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Mobile and Health: Our Current Initiatives in Senegal


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Presentation at SISDAK (Salon International de la Santé et du Matériel Médical de Dakar) on July 4th, 2012

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Mobile and Health: Our Current Initiatives in Senegal

  1. 1. Mobiles and Health: Our Current Initiatives in Senegal Christelle Scharff, PhDSoda Niang-Samb, Noumounthi Diao, Balla Diop Dieng SenMobile @senmobile
  2. 2. Problems• Scenario 1: Mamadous child is having a high fever and needs immediate medications but he does not know which pharmacy is open late at night. How can he find this information?• Scenario 2: Assane does not sleep under a mosquito net and his children don’t either. How can this change?• Access to health information, access to health care, health awareness, and prevention: these are common words when talking about health in developing countries.
  3. 3. Simple, localand sustainable solutions for health
  4. 4. SMS Pharma de Garde SMS Pharma de Garde provides information on pharmacies that are open on nights and weekends by SMS Premium service
  5. 5. How It Works Location & Operation Hours Date: 3/3/2012 Query: pharma dakar Data about locations and Server Usersoperation hours Pharmacies X, Y and Z in Dakar are open from Answer: X, Y and Z are 8 am to 11 pm on open from 8 am to 11 Sunday 3/3/2012 pm on Sunday 3/3/2012 SMS Community Different means to gather data
  6. 6. ;
  7. 7. Existing Solution and Future We launched SMS Pharma in Senegal in June 2011 for users to know what pharmacies are open on nights and weekends We are covering 13 cities: Dakar Centre1/Plateau1, Guediawaye, Kaolack, Louga, Mbour, Pikine, Thiès, Saly, St Louis, Tamba, Thiaroye, Tivaouane, et Yeumbeul We have a community of 2600 members on facebook Information is gathered and verified Our goal is also to expand to more types of health facilities and propose other services by SMS
  8. 8. JeggePharma• A free Web app for compatible Nokia phones (Series 40 Web apps) to know what pharmacies are open on nights and weekends
  9. 9. Pharmacies on a Map
  10. 10. Health and Children We developed a series of mobile apps for childrenFocus of the apps Apps are aligned with the Sound curriculum Icons / Images / Colors  Formes123 Avoid text  Lettres123 Developed in Java ME to Instant feedback and  Chiffres123 support a assessment  EduCivic123 wide range of phones Easy to use and good user  SuiteABC experience  Suite123 Makes learning fun  Coleurs123 Local content (culture,  Sante123 language, curriculum) Link parent / teacher with SMS
  11. 11. Sante123
  12. 12. Conclusions Simple steps in saving lives and improving health all together! We are reaching users who are using their phones in different ways: SMS and apps  SMS works on all mobile devices without the need of applications or smartphones  Apps requires some additional steps to be adopted (data access, phone literacy) SMS Pharma  Users receive results instantaneously  Users save time and money (i.e. no need to drive or take a taxi to find a pharmacy that is open) Little learning curve of our solutions  Many users already know how to send SMS  The mobile applications are simple to use Service can be used to broadcasting other health information for prevention (e.g. malaria awareness and anti-tobacco campaigns) This solution is scalable, sustainable and adaptable in different countries