Why there is nothing wrong in releasing rajiv gandhi killers saurav kishor


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Congress party always politicise any highlighted issues when the election comes and Gandhi's family start to take their advantages as the symbol of emotional front of aam people . why there is nothing wrong in releasing rajiv gandhi killers ??

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Why there is nothing wrong in releasing rajiv gandhi killers saurav kishor

  1. 1. Mudda of the day Why there’s nothing wrong in releasing Rajiv Gandhi’s killers
  2. 2. Introduction • This is election stunt of political parties to gain public sympathy....It is believed that Rajiv assassination was done at behest of his own party to gather majority in election year. This is a repeat stunt of congress led government • Jayalalitha had a meeting with lawyers immediately after SC commuting death sentence to life and clearly quoted section 432 which gives powers to state government to remit death prisoners based on good behavior in prison, chance for rehabilitation, impacts and risks to the society. • Since they were arrested and prosecuted by CBI state government is supposed to consult center, which she followed by sending request letter to center. • State government don't need center's permission but only can consult as per law, which she did. • What she missed is petitioning senior judge before releasing them
  3. 3. Some facts of the case • How much punishment should murders be given? After the decision to release half a dozen men and women convicted of killing Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 • If the SC and the Indian Govt. are so concerned about justice , why didn't they execute these culprits before ? Why keep them in prison for 23 years at all?? • Three of the killers Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan were sentenced to death, but the Supreme court decided that they had been on death for too long , and that their punishment should therefore be a life sentence. Then the state where they are being held, Tamil Nadu, decided to release all of them on the grounds that they had already been in jail 23 years, and that was too long enough. • In 2012,supreme court had determined what a Life sentence meant: ‘’it appears to us there is a misconception that a prisoner serving a life sentence has an indefeasible right to be released on completion of either 14 years or 20 years imprisonment . • Note- When Rajiv was Killed he was not PM during assassination. He was not given central security during the visit
  4. 4. Its vote-bank politics or ….?? • Incredible India. the death penalty for the Italian Marines who allegedly accidentally shot the Indian fishermen but are alright with freeing the people who killed 13 innocent bystanders and the Prime Minister of the country. One of the biggest Banana republics around. • From Media Reports its clear that these peoples are convicted for Murder of 1 Man (Rajeev Gandhi) but truth is 18 people died in that Bomb blast including many Tamils( So much for Tamil cause) • One should ask what the families of the 17 people killed along with Rajiv Gandhi will think about this. Will they think there is justice done?
  5. 5. Why now Rahul is remembering justice for Common people ?? • The pain of Rahul as a son of Rajiv Gandhi. But his question is a blunder. He asks- `“If some person kills the PM and is released, then how will a common man get justice? • killing the Prime minister is justified...and the 17 people who lost their lives along with him doesn't even matter. • The foolish decision of his party killed many farmers in India. Who is responsible for the suicides of that farmers? What justice, they got from you? • When the poor people protested against your bad ruling policies, you were blind. The same time you are roaring to them that- ``we will continue this financial policy.'' What is the meaning of that? • Now, please stop this rubbish love towards the justice of common people. You can go to supreme court as a son Rajiv Gandhi and fight against that prisoners. It is the fundamental right of you. But please, don`t say about justice of common people
  6. 6. Fooling democracy • What about the rape of democracy when the Telangana bill was passed in the way it was, if this is not common man's rape by dirty politicians what is this? • Congress's Rahul Gandhi's comments on this issue is unwarranted. Like Congress goes on and on against Modi for 2002 riots even after court declaring no involvement of Modi, they are continuing cheap politics on the verdict of Supreme Court. It shows that Congress does not respect Apex Court verdicts. • Why Manmohan Singh was dead silent for 100s of letter from TN CM Jayalalitha on the plights of TN fishermen being killed, arrested , their boats seized by Sri Lankan navy, but became hyper active at the age of 90 when Rahul said he felt sad.
  7. 7. Making Fool of Democracy • Rahul felt sad when his father's killers were released after languishing in jail for 23 years, but where was same Rahul when Sanjay Dutt who helped terrorists in Mumbai serial blast was released on payroll by Maharashtra government? • Where was Rahul, when Kasab who killed 200 innocent people in Mumbai Railway station and hotel was being given VVIP treatment, super specialty doctors, biryani and 5 star facilities with government spending about 100 crores on him who massacred 200 innocent common people. inordinate delay in hanging him? • Where was Rahul when Afzal Guru's execution was delayed? If the victims are common people, Nehru scion don't care but sympathize with terrorists, whereas if the victim is from his family, then he is saddened and seeking justice. What a mean mind.?
  8. 8. • Why Rahul is not saddened , when Jadish Tytler and all killers of Sikhs in 1984 immediately after Indira Gandhi assassination were given clean chit by CBI and were not prosecuted.
  9. 9. Conclusion • Congress think that they are in 1960s where people believed all they were saying . But now people are educated and know the politics played by Rahul Gandhi and his congressmen. • Rahul Gandhi should not beg for votes on the basis of Indira and Rajiv's deaths. Instead he should earn it. • i don't have But i think judiciary should be independent and should be free to pass judgments depending on the crime and Law. where as in India everything happens due to political compulsions.
  10. 10. Thank you By - saurav kishor