Local Sport, Global Passion


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  • Immediate information and convenience of access
  • Papis Demba Cisse 2nd goal
  • Local Sport, Global Passion

    1. 1. Local Sport, Global PassionMicro-workers reports scores and information about local sport eventsFans around the world empowered with immediate access to sport information Sustaining passion
    2. 2. SP RT Sport generates passion!Local National International
    3. 3. Why?Scenario 1: Amadou is living in Senegal. He is a fan of local soccerchampionships. He supports the Dakar Rusfisque team. He cannot go to thestadium because it is too expensive or because he works in the evening. Hegenerally waits for the newspaper of the next day to get the game results.Scenario 2: Balla lives in Spain but he wants to know the results of the team ofits neighborhood in Senegal during the winter league championship. He is faraway from his country but remember the excitement of the stadium. Hesupported the team of his neighborhood. He generally calls his friend to knowhow his team is doing.Scenario 3: The Ministry of Sport wants to know how many soccer games tookplace during the local soccer championships in Senegal in 2010. Unfortunatelythe data was gathered on paper and nobody can find them..? • How fast can I access sport information? • Where and how can I find the sport results? Reporting of sport results requires a sophisticated infrastructure that is taken for granted in the developed world What about in the developing world?
    4. 4. There is interest in local content in sporthttp://www.coca-colanaija.com/en/copa/index.html
    5. 5. There is interestin local content in sport
    6. 6. How does How many fights didWhat is the live Mister T win?score of France - it work?Spain? Basketball Soccer Server How many soccer games took Micro-workers place in submit 2011? information vorite yer is Users get The fa all pla information ba sketb ker Wresting Ton y Par
    7. 7. How Does it Work for Micro-workers? Submission of the Sport Information• Submission via formatted SMS, app or the mobile web• Micro-workers register to become trusted reporters and focus on particular sports / locations• Micro-workers are paid small amounts Checking the reliability of data by requesting cross- submissions
    8. 8. How Does it Work for the users?Query of the Sport Information and more • Sport information available on the web, through app, the mobile web, SMS and voice • Type of sport information: • Scores, number of games, best athletes… • Vote for favorite teams and athletes… to engage users • Social network to create communities and sustain passion! Checking of the satisfaction of the users through surveys
    9. 9. Multi-channel Solution to Access Sport Information Depending on users Fans (local) Fans around the world Press, radios, TVs Companies related to sport (e.g., Puma and Nike) Organizations related to sport (e.g., ministers)
    10. 10. Revenue Model• Micro-workers are in general fans of sport• Micro-workers get a small amount of money per games / event • If they submit data for 30 events they get a small token of appreciation • If they submit data for 50 events they get another token of appreciation • If they submit data for 100 events they are featured reporters and get a stipend Create incentives for micro- workers while growing a business
    11. 11. Revenue Model• Premium SMS and Voice service • One-time query or subscription model• Mobile apps with advertising and in-app purchase to access more information• Web site with advertising and premium services to access more information• One-time query or subscription model• Sponsored campaigns • E.g., Puma and Nike, social campaigns (health prevention)• Selling the database to radios, newspapers, online news web sites, sport organization, government agencies etc• Selling the users database to specific companies in sport (with respect to privacy)
    12. 12. A Scalable Solution – Local to Global Content• Adaptable and customizable worldwide• Soccer is popular worldwide• Baseball is popular is the US• Cricket is popular in India and Pakistan• Wrestling is popular in Senegal Local National International
    13. 13. Existing Solution to Future Solution Growth using Micro-WorkersWe want to expand our existing solution and want to use micro-workers to bring it to scale
    14. 14. Status of our Existing Solution Submission of Information Nawetaanlive•Nawetaans are winter leaguechampionships covering differenttypes of sports in Senegal•Staff submitted information of localsoccer games in Senegal • Use of a Java ME app • August to December 2011 • Thiès (50 kms from Dakar, the capital of Senegal) • 250 games were submitted•Digital information of local gamesavailable for future use, analysis Senegaland data mining
    15. 15. Status of our Existing Solution Java ME App Nawetaanlive • Name of the reporter • Information about the game (stadium, date, location…) • Recording of the goals (time, name of the soccer player) • End of the game • Forfeited game • etc
    16. 16. Status of our Existing Solution Retrieving Sport Information Nawetaanlive• Query of the live results by SMS (premium SMS using a short code) o Team scores, best scorer, number of goals / player…• Engagement of the public using SMS o Votes for the favorite players / teams o Comments reported on the (in French) website and Twitter
    17. 17. Status of our Existing Solution Retrieving Sport Information Nawetaanlive• Display of the live results on the web site http://nawetaanlive.com (in French)
    18. 18. Status of our Existing Solution Retrieving Sport Information Nawetaanlive (in French)
    19. 19. Existing Solution to Future Solution Growth using Micro-WorkersWe want to expand our existing solution and want to use micro-workers to bring it to scale