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Techorama 2014, the Real Deal


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Story about big data and privacy. And esp. about Own Your Own Data #OYOD

Published in: Internet, Technology, Education
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Techorama 2014, the Real Deal

  1. 1. IT ONLY TAKES 10MINUTES TO FIND OUT HOW: OUR EYES OUR HANDS OUR VOICE It’s something that’s lacking in today’s business, especially with the BIG DATA companies: RESPECT. Bruno Segers @segersbr from #bigdata to #bigprivacy The Real Deal Own Your Own Data #OYOD
  3. 3. IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE • The DNA of technology companies • The DNA of listed companies • The DNA of local & global companies • The DNA of independent workers • The DNA of entrepreneurs & starters • The DNA of digital natives
  4. 4. Social Media, Search Engines, eCommerce Platforms are the REAL information highways
  5. 5. Technology companies are the INNOVATORS of the “always on, always connected” digital world
  7. 7. Some global technology companies are the OUTLAWS° & will become the DIGITAL TRAFFICKERS of the 21st century °) not because they are outlaws but because there are no(t enough) laws on the internet
  8. 8. • Is this the world we want? • Was privacy a basic human right? • What about security? Don’t do anything at all • Do the rules of the old world apply to the new world? • Too little? • Too late? Let politics and lawyers do the work The Real Deal • Government to define the new social contract • Technology to facilitate this new social contract • Community to accelerate the deployment
  9. 9. The Real Deal A private global network at Internet scale
  10. 10. Technical Layer All sharing is over direct peer-to-peer connections using the OASIS XDI open standard semantic data interchange protocol
  11. 11. Legal Layer All members agree to the Respect Trust Framework, the legal contract for mutual privacy assurance that won the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference
  12. 12. Business Layer Supported directly by members through membership fees and usage fees just like any other global trusted exchange network, e.g., banking, credit cards and ATMs
  13. 13. Web founder Berners-Lee calls for online 'Magna Carta' to protect users (March 12th, 2014) (Reuters) - The inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee, called on Wednesday for bill of rights to protect freedom of speech on the Internet and users' rights after leaks about government surveillance of online activity. Exactly 25 years since the London-born computer scientist invented the web, Berners-Lee said there was a need for a charter like England's historic Magna Carta to help guarantee fundamental principles online. Web privacy and freedom have come under scrutiny since former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden last year leaked a raft of secret documents revealing a vast U.S. government system for monitoring phone and Internet data.
  14. 14. Biggest Quantity Maximize Growth Best Quality Optimize Sustainability Web founder Cailliau closing slide
  15. 15. Do something about it Remember to keep your children connected to nature more than technology