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Maintain your Home Surveillance System


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Select Security System have business assets and families to protect too, so we’re proud to help our clients get exactly the right match for security installation and service. It’s also important to us that our business and residential customers feel empowered about the security they’ve chosen and understand why, as the best in the business, we’re the right fit for your home and business security needs.

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Maintain your Home Surveillance System

  1. 1. 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Surveillance System Whether you live in a crowded city or have a farm-house far from town, securing your premises is a major concern in modern society. With the increasing rate of crime it becomes important to safeguard your property and a home surveillance system Edmonton is one of them. Here installing a CCTV system in your home won’t solve all your security concern; you need to know the possible problem for video surveillance system and how to maintain them.
  2. 2. Some Tips for Maintaining your Security System. • Clean Camera Lenses Check your indoor and outdoor camera’s lenses frequently to ensure they are clean. Your camera won’t take the clear picture if your lenses are smudged and dirty. So always look for dust, water spots, smudges and other undesirable elements. You can use a microfiber brush to wipe the lenses seamlessly. You can also go for compressed air can to blow the lens and remove all loose debris.
  3. 3. • Don’t leave your system open to hackers Your home surveillance system Edmonton is usually vulnerable, which can be easily hacked just like your computer. So it’s your responsibility to safeguard your security system from these hackers. You can protect your security system in three ways: wired, unencrypted wireless and encrypted wireless. Unencrypted wireless cameras are mostly likely to be hacked, wired cannot be hacked, but the wires can be cut.
  4. 4. • Trim the landscaping For a clear picture, your all outdoor camera should be in the right position. Make sure all the cameras provide a clear view. If any obstacles like bushes, vines, and trees are near the plants, trim all these things to prevent them from obstructing the camera.
  5. 5. • Check All the Cables Properly For a good connection, make sure that all cables are connected securely. Check for all the cable connector, including those connecting the monitor, security camera and DVR to ensure that they all receiving power. If you find any wear and tear in the cabling, replace it immediately.
  6. 6. • Check for False Alarm This is the most common problem of home surveillance system Edmonton. It is disturbing to constantly receive alarm just because trees move in the wind or birds fly past your window. False installation, human errors, and malfunctioning security system etc. can lead to false home security alarms. The best way to resolve this problem is to add a mask to the tree, so that motion detection will not be activated because of the tree waving in the wind.
  7. 7. Contact Us: Edmonton’s leading security company, we think that the best way to begin our business with you is with a free onsite consultation and quote in order to exactly map out your needs. During the initial meeting, one of our consultants will walk through your space and discuss logistics, expectations, and requirements. Address: 1615-141 Street Edmonton T5M1T7 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Contact Us : 7804518067 Website :