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Chalitha Perera | Cross Media Concept and Entity Driven Search for Enterprise


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Published in: Technology
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Chalitha Perera | Cross Media Concept and Entity Driven Search for Enterprise

  1. 1. Work Together Effectively Cross Media Concept and Entity Driven Search for Enterprise Chalitha Perera and Dileepa Jayakody R&D Engineers
  2. 2. Work Together Effectively •  Headquartered in London with office in Colombo, Sri Lanka •  Focused on delivering enterprise content management solutions •  Our Skills
  3. 3. Work Together Effectively Zaizi R&D Department •  Giving sense to the content   –  Enriching it semantically •  Adding value to ECM/CMS –  More structured content, easy to manage, link and search •  Improving search –  Across different domains, data sources, User Experience •  Machine Learning applied research
  4. 4. Work Together Effectively Agenda •  Problem •  Solution •  Sensefy and MICO •  Demo •  Q&A
  5. 5. Work Together Effectively Problem •  Unstructured Text Content –  Text documents, PDFs, Word … •  Rapid growth in multimedia content •  Heterogeneous Data Sources –  ECMs (Alfresco, Sharepoint), File System, Confluence, JIRA … •  Data is not useful without effective methods for –  Knowledge Extraction –  Information Retrieval
  6. 6. Work Together Effectively Current Enterprise Search Limitations •  Limited to keyword based search •  Search context is not considered •  Ambiguity of terms •  Low precision •  Inability to properly handle multimedia files
  7. 7. Work Together Effectively Desired traits of Solution •  Semantically Enhance documents –  Unstructured text –  Multimedia documents •  Cross media search •  Search with semantic concepts and entities •  Federated Search –  Search across different content repositories –  User permissions
  8. 8. Work Together Effectively Sensefy •  Semantic Enterprise Search Engine •  Cross Media Search •  Federated Search •  Smart Search Assistance •  Open Source
  9. 9. Work Together Effectively Sensefy Architecture
  10. 10. Work Together Effectively Repository Crawler •  Four types of connectors –  Repository Connectors –  Authority Connectors –  Transformation Connectors –  Output Connectors •  Connect different source repositories with different target indexes –  Source repositories (Alfresco, Sharepoint, Confluence etc) –  Target Indexes (Solr, ElasticSearch, Amazon CloudSearch) •  Security Model to enforce source repository security policies
  11. 11. Work Together Effectively Media In Context (MICO) Platform •  MICO provides an integrated platform for –  Cross media analysis –  Metadata publishing –  Metadata querying •  Sensefy uses MICO as the cross media analysis engine to extract entities and concepts from multimedia
  12. 12. Work Together Effectively Cross Media Extraction Pipeline
  13. 13. Work Together Effectively Semantic Content Enrichment •  Named Entity Recognition –  People, places, organizations and concepts •  Entity Linking –  DBpedia, Yago, Custom Enterprise knowledge bases •  Entity Disambiguation
  14. 14. Work Together Effectively Entity Search with Suggestions •  Named Entity Suggestions •  Ability to query with disambiguated entities •  Search results with high precision –  Keyword search results for “ronaldo”-  “Cristiano Ronaldo” and “Ronaldo” –  Entity Search - will contain only the documents related to selected entity
  15. 15. Work Together Effectively Entity Search with Suggestions •  Combine entities and concepts for more complex queries
  16. 16. Work Together Effectively DEMO
  17. 17. Work Together Effectively Q&A
  18. 18. Work Together Effectively Thank you.