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Enterprise Performance Support Solutions


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EPSS 500 provides contextual, just-in-time, electronic performance support to users of applications such as SAP, Oracle ERP, IFS, Infor, Epicor, and other ERP products as well to users of the widest range of other application software – both packaged and internally custom developed.

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Enterprise Performance Support Solutions

  1. 1. Product Datasheet (R7.5)
  2. 2. EPSS 500 – Product DatasheetEPSS 500 is the industry leading enterprise software suite that helps businessesmanage their IT driven business process transformations successfully.The EPSS 500 delivers a combination of learning, performance support and processimprovement capabilities. It offers advanced process capture, process documentation,simulation, eLearning & context-sensitive help features to enable IT and business units toimplement business transformations with minimized risk, better user adoption, fastertime to competency, continuous process improvement and higher ROI. BENEFITS Business Process Capture EPSS 500’s pioneer capture technology records user interactions on  Increase end user business applications. Its unprecedented, accurate & comprehensive adoption capture includes a motley of business applications such as Mainstream +  Windows, Java, Green screen, IE/Firefox browser based applications,  Reduce training / support Enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, MATLAB, and PeopleSoft to  costs name a few, CAD (CATIA, UGNX, etc.) & .NET applications. EPSS 500 is   also the first to capture on the Citrix environment.  Improve knowledge  transfer efficiency by Collaboration & Generation of Content  saving SME time & cost A Subject Matter Expert’s procedural knowledge and best practices are  inherent in the process; automatically captured and can be reused collaboratively by multiple  reducing load on the SME; authors in diverse geographies, editing quickly and efficiently in  eliminating errors in response to varying business processes. A single authoring session can  knowledge translation be used to generate automated documentation, interactive & media-  and preserving the SME’s rich simulations, eLearning & context-sensitive support in multiple  complete knowledge languages to meet the localization needs of users in different countries.    Preserve, distribute & Context-Sensitive Support (Electronic Performance Support  grow the organization’s System) knowledge; empower EPSS 500 provides end users with just the required and the right employees & establish amount of information, at the moment of need in order to improve organization-wide their competence. Changes in processes can be rolled out readily & consistency by reinforcing policies, procedures, practices can be made available immediately global procedures across the organization. This context-sensitive support increases end user retention, reduces help desk calls, assures process compliance and  Increase end user increases user adoption. retention; decrease time to competency; Track & Measure User Competence accelerate user adoption Use EpiTracker to track & report key performance metrics such as average score, pass/fail rates, number of attempts, time taken for the  Accustom users to adopt different simulation modes, etc. Also incorporate feedback from end changes faster and users. The reports obtained can be exported to a SCORM compliant LMS thereby enhance their as well as to Microsoft Excel for further analysis & reporting. productivity © Epiplex500 Page 2 of 10 2012
  3. 3. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet FEATURES Capture a wide range of Collaborate Provide context- Track & report key + applications to produce asynchronously to sensitive, just-in-time performance metrics documents, simulations, author content. Check- support to end users; and export to a SCORM- eLearning & in, check-out & version roll out process changes compliant LMS using performance support in control files. Obtain & updates readily EpiTracker multiple languages using automatic alerts & a single authoring integrate legacy content session. EPSS 500 Workflow All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners © Epiplex500 Page 3 of 10 2012
  4. 4. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Features Who use EPSS 500? Who use EPSS 500?  Epiplex500 generated content: This includes Process Managers Documents, training, simulations, eLearning &  Standardize business processes performance support (cue cards) + +  Create & distribute process knowledge rapidly  Decrease time to competency & performance  External Content: Epiplex500 generated  Ensure process compliance content can be integrated with external, 3rd party & legacy content Business Unit Heads  Decrease costs & timelines of projects  ERMS: Facilitates collaboration by multiple involving enterprise applications authors in diverse locations. Also provides version control of files & automatic alerts for  Improve employee productivity files that have been modified  Improve time to operational efficiency Business Transformation Groups  Context Framework: This component of EPSS 500 helps in mapping content to a specific  Reduce dependence on external providers with context; associating content to a business a solution that gives them greater control & process. After association of content, it should simple tools to change business processes be put up in a place (EPSS server) from where it  Decrease time & costs of business can be pulled / accessed when required. There transformation projects are two ways of putting the content there – directly or through the ERMS Change or Transition Managers  Create rapid documentation & distribution of  EPSS Server: This hosts the all the content – process change documents, simulations, eLearning, cue cards,  Capture the processes from the client and sign- 3rd party, legacy, and external. This pushes context-sensitive content to end users at the off time of need while performing a process  Immediate productivity, rapid adoption of new process reduce risks of non-compliance  EpiTracker: This is a tracking & reporting IT heads & Implementation Managers system for monitoring end user competency. It tracks the usage of simulations, assessments &  Create process & application documentation presentations (assembly of Epiplex500 and rollout training generated & 3rd party content) by end users.  Create support & on-boarding manuals, The tracked results can be exported to a installation guides, user guides SCORM compliant LMS as well as to Microsoft  Reduce error rates and ensure implementation Excel for further reporting & analysis. success  Reduce Help Desk Calls RELATED PRODUCTS Project Steering Committee Members Epiplex500 Enterprise  Track suggest changes in during the Project EPSS 500 Gateway – Electronic Performance development process Support System  Reduce Post-implementation risks EpiDOCX –Automated Documentation Tool © Epiplex500 Page 4 of 10 2012
  5. 5. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Features & Benefits Process Capture Capture Wide Spectrum of Applications Capture on mainstream Windows Java, Green screen, IE browser based applications, Enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, MATLAB, and PeopleSoft to name a few, CAD (CATIA, UGNX, etc.), Citrix & .NET applications. Multiple User Support for Capture When installed on a Citrix Server, Capture can be used by multiple users simultaneously. Capture applications robustly & accurately Decrease post capture effort for publication-ready content. Reduce the turnaround time for content development. All menu selections, mouse movements and events, typing, drop down lists and other controls are comprehensively captured. Also select the specific region in which you want to capture using the ‘Custom size’ capture option. Robust Capture on Citrix applications Capture can work either from Citrix Server in which case it captures seamlessly and robustly. In cases where because of security concerns or other reasons, access is not provided to the server, Capture can be installed at the Citrix client level as well. In such a case Epiplex automatically captures new windows or dialogs and control regions. This dramatically reduces the time taken to capture and increases effectiveness of knowledge transfer. Employ Templates for Sentence description Automatically generate step descriptions (sentences) for captured steps. Edit, format or create new templates to suit the organization’s consistent style and standard. New sentence formats can be created in different languages as well. Capture Full Motion of objects Enable the SME to record screen actions in the form of a full motion movie. Useful when objects in motion have to be captured and simulated. Typically used in engineering design applications (CAD/CAM) training where 3D objects are used. Record / Attach Audio Record or attach audio files (WAV, MP3, and WMA) to any step of the business process. © Epiplex500 Page 5 of 10 2012
  6. 6. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Use Aliases Some applications do not support capture of objects names like Text Boxes, Dropdown List Boxes, Check Boxes, and Buttons etc. or may not have names for some objects. In such cases, an alias names can be defined which automatically get applied to the object in all future captures on the application. Mask Images Post capture sensitive information can be masked thereby preventing the flow of information into the published content. Secure & Mask Text Post capture any field can be marked as secured and the text can be masked. Once marked as secure, all future captures of that field will be treated as a secure control. Permits securing of sensitive information like password fields and Social Security Number in published content. Develop & Edit Preview each Process Step as an epiLearn Get a feel of the output immediately using this feature. View the changes made to a process step then and there without having to generate the complete epiLearn. Attach Audio / Video Audio and video files can be attached to the steps of a simulation output. Enable the transfer of the tacit knowledge of the developer to the end users. HTML 5 Output HTML 5 Output HTML 5 output (Show mode only) is now supported in a variety of browsers and HTML 5 output (Show mode only) is now supported in a variety of browsers and Operating systems. Handheld devices, Google Chrome, Mozilla, iPad Safari and Operating systems. Handheld devices, Google Chrome, Mozilla, iPad Safari and browsers in Mac, Linux based machines are supported. browsers in Mac, Linux based machines are supported. Text to Speech In addition to voice recording, Authors can also type the audio instructions as text and convert to Speech. Use Annotations Provide instructional feedback in the form of hints, tips, encouragement to end users through the various annotations types– Callouts, Sticky notes, Rollovers, etc. Spell Check Check spelling in files with options to check either step-by-step in a process or the complete process. © Epiplex500 Page 6 of 10 2012
  7. 7. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Generate Template based Outputs The simulation and document outputs are template based. Epiplex500 provides various templates along with the product installation. New custom templates can be developed through an editor. Organizations can develop and publish content in accordance with their corporate standards, themes and layouts. Password Protect PDF Secure your PDFs with a password preventing unauthorized people from sharing, viewing, printing or altering them. Document control & rights management is crucial when dealing with sensitive content. Create Presentations Make a presentation with Documents, Simulations, Assessment and other legacy content. Group the content by Chapters and display in a tree view. Create Assessments Create objective type tests with various question types to test the conceptual understanding of end users. Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answer, True/False and Match the following types of questions are supported. Enterprise Repository Management System (ERMS) ERMS is the web-based collaborative content management and distribution system with the following features: Control different versions of files Enable different users – authors, reviewers & publishers- to modify/edit capture files several times without overwriting the original content. Eliminate the difficulty in tracking different versions submitted by the users. Integrate Legacy & External Content with Epiplex500 Content Legacy, External and Epiplex500 generated content can be ‘Checked in’ and ‘Checked out’ of ERMS. Single files of Legacy and External content are supported. Provide multiple level role based access to users The 3 types of Users – Administrator, Repository Manager & End User – have different domains of tasks/functions. Store Content in a Central Repository Store content in a common location for sharing, facilitating Collaborative authoring, Content management & Authoring development workflows in different geographical locations. © Epiplex500 Page 7 of 10 2012
  8. 8. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Send Automatic Alerts E-mail alerts, sent to Users of a Group when items of interest are ‘Checked in’, modified or edited, notify them regarding any changes made. This provides visibility on the status of the development work. Standardize template, options and settings across all Epiplex users Templates, sentence structure and settings can be set once and then reused by all the Epiplex authors in an organization. This ensures that the uniformity in usage, look and feel and best practice adoption of Epiplex is maintained in the organization. Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) The EPSS provides all the necessary and available information, required to generate performance and learning to end users at a time when they need it the most, i.e., while facing a doubt on the pertinent application, identifying their contextual environment. Associate Content to the Context A context map is built from a recording done on the target application. The context map is a structure that contains several identifying aspects of the application such as control names, fields etc. It is very simple to create as this requires the SME to simply capture the application. The content is later associated to the context map thereby forming the Context framework. The How now? context map is created automatically. Provide Context-Sensitive Content The EPSS when invoked by the end user on encountering a doubt recognizes the context of the user and pulls up all the content associated with the context to help the user with the issue. This content could be in the form of simulations or documents or even cue cards, aiding the user then-and-there. Associate External Content Associate external content with the context; content that may not be directly related to the context but may still be relevant to the user’s requirement. These documents include – Policy Documents, Regulatory & Compliance documents, Business Process diagrams, flow charts, Images & Maps, Forms & Templates, Systems & Methods, Catalogs & Price lists, Technical Manuals, PowerPoint, SOPs, Podcasts, URLs, 3rd party Learning material, etc. Push content to end user automatically Push changed policies or changed processes automatically to an end user when they are in the particular context. © Epiplex500 Page 8 of 10 2012
  9. 9. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet EpiTracker EpiTracker is a tracking & reporting system for monitoring user competency. Create users & content groups. Set preferences or parameters for the information that needs to be tracked for the different content types used by end users. Apply common filters to all generated reports and display key performance metrics including:  Users with results more/less than a specified score  Users who have passed/failed (obtained more than a certain pass score)  Users who have passed/failed  Reports within a specific period of time Export or pass the tracked results to a SCORM compliant LMS. Epiplex500 License Management System (ELMS) The ELMS is the license management system, for organizations, to optimize & effectively use their Epiplex500 licenses. Create users and assign them to groups. Allocate Epiplex500 licenses to groups. Manage them by assigning for specific lengths of time to certain groups. Save you the hassle of deactivating licenses as those which lapse the allotted days will be automatically deactivated and made available for further use by another user. Optimize & plan the usage of licenses with the useful License utilization, availability & allocation reports, obtained daily, weekly or monthly and can be exported to Excel or even printed.About EpianceEpiance is the leading provider of enterprise software that helps companies manage their IT driven businessprocess transformations successfully. Our products deliver a combination of learning, performance support andprocess improvement capabilities that de-risk business change and increase productivity. Epiance can be foundon the web at © Epiplex500 Page 9 of 10 2012
  10. 10. EPSS 500 – Product Datasheet Our History Epiplex500, an award winning technology, has been in the market since 1995, enabling customers to capture or record business processes on Mainstream Windows, Java and Green screen applications. Customers are able to generate Automated Documentation & Interactive Simulations. Epiplex500 also offers the ability to rapidly create e-learning objects and delivers fast context sensitive Live ‘in-application’ Desktop support (EPSS 500). Further modules of Epiplex500 product suite allow customers to benchmark, measure and analyze performance in order to build Performance Improvement Solutions. Epiplex500 has a global reach through its extensive network of partners. Its modular packaging, comprehensive output options and competitive pricing makes it a leading provider in knowledge capture & transfer, Business Process Support and organizational learning. Epiplex500’s marquee global customers come cover a broad range of industry, government and commercial sectors, including Accenture, Carnival Cruise Lines, Capgemini, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Engineering, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Honda R & D, Samsung, the United States Department of Justice, the Australian Department of Defense plus many local and regional agencies.Contact UsPlease mail us at or can also call our support helpline number as below:Asia Pacific +61 363 491 215India, Middle East & Africa +91 80 4178 5119 / +27 213 002 355Europe +44 207 099 9522Americas +1 408 627 7302 / 1 408 914 2665This document is a copyright of Epiance Software Pvt. Ltd. and all rights are reserved. It is submitted under strict commercialconfidentiality. No part of this document may be reproduced or disclosed in any form, conventional or electronic, for any reason to anythird party without prior written consent from the authors. © Epiplex500 Page 10 of 10 2012