p-∂p. A-h-s‚ a-- v a-{¥n-®p sIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂-Xv mw A-dn-bp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p. mw (A-h-s‚) I-WvT-m-Un-sb-°mƒ A-h-tm- Sv A-Sp-Ø-h-pw B-Ip-∂p.- (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 50:16) kz-¥w {]-iv--߃ t]m-epw ]-cn-l-cn-°m-m-hm-sX a-cn-®p t]m-b-h- cm-Wv apjy≥ krjvSn®p≠m°nb ]-e -ssZ-h-ß-fpw- F-∂-Xm- Wv bm-Ym¿-∞yw. k-Xy-km-bn _m- sF. kn. bp hn¬ In-S-∂-tΠmƒ `-‡-Σm¿ B-tcm-Sm-Wv {]m¿-∞n-®-Xv F-∂ tNm-Zy-Øn-v A-h¿-°v D-Ø- c-an-√m-Xm-b-Xv A-Xp sIm-≠m-Wv. am-{X-hp-a-√ hn-fn-®v {]m¿-∞n-°- sΠ-Sp-∂ a-l-Øp-°-ƒ -sΩ t]m-ep-≈, ]-® a-p-jy-¿ am-{X-am-bn-cp- ∂p. a-p-jy≥ a-p-jy-tm-Sv {]m¿-∞n-°p-∂ Zm-cp-Wm-h-ÿ Iq-Sn-bm- Wv _-lp-ssZ-h hn-izm-k-Øn-s‚ A--¥-c-^-ew. am-{X-hp-a-√ m-sf- F-¥v kw-`-hn-°p-sa-∂ A-dn-hv A-√m-lp-hn-∂v am-{X-am-Wv D-≈-Xv. A-Zr- iyw A-dn-bm-Ø a-lm-flm-°ƒ-°v -Ωp-sS m-sf-bp-sS {]-iv--߃ ]-cn-l-cn-°m-m-hp-sa-∂-Xv an-Yym [m-c-W-Iƒ am-{X-am-Wv. A-am-p-jn- I-X-I-fp-≈-h-tcm-Sv {]m¿-∞n-°m-sa-∂-Xm-Wv a-s‰m-cp ym-bw. {]-hm-N-I- Xz-Øn-s‚ A-S-bm-f-߃ am-{X-am-Wv A-am-p-jn-I-X-Iƒ A-Y-hm ap- Av-Pn-k-Øv. A-h¿ D-t±-in-°p-tºm-g-√, ssZ-h-Øn-s‚ hn-[n-°-p-kr-X-am- bn am-{X-ta A-¤p-X-߃ kw-`-hn-°q. A-am-p-jn-I-X-Iƒ {]m¿-∞- -°v sX-fn-sh-¶n¬ Pm-e-hn-Zy-°m-tcm-Spw am-{¥n-I-tcm-Spw -ap-°v {]m¿- ∞n-°m-sa-∂v ]-d-tb-≠n-h-cpw.- 15
  16. 16. 16 A-√m-lp-hn-s A-dn-bp-I {]-Xn-k-‘n-I-fp-sS H-cp-]m-Sv tNm-Zy-߃-°v D-Ø-c-am-Wv ssZ-h hn-izm- kw. c-l-ky-Øn-epw ]-c-ky-Øn-epw -Σ nen¿Øm≥ icnbmb ssZ-h hn-izm-kw sIm-≠v km-[y-am-Ipw. H-‰-sΠ-S-en-s‚ {]-Xn-k-‘n-bn- ¬ Xp-W-bpw X-W-ep-am-Wv ssZ-hw. G-sXm-cp hn-izm-kn-bp-sS a-- n-epw A-h≥ B-cm-[n-°p-I-bpw {]m¿-∞n-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂ ssZ-h-߃- °-Πp-dw F-√m h-kv-Xp-°-sf-bpw kr-jv-Sn-°p-I-bpw ]-cn-]m-en-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂ H-cp-h-p-s≠-∂ hn-izm-k-ap-≠v. {k-jv-Sm-hpw kw-c-£-I-p-am-b B {]-]-©-m-Y-v C-kv-emw ]-d-bp-∂ t]-cm-Wv A-√m-lp. A-√m-lp F-∂ A-d-n ]-Z-Øn-v B-cm-[--Iƒ b-Ym¿-∞-Øn¬ A¿-ln- °p-∂-h≥ F-∂m-Wv A¿-∞w. {k-„m-hv am-{X-am-Wv ssZ-h-sa-∂ A-dn-hv hn-izm-k-Øn-se H-cp-]m-Sv k-¶o¿-W-X-Iƒ ]-cn-l-cn-°p-∂p-≠v. H-cp ssZ-hw H-cp P--X F-∂ G-I-am--hn-I-X-bp-sS k-tμ-i-am-Wv G-I-ssZ- h-hn-izm-kw. G-sX-¶n-epw Pm-Xn-bp-tS-tbm, a-X-Øn-t‚-tbm, tZ-i-Øn- t‚-tbm h¿-K-Øn-t‚-tbm am-{X-am-b k¶pNnX ssZ-h-sØ-b-√ C-kv- emw ]-cn-N-b-sΠ-Sp-Øp-∂-Xv. am--kn-I-hpw im-co-cn-I-hp-am-b n¿-`- b-Xz-hpw, A-‘-hn-izm-k-ß-fp-sS N-ß-e-s°-´n¬ n-∂v tam-N--hpw, ]u-tcm-ln-Xy-Øn-s‚ sI-´p-]m-Sp-I-fn¬ n∂v c-£-bpw I¿-Ω-߃- °v k-ºq¿-Æ {]-Xn-^-e-hpw im-iz-X-am-b kz¿-§ hm-k-Øn-v n-an-Ø- hp-am-Ip-∂ B-Z¿-i-am-Wv G-I-ssZ-h hn-izm-kw. a-X-߃-°n-S-bn¬ `n-∂-X-ß-fp-≠m-Ip-∂-Xn-s‚ {]-[m--Im-c-Ww ssZ-h- sØ-°p-dn-® sX-¡m-b k-¶¬-Π-߃ kr-„n-°-sΠ-´p F-∂-Xm-Wv. ssZ-h-Øn-s‚ k-Ø-sb Ip-dn-t®m Kp-W-hn-ti-j-W-ß-sf Ip-dn-t®m A-h≥ th-Z-{K-Ÿ-ß-fn-eq-sS A-dn-bn-®p X-∂-X-√m-sX a-s‰m-∂pw A-dn-bm≥ -ap-°v hgnbn√. ssZ-hn-I-sa-∂v D-d-Πp-≈ t{km-X- p-I-fn¬ n- ∂m-bn-cn-°-Ww a-X-Øn-s‚ A-Sn-ÿm- in-e-Iƒ mw a-- n-em-t°- ≠-Xv. ssZ-h hn-izm-kw sX-‰m-bn a-- n-em-°-sΠ-Sp-tºmƒ _-lp-ssZ-h- Xzw I-S-∂p h-cp-∂p.- A-√m-lp A-√m-Ø-h-tcm-Sp-≈ {]m¿-∞-, D-dp- °v, G-e- v, Zp¿-a-{¥-߃, A-√m-lp A-√m-Ø-h¿-°p-≈ t¿-®, A- √m-lp A-√m-Ø-h-cp-sS t]-cn¬ k-Xyw sN-ø¬, i-Ip-w tm-°¬,
  17. 17. am-c-Ww, tPym-’yw, A-√m-lp A-√m-Ø-h¿-°p-≈ _-en, e-£-Ww tm-°¬ Xp-S-ßn _-lp-ssZ-h-Xz-Øn-s‚ ap-J-߃ hy-Xy-kv-X-am-Wv.- A-h-∂v ]p-d-sa n-߃ hn-fn-®v {]m¿-Xv-Yn-°p-∂-h¿-s°m- ∂pw n-ß-sf k-lm-bn-°m≥ km-[n-°p-I-bn-√.-kz-tZ-l-߃- °v X-s∂-bpw A-h¿ k-lm-bw sN-øp-I-bn-√.- 17 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 7:197) . (-n-tb,) ]-d-bp-I: Rm≥ n-ß-sf-tΠm-se-bp-≈ H-cp a- p-jy≥ am-{X-am-Ip-∂p.-n-ß-fp-sS ssZ-hw-G-I-ssZ-hw am- {X-am-sW-∂v F-n-°v t_m-[-w ¬-I-sΠ-Sp-∂p.-.-. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 18:110) (- n-tb,) ]-d-bp-I;B-Im-i-ß-fn-epw `q-an-bn-epw D-≈-h-cm- cpw A-Zr-iy-Im-cyw A-dn-bp-I-bn-√; A-√m-lp-h-√m-sX. X-߃ F-∂m-Wv D-bn¿-sØ-gp-t∂¬-]n-°-sΠ-Sp-I F-∂pw A-h ¿-°-dn-bn-√. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 27:65) Xm--√m-sX bm-sXm-cp B-cm-[y-p-an-√m-Ø-h-m-b A-√m-lp-hm- W-h≥. cm-Pm-[n-Im-c-ap-≈-h-pw ]-c-a-]-cn-ip-≤-pw k-am- [m-w ¬-Ip-∂-h-pw A-`-bw ¬-Ip-∂-h-pw ta¬-tm-´w h-ln-°p-∂-h-pw {]-Xm-]n-bpw ]-c-am-[n-Im-cn-bpw a-l-Xz-ap- ≈-h-pw B-Ip-∂p A-h≥. A-h¿ ]-¶p-tN¿-°p-∂-Xn¬ n-s∂-√ mw A-√m-lp F-{X-tbm ]-cn-ip-≤≥! (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 59:23) {k-jv-Sm-hpw n¿-am-Xm-hpw cq-]w ¬-Ip-∂-h-p-am-b-A-√m-lp- h-s{X A-h≥. A-h-v G-‰-hpw D-Ø-a-am-b-m-a-ß-fp-≠v. B-Im-i-ß-fn-epw `q-an-bn-ep-ap≈-h A-h-s‚ -a-l-Xz-sØ {]- Io¿-Øn-°p-∂p. A-h--s{X {]-Xm-]n-bpw bp-Iv-Xn-am-pw. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 59:24) A-√m-lp ˛ A-h--√m-sX ssZ-h-an-√. F-s∂-∂pw Po-hn-®n-cn- °p-∂-h≥. F-√mw n-b-{¥n-°p-∂-h≥.- a-b-°-tam D-d-°-tam A-h-s _m-[n-°p-I-bn-√.-A-h-s‚-Xm-Wv B-Im-i-`q-an-I-fn-ep-≈- sX-√mw.- A-h-s‚ A-p-hm-Z-{]-Im-c-a-√m-sX A-h-s‚- b-Sp-°¬ ip-]m¿-i -S-Øm-m-cp-≠v ? A-h-cp-sS ap-ºnep- ≈-Xpw A-h¿-°v ]n-∂n-ep-≈-Xpw A-h≥ A-dn-bp-∂p. A-h-s‚ A-dn-hn¬ n-∂v A-h≥ C-Nv-On-°p-∂-X-√m-sX ( a-s‰m- ∂pw ) A-h¿-°v kq-£v-a-am-bn A-dn-bm≥ I-gn-bn-√. A-h-s‚ A-[n-Im-c-]oTw B-Im-i-`q-an-I-sf ap-gp-h≥ Dƒ-sIm-≈p- ∂-Xm-Ip-∂p. A-h-bp-sS kw-c-£-Ww A-h-∂v H-´pw `m-c-ap- ≈-X-√. A-h≥ D-∂-X-pw a-lm-p-a-s{X.- (-Jp¿-B≥: 2:255)
  18. 18. n-ß-fn¬ n-∂v hn-iz-kn-°p-I-bpw k¬-I¿-Ω-߃ {]-h¿- Øn-°p-I-bpw sN-bv-X-h-tcm-Sv A-√m-lp hm-Kv-Zm-w sN-bv-Xn-cn-° p-∂p; A-h-cp-sS ap-ºp-≈-h¿-°v {]m-Xn-n-[yw ¬-In-b- Xv t]m-se-X-s∂ Xo¿-®-bm-bpw `q-an-bn¬ A-h≥ A-h¿-°v {]m-Xn-n-[yw ¬-Ip-I-bpw, A-h¿-°v A-h≥ Xr-]v-Xn-sΠ-´v sIm-Sp-Ø A-h-cp-sS a-X-Øn-s‚ Im-cy-Øn¬ A-h¿-°v A-h≥ kzm-[o-w ¬-Ip-I-bpw, A-h-cp-sS `-b-Πm-Sn-v ti-jw A-h¿-°v n¿-`-b-Xzw ]-I-cw ¬-Ip-I-bpw sN-øp-∂-Xm-sW- ∂v. F-s∂-bm-bn-cn-°pw A-h¿ B-cm-[n-°p-∂-Xv. F-t∂m-Sv bm-sXm-∂pw A-h¿ ]-¶p-tN¿-°p-I-bn-√. A-Xn-v ti-jw B-sc- ¶n-epw -μn-tI-Sv Im-Wn-°p-∂ ]-£w A-h¿ X-s∂-bm- Ip-∂p [n-°m-cn-Iƒ. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 24:55) {]m¿-∞- {k-„m-hn-tm-Sv am-{Xw; F-¥p-sIm-≠v.-.-? kr-„n-°p-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 35:40) a-cn-°m-Ø-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 2:255) F-s∂-∂pw D-≈-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 2:255) A-Zr-iyw A-dn-bp-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 6:59) A-p-{K-l-߃ A-h-n¬ n-∂p am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 2:22) Po-hn-Πn-°p-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 10:31) am¿-K-Z¿-i-w ¬-Ip-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw(Jp¿-B≥ 20:50) D-]-{Z-h-߃ o-°p-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 10:106) lr-Z-b-ß-fn-ep-≈-Xv A-dn-bp-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 35:38) -tΩm-Sv G-¡-hpw A-Sp-Ø-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 50:16) F-√mw Im-Wp-∂-Xpw tIƒ-°p-∂-Xpw A-h≥ am-{Xw(Jp¿-B≥ 58:1) a-cn-Πn-°p-∂-h≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 10:104) k¿-Δm-[n-]-Xyw A-h-p am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 23:84) {]-Xn-^-e Zn-h-k-Øn-s‚ D-S-a-ÿ≥ A-h≥ am-{Xw (Jp¿-B≥ 1:4) 18
  19. 19. 19 hn-izm-k Im-cy-ß-ƒ hn-izm-kw Ir-Xyhpw k-ºq¿-W-hp-am-Im-sX bm-sXm-cm-fp-sS-bpw a- Xw ]q¿-Øn-bm-hp-I-bn√. k¿-Δ-tem-I ]-cn-]m-e-Im-b A√m-lp-sh ap-d-{]-Im-cw A-dn-bp-I-bpw a-- n-em-°p-Ibpw sNøp-I F-∂-Xm-Wv hn-izm-k Im-cy-ß-fn¬ {]-Y-a-hpw {]-[m--hp-am-bXv. Ah-s‚ k-hnti-j kr-„n-Ifm-b a-e-°p-I-fn-epw, tem-I-Øn-se k-I-e k-aq-l-Øn-te° pw n-tbm-Kn-X-cm-b {]-hm-N-I≥-am-cn-epw, a-p-jy-Ip-e-Øn-s‚ hn-tam- N--Øn-m-bn A-h-X-cn-Πn-°-sΠ-´ th-Z-{K-Ÿ-ß-fn-epw, ]-c-tem-I-Øn- epw H-cp ap-kvenw hn-iz-kn-t°-≠-Xp≠v. A-tXm-sSmΠw, ≥-abpw Xn≥-a-bpam-b G-sXm-cp Im-cyhpw A√m-lp-hn-s‚ hn-[n {]-Im-cw am- {X-ta kw`-hn-°q F-∂ hn-izm-khpw hn-izm-k Im-cy-ß-fn¬ Dƒ-sΠ- Sp∂p. {]hmNIΣm¿ ssZ-hn-I-am¿-K Z¿-i--߃ a-p-jy-cn¬ F-Øn-°p-∂-Xn-v th-≠n A-h-cn¬ n-∂v- X-s∂ {]-tXy-Iw sX-c-s™-Sp-Øv n-tbm-Kn-°-sΠ´-h-cm- Wv {]-hm-N-I≥-am¿. tem-I-Øn-se ap-gp-h≥ k-aq-l-ß-fn-te-°pw {]- hm-N-I≥-am¿ n-bp-‡-cm-bn-´p-≠v. F-√m {]-hm-N-I-Σm-cpw A-Sn-ÿm-- ]-c-am-bn {]-t_m-[-w sN-bv-X-Xv H-tc k-tμ-i-am-bn-cp-∂p. B-Zw (A) ap-X¬ ap-l-Ω-Zv -n (k) h-sc-bp-≈ ap-gp-h≥ {]-hm-N-I≥-am-sc-bpw bm-sXm-cp hn-th-N--hpw Im-Wn-°m-sX hn-iz-kn-°¬ ap-…nw-I-fp-sS _m- [y-X-bm-Wv. {]-hm-N-I ]-c-º-c-bn-se A-h-km--sØ I-Æn-bm-Wv ap-l- Ω-Zv -n (k). ap-l-Ω-Zv -n (k) sb ssZ-h-am-tbm, ssZ-hm-h- Xm-c-am-tbm, ssZ-h-]p-{X-m-tbm C-kvemw K-Wn-°p-∂n-√. ap-l-Ω-Zv -n-tb c-£n-°-tW.-.- F-∂p {]m¿-∞n-°p-∂-h≥ C-…m-an-I hr-Ø-Øn ¬ n-∂v ]p-d-Øv t]m-Ipw. a-X-hn-j-b-ß-fn-ep-≈ {]-hm-N-I-s‚ hm- °pw {]-h¿-Øn-bpw Aw-Ko-Im-c-hp-am-Wv kp-∂-Øv. -N-cn-{X-Øn¬ H-cm-fp- sS-bpw Po-hn-Xw C-{X-bpw kq-£-va-hpw im-kv-{Xo-b-hp-am-bn tc-J-sΠ- Sp-Øn-bn-´n-√.- ]q¿-Δ-Im-e ]-fin-X≥-am-cp-sS Xo-{h-{i-a-ß-fp-sS `m-K-am-bn l-Zo-kp-I-fpw a-p-jy-cp-sS ssI-I-S-Ø-ep-Iƒ C-√m-sX kw-c-£n- °-sΠ-´p.- {]-hm-N-I-n¬ D-Ø-a am-Xr-I.- {]-hm-N-I≥ hn-tam-N-I≥. {]-hm-N-I≥ km-Iv-jn. k-t¥m-j-hm¿-Ø-bp-am-bn n-tbm-Kn-°-sΠ-´p.- {]-hm-N-I≥ Xm-°o-Xp-Im-c≥. {]-hm-N-I≥ £-Wn-°p-∂-h≥.
  20. 20. {]-hm-N-I≥ hn-f-°v. {]-tem-`--ß-fn-√m-Ø {]-t_m-[-w. {]-tIm-]--ß-fn-√m-Ø {]-t_m-[-w.- - n-tb, Xo¿-®-bm-bpw n-s∂ mw H-cp km-£n-bpw k-t¥ m-j-hm¿-Ø A-dn-bn-°p-∂-h-pw, Xm-°o-Xp-Im-c-pw B-bn- s°m-≠v n-tbm-Kn-®n-cn-°p-∂p.- A-√m-lp-hn-s‚ D-Ø-c-h- p-k-cn-®v A-h-¶-te-°v £-Wn-°p-∂-h-pw, {]-Im-iw ¬- Ip-∂ H-cp hn-f-°pw B-bn-s°m-≠v k-Xy-hn-izm-kn-Iƒ-°v A-√m-lp-hn-¶¬ n-∂v h-en-b Hu-Zm-cyw e-`n-°m-p-≠v F- ∂v o A-h-sc k-t¥m-j-hm¿-Ø A-dn-bn-°p-I. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 33:45,46,47) 20 I¿a-߃ {k-„m-hn-s‚ n¿tZ-i{]-Im-cw am-{X-ap-≈-Xm-Wv C-kvem-an-se I¿-a-߃. ]p-tcm-ln-X≥-am¿-t°m, a-X-]-fin-X≥-am¿t°m C-kv-em-an¬ I¿a-ßtfm B-Nmc-ßtfm n¿-an-°m≥ A-[n-Im-c-an√. ]-fin-X-pw ]m-a-cpw C-kv-em-an¬ H-tc I¿-a-߃ am- {Xw. a-X-n¿-tZ-i-an√m-Ø I¿-a-߃ -c-I-Øn-te-°m-bn-cn°pw a-p-jy-sc -bn-°pI. I¿-a-ß-fn-eq-sS a--k-am-[mhpw ]m-]-hn-ap-‡ n-bpw C-kv-em-w e£yw sh-°p∂p. B-cm-[--bp-sS t]- cn¬ Hcp ne°pw Nq-j-W-an√m-Ø- B-Z¿-i-am-Wv C-kvemw A√m-lp-h√m-sX B-cm-[y-n-s√-∂pw, ap-lΩ-Zv _n (k) A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Zq-X-m-sW-∂p-ap-≈Xnv Rm≥ km£nbmsW∂ kzbw {]-Jym-]--am-Wv C-kv-em-an-se a-X-I¿-a-ß-fn¬ H-∂m-a-tØXv. A-©p tc-sØ -a-kv-Im-c-hpw, k-º-Øn¬ n›n-X ]-cn-[n F-Øp-tºmƒ ]m-h-߃-°v ¬tI≠ hn-ln-Xam-b k- °m-Øpw, d-a-Zm-n-se H-cp -amk-sØ ]-I-en¬ A-p-jvTn-t°-≠ {h-X-hpw, B-tcm-Kyhpw k-ºØpw D-≈-h¿ Po-hn-X-Øn¬ H-cn- °-se-¶nepw n¿-h-ln-t°-≠ l-÷v I¿-a-hp-am-Wv C-kv-em-an-se a-‰p n¿--‘ I¿-a߃. n-ß-fp-sS apJ߃ Ingt°mt´m ]Sn™mtdmt´m Xncn°pI F∂X√ ]pWyw, F∂m¬ A√mlphnepw, A¥yZnØnepw, ae°pIfnepw, thZ{KŸØnepw, {]hmNI≥amcnepw hnizkn°pIbpw, kzØntmSv {]nbap≠mbn´pw AXv _‘p°ƒ°pw, AmYIƒ°pw,
  21. 21. AKXnIƒ°pw, hgnt]m°∂pw, tNmZn®p hcp∂h¿°pw, ASnatamNØn∂pw ¬IpIbpw, {]m¿XvY ( akvImcw ) apd{]Imcw n¿hln°pIbpw, kImØv ¬IpIbpw, Icmdn¬ G¿s]´m¬ AXv ndth‰pIbpw, hnjaXIfpw ZpcnXßfpw tcnSptºmgpw, bp≤cwKØpw £a ssIs°m≈pIbpw sNbvXhcmtcm AhcmIp∂p ]pWyhm≥am¿. AhcmIp∂p kXyw ]men®h¿. Ah¿ Xs∂bmIp∂p ( tZmj_m[sb ) kq£n®h¿. (hnip≤ Jp¿-B≥ 2:177) 21 hnPbn°p∂ kwLw Fw _n _n F-kv ]p-kv-X-I-ß-ƒ hm-bn-®v ]Tn-®-Xv sIm-≠v am- {Xw H-cp i-kv-{X-{In-b -S-Øm-m-hp-tam.-.-? {Sm-^n-Iv n-b-a-߃ ap-gp-h≥ a-:]mT-am-°n-bm¬ -s√m-cp ss{U-h-dm-hm≥ I-gn-bp-tam.-.-? F- ¶n¬ ]n-s∂, A-d-n `m-j-bn¬ I-gn-hpw {]m-K-Xv-`y-hp-ap-≈ H-cmƒ, Jp¿-B-pw l-Zo-kpw hm-bn-®-Xp sIm-≠v am-{Xw a-X-Øn-s‚ {]m-tbm- Kn-I cq-]w ]q¿-W-am-bn Dƒ-sIm-≈m-m-hp-sa-∂v ]-d-bp-∂-Xv hn-Uv-Vn-Ø- am-Wv. H-cp hm-N-I-Øn¬ n-∂v t]m-epw -ap-°v ]-c-kv-]-c hn-cp-≤-am-b H- ´--h-[n hn-i-Zo-I-c-W-ß-fpw hym-Jym--ß-fpw n¿-Ωn-s®-Sp-°m-m-hpw . A-Xp-sIm-≠m-Wv tb-ip {In-kv-Xp-hn-s‚-bpw ss_-n-fn-s‚-bpw h-gn-bn- se-∂p hm-Zn-°p-∂ {In-kv-Xym-n-Iƒ tI-c-f-Øn¬ am-{Xw q-dn-e- [n-Iw hn-`m-K-ß-fm-bn hn-L-Sn-®p n¬-°p-∂-Xv. Xn-I-®pw hy-Xy-kv-X-hpw ssh-cp-≤ym-[n-jvTn-X-hp-am-b, B-i-b-ß-fp-sS Iq-´m-bv-a am-{X-am-Wv ln-μp-Xzw F-∂v ]-d-b-sΠ-Sp-∂-Xpw, H-cp q-¡m-≠n-s‚ t]m-epw N-cn-{X-an-√ m-Ø I-Ωyq-Wn-kw B-Z¿-i s]m-cp-Ø-an-√m-Ø c-≠m-bn-c-Øn-e-[n-
  22. 22. Iw {Kq-Πp-I-fm-bn th¿ ]n-cn-™-Xpw, a-X-hpw ssZ-h-hpw B-h-iy-an-s√- ∂v hm-Zn-°p-∂ bp-‡n-hm-Zn-Iƒ t]m-epw A-t-Iw {Kq-Πp-I-fn-em-bn hn- L-Sn-®v n¬-°p-∂-Xpw Hm-tcm-cp-Ø¿-°pw i-cn-sb-∂v tXm-∂p-∂-Xv -A h¿ X-s∂ hym-Jym-n-s®-Sp-°p-∂p F-∂-Xp sIm-≠v Iq-Sn-bm-Wv. ap-…nw k-ap-Zm-b-Øn-s‚ I-Y-bpw hy-Xy-kv-X-a-√. G-I-ssZ-hm-cm-[- -bp-sS B-Z¿-i-Øn¬ ]-®-bm-b _-lp-ssZ-h-Xz-Øn-s‚ sIm-Sn-b-S-bm-f- ߃ I-S-∂p h-cp-∂p.-Hm-tcm-Zn-h-k-hpw P-n-®p-ho-gp-∂ q-X- B-Nm-c- ߃,Kp-W-Imw-£-bn-√m-Ø- -kw-L-S-m-a-’-c-߃, hy-‡n tI-{μo- Ir-X-am-b H-´-t-Iw Xz-co-J-Øv {]-ÿm--߃, k-am-[m--Øn-s‚ a-X-am- b C-kv-em-an-s‚ t]-cn¬-kw-Lw tN-cp-∂ `o-I-c-hm-Zn-Iƒ, A-t-Iw hy-‡n-I-fn-epw ]-fin-X≥-am-cn-epw am{Xw A-[n-jvTn-X-am-b hy‡nKX Nn-¥m-[m-c-Iƒ, F-√m-h-cpw ]-d-bp-∂p, R-ß-fm-Wv k-Xy-Øn-s‚ h- ‡m-°-sf-∂v. A-√m-lp A-√m-Ø-h-tcm-Sv {]m¿-∞n-°m≥ ]p-tcm-ln- X≥-am¿-°v Jp¿-B-n¬ n-∂v sX-fn-hv .-.-? 14 h¿-jw ]-g-°-ap-≈ B-Nm- c-Øn-v 1400 h¿-jw ]-g-°-ap-≈ l-Zo-kn¬ n-∂v sX-fn-hv.-.-?ss_- _nƒ k-Xy-sa-∂v sX-fn-bn-°m≥ {In-kv-Xym-n-Iƒ-°v Jp¿-B≥ h-N- w sX-fn-hv.-.-.-? ap-kv-enw-I-f-√m-Ø Jm-Zn-bm-n-Iƒ t]m-epw sX-fn-hv n-c- Øp-∂-Xv Jp¿-B-n¬ n-∂v.-.-?F-√m-h¿-°pw {]-am-Ww Jp¿-B≥.-.- F- √m-h¿-°pw sX-fn-hv l-Zo-kp-Iƒ.- -ap-s°-¥v sN-øm-m-hpw F-∂m-Wv ]-e-cp-sS-bpw kw-i-bw.- k-Xy-Øn-s‚ h-gn H-∂p-am-{Xw.-.-.- h-gn Im-Wn-°p-I am-{X-a-√,h-gn i-cn-sb-∂v ]-cn-tim-[n-°m-p-≈ am- -Z-fiw-Iq-Sn a-p-jy¿-°v ¬-In F-∂-Xm-Wv a-‰v B-Z¿-i-ß-fn¬ n- ∂v C-…m-an-s th¿-Xn-cn-°p-∂ G-‰-hpw kp-{]-[m- L-S-Iw. B-Im-i-Øp n-∂v H-cp {K-Ÿ cq-]-Øn¬ A-h-X-cn-Πn-°-sΠ-´-X-√ C-…m-an-se {]-am-W-߃. B-h-iy-Øn-pw k-μ¿-`-Øn-p-w k-aq-l-Øn-s‚ h-f¿-®- °p-a-p-k-cn-®v n-b-a-ß-fpw n¿-t±-i-ß-fpw A-h-X-cn-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bm-Wp- ≠m-b-Xv. H-tcm h-N--Øn-s‚-bpw {]m-tbm-Kn-I cq-]w kw-i-b-an-√m-Ø hn-[w {]-hm-N-I≥ X-s‚ A-p-N-c≥-am¿-°v hn-i-Zo-I-cn-®p ¬-Ip-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. hn-ip-≤-Jp¿-B-n-s‚ Po-hn-°p-∂ ]-Xn-Πm-bn-cp-∂ {]- hm-N-I-s A-£-cm¿-∞-Øn¬ ]n≥-Xp-S¿-∂ A-p-N-c-hr-μ-am-bn-cp-∂p kz-lm--Øv. a-X-Øn¬ F-ß-s, F-s¥-√mw hn-iz-kn-°-W-sa-∂-Xn- pw, G-Xv cq-]-Øn¬ F-s¥-√mw A-p-jvTn-°-W-sa-∂-Xn-pw A-h-cm- Wv -ap-°v am-Xr-I. {]-hm-N-I-n¬ n-∂v t-cn-´v a-Xw ]Tn-® kz-lm- _-Øn-v C-…mw D-∂-X ÿm-w ¬-Ip-∂p. P--ß-fn¬ D-Ø-a-cm-W-h ¿, A-√m-lp Xr-]v-Xn-sΠ-´-hcm-W-h¿, A-h-tcm-sSm-Π-sa-Øm≥ C-n 22
  23. 23. B¿-°p-am-hn-√, A-h-cp-sS am¿-§w k-Xy am¿-§w.-,A-h-cp-tS-X-√m-Ø am¿- §-߃ h-gn-tI-Sv. A-h¿ a-- n-em-°n-b-Xv t]m-se {]-am-Ww a-- n-em- °p-I. A-h¿ hn-iz-kn-®-Xv t]m-se hn-iz-kn-°p-I, A-h¿ B-N-cn-®-Xv t]m-se a-Xw B-N-cn-°p-I F-∂-Xm-Wv hn-P-bn-°p-∂ kw-L-Øn¬ Dƒ-sΠ-Sm≥ mw sN-tø-≠-Xv.- C-X-s{X F-s‚ t-cm-b ]m-X. n-߃ A-Xv ]n-¥p-S-cp-I.- a-‰p-am¿-K-߃ ]n≥-]-‰-cp-Xv. A-h-sbm-s° A-h-s‚(A-√m-lp- hn-s‚) am¿-K-Øn¬ n-∂v n-ß-sf-Nn-X-dn-®v I-f-bpw. n-߃ kq-£v-a-X ]m-en-°m≥ th≠n A-h≥ n-߃-°v ¬- In-b D-]-tZ-i-am-W-Xv. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 6:153) X-n-°v k≥-am¿-Kw hy-Iv-X-am-bn-°-gn-™ ti-j-hpw B-sc- ¶n-epw ssZ-h-Zq-X-p-am-bn F-Xn¿-Øv n¬-°p-I-bpw,k-Xy-hn- izm-kn-I-fp-sS-X-√m-Ø am¿-Kw ]n-¥p-S-cp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂ ]-£w A-h≥ Xn-cn-™ h-gn-°v X-s∂ mw A-h-s Xn-cn- ®p-hn-Sp-∂-Xpw, -c-I-Øn-en-´v m-a-h-s I-cn-°p-∂-Xp-am-Wv. A-sX-{X tam-i-am-b ]-cy-h-km-w!(hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 4:115) ap-lm-Pn-dp-I-fn¬ n-∂pw A≥-km-dp-I-fn¬ n-∂pw B-Zy-am-bn ap-t∂m-´v h-∂-h-cpw, kp-Ir-Xw sN-bv-Xp-sIm≠v A-h-sc ]n-¥p-S¿-∂-h-cpw B-tcm A-h-sc-Π-‰n A-√m-lp kw-Xr-]v-X- m-bn-cn-°p-∂p.- A-h-s-Π-‰n A-h-cpw kw-Xr-]v-X-cm-bn-cn-°p- ∂p. Xm-gv-`m-K-Øv A-cp-hn-Iƒ H-gp-In-s°m-≠n-cn-°p-∂ kz¿- K-tØm-Πp-Iƒ A-h¿-°v A-h≥ H-cp-°n-sh-°p-I-bpw sN-bv- Xn-cn-°p-∂p. F-s∂-∂pw A-h-c-Xn¬ n-Xy-hm-kn-I-fm-bn-cn- °pw. A-X-s{X a-l-Øm-b `m-Kyw. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 9:100) n-߃ Cu hn-iz-kn-®-Xv t]m-se A-h-cpw hn-iz-kn-®n-cp- ∂m¬ A-h¿ t¿-am¿-K-Øn-em-bn-°-gn-™p. A-h¿ ]n-¥n-cn- ™v I-f-bp-I-bm-sW-¶n-tem A-h-cp-sS n-e-]m-Sv I-£n-am- Xv-k-cyw am-{X-am-Ip-∂p.-.-.- (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 2:137) A-lv-ep- p-∂-Øn h¬ P-am-A-: C-kv-em-an-I {]-am-W-ß-fp-sS-bpw Ah°v ApkrXambn Pohn® D-Ø-a k-aq-l-Øn-s‚-bpw am¿-K-Øn¬ n-∂v ap-kv-enw-Iƒ A-I-∂v t]m-b- tΠmƒ I-£n-I-fpw {Kq-Πp-I-fp-ap-≠m-bn. {]-am-W-߃ I-£n Xm¬- 23
  24. 24. ]-cy {]-Im-cw hym-Jym-n-°-sΠ-´p.-p-≤n-bpw bp-‡n-bpw {]-am-W-ß-sf a-dn-I-S-∂p.-a-X-hn-cp-≤ B-i-b-߃-°v a-X-Øn¬-n-∂v sX-fn-hv D-≤- cn-°-sΠ-´p.-A-t-Iw I-£n-I-fn¬ n-∂v k-Xy-Øn-s‚ I-£n-sb th¿- Xn-cn-®-dn-bm≥ -A-lv-ep- p-∂-Øn h¬ P-am-A- -F-∂ km-t¶-Xn-I i- –w B-Zy-Im-e ]-fin-X≥-am¿ D-]-tbm-Kn-®p h-∂p. A-lv-ep- p-∂ = kp-∂-Øn-s‚ B-fp-Iƒ, A¬-P-am-A = {]-kv-Xp-X kw-Lw A-Y-hm kz-lm--Øv. kp-∂-Øn-s‚-bpw kz-lm--Øn-s‚-bpw I-£n F-∂m- Wv Cu ]-Z-Øn-s‚ A¿-∞w. ap≥-Km-an-Iƒ (k-e-^p-Iƒ) a-Xw a-- n-em-° n-b-Xp t]m-se Dƒ-sIm-≈p-I F-∂ Cu co-Xn-im-kv-{Xw (a≥-l-Pv ) k-e-^o a≥-l-Pv F-∂pw A-dn-b-sΠ-Sp-∂p.- h-gn ]n-cn-™-tΠmƒ F-¥p kw-`-hn-®p.-.-? ssl-μ-h hn-izm-k-Øn‚-bpw A-·n-bm-cm[--bp-sS-bpw aq¿-Ø `m-h-am-b n-e-hn-f-°v Pm-d-ß-fn¬ {]-Xn-jvTn-°-sΠ-´p. t¿-®-bpw ]q-c-hpw th¿-Xn-cn-®v a-- n-em-Im-m-hm-Ø hn-[w B-Z¿-i-߃ e-bn-®p 24 tN¿-∂p.-
  25. 25. 25 A-m-Nm-c-ß-fp-sS 'ap-´n-Π-Sn'I-fn¬ ap-kv-enw-Iƒ I-an-gv- ∂p ho-Wp. ]p-Wy- I-c-am-b kz-em-Øpw Zn-Iv-dp-I-fpw ]ptcmlnXΣm¿h- º≥ hy-h-km-b-am- °n am-‰n. ap-kv-enw k-aq-lw A-‘ hn-izm-k-Øn-te-°v B-]-Xn- ®p.- _-lp-ssZ-h B-cm-[-I-sc I-S-Øn-sh-´pw hn-[w ]- ®-°-√p-I-fn¬ n-∂v A-p- {K-lw tXSp∂Xvhsc sbØn n¬°p∂p Ah¿. ip-≤-am-b a-e-bm-fw ]Tn-°m≥ ap-kv-enw- Iƒ-°p ]m-Sns√- ∂v ]Tn-Πn-°-sΠ´- tXm-sS F-√m-hn-[ A-dn-hp-I-fn¬ n- ∂pw k-ap-Zm-bw AI‰sΠ´p. Bcy-s- gp-Øv l-dm-am- °n-b-Xn-s C-∂pw ym-bo-I-cn-°p-I-bm- Wv ]u-tcm-ln-Xy-Øn- s‚ ]n≥-X-e-ap-d- °m¿.- Cw-•o-jv -c-I-Øn-se `m-j-bm-sW-∂v A-h¿ hn-[n-sb-gp-Xn.- A-ß-s B-[p-n- I hn-Zym-`ym-k cw-K-Øp-n-∂v ap-kv-enw k-ap-Zm-bw ]≠papXte ]n-t∂m-´p t]m-bn. A-Xn-s ym-bo-I-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv C- ∂v A-h-cp-sS ]n≥-Km-an-Iƒ
  26. 26. 26 apkvenwIƒ°v kzm-X-{¥y k-a-c-Øn¬ ]-s¶-Sp-°m≥ ]m-Sn-s√-∂ pw thm-´n-ßpw k¿-°m¿ k¿-Δo-kn-se tk-h--ß-fp-sa- √mw n-jn-≤-am-sW-∂pw hm-Zn-®p. ap-kv-enw k-tlm- Z-cn-am-cp-sS s]m-∂pw ]-W-hpw hm-ßn ]- Wn-Xp-b¿-Øn-b ]- ≈n-I-fp-sS I-hm-S-߃ A-h¿-°p ap- ºn¬ sIm-´n-b-S-®p.- C-kv-em-ans "X-v-eo-Kv ' -S-Øp- ∂-h-cp-sS {K-Ÿ-ß-fn ¬-t]m-epw sI-´p- I-Y-I-fpw I-≈-°- Y-I-fpw I-S-∂p-h- ∂p.- sh-f-fn-bm-gv-N-I-fn-se D-Zv-t_m-[- {]-kw-K-߃ hn-izm-kn-Iƒ-°v Xn-cn- bm-Ø `m-j-bn-ep-≈ ]p-kv-X-I ]m-cm- b-Ww am-{X-am-bn A-[:]-Xn-®p
  27. 27. 27 km{am-Py-Xz-Øn-s‚ D¬-]- ∂-ß-fm-b P-Σ Zn-m-tLm-j-hpw N-c-a Zn-m-N-c-W-ß-fpw a- X-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬ h-c-hv tN¿- °-sΠ-´p.-.- A-£-c-Øn-v ]-Øp ]p-Wy-sa- ¶n-epw hm-Kv-Zm-w sN-ø-sΠ-´ hn-ip- ≤ Jp¿-B-n-v ]-I-cw am-e-I-fpw au-en-Zp-I-fpw "Ip-^n'Πm-´p-I-fpw ]- £n-Πm-´p-I-fpw cw-Kw I-ø-S-°n. - a-p-jy ssZ-h-߃-°v ap-ºn¬ ]m-Z-tk-h sN-øm≥ ap-kv-enw m-a-[ m-cn-Iƒ Hm-Sn-sb-Øp-∂ th-Z-n-Πn-°p-∂ Im-gv-N-Iƒ.-.-
  28. 28. 28 hn-i-°p-I-bpw th-Z-n-°p-I-bpw P- n-°p-I-bpw a-cn-°p- I-bpw sN-øp-∂ tI-h- e a-p-jy-sc X-s∂ ssZ-h-am-°p-∂ _p-≤n iq-y-X-Iƒ ssZ-hØn-sm-cp ]p-{X-p-≠m-bn F-∂ th-Z-n-Πn-°p-∂-Xpw lr-Z-bß-sf -Sp-°p-∂-Xpam-b {]-NmcWw. Iw-]yq-´¿ D- ≠m°n-b F-©n-n-b¿, A-Xn-s‚ {]-iv--߃ ]cnlcn- °m≥ Iw-]yq-´-dm-bn P-n-°- W-sa-∂ hn-Nn-{X hm-Zw... C-kv-emw I¿-i- -am-bn hn-e-°n-b _-lp-ssZ-hm-cm-[- -bp-sS hn-f-n-e-am-b Z¿-K-I-fpw i-h- Ip-So-c-ß-fpw C-kv-em- an-s‚ Nn-”-ß-fm- bn hm-gv-Ø-sΠ- ´p. t¿-®bpw ]q-chpw ]-≈n-sΠ-cp-∂mfpw a-X-Øn-s‚ t]-cn¬ h-gn-ap-S- °n-I-fm-hp-∂ A-]-lm-ky-X-Iƒ. Nq-Xm-´w ap-X¬ ssew-Kn-I-X h-sc hn¬-]--®-c-°p-I-fm-Wn-hn-sS...
  29. 29. a-X-Øn-se hn-izm-k-]-c-hpw I¿-a-]-c-hp-am-b G-sXm-cp hn-j-b-hpw {]-am-W-ß-fn¬ ÿn-c-sΠ-´p-sh-∂v D-d-Πp h-cp-Øp-I F-∂-Xm-Wv k- Xy-am¿-K-Øn¬ F-Øn-t®-cp-∂-Xn-p-≈ h-gn. {]-am-W-ß-fn¬ ÿn-c-sΠ- ´p F-∂p t_m-[y-am-bm¬ a-‰p Xm¬-]-cy-ß-sf-√mw am-‰n sh-®v A-Xv ]n≥-Xp-S-cm-p-≈ hn--b-ap-≈-h¿-°p am-{X-ta kz¿-K-Øn-te-°p-≈ Cu h-gn-bn¬ F-Øn-t®-cm≥ `m-Kyw e`n-°q. Cu am¿-K-Øn-em-hp-I F-∂-Xv tI-h-ew kw-L-S-m ]-£-]m-Xn-Xz-tam, k-¶p-Nn-X-Xz-tam A-√.-C-Xv -Ωp-sS kz¿-K-hpw -c-I-hpw Xo-cp-am- n-°p-∂ hn-j-b-am-Wv.-B-b-Xn-m¬ D-kv-Xm-Zp-am-tcm-Sv n-߃-°v ss[- cy-]q¿-Δw tNm-Zn-°mw G-sXm-cp a-X Im-cy-Øn-pw Jp¿-B-n¬ sX-fn- hp-t≠-m F-∂v.-.-? l-Zo-kn¬ sX-fn-hp-t≠-m F-∂v.-.-.-? D-s≠-∂- m-Wv D-Ø-c-sa-¶n¬ ho- 29 ≠-pw tNm-Zn-°mw.-.-.- CkvemanI {]am W߃ ]Tn°p∂Xn ¬ n∂pw ]utcm lnXyw kapZmbsØ hne°n. hnip≤ Jp¿Bn¬ n∂pw lYokpIfn¬ n ∂pw Ah¿ _lpZqcw AI∂pamdn. am‰Øn s‚ F√m hmXnepI fpw CXphgn sIm´nb S°sΠ´p.
  30. 30. Cu sX-fn-hp {]-Im-cw kz-lm-n-Iƒ {]-h¿-Øn-®n-cp-t∂m F-∂v.-.-? a-X-Øn-se s-√pw ]-Xn-cpw Cu tNm-Zy-Øn-p ap-ºn¬ th¿-Xn-cn-bpw.- k-Xyw a-- n-em-bn-´pw Im-° Im-c-W-h≥-am-cp-sS am¿-Kw a-Xn-sb- ∂pw, A-dn-hn-√m-Ø ]m-a-c-m-Wp Rm≥ F-∂pw, ]-fin-X ]p-tcm-ln- X≥-am-sc A-‘-am-bn ]n≥-]-¡-W-sa-∂pw hm-Zn-°p-∂-h-tcm-Sv Jp¿- B≥ ]-d-bp-∂-Xv Iq-Sn hm-bn-°p-I. A-√m-lp A-h-X-cn-Πn-®-Xv n-߃ ]n≥-]-‰n Po-hn-°p-I F- ∂v A-h-tcm-Sv B-sc-¶n-epw ]-d-™m¬, A-√, R-ß-fp-sS ]n-Xm-°ƒ kzo-I-cn-®-Xm-bn I-≠-tX R-߃ ]n≥-]-‰p-I-bp-≈ q F-∂m-bn-cn-°pw A-h¿ ]-d-bp-∂-Xv. A-h-cp-sS ]n- Xm-°ƒ bm-sXm-∂pw Nn-¥n-®v a-- n-em-°m-Ø-h-cpw t¿- h-gn I-s≠-Øm-Ø-h-cp am-bn-cp-s∂-¶n¬ t]m-epw (A-h-sc ]n≥ ]-‰p-I-bm-tWm?) (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 2:170) k-Xy-hn-izm-kn-I-tf, ]-Wv-Un-X≥-am-cn-epw ]p-tcm-ln-X≥-am-cn- epw s]-´ [m-cm-fw-t]¿ P--ß-fp-sS [-w A-ym-b-am-bn Xn-∂p-I-bpw,A-√m-lp-hn-s‚ am¿-K-Øn¬ n-∂v (A-h-sc)X-S- bp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p.-kz¿-W-hpw sh-≈n-bpw n-t£-]-am- °n-sh-°p-I-bpw, A-√m-lp-hn-s‚ am¿-K-Øn¬ A-Xv sN-e-h- gn-°m-Xn-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂-h-cm-tcm A-h¿-°v th-Z-- tb-dn-b-in-£-sb-Π-‰n k-t¥m-j-hm¿-Ø A-dn-bn-°p-I. 30 (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 9:34) F-s‚ DZv-t_m-[--sØ hn-´v h-√-h-pw Xn-cn-™p-I-f-bp-∂ ]-£w Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-h-∂v C-Sp-ßn-b H-cp Po-hn-X-am-Wp-m- bn-cn-°p-I.-D-bn¿-sØ-gp-t∂¬-]n-s‚ m-fn¬ A-h-s mw A-‘-m-b n-e-bn¬ F-gp-t∂¬-]n-®v sIm-≠v h-cp-∂-Xp-am- Wv. (-hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 20:124) -thm-∞m--Øn-s‚ H-cp q-‰m-≠v ]-sØm-º-Xmw q-‰m-≠n-s‚ Xp-S-°w, ap-…nw k-ap-Zm-b-Øn-s‚ N-cn- {Xw Nn-e th-Z--Iƒ am-{X-am-Wv -ap-°v ¬-Ip-∂-Xv. Zp¿--e-am-b hn-izm- k B-Nm-c-߃.- t¿-®-I-fpw D-dq-kp-I-fpw a-¡p a-X hn-cp-≤ B-tLm- j-ß-fpw hym-]-Iw. G-Io-Ir-X-am-b t-Xr-Xz-an-√. ]-c-kv-]-cw I-e- ln-°p-∂ m-´p {]-am-Wn-am-cpw a-l-√v Im-c-W-h≥-am-cpw.-. ]p-tcm-ln- X≥-am¿ ]-d-bp-∂-sX-t¥m A-Xm-bn-cp-∂p a-Xw.- A-h-cp-sS n-e-]m-Sp- Iƒ k-aq-l-Øn¬ Zp-kzm-[o--ap-≠m-°n. tcm-K-߃-°v Nn-In-’ A- ]q¿-Δw.- a-{¥-hm-Z-hpw ]n-™m-W-sa-gp-Øpw tcm-K-Nn-In-’-°m-bn D-]-
  31. 31. 31 tbm-Kn-®p-h-∂p.- -lp-ssZ-h- Xz-Øn-s‚ {]-Xo-I-ß-fm-b D-dp-°v G-e- v N-c-Sv Xp- S-ßn-b-h hym-]-Iw. am-e-I-fpw au-en-Zp-I-fpw a-X-Øn-s‚ `m-K-am-bn {]-N-cn-Πn-°- sΠ-´p. Jp¿-B≥ ]m-cm-b- Ww t]m-epw Iq-en ¬-In sN-øn-°p-∂ A-h-ÿ.- kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°v A-£-cw ]Tn-°m≥-t]m-epw A-h-Im-i- an-√m-bn-cp-∂p. kv-{Xo-[- w hym-]-Iw, a-l¿ ¬- Ip-∂- k-{º-Zm-bw D-≠m-bn- cp-∂n-√. Jp¿-B≥-]-cn-`m-j n-jn-≤-am-bn-cp-∂p. ]- cn-`m-j-sΠ-Sp-Øn-b Jp¿- B≥ {]-Xn-Iƒ -in-Πn-°- sΠ-Sp-I-bpw ]cn`mjsΠSpØnb ]-fin-X≥-am¿ _-ln-jv-Ir-X-cm-hp-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp.- a-X {]-`m-j-W-߃ ]m-Xn-cm-hn-se I-Y-I-fpw ]m-´p-I-fpw D-dp-Zn-I-fp- am-bn A-[:-]-Xn-®p. ‘h-b-fp’-Iƒ [--k-ºm-Z--Øn-p-≈ am¿-§w am- {Xw.--√ a-e-bm-fw ln-μp-°-fp-sS `m-j-bm-b-Xn-m¬ ]Tn-°m-h-X-s√- ∂v ]-fin-X≥-am¿ D-Zv-tLm-jn-®p. C-kv-em-an-I {]-am-W-ß-fp-am-bn bm-sXm- cp _-‘-hp-an-√m-sX Po-hn-t°-≠-n-h-cp-∂- G-sXm-cp k-aq-l-hpw F-Øn-sΠ-Sp-∂ Zu¿-`m-Ky-I-c-am-b A-h-ÿ-bp-sS Nn-{X-am-Wn-Xv.- A-Xn Z-b-o-b-am-bn-cp-∂ ap-…nw ssI-c-fn-bp-sS Cu `q-an-I-bn¬ n- ∂m-Wv tI-c-f ap-…nw -thm-∞m- {]-h¿-Ø--߃-°v Xn-cn sIm-fp-ØsΠ ´-Xv. hy-Iv-Xn-I-fn¬ Xp-S-ßn kw-L-i-‡n-I-tf-s¡-Sp-Ø tI-c-f ap-kv-enw -thm-∞m-w B-Z¿-i-]-c-am-b H-cp [o-c t]m-cm-´-Øn-s‚ N-cn-{ X-am-Wv.-C-¥y-bn¬ G-¡-hpw Iq-Sp-X¬ ap-kv-enw-I-fp-≈ kw-ÿmw tI-c-f-a-√, ]-s£ cm-Py-Øn-v ap-gp-h≥ am-Xr-I-bm-b, a-X-]-c-hpw `u- Xn-I-hp-am-bn sI-´p-d-Πp-≈ H-cp k-aq-l-am-bn tI-c-f ap-kv-enw-I-sf am- ¡n-sb-Sp-°p∂-Xn¬ -thm-∞m- m-b-I¿ h-en-b ]-¶v h-ln-®p.-hn-izm- k-Øn-s‚ A-Sn-Ø-d-bn¬ X-s∂ -thm-∞m-w ]-Sp-Øp-b¿-Øn-b- Xn-m¬ ]-cn-h¿-Ø-w k-aq-l-Øn-s‚ m-m `m-K-ß-tf-bpw kv-]¿- in-®p. a-X-]-c-am-bpw hn-Zym-`ym-k-]-c-am-bpw cm-{„o-b-am-bpw km-º-Øn- I-am-bpw k-aq-lw ap-t∂m-´p-Ip-Xn-®p. k-øn-Zv k-m-D-√ a-‡n X-߃,
  32. 32. P-am-ep-±o≥ au-e-hn, h-°w A-–p¬ Jm-Zn¿ au-e-hn, sI Fw au-e- hn, sI Fw ko-Xn km-ln-v, Nm-en-e-I-Øv Ip-™-l-Ω-Zv lm-Pn, C sI au-e-hn, C. sam-bv-Xp au-e-hn Xp-S-ßn-b-h¿ -thm-∞m- in¬-Πn-I-fn ¬ Nn-e¿ am-{X-am-Wv. 1921 ¬ cq-]o-Ir-X-am-b tI-c-f ap-kv-enw sF-Iy-kw- L-Øn-s‚ cq-]o-I-c-W-Øn-p ti-jw, 1924 ¬ tI-c-f-Øn-se ap-gp-h≥ ap-…nw ]-fin-X-Σm-sc-bpw Dƒ-sIm-≈n-®p sIm-≠v tI-c-f Pw-C-ø-Øp ¬ D-e-a F-∂ kw-L-S- cq-]o-Ir-X-am-bn. 1950 ¬ B-Wv _-lp-P- -߃-°m-bn tI-c-f -Zv-h-Øp¬ ap-Pm-ln-Zo≥ cq-]o-Ir-X-am-b-Xv.- {]-t_m-[--Øn¬ {]-hm-N-I≥-am-cp-sS am¿-§w ]n-¥p-S-c-W-sa-∂v n¿--‘-ap-≈ ap-Pm-ln-Zp-Iƒ hn-izm-k cw-K-sØ hn-a-eo-I-c-W-am- Wv {]-Y-a Zu-Xy-am-bn G-s¡-Sp-Ø-Xv. hn-izm-kw ]-hn-{X-am-hm-sX H-cm- fp-sS-bpw bm-sXm-cp I¿-Ω-ß-fpw kzo-I-cn-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bn-√ F-∂-Xn- m¬ a-X {]-t_m-[--Øn-s‚ Im-ºpw- Im-X-ep-am-bn-cn-°-Ww Xu-lo-Zv F-∂v {]-ÿm-w F-°m-e-Øpw I¿-i- n-e-]m-Sv kzo-I-cn-°p-∂p. P- -ß-fp-sS C-„-ß-tfm A-`n-{]m-b-ß-tfm ]-cn-K-Wn-°m-sX "k-Xyw ]-d-bp-I A-Xv F-{X I-bv-]p-≈-Xm-bm-epw' F-∂-Xm-Wv {]-ÿm-- Øn-s‚ -bw, C-„-ap-≈-h¿-°v kzo-I-cn-°mw.-.-A-s√-¶n¬ n-cm-I-cn- °mw.-.-.- GsX-¶nepw kw-L-S--bn-te-t°m, t-Xm-°-fn-tet°m A√, A√m-lp-hn-te°pw Ah-s‚ a-XØn-te-°p-am-Wv ap-Pm-ln-Zv {]-ÿm- w P-ß-sf £-Wn-°p-∂-Xv. {]-ÿm--Ønepw kw-L-S--bnepw G-Xp hen-b t-Xm-hm-bn-cp-∂mepw a-X-Øn-s-Xncm-b n-e-]m-Sp-Iƒ kzo- I-cn-®m¬ Ah-sc D-]-tZ-in-°mpw Xn-cp-Øm-pap-≈ B¿-÷-h-am-Wv ap-Pm-ln-Zp-Iƒ F-°m-eØpw Im-Wn-®n-´p-≈Xv. a-Xw ]m-en-°p-∂-Xnepw {]-t_m[-w sN-øp-∂-Xnepw IWniamb n-e-]m-Sp-Iƒ kzo-I-cn-°p- ∂-Xn-m-em-Wv {]-ÿm--Øn¬ n∂pw ]-e-tΠm-gm-bn hy-‡n-Ifpw kw- L-ßfpw th¿-]n-cn-™p t]m-bXv. a-c-W-Øn-p ti-jw.-.- h¿-≤n-®p h-cp-∂ B-tKm-f Xm-]-w.- a-en--am-bn-s°m-≠- n-cn-°p-∂ sh-≈-hpw hm-bp-hpw {]-Xn-tcm-[n-°m-m-hm-Ø am-dm tcm-K-߃.-n-b- {¥n-°m-m-hm-Ø {]-Ir-Xn Zp-c-¥-߃.- tem-Iw m-i-Øn-te-°v Ip-Xn- °pI-bm-tWm F-∂v kw-i-bn-°m-hp-∂ H-´--h-[n Im-c-W-߃-°n-S-bn-em- Wv a-p-jy-s‚ Po-hn-Xw. {]-]-©w H-cp-mƒ X-I¿-∂-a-cpw. {]-Im-i-tØ-°mƒ th-K-X-bn¬ {]-]-©w hn-I-kn-®p-sIm-≠-n-cn-°p-∂p F-∂v im-kv-{Xw.-h-en-sbm-cp _- eq-Wn¬ Im-¡v n-d-®p -sIm-t- ≠-b- n-cp-∂m¬ F-¥m-Wp-≠m-hp-I.-.-? {]- 32
  33. 33. ]-© hn-Im-k-Øn-s‚ A-h-km-w, F-√mw X-I¿-∂-Sn-bp-∂ H-cp s]m-´n-sØ- dn-tbm k-t¶m-N-tam im-kv-{Xw Im-tXm¿-°p-∂p. a-c-Ww Po-hn-X-Øn- s‚ A-h-km--a-√. A--iz-c-am-b A--¥-am-b a-s¡m-cp Po-hn-X-Øn- te-°p-≈ {]-th-in-I am-{X-am-Wv a-c-Ww.- B-Im-iw ]n-f-cp-tºmƒ, A-Xv A-Xn-s‚ c-£n-Xm-hn-v Io-gv-s]- Sp-I-bpw sN-øp-tºmƒ-˛ A-Xv (A-ß-s Io-gv-s]-Sm≥) I-S-sΠ-´n-cn-°p-∂p-Xm-pw.-`q-an o-´-sΠ-Sp-tºmƒ A-Xn-ep-≈- Xv A-Xv (]p-d-tØ-°v)C-Sp-I-bpw,A-Xv Im-en-bm-bn-Øo-cp-I-bpw sN-øp-tºmƒ A-Xn-s‚ c-£n-Xm-hn-v A-Xv Io-gv-s]-Sp- I-bpw sN-øp-tºmƒ-˛ A-Xv (A-ß-s Io-gv-s]-Sm≥) I-S-sΠ- ´n-cn-°p-∂p Xm-pw. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 84:1,2,3,4,5) A-tΠmƒ mw n-ß-sf hr-Ym kr-jv-Sn-®-Xm-sW-∂pw, -Ωp-sS A-Sp-°-te-°v n-߃ a-S-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bn-s√-∂pw n-߃ I-W-°m-°n-bn-cn-°p-I-bm-tWm.-.-.-? (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 23:115) G-sXm-cp tZ-l-hpw a-c-Ww B-kz-Zn-°p-∂-Xm-Wv. n-ß-fp-sS {]-Xn-^-e-߃ D-bn¿-sØ-gp-t∂¬-]n-s‚ m-fn¬ am-{X-ta n-߃-°v ]q¿-Æ-am-bn ¬-I-sΠ-Sp-I-bp-≈q. A-tΠmƒ B-cv -c-I-Øn¬ n-∂v A-I-‰n-n¿-Ø-sΠ-Sp-I-bpw kz¿-K-Øn ¬ {]-th-in-Πn-°-sΠ-Sp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p-thm A-h-m-Wv hn-P-bw t-Sp-∂-Xv. sF-ln-I- Po-hn-Xw- I--fn-Πn-°p-∂ H-cp hn-`-h-a-√m-sX a-s‰m-∂p-a-√. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 3:185) -ap-s°m-cp kz-]v--ap-≠v. ]m-h-sΠ-´-h-pw ]-W-°m-c-pw H-cp-t] m-se o-Xn e-`n-°p-∂ H-cp tem-Iw.-th-Z--bpw Zp-cn-X-ß-fpw A-√-ep- I-fp-an-√m-Ø H-cp Po-hn-Xw.-]n-Sn-In-´m-Ø Ip-¡-hm-fn-I-sf ]-c-ky hn- Nm-c-W sN-øp-∂ H-cp Zn-h-kw.-]p-d-sa Nn-cn-°p-I-bpw D-≈n¬ ]-I-bpw hn-tZz-j-hpw sh-®p ]p-e¿-Øp-I-bpw sN-øp-∂-h-cp-sS I-]-S ap-J-߃ h-en-®p-Io-dp-∂ H-cp k-μ¿-`w.-A-p-`-hn-® th-Z--Iƒ-°v Xr-]v-Xn-I-c-am-b H-cp ]-cn-lm-cw.-B-cp-a-dn-bm-sX, A-dn-b-W-sa-∂m-{K-ln-°m-sX sN-bv- X -Σ-Iƒ-°v A¿-ln-°p-∂ H-cp Aw-Ko-Im-cw. 33
  34. 34. a-p-jy a-- n-se kz-]v--ß-sf-√mw Cu tem-I-Øv X-s∂ ]q¿- Øo-I-cn-°p-I km-[y-a-√. h-c-≠p-W-ßn-b `q-an-bn¬ a-g s]-øp-tºmƒ ho-≠pw sN-Sn-Iƒ D-≠m-hp-sa-¶n¬, a-c-W k-am--am-b D-d-°-Øn¬ - ∂v -ap-°v ho-≠pw D-W-cm-m-hp-sa-¶n¬, a-cn-®p a-Æm-b-Xn-∂v ti-j-hpw mw ]p-¿-P-n-°p-I X-s∂ sN-øpw.-B-flm-hv am-{X-a-√ -Ωp-sS 34 i-co-c-hpw ]p-:-kr-„n-°-sΠ-Spw. D-bn¿-sØ-gp-t∂¬-]n-s‚ m-fp-sIm≠-v Rm-n-Xm k-Xyw sN-øp-∂ p. Ip-‰-sΠ-Sp-Øp-∂ a-- n-s-s°m-≠pw Rm≥ k-Xyw sN-bv-Xp ]-d-bp-∂p.-a-p-jy≥ hn-Nm-cn-°p-∂p-t≠m; mw A-h- s‚ F-√p-I-sf H-cp-an-®p-Iq-´p-I-bn-s√-∂v? A-sX, mw A-h- s‚ hn-c¬-Øp-ºp-I-sf t]m-epw i-cn-sΠ-Sp-Øm≥ I-gn-hp- ≈-h-m-bn-cn-s°. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 75:1,2,3,4) Ip-‰-hm-fn-Iƒ-°pw A-[¿-Ω-Im-cn-Iƒ-°pw Xo-cm Zp-J-hpw, kp-Ir- Xw sN-bv-X-h¿-°v k-am-[m--hpw ¬-Ip-∂-Xm-bn-cn-°pw ]p--cp-∞m- w. Ip-¡-hm-fn-Iƒ A-∂v `-b-hn-lz-e-cm-Ipw ap-e-Ip-Sn-°p-∂ Ip-™p-ß- sf am-Xm-°ƒ a-d-∂v t]m-hpw.-H-c-Wp-thm-fw Xn-Σ t]m-epw {]-Z¿-in- Πn-°-sΠ-Spw.- -Ωp-sS A-h-b-h-߃ -ap-s°-Xn-cm-bn km-£n ]-d-bpw.- _-lp-ssZ-hm-cm-[-I¿ hn-Nm-c-W t]m-ep-an-√m-sX -c-I-Øn-te-°v h-en-s ®-dn-b-sΠ-Spw.-I-]-S hn-izm-kn-Iƒ -c-I-Øn-s‚ A-Sn-Ø-´n-te-°v ]n- Sn-®v h-en-°-sΠ-Spw.-]-c-kv-]-cw D-]-{Z-hn-® ar-K-߃-°v t]m-epw {]m-b- ›n-Øw ¬-I-sΠ-Spw.- hn-fn-®p {]m¿-∞n-®n-cp-∂ ssZ-h-߃ ssI-sh- Sn-bpw. lm.-.-F-{X `-bm--I-c-am-bn-cn-°pw A-Xv.- F-∂m¬ sN-In-S-S-Πn-°p-∂ B i-v-Zw h-∂m¬ A-Xm-b- Xv a-p-jy≥ X-s‚ k-tlm-Z-c-s hn-´v Hm-Sn-tΠm-Ip-∂ Zn-h-kw.- X-s‚ am-Xm-hn-s-bpw ]n-Xm-hn-s-bpw. X-s‚ `m-cy-sb-bpw a-°-sf-bpw A-h-cn¬-sΠ-´ Hm-tcm a-p-jy-pw X-n-°v a-Xn-bm-hp-∂-{X (Nn-¥m) hn-j-bw A-∂v D-≠m-bn-cn-°pw.- A- ∂v Nn-e ap-J-߃ {]-k-∂-X-bp-≈-h-bm-bn-cn-°pw Nn-cn-°p- ∂-h-bpw k-t¥m-jw sIm-≈p-∂-h-bpw sh-sd Nn-e ap-J-ß-fm- I-s´ A-∂v s]m-Sn ]p-c-≠n-cn-°pw.-A-h-sb Iq-cn-cp-´v aq-Sn-bn- cn-°pw A-°q-´-cm-Ip-∂p A-hn-izm-kn-I-fpw A-[¿-Ω-Im-cn- I-fp-am-bn-´p-≈-h¿. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 80:33..-42) kp-Ir-X-hm≥-am-cm-I-s´ A-∂v k-t¥m-j-Øn-em-bn-cn-°pw. A-h- cp-sS ap-J-߃ {]-Im-i ]q-cn-X-am-bn-cn-°pw.-F-√m `-b-ß-fn ¬ n-∂pw kp-c-£n-X-cm-bn-cn-°pw.-am-em-J-am¿ A-h-sc kzm-
  35. 35. K-Xw sN-øpw.-G-‰-hpw h-en-b B kw-{`-aw A-h¿-°v `o-Xn D- ≠m-°p-I-bn-√. B¿ ≥-a-bpw sIm-≠v h-t∂m A-h-v (A- ∂v) A-Xn-s-°mƒ D-Ø-a-am-b-Xv D-≠m-bn-cn-°pw.- A-∂v `- b-hn-lz-e-X-bn¬ n-∂v A-h¿ kp-c-£n-X-cm-bn-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-øpw. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 27 : 89) n-߃-°v hm-Kv-Zm-w sN-ø-sΠ-´n-cp-∂ n-ß-fp-tS-Xm-b Zn-h- k-am-Wn-Xv F-∂v ]-d-™v sIm≠v a-e-°p-Iƒ A-h-sc kzm-K-Xw sN-øp-∂-Xm-Wv. (hn-ip-≤- -Jp¿-B≥: 21:103) 35 -c-Iw.-.- k-Xy-hn-izm-kn-I-tf, kz-tZ-l-ß-sf-bpw n-ß-fp-sS _-‘p- °-sf-bpw a-p-jy-cpw I-√p-I-fpw C-‘--am-bn-´p-≈ -c-Im- Kv-n-bn¬ n-∂v n-߃ Im-Øp-c-£n-°p-I.-A-Xn-s‚ ta¬- tm-´-Øn-v ]-cp-j-kz-`m-h-ap-≈-h-cpw A-Xn-i-Iv-X≥-am-cp-am-b a-e-°p-I-fp-≠m-bn-cn-°pw. A-√m-lp A-h-tcm-Sv I¬-]n-®- Im-cy-Øn¬-A-h-tm-S-h¿ A-p-k-c-W-t°-Sv Im-Wn-°p-I-bn- √. A-h-tcm-Sv I¬-]n-°-sΠ-Sp-∂-Xv F-¥pw A-h¿ {]-h¿-Øn- °p-I-bpw-sN-øpw (hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥: 66:6) .-.-.-a-p-jy-cpw I-√p-I-fpw C-‘--am-bn I-Øn-°-sΠ-Sp-∂ -c- Im-Kv-n-sb n-߃ Im-Øp kq-£n-®p-sIm-≈p-I. k-Xy-n-tj-[ n-Iƒ-°p-th-≠n H-cp-°n-sh-°-sΠ-´-Xm-Ip-∂p A-Xv. (hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥: 2:24 ) C-S-Xp-]-£-°m¿, F-¥m-Wo C-S-Xp-]-£-°m-cp-sS A-h-kv- Y! Xp-f-®p I-b-dp-∂ D-jv-W-Im-‰v, Np-´p-Xn-f-°p-∂ sh-≈w. X-Wp-Πp-≈-tXm, kp-J-Zm-b-I-tam A-√m-Ø I-cn-ºp-I-bp-sS X-W¬.-.-. (hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥: 56:41,42,43,44 ) A-Xn--Sp-Øv ( -c-I-Øn--Sp-Øv ) h-cm-Ø-h-cm-bn n-ß-fn ¬ B-cpw X-s∂-bn-√.-n-s‚ c-£n-Xm-hn-s‚ J-Wv-Un-X-hpw -S-Πn-em-°-sΠ-Sp-∂-Xp-am-b H-cp-Xo-cp-am--am-Ip-∂p A-Xv . ]n- ∂o-Sv [¿-Ω-n-jvT ]m-en-®-h-sc mw c-£-sΠ-Sp-Øp-I-bpw,A- {I-an-I-sf ap-´p-Ip-Øn-b-h-cm-bn-s°m-≠v mw A-Xn¬ hn-t´- °p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂-Xm-Wv.-(hn-ip-≤ Jp¿-B≥: 19:71,72)
  36. 36. 36 B¿-°m-Wv -c-Iw.-.- z A-√m-lp-hn¬ ]-¶p tN¿-°p-∂-h¿-°v z A-≈m-lp-hn-s [n-°-cn-°p-∂-h¿-°v z {]-hm-N-I-s [n-°-cn-°p-∂-h¿-°v z hn-[n hn-izm-k-sØ I-f-hm-°p-∂-h¿-°v z -a-kv-Im-cw D-t]-£n-°p-∂-h¿-°v z A-lv-ep- p-∂-Øn-tm-Sv F-Xn-cm-hp-∂ I-£n-Iƒ-°v z Zo≥ _-en-¬-tI-≠-n h-∂n-´pw ln-Pv-d t]m-Im-Ø-h¿-°v z -n-bp-sS t]-cn¬ I-f-hv ]-d-bp-∂-h¿-°v z A-l-¶m-cn-Iƒ-°v z N-Xn-bpw Ip-X-{¥-hpw sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v z l-dm-am-b-Xv `-£n-°p-∂-h¿-°v z h-kv-{Xw h-en-®n-g-°p-∂- ]pcpjΣm¿°v z a--Πq¿-Δw sIm-e-sN-bv-X-h-∂v z A-tym-yw hm-tfm-ßp-∂-h¿-°v z ]-tcm-]-{Z-hw sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v z ]-en-i `p-Pn-°p-∂-h¿-°v z P--ß-fp-sS [-w A-ym-b-am-bn `-£n-°p-∂-h¿-°v z A-m-Y-I-fp-sS kz-Øv Xn-∂p-∂-h¿-°v z cq-]-ß-fp-≠m-°p-∂-h¿-°v z A-{I-an-I-tfm-Sv ]-£w tN-cp-∂-h¿-°v z -·-X sh-fn-hm-°p-∂ kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°v z ar-K-ß-sf t{Zm-ln-°p-∂-h¿-°v z B-flm¿-∞-X-bn-√m-sX hn-⁄m-w tX-Sp-∂-h¿-°v z B-fl-l-Xy sN-øp-∂-h¿-°v z kz¿-Æw [-cn-°p-∂ ]p-cp-j≥-am¿-°v z a-Zy-]m-n-Iƒ-°v z ]-d-bp-∂-Xv {]-h¿-Øn-°m-Ø {]-t_m-[-I¿-°v z A-b¬-hm-kn-sb D-]-{Z-hn-°p-∂-h¿-°v... ............................
  37. 37. 37 kz¿-Kw.-.- kz¿-W-Øn-s‚ X-fn-I-I-fpw ]m--]m-{X-ß-fpw A-h¿-°v Np- ‰pw sIm-≠p -S-°-sΠ-Spw. a-- p-Iƒ sIm-Xn-°p-∂-Xpw I-Æp- Iƒ-°v B--μ-I-c-hp-am-b Im-cy-߃ A-hn-sS D-≠m-bn-cn-° pw.- n-߃ A-hn-sS n-Xy-hm-kn-I-fm-bn-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-øpw (43:71) hn-iz-kn-°p-I-bpw k¬-I¿-Ω-߃ {]-h¿-Øn-°p-I-bpw sN-bv- X-h-sc, Xm-gv-`m-K-Øp-Iq-Sn -Zn-Iƒ H-gp-Ip-∂ kz¿-K-tØm- Πp-I-fn¬ Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-√m-lp {]-th-in-Πn-°p-∂-Xm-Wv.- A-h¿-°-hn-sS kz¿-W-h-f-I-fpw ap-Øpw A-Wn-bn-°-sΠ-Sp- ∂-Xm-Wv. ]-´m-bn-cn-°pw A-h¿-°v A-hn-sS-bp-≈ h-kv-{Xw (22:23) A--iz-c Po-hn-Xw ¬-I-sΠ-´ Nn-e Ip-´n-Iƒ A-h¿-°n-S-bn-eq- sS Np-‰n -S-∂p-sIm-≠p-an-cn-°pw. A-h-sc o I-≠m¬ hn-X-dn-b-ap-Øp-I-fm-Wv A-h-sc-∂v o hn-Nm-cn-°pw (76:19) A-ß-s-bm-Ip-∂p ( A-h-cp-sS A-h-kv-Y. ) hn-im-e-am-b t-{X-ß-fp-≈ sh-fp-Ø kv-{Xo-I-sf A-h¿-°v C-W-I-fm-bn- ¬-Ip-I-bpw sN-øpw (44:54) Xo¿-®-bm-bpw kz¿-K-hm-kn-Iƒ A-∂v Hm-tcm-tPm-en-bn-em-bn- s°m-≠v kp-J-a-p-`-hn-°p-∂-h-cm-bn-cn-°pw (36:55) A-h-cpw A-h-cp-sS C-W-I-fpw X-W-ep-I-fn¬ A-ew-Ir-X-am-b- I-´n-ep-I-fn¬ Nm-cn-bn-cn-°p-∂-h cm-bn-cn-°pw (36: 56) A-Xn--I-Øv A-h-cp-sS {]m¿-Xv-Y- A-√m-lp-th, n--°v kv-tXm-{Xw F-∂m-bn-cn-°pw. A-Xn--I-Øv A-h¿-°p-≈ A- `n-hm-Zyw- k-am-[m-w! F-∂m-bn-cn-°pw.-A-h-cp-sS {]m¿-Xv-Y- -bp-sS A-h-km-w tem-I-c-£n-Xm-hm-b A-√m-lp-hn-v kv- Xp-Xn F-∂m-bn-cn-°pw. (10:10)
  38. 38. -c-I-hpw kz¿-K-hpw `q-an-bn¬ X-s∂ F-¶n¬...? o-Xn-sb-hn-sS.-.-? q-dv t]-sc sIm-∂ sIm-e-]m-X-In-sb `u-Xn-I n-b-a-߃-°v F-{X X-h-W Xq-°n-s°m-√m-m-hpw.- B-flm¿-∞-X-°v Aw-Ko-Im-c-sa-hn-sS.-.-? B-flm¿-∞-am-bn ]-Wn-sb-Sp-°p-∂ H-cp sXm-gn-em-fn,ap-X-em-fn Im- Wp-tºmƒ am-{Xw ]-Wn-sb-Sp-°p-∂-Xm-bn -Sn-°p-∂ a-s¡m-cmƒ. c-≠p t]¿-°pw H-tc i-º-fw.- kp-J Po-hn-Xw F-hn-sS.-.-? am-dm-tcm-K-hp-am-bn P-n-°p-I-bpw tcm-K-Øn¬ X-s∂ a-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p Nn-e¿.- k-Xyw F-∂v ]p-d-Øv h-cpw.-.-? n-b-a ]m-e-I-cpw n-b-a tIm-S-Xn-I-fpw F-{X {i-an-®n-´pw ]n-Sn-In-´m-Ø B-bn-c-°-W-°n-v Ip-¡-hm-fn-Iƒ -Σ-bpw Xn-Σ-bpw Xp-ey-am-hp-tam.-.-? -Σ-I-fn¬ am-{Xw Po-hn-°p-∂p Nn-e¿. a-¡p Nn-e-cm-I-s´ Xn-Σ-I-fn¬ X-s∂-bpw. F-√m-h¿-°pw H-tc Po-hn-Xw.-.-H-tc `q-an.-. H-tc ku-I-cy-߃.- o-Xn-]q¿-Δ-I-am-b a-c-W-sa-hn-sS.-.-? Ip-¡-hm-fn-Iƒ-°pw A-[¿-Ω-Im-cn-Iƒ-°pw kp-J a-c-Ww.-km-aq-ly m-b-I¿-°pw t-Xm-°ƒ-°pw Xq-°p-a-c-hpw sh-Sn-bp-≠-bpw.- B-cv in-£ ¬-Ipw.-.-? F-√m-h¿-°pw A-dn-bmw A-h-cm-Wv Ip-¡w sN-bv-X-sX-∂v.-I-≠-h-cp- - ≠v, km-£n-I-fp-≠-v, ]-s£ kzm-[o--hpw -ip-]m¿-i-bpw h-gn Ip-¡- hm-fn-Iƒ am-y-cm-bn -S-°p-∂p.- 38
  39. 39. 39 hn-S-]-d-bpw ap≥-]v.-.- -tΩm-Sv k-Ω-Xw tNm-Zn-°m-sX, F-tΠm-sg-∂-dn-bm-sX I-S-∂p h-cp- ∂ A-Xn-Yn-bm-Wv a-c-Ww. a-c-W-Øn-p ap-ºv ssZ-h-sØ Ip-dn-®pw, a-c- Wm--¥-c Po-hn-X-sØ Ip-dn-®pw hy-‡-am-b Nn-e Im-gv-N-Πm-Sp-Iƒ cq- ]-sΠ-Sp-Øn-sb-Sp-°p-I-bpw, A-Xn-∂-p-kr-X-am-bn Po-hn-Xw {I-a-sΠ-Sp-Øp- I-bpw sN-bv-Xn-s√-¶n¬ Xo-cm--„-Øn-em-bn-cn-°pw -Ωp-sS bm-{X A-h-km-n-°p-I. a-c-W-Øn-∂-Πp-dw t]m-epw -Ωp-sS k-l-Po-hn-Iƒ th-Z-n-°-cp-tX F-∂ kv-t-l-Øn-s‚, Kp-W-Imw-£-bp-sS ]-cn-Wn-X-cq-]- am-Wv Cu h-cn-I-fn¬. hn-⁄m--Øn-s‚ a-lm-k-ap-{Z-sØ H-cp sIm-®p t]-S-I-Øn-sem-Xp-°-p∂-Xns‚ ]-cn-an-Xn-Iƒ G-sd-bp-≠.-v-F-∂m-epw {k-„m-hn-s‚ a-X-sØ-Ip-dn-®v H-cp Dƒ-Im-gv-N ¬-Im≥ Cu sIm- ®p-]p-kv-X-I-Øn-v km-[y-am-bn F-∂p hn-Nm-cn-°p-∂p.- hm-bn-®-dn-™, tI-´-dn-™ Im-cy-߃ a-- n-cp-Øn q-dp h-´w B-tem- Nn-°p-I. kw-i-b-߃ Xo¿-°m≥ C-n-bpw A-h-k-c-ß-fp-≠v. k- Xy-sa-∂p t_m-[y-sΠ-Sp-∂p-sh-¶n¬ [o-c-am-bn Dƒ-sIm-≈p-I Cu k-tμ-iw A-dn-bm-Ø-h¿-°v F-Øn-®p sIm-Sp-°p-I F-∂ D-Ø- c-hm-Zn-Ø n¿-Δ-l-W-Øn-s‚ `m-Kw Iq-Sn-bm-Wv C-Xv. Cu Zu-Xyw Ip-sd-sb-¶n-epw n¿-Δ-ln-°-sΠ-´p F-∂p X-s∂-bm-Wv hn-iz-kn-°p-∂- Xv. Xo-cp-am-n-t°-≠-Xv n-ß-fm-Wv.-.-.-n-߃ am-{Xw.-kzo-I-cn-®m-ep-≈ Kp-W-ß-fpw n-cm-I-cn-®m-ep-≈ Zp-c-¥-ß-fpw n-߃ am-{X-am-Wv A-p- `-hn-t°-≠- n h-cn-I.- A-√m-lp-hn-s‚ {]o-Xn-bpw ]-c-tem-I c-£-bp-a-√m-sX n-ß-fn¬ n- ∂p H-cp ]p-©n-cn t]m-epw R-߃ Xn-cn-®p {]-Xo-£n-°p-∂n-√.-kv-t- l-Øn¬ Nm-en-s®-gp-Xn-b Cu A-£-c-߃ -ap-s°-Xn-sc ]-c-tem-I-Øv km-£n n¬-°m-Xn-cn-°-s´ F-∂v B-{K-ln-°p-I.- a-p-jy-cm-cm-sW-∂pw Po-hn-X-sa-¥m-sW-∂pw ]-co-£-W-ß-sf-¥n- m-sW-∂pw a-- n-em-°n {k-jv-Sm-hn-s am-{Xw B-cm-[n-®v ssZ-hn-I {]-am-W-߃ am-{Xw A-h-ew-n-®v D-≈pw ]p-d-hpw ip-≤o-I-cn-®v ]-c-tem- I -Σ-°v th-≠-n A-≤zm-n-®v ]-co-£-W-ß-fn¬ hn-P-bn-®v Xr-]v- Xn-b-S-™ B-flm-°-fm-bn {k-jv-Sm-hn-te-°v Xn-cn-®v t]m-Ip-hm≥ {i-an- °p-I.-A-Xn-p-th-≠-n ]m-Sp-s]-Sp-I, {]m¿-∞n-°p-I, m-Y≥ A-p-{K-ln-°-s´.-.. Bao≥
  40. 40. Published by: General Convenor Ekp complex, Kallai road, Kozhikkode 2. Kerala, India

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