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Learing english


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Published in: Education
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Learing english

  1. 1. Q
  2. 2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Listening skillSpeaking skill Reading skill Writing skill
  3. 3. Listening skillListen to the radio.Watch English movies and TV.Use internet resources. Every day there are more and more places to listen to English online .Listen to English songs.
  4. 4. Listen to BBC.Children’s programs are very useful for ESLlearners
  5. 5. Speaking skill• Speaking is must for communication.• Talk to yourself and talk about anything and everything.• Record your own voice.• Participate in class.• Practice.
  6. 6. Chose common topics to haveconversation.2-Speech competition.3-Groups works
  7. 7. Reading skill Read some thing every dayRead what interest you Read children books Read internet sites and novels
  8. 8. Reading text book s which areuseful.Computer can help us to improveour reading skill.Read story books
  9. 9. Writing skill Writing skillKeep a diary.Do not always pay attention to grammar.Free writing can be useful.Write email in English. rewrite your local newsin English.Ms office is helpful for writing
  10. 10. Teacher disarrange the sentences andstudents arrange the sentences.Summary writing.A short research report is given tostudents for home work.
  11. 11. GOOD LUCK• Made by Seema Gul• English 3 semester rd