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Gratification of new media while marketing a new product


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How New Media is playing a impactful role for Marketing a new Product in the market.

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Gratification of new media while marketing a new product

  1. 1. By- saurav kishor
  2. 2. Abstract  The paper analyzed the necessity for social media marketing, social communication and Brand Awareness .  Besides, theoretical analysis and empirical data analysis are elaborated in the paper in order to provide clear arguments.  Finally, the conclusion is drawn to summarize the research.
  3. 3. Introduction  This research paper explores the concept of social media and its benefit when launching a new product in the market.  social media “revolution” has changed the traditional, corporate monologue into a two-way dialogue with customers and prospects.  Using social media to build brand awareness is the number one goal of most social media marketers.  Hundreds of millions of people are talking, learning and engaging through social media channels these steps include creating a message, selecting a communication channel, sending the message and responding to feedback.  The advantage of using social media for customer service is simple – it allows for fast, personal responses to your customer base on the platforms on which they prefer to communicate.
  4. 4. Significance of the research  Main aim of market research is to find consumer preferences, their purchase and consumption pattern.  How Social media is a driving force in the field of communication and marketing ?  How It helps to engage with large number of audiences or customers through new information and ideas for a social media marketing plan ?
  5. 5. Social media a good place of business  Social media has become a part of our lifestyle. The information or data we obtain on social media is updated on a daily basis.  It is very easy to reach your niche target as audience is divided on the basis of their fan page likes, groups and communities joined. So it is easy to find them on various communities on social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  Facebook – 903 million users  Google Plus – 343 million users  Twitter – 288 million users  Linked in – 175 million users  Instagram – 100 million users  Pinterest – 25 million users  Foursquare – 25 million users
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY  Research methods are used to determine, discover, interpret, and formulate facts.  The main sources of information that used in this Research were issued from Internet articles and online blogs on social media marketing,  Moreover, there are sufficient scientific articles which focuses on social media marketing are also studied in order to provide a stable theoretical argumentation.  3.1 Locale of the Study  3.2 The research approach  3.3 Sample for the study  3.4 Research Design  3.5 Variables considered in the study Dependent variable  Important of social networking sites Independent Variables  Age(in years)  Gender  3.6 Measurement of variable  3.7 Hypothesis for Statistical analysis
  7. 7. Duration of Study  The study was undertaken during the month of September to November 2013 at Manipal University Bangalore campus.  The time taken for data collection was average, because the number of respondents were 30. Data collection  The data were collected from the respondents with the help of a structured pre tested questionnaire. Questionnaire:  The questionnaire had two sections i.e. A, B  Section A had questions regarding the personal characteristics of the respondents.  Section B was related to the important of social networking sites and how long you have been involved in social media and How it is helpful for increasing your sales ?
  8. 8. FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS Overview of the results  According to my chosen target group and methods to gain data.  I have interviewed 30 different people with different background of businesses.  Interview questions focus on how social media is helpful for increasing the sales?  The age group of the respondents is between 25 and 55 years old and most of them are Entrepreneurs living in Bangalore,
  9. 9. Conclusion  The research studies “Gratification of New Media While launching a new Product was intended to find out the popularity about Online Marketing strategic.  The new generation online tools have radically changed in the way that companies connect and relate to their customers.  The dramatic growth of social media tools in the last few years has pushed a majority of the corporations on the social media because it is commonly accepted fact in marketing: “Be where your customers are”; as looking at the current trends, all the customers are logging on to some form of social media.  Hence, I can conclude that social media is the latest and most important tool in managing and optimizing customer experiences.
  10. 10. Thank you!! saurav kishor