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Dedicated Server


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Virtual Private Servers offer with dedicated CPU RAM and storage capacity in a fraction of the cost of dedicated palvelimia.XLHost VPS solution is based on an industry standard platform for parallel Virtuozzo Containers which allows users to fully control their virtual server (s). In addition, full control of data and applications is quite different from other users to provide better security. XLHost using enterprise-level systems with two processors, ECC RAM, and RAID to ensure maximum performance and availability of our node equipment. We offer Virtual Private Servers running various versions of Linux and Windows.

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Dedicated Server

  1. 1. Email – Id : billing@xlhost.comSpeak To Our Experts-1-614-794-5971
  2. 2. ABOUT XLHOST XLHost is a privately held organization in Columbus, OH.The parent company of XLHost has been involved in providing qualityinternet access and hosting services since 1993. One of the very firstdedicated server and virtual web hosting companies in the world, eNETInc. designed what is most likely the very first remote reset device evercreated. eNET steadily grew from a local Internet Service Provider inthe 1990s into a regional Internet leader with presence in many majorcities. Once mass adoption of the internet took hold and broadbandbecame more common, the demand for dedicated servers and hostingexpanded at an exponential rate.XLHost was created in 2000 as a result of the new demand for fasterand more reliable everything. Networks, servers, operatingsystems, and even datacenters evolved at a blistering pace during theearly 2000s. XLHost has always remai
  3. 3. Dedicated Server A Dedicated Server is a single computer on a web-hostingnetwork that is leased or rented, and dedicated to just onecustomer. A service provider monitors the computer’shardware, network connectivity, and routingequipment, while the customer generally controls andmaintains the server software. Dedicated servers are mostoften used by those who’ve outgrown typical hostingaccounts and now require massive amounts of data spaceand bandwidth, those with mission critical web sites, webhosting companies, or those who have special needs.Dedicated servers are housed in data centers, where serviceproviders can monitor them close-up and have hands-onaccess to them.
  4. 4. Dedicated ServersServers Servers
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE HARDWARE XLHost has been offering dedicated servers since 1995. Since thattime we have learned that although enterprise grade hardwarecosts more, the benefits in terms of reliability and performancecreate a premier experience for our customers. Through ourrelationships with our partners we are able to provide ourcustomers with enterprise dedicated hosting solutions withvalue that other hosting providers simply cannot match.
  6. 6. Cloud ServersCloud servers from XLHost are virtualmachines that provide resizablecomputing resources. Through a simpleweb interface you can create, scale, andoperate your cloud servers. You pay onlyfor the resources you use. XLHost cloudservers were designed to work inconjunction with or independently ofother XLHost services.
  7. 7. System Admin Plus - System Administration Plus from XLHostis a managed hosting service designed to allow you to focus onserving your customers, instead of serving your servers. Thisoptional service includes two hours (more is available on a usageor monthly basis) per month of expert system administration bythe XLHost team.
  8. 8. Xhost Soluctions KVM Over IP Solution - With companies all over theworld outsourcing their IT infrastructure; operating systembased server management solutions such as SSH, VNC, andRemote Desktop (RDP) have come a long way from the days ofbeing merely a convenience. Many companies rely on thesetechnologies on a daily basis to allow them to manage theirdedicated servers and other hosted services. While thesetechnologies often offer a high level of reliability, flexibility, andperformance there are certain situations where hardware basedserver management technology can be crucial to the constantoperation of an online business.
  9. 9. HostingDiscounted DedicatedhostingDedicated Server hostingWhether you need one or onehundred dedicatedservers, XLHost offersunbeatable performance andvalue for businesses andenterprises of all sizes seeking toincrease productivity and reduceIT spending…. Our Discount Rack dedicatedservers are backed by thesame support and SLAs as allof our dedicated servers.Inventory changes often socheck back on a regular basisto save big.
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