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Exotel startup pack


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An exotel initiative to foster early stage startups in India. Our startup pack offers free credits for exceptional fast growing startups. One can use these credits to make calls, receive calls or use SMS.

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Exotel startup pack

  1. 1. S T A R T U P P A C K D E T A I L S
  2. 2. Right from early stage startups to unicorns, India’s most progressive startups use and grow their businesses on Exotel. Our elastic, scalable telephony platform allows startups of all sizes and kinds to run reliable voice & sms communications for their customers. You can receive customer support calls, verify mobile numbers thru SMS or track customer conversations on the ground- using our easy-to- use drag/drop interface or our powerful APIs. I N T R O D U C T I O N
  3. 3. I N T R O D U C T I O N B E N E F I T S Exotel provides a smart solution that routes calls to the concerned team or agent based on location, time and caller. This avoids confusion between both parties and saves time by connecting the right customer with the right team or agent. You can now access all your call data and call recordings of your customers directly in your CRM. Every time you make a new call or send a new text, you can automatically update it in your CRM using our APIs.
  4. 4. O F F E R D E T A I L S Rs 3000 Free Credits YOU CAN USE TO MAKE/RECEIVE CALLS, SEND SMS OR BUY VIRTUAL NUMBERS. ZERO SOFTWARE RENTAL. 5,000 3,000 15,000 Incoming Calls Outgoing Calls Outbound SMS Incoming Call - Rs 0.4/minute Outgoing Call- Rs 0.80/min local & Rs 1.15/min STD SMS - Rs 0.18/SMS Software Rental - Zero User Rental - 2 Free + Rs 199/user Validity- 6 months
  5. 5. I N T R O D U C T I O N P R O C E S S •Please signup for a exotel account using the following link - . Once registered, an email would be sent for verification. •Once verified and once the user logs in, the user can go to to and apply the Coupon under the Discount/Coupon code option; Once applied the account becomes a full blown Exotel account. •Mail to in case you are not signing up with the above link. •The code sent in the intro mail is valid only for 7 days. •For any queries/support, please mail to | @exotel | 91 8088-919-888