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Presentation examples for class 3 value propostion


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Presentation examples for class 3 value propostion

  1. The Lean LaunchPadPresentation examples used in Class 3 -Value Proposition 07/02/12
  2. Examples
  3. Value propositionProblem Solution Features of value proposition • Non- • Sustainable, bio-based • Bi-functional molecules renewable, petroleum replacement • Flexibility in chain length derived feedstock for • Higher performance • Flexibility in branching surfactant, lubricant • Improved cold industry temperature tolerance of detergents, lubricants
  4. Hand weed control is a Nightmare Crews of 100s needed Labor getting harder to get Back-breaking task 2-3 weedings per crop Food contamination risk $250-1,000 per acre Confidential
  5. Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs): Initial IdeaCirculating tumor cells Oncologists & Pathologists Cancer cells that have Does my patient have any detached from the CTCs? tumor and are How aggressive are they? circulating in the blood stream Capture and grow CTCs Video technology to characterize aggressiveness 5 5
  6. The value proposition epiphany: CanScan is a cell culture company! 6 6
  7. We are unique in our ability to culture CTCs Technology Capability Company Product Technology Channel Isolate Count Analyze Culture Parsortix Filter  Kits CellSearch Antibody  Kits Vita-Assays Substrate  Kits Mvs360 Antibody  Device OncoCEE Microfluidics   CLIA labs LiquidBiopsy Antibody   CLIA labs ISET device Filter   Device On-Q-ITY chip Microfluidics    Device ApoStreamTM Technology Microfluidics    Device - Substrate     CLIA? *This is an abbreviated list 7 7 Class 8 - Update 3.19.2012
  8. Cell culture value proposition Identify and enumerate CTCs Characterizegrowth potential Culture Test Chemotherapies CTCs Test CTCs for biomarkers 8 8
  9. DisposalProduced Dilution with Water Freshwater Reuse to Frac Another Well Primary How high can Treatment they go? This is where we Tertiary fit in Treatment Current state of Discharge the art are evaporators and Must be crystallizers drinking water quality
  10. The Problem & Our Solution De-mineralization X Problem: No products that reverses demineralization Our solution: effectively Remineralization peptides that restore lost mineral