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Course Outline - Introduction to CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101


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Interested in learning more about entrepreneurship? Looking to start a new venture? Look no further! Entrepreneurship 101 is a free, non-credit introductory course about entrepreneurship offered by MaRS. Over 29 weeks, Entrepreneurship 101 takes you through all the steps of building a successful business.

In this lecture, get a sense of the scope of the course and how it applies to your start-up. Future lecture topics include financing, business modelling, defining markets, hiring teams, protecting intellectual property and raising capital.

Part of the MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 Series - Presented by Tony Redpath and Keri Damen

More, including session video:

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Course Outline - Introduction to CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101

  1. 1. Agenda I.  About MaRS II.  What is entrepreneurship? III.  Entrepreneurship 101 Overview IV.  Up-Start! Competition V.  Online Resources VI.  Communications VII. Questions Slide 3 MaRS
  2. 2. I. What does MaRS do?   MaRS connects science, business and capital to improve the efficiency and output of the commercialization process.   The MaRS community is built through co-location, catalytic programs and services, and structured networks.   The MaRS Centre anchors a larger MaRS community.   MaRS is focused on building the next generation of Canadian companies. Slide 4 MaRS
  3. 3. Resources for Entrepreneurs   Advisory Services – business services   Incubator – in the MaRS Centre   Market Intelligence – research for entrepreneurs   Education – events and online resources   Networks – events and connections   Capital – Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) Slide 5 MaRS
  4. 4. MaRS Advisory Services Health | ICT | CleanTech | Social Intellectual Property Strategic Partnerships Marketing & Sales Financing Due Diligence Strategy and Business Planning Market/Competitive Intelligence Human Resources and Talent Management Product Development and Marketing Legal Corporate Governance Operations and Process Customer Relationship Management Financial Management, Accounting, Tax MaRS | EIRs | Volunteers Advisory Services Slide 6 MaRS
  5. 5. Entrepreneurship Education CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101 Slide 7 MaRS
  6. 6. Who is the Ent 101 team?   Dr. Tony Redpath, Vice President, Partner Programs   Keri Damen, Director, Entrepreneurship Education   The speakers   The MaRS team Slide 8 MaRS
  7. 7. II. What is Entrepreneurship? An Entrepreneur:   one who undertakes A Social Entrepreneur:   Recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change Slide 9 MaRS
  8. 8. Capabilities of Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs possess five capabilities (from Five Minds for the Entrepreneurial Future): 1.  Opportunity Recognizing Mind – adroit at recognizing potential economic opportunities 2.  Designing Mind – integrate many different elements to design products, services, companies 3.  Risk Managing Mind – identify risks in advance, take calculated ones 4.  Resilient Mind – can handle ambiguity; able to face and learn from failure 5.  Effectuating Mind – are action-oriented, course correct business model based on experience Slide 10 MaRS
  9. 9. Can Entrepreneurship be Learned? “Most of what you hear about entrepreneurship is all wrong. It’s not magic; it’s not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned.” -Peter Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Slide 11 MaRS
  10. 10. How can this course help entrepreneurs like you? We can’t create entrepreneurs – that desire is something that has to come from you. What we can do is give you some tools that will help you harness and direct your entrepreneurial drive. Slide 12 MaRS
  11. 11. III. Entrepreneurship 101 Overview   Course primarily aimed at two groups: 1. science/engineering/medical researchers and others building technology companies either in a university or hospital lab or in the private sector 2. social entrepreneurs   Butthe content will help others looking to start a business too   Thecourse will be of greater value if you have a business/social case (idea?) in mind Slide 13 MaRS
  12. 12. Course Outline   30-session weekly lecture series for aspiring entrepreneurs featuring the key topics related to starting and growing a business   ‘LivedIt Lectures’ feature celebrated entrepreneurs and their success stories   ‘Meet the Entrepreneurs’ events are sector-specific panel sessions with start-up entrepreneurs   ‘Up-Start! Competition’ recognizes and rewards promising entrepreneurs Slide 14 MaRS
  13. 13. Lecture Topic Areas 1. Strategy 2. Marketing (Customer) 3. Product 4. Finance 5. HR (People) Slide 15 MaRS
  14. 14. Strategy Topics   Different Types of Entrepreneurship – Oct 6th   Basic Nuts and Bolts of Building a Business – Oct 20th   Business Communication Tools – Feb 16th Slide 16 MaRS
  15. 15. Marketing Topics   Intro to Marketing – Oct 27th   Market Analysis – Jan 12th   Value Proposition – Dec 8th   Marketing Communications – Feb 23rd   Sales – Mar 9th   Distribution – Mar 16th   Go-to-Market Strategy – Mar 23rd Slide 17 MaRS
  16. 16. Product Topics  Product Development – Nov 10th  IP Management – Jan 19th Slide 18 MaRS
  17. 17. Finance (Money)   Building a Business Model – Nov 17th   Financial Planning – Jan 26th   Bootstrapping – Apr 6th   Raising Money – Apr 13th   Terms of Investments – Apr 20th   The Pitch – Apr 27th Slide 19 MaRS
  18. 18. HR (People) Topics  Governance – Dec 1st  Recruiting – Feb 9th Slide 20 MaRS
  19. 19. Lived It Lectures   Inspiring lectures from successful entrepreneurs   Pastspeakers have included Harry Rosen, Michael McCain and Bob Deluce from Porter Airlines (videos available online)   Lived It Lectures in each sector: -Oct 13th (ICE) – Mike McDerment, FreshBooks -Nov 24th (Social Innovation) - TBD -Jan 5th (Life Sciences) – TBD -Mar 2nd (Cleantech) - TBD Slide 21 MaRS
  20. 20. Meet the Entrepreneurs   Panelsessions with start-up entrepreneurs covering some of the challenges and opportunities in each sector   Networking opportunity afterwards to meet entrepreneurs in each sector   Meet the Entrepreneurs events: -Nov 3rd - ICE -Dec 15th - Social Innovation -Feb 2nd - Life Sciences -Mar 30thd – Cleantech   Meet the Entrepreneurs video series Slide 22 MaRS
  21. 21. Course Certificates   MaRS is not a degree granting institution – but in previous years we have had numerous requests for Certificates of Participation   Certificatesare available to those who have attended at least 20 of the 30 lectures   Attendance is recorded by signing in to each lecture Slide 23 MaRS
  22. 22. IV. The Up-Start! Competition   The Up-Start! Competition is a business pitch competition open to participants of the course   10individuals (or teams) will be selected to give a 10 minute presentation to a panel of VCs   Stage 1: Apply for the competition in early February   Stage 2: Selected participants work with MaRS Advisors on pitch   Stage 3: Competition in May   Prize of $10,000 to winner   People’s Choice Winner Slide 24 MaRS
  23. 23. Up-Start! Competition Eligibility   Participants must be registered in Entrepreneurship 101 and have attended at least 20 lectures   Can be a business that you wish to implement or have already started   Entrants must have received no more than $100K investment money and earned no more than $100K in cumulative revenue since their inception   Eligible businesses must fall into one of four categories: ICT (ICE), cleantech, social ventures, or life sciences   See for full competition information. Slide 25 MaRS
  24. 24. Past Winners   Shape Collage (2010) – automatic photo collage maker   Dreamcube (2009) – working with Apple on developing the hardware portion of their UiRemote (remote for the iPhone and iPod Touch)   CognoVision (2nd in 2008)- Intel and Microsoft working toward a standards-based, interactive digital signage future and their prototype—which changes screen content in real time based on face detection and tracking technology—is powered by CognoVision’s technology Slide 26 MaRS
  25. 25. V. Online Resources   The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit contains hundreds of resources for entrepreneurs including articles, workbooks, and videos:   Entrepreneurship 101 Online includes the lecture video and slides and additional articles, workbooks and case studies of interest: Slide 27 MaRS
  26. 26. VI. Communications   Upcominglecture info will be emailed to all attendees who have registered through the website.   Lecture order and speakers may change –see for latest schedule.   Join our Facebook Group.   Weekly Ent 101 blog at Email us if you are interested in telling your entrepreneurial journey via the Entrepreneurship 101 blogs. Slide 28 MaRS
  27. 27. What’s Coming Up   Oct 6th: “Different Types of Entrepreneurship” with Tony Redpath and Allyson Hewitt   Oct13th: “Lived It Lecture” with Mike McDerment from FreshBooks   Oct 20th: “Basic Nuts and Bolts of Building a Business” with Tony Redpath   Oct 26th: Best Practices workshop session on “How to Draft a Patent” with Ogilvy Renault Slide 29 MaRS
  28. 28. VII. Questions? Contact us at Slide 30 MaRS