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SMS Pharma is a service that provides up-to-date information on local health providers and availability of medicines. Micro-workers supply the required information. Users access the information through SMS, voice or an app. The service is scalable and can be adapted globally.

We launched part of the service in Senegal. Users can get the pharmacies that are open in 8 cities using SMS. We want to expand to more cities and countries and scale with micro-workers.

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SMS Pharma m2work

  1. 1. SMS Pharma: Locate Health Providers and Medicine in Developing Countries SMS Pharma provides information on health providers that are open and medications that are in stock Micro-workers supply up-to-date information SMS + Voice + App
  2. 2. Problem• Scenario 1: Mamadous child is having a high fever and needs immediate medical attention but he does not know if the clinic across town is open late at night. How can he find this information?• Scenario 2: Aminata did not fill out her last medication prescription. She was out of insulin on a weekend. Where can she find insulin?• Access to health information, access to health care, and prevention: these are common words when talking about health in developing countries. It is difficult to find reliable information on the location and operating hours of health providers (e.g. hospitals, clinics, pharmacies). In addition, it is not obvious to know what medications they have in stock.
  3. 3. Solution SMS Pharma  Micro-workers supply up-to-date information on local health providers (location and operation hours)  Micro-workers answer to broadcasted messages about availability of medication  A (premium) SMS service, an IVR system and a mobile app provide the requested information to users  We reach people comfortable with SMS and apps, and the one who are more comfortable with voice systems
  4. 4. Users• Everybody• Health professional and facilities• Health government agencies
  5. 5. Cloud SMS Short CodeMicro-workers How It Works Voice Server App Micro-workers supply up-to-date information by SMS (location, operation hours and medication availability) Micro-workers are paid a small amount of money for each submission Multiple submissions from separate micro-workers verify the accuracy of information Random calls to health facilities are made to verify the accuracy of information Users Users submit queries on their phone with SMS to a short code or call a specific number  ex. pharma dakar, medi insulin dakar to 12345 short code Users can access information through a mobile app Service charges users a small amount of money for each query Server returns information to users immediately
  6. 6. How It Works Location & Operation Hours Date: 3/3/2012 Query: pharma dakarMicro-workers Server Users Pharmacies X, Y and Z in Dakar are open from Answer: X, Y and Z are 8 am to 11 pm on open from 8 am to 11 Sunday 3/3/2012 pm on Sunday 3/3/2012 SMS SMS or Voice
  7. 7. How It Works Medication Availability Broadcast to micro-workers Date: 3/3/2012Micro-workers Query: medi insulin Micro-workers dakar Micro-workers Micro-workers Server Users Micro-workers Answer: insulin is Pharma X carries available at medi in insulin in Dakar Dakar Center 1 SMS SMS or Voice
  8. 8. How it Works? AppEnter your city: Pharmacies open in StSt Louis Louis on 4/1/2012: Pharmacy SoleilEnter the facility: Sun Street Phone: 77 888 0000Pharmacy Dr. SallSubmit Pharmacy Dakar Main Street Phone: 77 877 0000 Dr. Dieng
  9. 9. Advantages Saving lives and improving health all together! We are reaching users who are using their phones in different ways: SMS, voice, and apps  SMS and Voice work on all mobile devices without the need of applications or smartphones Users receive results instantaneously Users save time and money (i.e. no need to drive or take a taxi to find a health facility that is open) Little learning curve  Many users already know how to send SMS  Users know how to call someone  The mobile application is simple to use Service can be used to broadcasting health information for prevention (e.g. malaria awareness and anti-tobacco campaigns) Data gathered can be used by health professionals (e.g., medication the most requested) and organizations (e.g., health government agencies) This solution is scalable, sustainable and adaptable in different countries
  10. 10. Revenue Model• Premium SMS / voice for users• Mobile app with advertising• Sponsored advertising in SMS • E.g., pharmacies and drug companies • For each SMS received on the network, the operators generally allow 2 SMS to be sent back. One of the SMS is used for advertising.• Sponsored campaigns • E.g., malaria awareness, HIV/Aids prevention and anti- tobacco campaigns• Selling the data and reports to health organizations to change health policies and improve access to health
  11. 11. Existing Solution to Future Solution Growth using Micro-WorkersWe want to expand our existing solution and want to use micro-workers to bring it to scale
  12. 12. Existing Solution and Future We launched SMS Pharma in Senegal in June 2011 for users to know what pharmacies are open on nights and week-end We are covering 8 cities: Thiès, Dakar (2 neighborhoods), Mbour, Tivaouane, Saly, Tamba, Kaolack, and St Louis Information is gathered from pharmacist on a weekly, 3-month or 1-year basis This model is currently NOT based on micro-work. Micro-workers would permit scalability. Our goal is also to expand to more health facilities and also to other Senegal countries. We also want to add the component on the availability of medications.
  13. 13. What pharmacy is open on evenings and weekends? (in French)
  14. 14. Existing Solution to Future Solution Growth using Micro-WorkersWe want to expand our existing solution and want to use micro-workers to bring it to scale