Skyscraper Security Mgt Part II- by Richard Garrity


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  • Skyscraper Security Mgt Part II- by Richard Garrity

    1. 1. Skyscraper Security Mgt. Part II- By Richard Garrity
    2. 2. High Rise Access Control Procedures- Part II
    3. 3. This presentation is proprietary information and can’t be copied or reproduced in any fashion without consent from the publisher owner, Richard Garrity
    4. 4. 4 ““The world is in our hands”The world is in our hands”
    5. 5. 5 High Rise Access ControlHigh Rise Access Control The purpose of this slide presentationThe purpose of this slide presentation is to give security professionals whois to give security professionals who work in skyscraperwork in skyscraper corporate securitycorporate security environments a more profoundenvironments a more profound meaning and understanding to themeaning and understanding to the specifics of high and mid rise officespecifics of high and mid rise office tower access control. Much of thetower access control. Much of the information contained herein isinformation contained herein is routine and well established practice.routine and well established practice.
    6. 6. 6 High Rise Access ControlHigh Rise Access Control Purpose and definition: The second section of this presentation will deal with tools to aid your access control system as well as several well established procedures and guidelines. This training exercise is meant to give you more distinct knowledge of facility duties and not replace any particular or existing policy at your current building location.
    7. 7. 7 High Rise Access ControlHigh Rise Access Control However, for the newHowever, for the new personnel just starting outpersonnel just starting out or the current ones thator the current ones that have becomehave become “complacent”“complacent” in their duties, this trainingin their duties, this training exercise is all about:exercise is all about: ““Back to basics”.Back to basics”.
    8. 8. 8 This presentation will focus on 8This presentation will focus on 8 primaryprimary operational objectives:operational objectives: 1.1. Building Key ControlBuilding Key Control 2. Employee/Visitor ID Control2. Employee/Visitor ID Control 3. Personnel Management3. Personnel Management 4. Appropriate Behaviors4. Appropriate Behaviors 5. Parking Enforcement Rules5. Parking Enforcement Rules 6. Detex Tour Procedures6. Detex Tour Procedures 7. Your facility CCTV-Camera system7. Your facility CCTV-Camera system 8. Radio 10-Codes- Color Codes8. Radio 10-Codes- Color Codes
    9. 9. 9 There areThere are leadersleaders andand followersfollowers inin this world. Which one are you?this world. Which one are you?
    10. 10. -Skyscrapers of the world--Skyscrapers of the world-
    11. 11. Dallas, Texas SkylineDallas, Texas Skyline
    12. 12. 12 Taipei 101 in South AsiaTaipei 101 in South Asia 1,670 feet high &1,670 feet high & 33rdrd tallesttallest
    13. 13. 13 Lobby of the ChryslerLobby of the Chrysler building, NYC. (art deco style)building, NYC. (art deco style)
    14. 14. 14 Boston skyline at night- Dec. 2004.Boston skyline at night- Dec. 2004. (Courtesy, Keith Berry, Allied-Barton Security)(Courtesy, Keith Berry, Allied-Barton Security)
    15. 15. 15 Detroit, Michigan skylineDetroit, Michigan skyline
    16. 16. 16 Shanghai World Financial Ctr.Shanghai World Financial Ctr.
    17. 17. 17 The Burj Khalifa, DubaiThe Burj Khalifa, Dubai
    18. 18. 18 TheThe Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa was completed inwas completed in 2010 and is the tallest building in the2010 and is the tallest building in the world atworld at 2,717 feet and has 163 floors!2,717 feet and has 163 floors!
    19. 19. 19 TheThe Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa as a morning fogas a morning fog rolls amongst the desert towers.rolls amongst the desert towers.
    20. 20. 20 Building Key Control:Building Key Control:
    21. 21. 21 Keys, Keys, Keys:Keys, Keys, Keys:
    22. 22. Building Key Control:Building Key Control: One of the most important duties involved with high rise access control, is, the safe keeping & management of your building keys and access cards. Proper signing out of, tracking, and the return of building keys is of the UTMOST critical priority during your shift. This especially applies to sub-master, master, and grand master keys.
    23. 23. Key Control Procedures:Key Control Procedures: Key control procedures and dissemination of said keys can vary from operation to operation. However, there are several standard procedures to follow when signing out any metal keys or HID type access cards. First & primarily, the person, employee, or contractor requesting a key or access card, must be APPROVED to do so.
    24. 24. Key Control Procedures:Key Control Procedures: Procedure: 1.Verify that person requesting key access is approved. 2.Document in your Key Sign Out Log all the pedigree information needed. (Name, company, key #, license, phone #, purpose, destination, and TIMES.
    25. 25. Key Control Procedures:Key Control Procedures: Procedure: 3. Acquire and secure a valid ID (state license is most preferred) and place in key lock box. 4. Person requesting key access must sign off that he/she has received said key/ card.
    26. 26. If a key is NOT returned:If a key is NOT returned: 1. If a building key is not returned for whatever reason, it must be reported to the Security Mgr. and building Mgt. immediately. 2. Initially…The lead security officer or supervisor upon discovering a non returned key must reference the phone number listed and contact that person ASAP. 3. Upon contacting employee or contractor, they must be advised to return the key to the property immediately.
    27. 27. If a key is NOT returned:If a key is NOT returned: 4. If the person who has forgotten to return the keys states something like: “Oh yes, I realized when I got home that I had not turned in the key. I need my license back, so I will come back tomorrow with the key”. That is unacceptable and you must advise the individual that the key needs to be returned to the site ASAP.
    28. 28. If a key is NOT returned:If a key is NOT returned: If the person refuses to return the key immediately, then do not argue with them. Certainly pressure them diplomatically to return the key, but do not argue. Simply notify your manager of the situation, and they will contact the employee’s supervisor. Document in an incident report all the specifics, including details of the phone conversation.
    29. 29. 29 Grand Master Keys:Grand Master Keys:
    30. 30. 30 Building Key Control:Building Key Control:
    31. 31. 31 Grand Master Keys:Grand Master Keys: Grand master keys are metal keys that allow access to all building key cores. Having a GM key can be very efficient in terms of gaining access into multiple areas. However, no grand master key will ever be signed out unless approved by the Security Manager or Property Manager, ever.
    32. 32. 32 Grand Master Keys:Grand Master Keys: The intentional or unintentional loss of a grand master or even sub master key can be very costly. In some cases it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars to completely re-core a building that has misplaced a grand master key. You could also be held financially liable if you lose a GM key due to negligence. So don’t!
    33. 33. 33 One of theOne of the golden rulesgolden rules of building keyof building key control: “No one goes home until thecontrol: “No one goes home until the endend of the shift key inventoryof the shift key inventory is completed”is completed”
    34. 34. 34 Proper building key controlProper building key control and inventory are one of yourand inventory are one of your “Keys to Success”“Keys to Success”
    35. 35. 35 Building/Employee Badge ID’s:Building/Employee Badge ID’s: Verifying who we say we are:Verifying who we say we are:
    36. 36. 36 Acceptable examplesAcceptable examples of buildingof building employee ID’s:employee ID’s:
    37. 37. 37 Acceptable examplesAcceptable examples of building employee ID’s:of building employee ID’s:
    38. 38. 38 Acceptable employee ID’s shouldAcceptable employee ID’s should have all or some of this info criteria:have all or some of this info criteria: Their name, title, place of employment,Their name, title, place of employment, ID #, expiration date, or addressID #, expiration date, or address
    39. 39. 39 State issued driver’s licenses:State issued driver’s licenses:
    40. 40. 40 Employees who lose or forgotEmployees who lose or forgot their company ID’s must showtheir company ID’s must show a valida valid driver’s licensedriver’s license or otheror other acceptable governmentacceptable government credentialscredentials to proceed proceed further. That includes visitors orThat includes visitors or contractors requestingcontractors requesting entrance to your facility.entrance to your facility. State issuedState issued driver’s licenses:driver’s licenses:
    41. 41. 41 EXPIRATIONEXPIRATION dates:dates: Very Important to check!!Very Important to check!!
    42. 42. 42 EXPIRATIONEXPIRATION dates:dates:
    43. 43. 43 Where is theWhere is the expirationexpiration date on this license?date on this license?
    44. 44. 44 Individuals who present anIndividuals who present an expired formexpired form ofof identificationidentification will not be permitted to enterwill not be permitted to enter the building. There are nothe building. There are no exceptions to this rule. Validexceptions to this rule. Valid entry requires a valid ID.entry requires a valid ID.
    45. 45. 45 > EXPIRED <> EXPIRED <
    46. 46. 46 AA temporarytemporary issued state driver’s licenseissued state driver’s license is uncommon. However if the ID is validis uncommon. However if the ID is valid and within it’s expiration date, this is fine.and within it’s expiration date, this is fine.
    47. 47. 47 AA ttemporaryemporary issued state driver’s license willissued state driver’s license will usually be valid for a month or less. Peopleusually be valid for a month or less. People moving or in transition usually obtain them.moving or in transition usually obtain them.
    48. 48. 48 University/College ID’s:University/College ID’s:
    49. 49. 49 University identificationUniversity identification cardscards maybemaybe acceptable forms of ID to be processed as aacceptable forms of ID to be processed as a visitor into your building. That depends onvisitor into your building. That depends on your PM policies. Regardless, the criteria areyour PM policies. Regardless, the criteria are basically the same. The badge must be validbasically the same. The badge must be valid (non-expired) and list some of the info(non-expired) and list some of the info criteria listed previously.criteria listed previously.
    50. 50. 50 Resident alien & permanentResident alien & permanent resident ID cards are acceptableresident ID cards are acceptable forms offorms of government ID’sgovernment ID’s
    51. 51. 51 Passports-Passports- Domestic & InternationalDomestic & International
    52. 52. 52 Passports- AcceptablePassports- Acceptable Check for authenticity &Check for authenticity & validationvalidation datesdates
    53. 53. 53 Valid U.S.Valid U.S. militarymilitary governmentgovernment issued ID’s are always acceptableissued ID’s are always acceptable
    54. 54. 54 Government issuedGovernment issued Social SecuritySocial Security cards never expire, but they are NOTcards never expire, but they are NOT acceptable as identificationacceptable as identification
    55. 55. 55 Any type ofAny type of Visa, MasterCard orVisa, MasterCard or DebitDebit card is not permissible ascard is not permissible as an identification. Even suchan identification. Even such cards with pictures displayedcards with pictures displayed on the face of the card.on the face of the card.
    56. 56. 56 AllAll “Temporary” and “Visitor”“Temporary” and “Visitor” badges need to be recorded into a log orbadges need to be recorded into a log or database to track who has them. They mustdatabase to track who has them. They must be returned before they returned before they leave.
    57. 57. 57 Contractor badges & access:Contractor badges & access:
    58. 58. 58 All facilityAll facility contractorscontractors must displaymust display a valid license or company ID to the loadinga valid license or company ID to the loading dock officer before being cleared for entrancedock officer before being cleared for entrance into the building. This may require notificationinto the building. This may require notification to the tenant and or the property mgt. the tenant and or the property mgt. team. After-hoursAfter-hours contractor access requirescontractor access requires pre-pre- notificationnotification from the Property Manager. Afrom the Property Manager. A building tenant can notbuilding tenant can not authorizeauthorize after-hoursafter-hours or weekend contractor access thru security oror weekend contractor access thru security or loading dock personnel. Tenants must submitloading dock personnel. Tenants must submit and clear after-hours access thru propertyand clear after-hours access thru property management team members team members only. Business & after-hours access:Business & after-hours access:
    59. 59. 59 TWIC Identification CardsTWIC Identification Cards
    60. 60. What are TWIC ID Cards?What are TWIC ID Cards? The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (or TWIC) program is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Coast Guard initiative in the United States. The TWIC program provides a tamper-resistant biometric credential to maritime workers requiring unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities, and vessels regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.
    61. 61. What are TWIC ID Cards?What are TWIC ID Cards? The issued card contains computer chip, known as an Integrated Circuit Chip (ICC), which stores the holders information and biometric data. The chip can be read by inserting it into a reader or holding it near a "contactless" reader. Although a great security measure and issued by the federal government, it is NOT acceptable as a valid ID.
    62. 62. 62 Department of HomelandDepartment of Homeland Security:Security: Fake CredentialsFake Credentials
    63. 63. 63 DHS “Photography License”:DHS “Photography License”:
    64. 64. 64 DHS “Photography Identification"DHS “Photography Identification" In February of 2012, the Department of Homeland Security released an official but unclassified document related to the seizure of a DHS “photography license” that was in the possession of an individual who was using it to gain access into restricted areas and potentially commercial buildings.
    65. 65. 65 DHS “Photography Identification"DHS “Photography Identification" These so called “photography ID’S” are fraudulent and fakes. The DHS does not issue any type of these identifications. If security personnel should be presented with these type of ID’s, immediately confiscate such credentials and notify your supervisor or manager ASAP. Fully document such an occurrence in an IR..
    66. 66. 66 DHS “Photography Identification”DHS “Photography Identification”:: If the individual who presented the ID flees after you have confiscated said license, then let him or her leave, do not give chase, do not confront. NOTIFY your immediate supervisor or manager. Additionally, do not notify any law enforcement authorities. Your site manager or the client property mgr. will handle that.
    67. 67. 67 DHS “Photography Identification”:DHS “Photography Identification”:
    68. 68. 68 DHS Photography Instructions-DHS Photography Instructions- “Do not arrest or“Do not arrest or detaindetain basedbased solely on this information”.solely on this information”.
    69. 69. 69 What aboutWhat about Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement officialsofficials or government inspectors who display aor government inspectors who display a badge or ID?badge or ID? Do we just let them proceedDo we just let them proceed into the building without challenge?into the building without challenge?
    70. 70. 70 NO!NO! UnlessUnless law enforcementlaw enforcement isis responding to aresponding to a crime, emergency, orcrime, emergency, or 911911 call or any other related distresscall or any other related distress situation, then no they can’t just walksituation, then no they can’t just walk passed you without being processedpassed you without being processed just like any other visitor. If they arejust like any other visitor. If they are there for a casual visit, business, publicthere for a casual visit, business, public relations, to question a person, etc. thenrelations, to question a person, etc. then they must be processed accordingly.they must be processed accordingly. Even if they are in full uniform.Even if they are in full uniform.
    71. 71. 71 Trouble finding the owner ofTrouble finding the owner of an employeean employee ID or state license?ID or state license? Throw it in the mailbox!Throw it in the mailbox!
    72. 72. 72 ““Excuse me Miss, but could you pleaseExcuse me Miss, but could you please smoke at thesmoke at the designateddesignated area?”area?”
    73. 73. 73 No Smoking RegulationsNo Smoking Regulations
    74. 74. 74 ““Aggressively” enforce theAggressively” enforce the No SmokingNo Smoking policies in your building, especially thepolicies in your building, especially the frontfront entrances. Record violations and names.entrances. Record violations and names.
    75. 75. 75 No smokingNo smoking policies would especially bepolicies would especially be enforced near buildingenforced near building air intakeair intake systemssystems
    76. 76. 76 No smokingNo smoking policies should be aggressivelypolicies should be aggressively enforced as we mentioned, but with finesse &enforced as we mentioned, but with finesse & tact, not in an intimidating fashion <tact, not in an intimidating fashion <
    77. 77. 77 Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement:
    78. 78. 78 Dealing with those whoDealing with those who have no regard forhave no regard for Safety….Safety….
    79. 79. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: Building security personnelBuilding security personnel should on a daily basis beshould on a daily basis be checking, monitoring, andchecking, monitoring, and enforcing theenforcing the No ParkingNo Parking policiespolicies of their facility. This includes, butof their facility. This includes, but not limited to, fire lane,not limited to, fire lane, handicapped, loading dockhandicapped, loading dock areas, side entrances,areas, side entrances, obstruction of fire hydrants, voidobstruction of fire hydrants, void of campus parking permit, andof campus parking permit, and reserved only parkingreserved only parking
    80. 80. 80 The Parking Ticket:The Parking Ticket:
    81. 81. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: If you have standard parkingIf you have standard parking tickets that you issue, they oftickets that you issue, they of course should not have anycourse should not have any monetary sanction value. Theymonetary sanction value. They are justare just Warnings.Warnings. However,However, the issuing of said ticketsthe issuing of said tickets serves as a deterrent,serves as a deterrent, documentation, and to somedocumentation, and to some degree, minor embarrassmentdegree, minor embarrassment to the the violator.
    82. 82. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: Ultimately, the main purpose isUltimately, the main purpose is too keep motor vehicles out oftoo keep motor vehicles out of thethe Fire LanesFire Lanes and the blockingand the blocking ofof fire hydrants. Personnel whoPersonnel who issue such tickets need to insureissue such tickets need to insure that they are filled outthat they are filled out correctlycorrectly andand completely.completely. There can be noThere can be no mistakes when documenting themistakes when documenting the violator information. The violatorviolator information. The violator copy should be placed under thecopy should be placed under the motor vehicles wiper blade.motor vehicles wiper blade.
    83. 83. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: Ultimately, the main purpose isUltimately, the main purpose is too keep motor vehicles out oftoo keep motor vehicles out of thethe Fire LanesFire Lanes and the blockingand the blocking ofof fire hydrants. Personnel whoPersonnel who issue such tickets need to insureissue such tickets need to insure that they are filled outthat they are filled out correctlycorrectly andand completely.completely. There can be noThere can be no mistakes when documenting themistakes when documenting the violator information. The violatorviolator information. The violator copy should be placed under thecopy should be placed under the motor vehicles wiper blade.motor vehicles wiper blade.
    84. 84. 84 ““No one pays attention to thoseNo one pays attention to those sillysilly fake tickets.fake tickets. They are a joke!!They are a joke!!
    85. 85. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: I am sure we have all heard thatI am sure we have all heard that line at one point or another.line at one point or another. Maybe some of us have evenMaybe some of us have even made such an assertion. But thatmade such an assertion. But that really is not the case. In mostreally is not the case. In most instances, repeat violators will beinstances, repeat violators will be warned,warned, “if you continue to park“if you continue to park here again, you will be towed”.here again, you will be towed”. Usually after 3 warnings haveUsually after 3 warnings have been issued, the motor vehiclebeen issued, the motor vehicle will be towed at their expense.will be towed at their expense.
    86. 86. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: If you do end upIf you do end up towingtowing a motora motor vehicle for repeated violations,vehicle for repeated violations, then you better make sure thatthen you better make sure that you have all of theyou have all of the previousprevious violations documented andviolations documented and filedfiled properly. Because if you do notproperly. Because if you do not and the violator contests theand the violator contests the towing, then things will get uglytowing, then things will get ugly as a person paying a coupleas a person paying a couple hundred dollarshundred dollars to get their carto get their car back can make trouble for you.back can make trouble for you.
    87. 87. 87 I am sorry, did you sayI am sorry, did you say thosethose ticketstickets were awere a “joke”?“joke”?
    88. 88. Parking Enforcement:Parking Enforcement: If in fact you have followed allIf in fact you have followed all parking enforcementparking enforcement protocolsprotocols and have the documentedand have the documented evidence to support a propertyevidence to support a property tow, then you should have notow, then you should have no worries if the violator tries toworries if the violator tries to make a stink with your propertymake a stink with your property mgt. team. After paying up tomgt. team. After paying up to 150.00 dollars to get their motor150.00 dollars to get their motor vehicle back, I don’t believe theyvehicle back, I don’t believe they think those tickets are athink those tickets are a “fake”.“fake”.
    89. 89. 89 Discouraging the use ofDiscouraging the use of “stick on”“stick on” parking violations:parking violations:
    90. 90. “Stick On” Violations: In the 1980’s & 1990’s the use ofIn the 1980’s & 1990’s the use of bright coloredbright colored stick onstick on parkingparking violations was popular in theviolations was popular in the private security industry. Theyprivate security industry. They were large, bright, and quitewere large, bright, and quite embarrassing. Not to mention,embarrassing. Not to mention, extremelyextremely difficult to removedifficult to remove from the glass. To effectively getfrom the glass. To effectively get the sticker off required the use ofthe sticker off required the use of a straight edge razor blade. Verya straight edge razor blade. Very frustrating…frustrating…
    91. 91. “Stick On” Violations: However, their use is stronglyHowever, their use is strongly discouraged.discouraged. Only the standardOnly the standard carbon copy type parkingcarbon copy type parking violations should be deployed.violations should be deployed. Why?Why? Safety and lawsuits,Safety and lawsuits, that isthat is why. The problem with these typewhy. The problem with these type of violations is that when affixedof violations is that when affixed to the glass of the vehicle,to the glass of the vehicle, especially the windshield, theyespecially the windshield, they obstructobstruct the driver’s view whenthe driver’s view when operating the motor vehicle.operating the motor vehicle.
    92. 92. “Stick On” Violations: During the course of operatingDuring the course of operating the vehicle, some violators endedthe vehicle, some violators ended up getting intoup getting into car accidents,car accidents, some very serious ones as well.some very serious ones as well. All because their total view of theAll because their total view of the road wasroad was obstructedobstructed by theby the bright, large parking violation.bright, large parking violation. This led to some very costlyThis led to some very costly lawsuits against those who hadlawsuits against those who had issued the parking violation andissued the parking violation and the building owners.the building owners.
    93. 93. “Stick On” Violations: Why would some silly personWhy would some silly person drive away with the parkingdrive away with the parking sticker still on their car? That issticker still on their car? That is there fault right?there fault right? No, not really.No, not really. Although anybody involved in anAlthough anybody involved in an auto accident because of theauto accident because of the obstructing sticker deservesobstructing sticker deserves partial responsibility, notpartial responsibility, not everybody can be expected toeverybody can be expected to have a razor blade at the ready tohave a razor blade at the ready to remove the sticker.remove the sticker.
    94. 94. 94 Fire Hydrant Violations:Fire Hydrant Violations:
    95. 95. Fire Hydrant:Fire Hydrant: Motor vehicles that are parked inMotor vehicles that are parked in front of afront of a fire hydrantfire hydrant is a seriousis a serious violation. Aside from issuing aviolation. Aside from issuing a parking violation, allparking violation, all attemptsattempts should be made to find theshould be made to find the owner. Cars parked in front of aowner. Cars parked in front of a fire hydrant is a life safety issuefire hydrant is a life safety issue and a danger to the occupants ofand a danger to the occupants of the building(s). Immediatethe building(s). Immediate towing of the vehicle or a call totowing of the vehicle or a call to thethe PolicePolice should be done.should be done.
    96. 96. Fire Hydrant:Fire Hydrant: If a vehicle isIf a vehicle is obstructingobstructing your building fire hydrantyour building fire hydrant and theand the Fire DepartmentFire Department responds to an alarmresponds to an alarm activation and finds theactivation and finds the fire hydrant blocking theirfire hydrant blocking their access, then this is whataccess, then this is what potentially can happen topotentially can happen to the violator’s vehicle:the violator’s vehicle:
    97. 97. 97 The consequences ofThe consequences of recklessreckless decisions.decisions.
    98. 98. 98 The consequences ofThe consequences of recklessreckless decisions.decisions.
    99. 99. 99 Personnel Management:Personnel Management:
    100. 100. Roles and Responsibilities:Roles and Responsibilities: The corporate high rise accessThe corporate high rise access control officer has many diverse andcontrol officer has many diverse and challenging roles and responsibilitieschallenging roles and responsibilities that play out in the fast pacedthat play out in the fast paced environment that is a building lobby.environment that is a building lobby. They must be professional, alert,They must be professional, alert, knowledgeable and firm in deliveryknowledgeable and firm in delivery but diplomatic in tone. They arebut diplomatic in tone. They are entrusted to monitorentrusted to monitor Fire Life SafetyFire Life Safety systems, Panic alarm alerts, andsystems, Panic alarm alerts, and elevator operation panels. With thiselevator operation panels. With this awesome responsibility sometimesawesome responsibility sometimes comescomes unacceptable behaviors.unacceptable behaviors. Let’sLet’s take a look at some of these….take a look at some of these….
    101. 101. 101 Unacceptable Behaviors:Unacceptable Behaviors: Cell phone use while on duty isCell phone use while on duty is ““strictly prohibitedstrictly prohibited””
    102. 102. 102 Unacceptable BehaviorsUnacceptable Behaviors:: “Use of IPods, Music Players, or other“Use of IPods, Music Players, or other devices is not permitted”devices is not permitted”
    103. 103. 103 Unacceptable Behaviors:Unacceptable Behaviors: ““ViewingViewing Facebook and other socialand other social networks on duty is not permitted”networks on duty is not permitted”
    104. 104. 104 Unacceptable Behaviors:Unacceptable Behaviors: “Reading newspapers and“Reading newspapers and magazines is not allowed on duty”magazines is not allowed on duty”
    105. 105. 105 ““Sleeping on Duty-Sleeping on Duty- ZeroZero Tolerance- you will be removed”Tolerance- you will be removed”
    106. 106. 106 ““Touching, accessing, or violating aTouching, accessing, or violating a client employee’sclient employee’s computercomputer is forbiddenis forbidden and illegal”.and illegal”.
    107. 107. 107 What would the SecurityWhat would the Security Manager orManager or ClientClient think…ifthink…if
    108. 108. 108 ……you were watching a movie or Facebookingyou were watching a movie or Facebooking instead of focusing on the cameras to seeinstead of focusing on the cameras to see who might be breaking into your facility.who might be breaking into your facility. Could you explain that?Could you explain that?
    109. 109. 109 >If you actually have a sign like this,>If you actually have a sign like this, then your program is in trouble<then your program is in trouble<
    110. 110. 110 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “What we the Team strive for”“What we the Team strive for”
    111. 111. 111 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Keenly alert and visual”“Keenly alert and visual”
    112. 112. 112 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Detecting criminal activity”“Detecting criminal activity”
    113. 113. 113 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Relaying vital communications”“Relaying vital communications”
    114. 114. 114 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Attentive to our customers”“Attentive to our customers”
    115. 115. 115 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Professional Appearance”“Professional Appearance”
    116. 116. 116 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: ““Maintaining building access cards”Maintaining building access cards”
    117. 117. 117 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Zealous Identification Enforcement”“Zealous Identification Enforcement”
    118. 118. 118 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: ““Abiding by Key Control Protocol”Abiding by Key Control Protocol”
    119. 119. 119 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: ““Maintaining Control Center OperationsMaintaining Control Center Operations””
    120. 120. 120 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: ““Maintaining operational securityMaintaining operational security””
    121. 121. 121 Acceptable Behaviors:Acceptable Behaviors: “Maintaining professional relations”“Maintaining professional relations”
    122. 122. 122 High Rise Access ControlHigh Rise Access Control Tools to aid your access program:Tools to aid your access program:
    123. 123. 123 This section is geared toward front lineThis section is geared toward front line security personnelsecurity personnel to give them a moreto give them a more defined meaning of their daily dutiesdefined meaning of their daily duties..
    124. 124. 124 ElectronicElectronic Detex or Guard 1Detex or Guard 1 Tours of yourTours of your facility record your activity and areas thatfacility record your activity and areas that you have have patrolled.
    125. 125. “Why do we have to do Detex tours? What so we won’t fall asleep”? The answer to that is no, sort of. Detex tours were originally designed as a tool to supplement the Fire Watch patrols of buildings. Now there primary purpose is not only that, but to substantially reduce the insurance premiums that companies pay to insure their property. Questions?
    126. 126. 126 GCS / Guard One Patrol Tours:GCS / Guard One Patrol Tours: Shall be performed per districtShall be performed per district management/ client directivesmanagement/ client directives
    127. 127. 127 You like to microwave do ya?You like to microwave do ya?
    128. 128. Some security personnel love to microwave their food. Having a microwave on site is almost a top priority. They seem to enjoy nuking fried chicken, fried won- tons, fried scallops, etc. I enjoy those delicious foodies myself. What I don’t like and completely despise, is, “fried detex”. What is fried detex? Does it have a lot of calories? Is it fattening? Like, is it gluten free?
    129. 129. No. Fried detex is none of those things. Fried detex is when a lazy security officer decides he has done enough detex tours (GCS, Guard 1, etc.) and places the touring wand in the microwave and nukes it for about a minute. This of course completely melts the internal circuitry and makes the wand useless.
    130. 130. At this point, the person who has done such a thing thinks they are in the clear, nobody is ever going to know what happened to the wand. The security manager or client will think, oh, the battery died, or it is old and doesn’t work anymore. I mean, the wand itself looks just fine, no visible damage is evident. I am in the clear, no more tours until a new one comes!!
    131. 131. Wrong. I will tell you what will happen. The security manager (someone like me) will inspect the wand. Then the wand will be sent out for repair. A couple days later, that manager will get a call from the manufacturer. They will state the wand is useless, as upon internal inspection, it was discovered that the circuitry was completely fried. Then the security manager begins to investigate…
    132. 132. This is what he finds. He or she looks at the last recorded touring times. They will look at daily reports and pass on information. They will question the last officers known to successfully use the wand. Management will narrow down to the exact shift when the touring wand stopped working. Then what happens? Then we have you. Your caught. You will be terminated. So. Don’t do it….
    133. 133. 133 Your standard issuedYour standard issued 2-way radio2-way radio shouldshould never benever be “left”“left” at the desk. Wherever you go,at the desk. Wherever you go, the radio goes with you. It’s your safety andthe radio goes with you. It’s your safety and the safety of others that counts on you to be inthe safety of others that counts on you to be in communication at all times. This includescommunication at all times. This includes break & lunch timesbreak & lunch times as well.
    134. 134. 134 10-Codes10-Codes and theand the Phonetic Alphabet:Phonetic Alphabet:
    135. 135. 10 codes are radio communication numerical designations to certain actions, procedures, and incidents that occur while your on duty. Security, Police, & military 10 codes vary from agency to agency, but the first 10-15 are pretty much universal in spirit. Radio 10 codes:
    136. 136. 10 codes serve as a critical and vital communication tool to relay important information or locations while substantially decreasing the amount of verbal chatter on the frequency band. These codes also act to conceal or abbreviate the actions of the individual officer from non-staff who can hear the radio transmissions. 10 codes simplify communication. Radio 10 codes:
    137. 137. 137 Standard Radio 10-CodesStandard Radio 10-Codes
    138. 138. 138 Standard Phonetic CodeStandard Phonetic Code
    139. 139. 139 Standard Phonetic CodeStandard Phonetic Code
    140. 140. 140 Security EmergencySecurity Emergency Color Codes:Color Codes:
    141. 141. Color codesColor codes are designatedare designated for certain priority onefor certain priority one emergencies and can varyemergencies and can vary from agency to agency. Forfrom agency to agency. For the purpose of this trainingthe purpose of this training exercise, we designate theexercise, we designate the following colors andfollowing colors and incidents accordingly.incidents accordingly.
    142. 142. Code Red:Code Red: Fire, smoke,Fire, smoke, alarm detected (at location).alarm detected (at location). Call Fire Dept. immediatelyCall Fire Dept. immediately Code Green:Code Green: MedicalMedical Emergency @ locationEmergency @ location Code Blue:Code Blue: Call the PoliceCall the Police immediately- physicalimmediately- physical violence, intrusions,violence, intrusions, trespassers, etc.trespassers, etc.
    143. 143. Code White:Code White: Bomb threatBomb threat received (phone) or bombreceived (phone) or bomb device discovereddevice discovered Code Purple:Code Purple: NaturalNatural disasters, flood, and waterdisasters, flood, and water damage proceduresdamage procedures Code Orange:Code Orange: ElevatorElevator entrapment @ location.entrapment @ location.
    144. 144. 144 These standardThese standard color codescolor codes areare fairly universal throughout thefairly universal throughout the security industry. However thesecurity industry. However the facility your assigned to may havefacility your assigned to may have different variations. Make sure youdifferent variations. Make sure you know what the color designationsknow what the color designations signify at your assigned building.signify at your assigned building.
    145. 145. 145 Vigorous enforcement of yourVigorous enforcement of your buildingsbuildings No TrespassingNo Trespassing PolicyPolicy
    146. 146. 146 Tools to aid your access program:Tools to aid your access program: Zoom & Pan-tilt CamerasZoom & Pan-tilt Cameras
    147. 147. 1. Insure that all building cameras, both exterior & interior are working and recording properly, daily. 2. Periodically inspect the DVR- multiplexer, and that images are backing up to an independent data storage unit for at least 90 days. Your facility camera system:
    148. 148. 148 Your facility CCTV system:Your facility CCTV system:
    149. 149. 149 The challenge ofThe challenge of viewingviewing CCTV:CCTV:
    150. 150. Your facility camera system: How can you be fully aware of threatening situations quickly and reliably when you have perhaps hundreds of CCTV cameras to watch and other duties to perform?
    151. 151. Your facility camera system: A challenge faced by all security operations is the need to detect potentially threatening situations as soon as they develop. CCTV is widely used to monitor for events of interest, but operators naturally suffer from fatigue, boredom and distraction, limiting the effectiveness of this approach.
    152. 152. Your facility camera system: With multiple monitors to view, security console operators frequently face sensory overload, and may struggle to notice events that could alert them to significant threats. This condition is part of the normal biology of the human being and it can be an admitted challenge to find an infinite solution.
    153. 153. Your facility camera system: There are solutions though. All security personnel must monitor CCTV screens and alarm panels constantly, with no deviation. There are mechanisms and rotations that can be implemented to help ease the strain of watching a CCTV monitor for long periods of time.
    154. 154. Your facility camera system: Depending on the system you have in place, many intrusion or alarm events can trigger an internal audible alarm at your console/ desk area. Personnel must be alert to any intrusion or alarm event and investigate immediately. Security personnel must rotate if possible on 2-4 hour shifts of monitoring such systems to avoid the boredom and distractions we outlined earlier. These guidelines are especially critical to the weekend/ night shifts.
    155. 155. Your facility camera system: As for viewing perhaps hundreds of cameras, staff security officers and supervisors are only human, they can view and monitor only so much with their eyes at one time. That is why if your facility does have a large number of cameras to monitor, then that facility is obligated to at least have multiple viewing screens and supporting software that alerts personnel of an event that requires immediate attention and resolution.
    156. 156. It is only fair to the front line security personnel to have the proper and appropriate CCTV monitoring systems in place that counter that of the security manager and or client demands in which they expect certain intrusion & alarm events to be detected quickly. However, we can’t make excuses for oversight either. If your building is breached by an intruder who gained access thru an alarmed door and you did not effectively acknowledge Your facility camera system:
    157. 157. and investigate said unlawful entry, then there are going to be problems, big problems. If you engage in the practice of automatically re-setting the alarmed area because it has been “known” to be a nuisance and you are confident that “no one” would ever break into “your” building, then, your terribly wrong. Your access control system and the supporting CCTV system are there to tell you something. They are telling you that something is wrong. Your facility camera system:
    158. 158. 158 What is going on in your buildingWhat is going on in your building is right in front of youris right in front of your eyes….eyes….
    159. 159. 159 Fast-Lane Glass Gate BarriersFast-Lane Glass Gate Barriers (Access Card scan controlled)(Access Card scan controlled)
    160. 160. 160 StanchionsStanchions control foot traffic and allow securitycontrol foot traffic and allow security personnel to more effectively process visitors andpersonnel to more effectively process visitors and employees into the facilityemployees into the facility
    161. 161. 161 Proper Signage to directProper Signage to direct Visitors and contractorsVisitors and contractors
    162. 162. 162 List ofList of pre-approvedpre-approved namesnames or Daily tenant access listor Daily tenant access list
    163. 163. 163 One of your most valuable tools: The EZOne of your most valuable tools: The EZ LobbyLobby Visitor ManagementVisitor Management SystemSystem
    164. 164. 164 EZ Lobby-EZ Lobby- software makes trackingsoftware makes tracking and processing visitors/ contractorsand processing visitors/ contractors manageable and expedient~manageable and expedient~
    165. 165. 165 Your most valuable asset resource:Your most valuable asset resource: “The Security Officer”“The Security Officer” When in doubt- use the security escortWhen in doubt- use the security escort
    166. 166. 166 How do you make yourHow do you make your clientclient property manager jump for joy?property manager jump for joy?
    167. 167. That’s an easy one. Simply follow policy, procedure, and building regulations while at the same time forging strong business relationships with your tenant employees, service contractors, building visitors, and the general public. Dedicated and superior service driven corporate security personnel generate praise and accolades, never
    168. 168. Personnel who do not know how to follow directions and personnel who do not hold a vision of quality and commitment to deliver supreme service to our clients & tenants generate unwanted poor feedback.
    169. 169. If your building customers and employees are happy with your performance, then yes, your client manager will also be equally happy and yes… jumping for joy. Earn “raving fans” and not “stinging critics”.
    170. 170. Thank you for attending today’s presentation
    171. 171. 171