Security Measures


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Security Measures

  1. 1.  Definition of Security Measures  Type of Security Measures : a) Data Backup b) Cryptography c) Antivirus d) Anti-spyware e) Firewall f) Human Aspects  Conclusion  Sources of References
  2. 2. • Security measures can be use to prevent this invader from getting the account information. • For example, the bank can use a firewall to prevent unauthorised access to its database.
  3. 3. a) Data Backup : - The Backup system is needed to backup all data and application in the computer. With the backup system, data can be recovered in case emergency. - Depending on the importance of the information, daily, weekly or biweekly backups from hard disk can be performed. b) Cryptography : - The process of hiding information by altering the actual information into different representation for sample an APA as 1? X. - Almost all cryptography system depend on a key such as a password like the number or a phrase that can be used to encrypt or decrypt a message. - The traditional type of cryptosystem used on a computer network is called a symmetric secret key system.
  4. 4. c) Antivirus : - Antivirus is a program that protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found. - It will identify, prevent and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software. - Example of antivirus are VirusScan, Norton Antivirus, Trend Micro PC-cillin and Doctor Solomon. Virus Signature Inoculating a Program File Also called a virus definition is a specific patern of the virus code The antivirus program records information such as the file size and file creation date in a separate inoculating file. The antivirus program then uses this information to detect if a virus tampers with the data describing the inoclulating program file.
  5. 5. d) Anti-Spyware : - Anti-spyware software is a program that detects, quarantines and removes spyware to prevent them from getting into your computer. - Examples of anti-spyware software are Lavasoft Ad-Awares SE Personal, PC Health Plan and Malware Scanner. - Among of the popular anti-spyware programs are Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad- Aware and Spyware Blaster. e) Firewall : - A firewall is a hardware or software that protects a network’s resources from intrusion by users on another network such as internet. - A firewall restricts information that comes to your computer from another computer. - It gives you more control over the data on your computer and provides a defense against people or programs that try to connect to your computer without invitation. - Type of firewall are Screening Routers , Proxy Gateway and Guard.
  6. 6. f) Human Aspects : - Measures that can prevent from theft are by using locks, smart-card or password. - Prevent portability by restricting the hardware from being moved. - Detect and guard all exits and record any hardware transported. - Example of human aspects are Organisation Self Awareness, Organisation User Self Awareness and Individual User Self Awareness. Organisation Self Awareness Organisation User Self Awareness Individual User Self Awareness Organisation need to be aware of the people they work with. Some threat could also come from within the organisation and not just from the outside. Provide employee with adequate training and the importance of security and control. Even a very high-tech protection system could not protect the system against incompetent users. Threat often comes in beautiful offers and packages. Do not download or install software from unreliable sources. Do not exposes important information to strangers.
  7. 7. ◊ Security measures is important to protect our computer and data from any security threats. ◊ Security measures must be update to avoid any latest security threats. ◊ ICT Form 4 Note Book ◊