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Social sports poll overview short


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The Social Sports Poll by Coyle Media is a global survey of fans following sports team on Facebook & Twitter. The Poll is used by dozens of pro & college teams already. This deck provide overview.

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Social sports poll overview short

  1. 1. Invitation only – confidential – invitation only – confidential – invitation only - confidential Social Sports PollTM 2012 Opportunity Understand your social & mobile fans, increase the value of your digital fanchise
  2. 2. Why the Social Sports PollTM? • Most sports properties are struggling to keep pace with the rise of digital information and changes in digital technology • And change in the social world isn’t slowing down • In fact, fan behaviors and preferences are changing faster than ever • Sports properties need help sorting the noise from the real value. They need information they can use at a price that fits their budgets.Pat Coyle is founder of theSports Fan Graph TM and curator • Social Sports Poll is a dependable, affordable resource which helps sports properties understandof the Social Sports Poll TM social and mobile fans, and gain insights that can lead to increased revenue from digital.
  3. 3. Social & mobile sports fans on the rise! Global Sports fans following sports properties 400 million fans following sports 5 billion mobile phones, 85% access Web Social Sports Poll data 2011What is keeping your team from profiting?
  4. 4. Where’s the revenue? 64% believe there is But so far, all we can do is value in social… count followers and likes…
  5. 5. Team digital & marketing staffers are overwhelmedwith data and vendors and new technologies andputting out fires and meetings and games andsponsor needs and owner demands and and and…
  6. 6. Join the Social Sports Poll1. Purpose – To help sports properties to better understand fan opinions, preferences and behaviors in web, social media and mobile channels2. Participants – qualified professional and college teams, sports media3. Methodology – E surveys distributed via Facebook, Twitter, Web, E mail4. Analysis - Coyle Media + Indiana University School of Sports Management lead by Galen Clavio, PhD.5. Benefits – Valuable team specific + global market information, updated frequently, at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it on your own. Teams receive data / results from their fans along with a detailed report which reviews findings across all participating teams, and draws insights and application points.6. Opportunity – In addition to reports and data, participating teams are invited to collaborate with other teams on conference calls and in face-to-face meetings to dig deeper and find more ways to apply the findings.7. Timing – Surveys fielded quarterly to keep data fresh and relevant to the latest developments in fast-moving digital marketplace
  7. 7. Participating teams to date…NBA NCAA NFL NHL AFL / Rugby EPL / ICC North America Australia Europe …And growing!
  8. 8. Sample data • Social Media fan demographics, behaviors & preferences • Mobile fan behaviors • Web preferences • Team attitudes • And more
  9. 9. Let your fans direct your strategy Social Sports Poll TM • Information resource • Ongoing stream of data • Global perspective • Collaborative • Targeted • Efficient • VALUABLEBuild the value of your FANchise Use Social Sports Poll to sharpen your strategy, and drive ROI from social & mobile
  10. 10. To learn more, and to put the power of the Poll to work for you,contact: Pat Coyle 317-332-7878