Digital citizenship


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Digital citizenship

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship The norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
  2. 2. Digital Access When one participates in electronic society
  3. 3. Digital Commerce The use of electronics in order to buy and sell goods. • • • A large amount of economic transactions occur electronically Digital commerce makes it easy for people to say they are someone else It’s important to buy from someone who has a high rating Jacob Flynn
  4. 4. Digital Communication Digital Communication is the most important because you need to be safe online. Kelcey Tingle
  5. 5. Digital Literacy The process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology. • • • Technology is constantly changing Being able to adapt with tech will give you an edge The world is constantly adding new technology in daily life and business Jacob Flynn
  6. 6. Digital Etiquette-How people act online, that is Different from offline behavior. • • • People acting tough online People being rude because they are using a fake username. P
  7. 7. Digital Law Digital Law is your electronic responsibility for actions and deeds ● It deals with ethics of technology within a society ● People need to understand that stealing or causing damage to peoples work, identity, or property online is a crime ● There are laws that people need to understand when online, this applies to anyone that does something online ○ Downloading illegal music ○ getting others information through hacking ○ plagiarism ○ creating destructive worms, viruses or Trojan horses ○ sending spam ○ and stealing anyones identity
  8. 8. Digital Rights and Responsibilities Explains legalities of digital use. • • rights of citizens on the internet includes of privacy, free speech, etc. are on the internet. As everyone knows with rights comes responsibility Brayden Deux
  9. 9. Digital Health & Wellness Branch of digital citizenship that focuses on using technology safely and appropriately. Problems associated with digital health and wellness: ● internet addiction ○ cyber-relationship addiction ○ cybersexual addiction ○ net compulsions ● online safety ● poor ergonomics
  10. 10. Digital Security Lacey Clark
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