Saurabh Gupta Design Portfolio 2002-08


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A selection of design projects from 2002 to 2008.

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Saurabh Gupta Design Portfolio 2002-08

  1. 1. hi! Welcome to my portfolio, featuring 25 of my favoutite graphic design projects. Hope you enjoy going through them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
  2. 2. brand identity for eastern venture Eastern Venture is in the business of organic prod- ucts and wanted a brand identity that reflected the purity, health and well-being offered by its products. I took lotus as the symbol for the attributes, and developed a clean, subtle and elegant design and colour scheme which was implemented in sta- tionery, coporate documents and a folder. for Eastern Venture Ltd., London scope Turnkey project from Design to offshore Printing and Delivery Stationery, Folder, Leaflets, CD Envelop and some promotional materials year 2004-05
  3. 3. logo for designer boutique A boutique designing ethnic Indian clothes with a fusion of modern themes wanted a logo to reflect this spirit. The design is inspired by floral patterns commonly used in Indian embroidery and placed the name in a rather unconventional frame, with some cus- tomization of the font. A simpler version with just the initials IR was also developed for single colour printing on tags. for Indian Rhapsody, India scope Design and copywriting (by-line) year 2006
  4. 4. branding for an it start-up Brand identity for an IT and web services start-up. Most logos in this industry tend to be domintaed by blue colour and futuristic or technical graph- ics. I decided to break away from this stereotype - us- ing warm colours and since the name is long and explains the business, focussed on typography with subtle graphics of subtle dots. for Digital Solutions 4u, India scope Design of logo and stationery and printing sta- tionery year 2003
  5. 5. branding for a construc- tion group A family owned group of companies involved in infrastructure development and construction con- tracts, required a consolidated identity that unites all companies in the group. As they were known by their family name and it appeared in company names, I used it in the logo and created design in single colour which made it easy to apply on vehicles and economical to print in large quantities. for Anand Group of Companies, India scope Design of logo and stationery and printing sta- tionery year 2002
  6. 6. retail branding for food services Sodexo required a clear and prominent brand- ing across almost 50 corporate cafetarias which it manages in India. The branding needed to blend with the existing infrastructure of the client on which the company has no control. The solution was a design pattern, type style, col- our scheme, signage with icons and wall panels. It has already been successfully applied in overa dozen sites. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design and layouts, On-site Implementation, Ven- dor coordination year 2007-08
  7. 7. retail event branding Branding for sales promotion of ‘Kundan’, ethnic jewellery from western India. The design, which included a facade for the shop, was inspired by the architecture and art of the re- gion. The invitations were made as elaborate as for a wedding, reflecting the high worth of the prod- ucts on sale, and the status of the receipients. for B K Saraf Jewellers, India scope Design, Printing and Implementation Invitation card, shop facade, newspaper adverts, in-store decoration. year 2006
  8. 8. corn festival Campaign designed for Corn Festival - an event organized to increase awareness of corn’s health benefits, with the entire menu featuring dishes made with corn. Designs included a logo and mascot applied to standee, danglers cap, menu sheet and buffet card. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design of all promotional materials and supervise fabrication of standee year 2007
  9. 9. kiosk for tea & coffee Sodexo sells several types of food items as a part of its corporate catering services, and needs each category to be highlighted as a brand in itself. This is the branding of kiosks through which tea and coffee are sold. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design and supervise on-site implementation year 2007
  10. 10. menu for naval officers’ mess Menus designed for restaurant and bar of the pres- tigious naval officers’ club in New Delhi. The design is based on vintage maritime theme. The menu were printed on thick card with textured lamination to impart a ‘wooden’ feel in coherence with the visuals. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design and Production year 2008
  11. 11. italian restaurant menu Menu design to complement the refurbished inte- riors of what claims to be the only authentic Italian restauirant in Lucknow. The design is inspired by the interiors of the res- taurant which has exposed brick walls, warm dim lighting and mahagony furniture. The background of the inside pages are from Italian tiles. for Cellar Italian Restaurant, India scope Design and printing year 2006
  12. 12. it services identity & flyer A part of Sodexo’s Facilities Management Services is ‘eFacility’ a software that serves as the backbone of the services. Due to its importance and unique- ness, the company wanted to give it an identity in itself - both for the company staff, the users, and clients, the benefitors. Sodexo logo and the phrase ‘powered by’ had to be included to give eFacility a context. The design encapsulates the three elements neat- ly, without hampering the integrity and promi- nence of the Sodexo logo. The flyer describes the software and its benefits. for Sodexo (Facilities Management Services) scope Design of identity and flyer year 2008 About eFacility Core Modules Maintenance Management System (MMS) eFacility is a modular facilities management system eFacility controls This module helps the user to track, maintain & manage assets, properties, facilities & equipments and get the best per- which allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates > Problem reporting and resolutions formance out of it. It also helps the user make better management decisions on any maintenance work he does. operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis > Maintenance schedules and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and ef- > Inventory transactions Help Desk Management System (HMS) ficient way by means of integrating various modules. > Service orders HMS facilitates the user to register a problem, assigning and having it resolved quickly to ascertain smooth functioning of the organization. Designed and developed using Microsoft’s .NET frame work and ORACLE eFacility benefits > Integration & streamlining of processes Visitor Management System (VMS) data base backend, it is an ICAFM software which is web enabled and can > In-depth reports at a click of a button VMS helps in efficiently screening, registering, quick sign in and allowing visitors to access relevant areas through access be used from anywhere in the world as it is hosted on high avalability serv- > One point information access control devices. It also has features such as business card scanning, visitor photo capture and visitor signature capture. ers. It supports extensive communication by means of email and sms. > Traceability > Transparency eFacility is also integrated with hand-held devices which can be used on Drawing/ Document Management System (DMS) > Scalability the work floor in industrial settings for recording data and readings, an This tool helps digitalize drawings, documents, manuals and other software’s > High availability of the organization. These can be tracked, managed and securely maintained essential requirement for asset management. Since it has been developed > Anywhere, anytime access through the system. using the state of the art tecnology, scalability is never an issue. > Maintenance & upgrades support > Track of Sodexo’s service & performance Facility Booking System (FBS) A highly integrated system, it helps in genetrating exhaustive reports with This module helps in simplifying the process of reservation and usage of thematic visuals on the status of facilities. this also enables to centralise facilities within a building or complex. It keeps a track of facilities booked information and perform strategic analysis and planning. It supports au- and gives a range of reports for the system administrator. tomation of work flows and can be customised to suit requirements. Other modules included: Key Management, Handheld Module, KPI indicators, Executive Dashboard, Mailroom Management
  13. 13. corporate profile Corporate profile designed in print and Power- Point for heavy engineering products for B2B mar- keting. On receiving favourable feedback, the same de- sign was retained for subsequent annual revisions and is still in circulation. for NCM SHOAVA, manufacturers and exporters of patented accessories for earth-moving machines. scope Turnkey project involving design, printing and binding of printed profiles, producing CD covers and stickers. year 2004-07
  14. 14. corporate documents Company Profile and a White Paper for a consul- tancy that helps companies in the USA get their manufacturing done from China. Both documents contained technical data that needed to be represented interestingly, and the client wanted colour, though sober. for Nicobar Group, New York and Shanghai scope Design and converting raw data to diagrams year 2007
  15. 15. Quarterly Magazine of Quarterly Magazine of magazine Kaleidoscope is Sodexo India’s quarterly 20-page Issue 1 • India • Jun ‘08 Issue 2 • India • Sep ‘08 magazine for internal circulation to its 10,000 em- Inaugural Issue ployees and limited distribution to clients and The ‘Gift that Grows’ becomes partners. gift most loved in business PAGE 6 Felicitating women in the workplace Sodexo ranks 12 in the top 50 companies for diversity for through people PAGE 6 PAGE 5 Discover our new brand identity Project success guaranteed: it’s Sodexo (Facilities Management & Food Services) PAGE 5 not rocket science What’s the future of PAGE 10 Facilities Management professionals? PAGE 10 Mommy’s day out scope PAGE 10 Design of template, Complete layout of first two issues Some of the photographs year 2008 Project Management team taste their first grand success
  16. 16. ‘smart living’ health book This book is a digest of health and food related information, presented in a fun and lively way in a handy size; it was part of a campaign run by Sodexo on World Health Day to promote healthy lifestyle. 60,000 copies of this 40-page book were distrib- uted across India. for Sodexo (Facilities Management & Food Services) scope Design. layout and some illustration year 2008
  17. 17. newspaper supplement A four-page newspaper supplement and a mem- bership card designed for circulation with main newspaper, targeted at school children. The project involved creating one complete issue of the weekly supplement which would then serve as a template for future issues. The students who received the supplement were also given a membership card which could be used to avail offers from participating outlets. for The Times of India, the largest circulating newspa- per in the world. scope Design and page layout year 2004
  18. 18. tulsi tea collection Packaging for a range of organic herbal teas, de- signed to evoke a connection with India in the Eu- ropean and US markets. The six blends are packaged in bright colours, such that they not only stand together as a group, but also each blend has an identity by itself. for Organic India, one of the largest exporters of or- ganic products from India. scope Design and Print-production Creating variations of the template, customised to the requirements of UK, USA, Czech, Holland, France and Australia. year 2001-05
  19. 19. Lost its riches independence-day posters WHEN the WORLD to HISTORY only to be the A set of three posters designed to commemorate the independence day of India. They were put up CONQUERED world´s in over 250 locations, including Sodexo offices and largest sites. LANDS to be ECONOMIC POWER in future. a WINNER, for Sodexo (Facilities Management & Food Services) scope Design of three posters INDIA year CONQUERED 2008 HEARTS Sodexo is proud Sodexo is proud to be a part of India’s economic growth to be a part of India’s economic growth on its 61st independent year. on its 61st independent year. and WON. Here one voice is not enough, only when 1.13 billion PEOPLE speak, does INDIA nod. We are proud to be associated with a peaceful country, India on its 61st independent year. We are proud to be associated with We are proud to be associated with the largest democracy in the world the largest democracy in the world on its 61st independent year. on its 61st independent year. Indians with Tiranga: Photograph by Vasudev Bhandarkar
  20. 20. electricity day campaign Three posters and emails designed to encourage people to conserve electricity for the sake of envi- ronment, on the occasion of World electricity Day. The initiative met with huge appreciation and en- couragement from clients and customers. for Sodexo (Facilities Management & Food Services) scope Design year 2007
  21. 21. celebrating holi Posters and danglers designed to greet Holi, a fes- tival of colour, which people celebrate by throw- ing coloured powder or water on each other, and come out with multi-coloured faces. The campaign was run at over 100 locations across India. for Sodexo (Facilities Management & Food Services) scope Design of poster, dangler and animated email message. Copywriting year 2008
  22. 22. oriental food festival Promotional event serving an Oriental menu. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design of poster and banner year 2007
  23. 23. goa food festival Promotional event serving cuisine from Goa, a former Portugese colony known for its beaches. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design of poster and banner year 2007
  24. 24. salad festival promotion Promotional material for Salad festival, a day of salad only menu. for Sodexo (Food Services) scope Design of poster and banner year 2007
  25. 25. conference folder Top bankers of Citibank, New York were having an an off-shore meet in Sicily, Italy, and wanted to give it a casual atmosphere. The theme was true to the location - mafia. ‘Godfather’ is what came to my mind, and I decid- ed to create a spoof on the unforgettable cover of the novel. A custom type and personalized it with every one’s name as the ‘author’. for Outsourced by New Way Advertising, New York, for Citibank scope Design of folder, with a custom font Online transfer of artwork and telephonice coordi- nation with the printer year 2003
  26. 26. personal branding for a classical dancer Rosella Fanelli is an Italian by birth, but feels (and chats) like a native Indian. She is one of the most famous figures in Kathak, a traditional dance form of north India and has been awarded and featured in media a number of times. The project included making a brochure of her profile and stationery. for Rosella Fanelli, Kathak dancer scope Design Copywriting Printing year 2002