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Vincent Icke - Communicating Science


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Published in: Education
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Vincent Icke - Communicating Science

  1. 1. Communicating Science Vincent Icke Sterrewacht Leiden
  2. 2. Communication Not Presentation... ...but Interaction Know Thy Audience Know Thyself
  3. 3. The Force Fieldbetween Content and Form
  4. 4. General Rules & Guidelines These Can All Be Learned......but this is not a “How-to” session
  5. 5. And by the way... There’s more science than just the physical sciencesWetenschap = all forms of research
  6. 6. Goals and Targets What are we trying to reach? Easy... ...and very difficult!
  7. 7. Attention...If you want to get into a head, beaware of the fact that someone is living there already! Bridge between two heads
  8. 8. Goals & TargetsGeneral population (“communis”) Educational population University students Future professionals Excellent students Superb students
  9. 9. effectiveness =population x cross sectionThe most popular tv programmeshave between 1,000,000 and3,000,000 viewers A typical high school class has between 20 and 30 pupils
  10. 10. Media & Channels All and everything Print, radio, tv, cd/dvd Personal appearancePatient and long-term development
  11. 11. They, the People General population 10,000,000Educational population 1,000,000 University students 100,000 Future professionals 10,000 Excellent students 1000 Superb students 100
  12. 12. Science receptiveness“All you do is make better bombs.”“All that money and you stillhaven’t cured cancer.”“I didn’t understand it too muchbut it was just great.”“Wow, I never knew that.”“That’s just so beautiful.” “I’m gonna win the Nobel Prize in 2025.”
  13. 13. Supply & Demand Old: it’s all supply (top-down) New: it’s all demand (bottom-up)Better: balancing supply & demand Communication: bridge between two heads
  14. 14. Product or practice? People have at least some understanding about applied physical science The scientific practice (“method”)can be just as useful and fascinating
  15. 15. The Critical Spiral Science is driven by... ...curiosity? No! Awareness (sensitivity) Inventiveness (mechanisms) Prediction (theory) Experiment (critical test)
  16. 16. AwarenessWhy is the sky dark at night?Why is a child not the average of its parents?
  17. 17. Working Example of AwarenessWhy is a child not the average of its parents? Quantum Mechanics in the Coffeehouse
  18. 18. Cause and EffectThe same causes do not always have the same effect So there are causes without effect... ...and effects without cause
  19. 19. ProbabilityCompute transition between past and future state Cause and effect must both be specified Transition probability Quantum mechanics
  20. 20. Working Exampleof the Critical Spiral Saturn’s Rings Not Discovered but Explained
  21. 21. Christiaan HuygensExplanation of the “ears” of Saturn Awareness of Titan’s orbit Orbital mechanism => ring Prediction: invisibility Test: success!
  22. 22. Saturn’s RingsAn example of the Critical Spiral
  23. 23. SuggestionPlease think of such examples from your own scientific discipline:something that almost everyone has seen but not been aware of
  24. 24. Scientific Papers & Other Presentations The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the TruthProof Has Precedence Over Persuasion Project Fearlessness, Not Aggression Strive For Self-Contained Presentation
  25. 25. Communicating Science
  26. 26. Communicating Knowledge
  27. 27. CommunicatingUnderstanding
  28. 28. Communicating Wonder
  29. 29. Communicating Excitement
  30. 30. Communicating Beauty
  31. 31. Communicating Awareness
  32. 32. Communicating Culture
  33. 33. Communicating Science Science Is the Greatest Invention of All Time Thanks for Your Work