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Saskia Prisandhini Architectural Portfolio


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Saskia Prisandhini's Architectural Portfolio

Published in: Design, Business
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Saskia Prisandhini Architectural Portfolio

  1. 1. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF ARCHITECTURAL SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO + Indralaya Train Station + Putri Room Make Over + Bahari Mixed Use + Persona Entertainment Center + Kaip Terrace Renovation + Cabusho Café & Book Shop + Depok Public Library + East Heritage Furniture Showroom + Ralph Bali House + Sriwijaya House Interior + Office & Waterpark Futurarc 2009
  2. 2. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO Project : CABUSHO (Café Book Shop) Concept Concept Pena Publisher want s to establish Type : Interior Preliminary Design Team : with Laras R. Djarot & Matesar Filoni themselves among market in a long term. Work as : Furniture Designer & 3D Drafter They want to grab youngsters as potential market for their books. The idea is a Location : Jakarta (Pondok Indah Mall 2 80 m2 retail space) fusion of a book store and a café, in a Client : Pena Publisher happening mall. Date : July, 2007 “mixing the habits: lounging & reading “ Front Façade Café Cashier Book display Door to storage Books stack is built in the gypsum massive to make a Café and the book store are integrated unique impression and an by the same cashier / pantry. The efficient circulation. books are displayed in boutique style (only displayed some of the titles), so that not all of the collection are displayed. Some of them are in the storage room. There is only one book displayed per title. Costumer search their titles by computer.
  3. 3. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “i am a wooden furniture showroom” Concept Project : EAST HERITAGE SHOWROOM Owners of East Heritage wants his showroom to be contextually Type : Façade Renovation catchy among Petaling Jaya area environment. They want a façade Team : Stapati Architecture that makes people understand that the building are a showroom of Location : Petaling Jaya, KL Malaysia a modern-tropical styled furniture shop. Their clients mostly Client : East Heritage Furniture foreign expatriates at Malaysia. The owners wants the façade to be Date : March, 2007 clean, economic, but still relevant to be build. Among the design alternatives proposal, they choose this design. Which is clean, humble, yet eye-catchy: Design Existing (Before) Front Facade Loading area Showroom area Owner room Perspective The real roof is camouflaged to create a cubicle shaped façade. The employee room is placed above loading area. The horizontal opening near plafond is placed to 3 textures combination (bricks, stone get the sun shine from outer area. plate, and paint) is being used to build a I’m using this way at the owner dynamic tropical impression which is room too. simple but eye-catchy. Main door area The windows at showroom area mass is being fronted to establish a ‘main is not being changed for the door’ consciousness to the costumers. economic efficiency.
  4. 4. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “happy center” Concept Project : PERSONA Entertainment Center The Entertainment Center concept is planned Type : Interior Design International Bidding to fulfill the surroundings needs. Consist 4 Team : Blackboxed Design Consultant floors. Ground floor is bistro, lounge, and fine Stapati Architecture dining, 1st floor is clubs, 3rd floor is billiard Work as : Interior Designer parlor, and the last floor is function venue. This Location : Melbourne, Australia concept won the international design pitching. Client : Aji Avatara Date : November, 2006 Plans
  5. 5. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “steels & stainless in tropical train station” Concept Project : INDRALAYA Train Station This railway station is the last station in Palembang railway Type : Architecture & Planning passages. It placed near Sriwijaya University. Because of Team : PT. Bentareka Cipta, Contractor that, most of the passengers are students. The main Work as : Junior Architect & AutoCAD Drafter concept is station as transit area, consist waiting area Location : Palembang, Indonesia facility (an open air café). In the aesthetic area; steels, Owner : Government of South Sumatra, tempered glass, and stainless is being used as material to Transportation Department adapt the transportation trend from Jakarta. Arch shape of Date : May, 2007 the mass and the openings are to adapt tropical climate of the area. Plan Waterfall on glasses Main Road Façade Entry from skybridge
  6. 6. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO Concept Project : Depok Public Library Depok claimed itself as educational city. That’s why its through Expressionism Approach public library should be a pride of the city & Type : Fiction Project (School Project) representing the city’s originality; more than Team : Alone functional, as in fulfilling people needs, & being a part Work as : Architect of the city infrastructure owned by regional Location : Margonda Raya Depok, South Java government. The building design processes is using Client : Regional Government of Depok these concepts through expressionism approach. Date : January, 2007 Block Plan = drop off = public circulation = service circulation Block masses was created according to unique masses pattern of Depok City = building mass Government Building Cluster, to empower the library identity as a part = parking area of the city infrastructure. Plan Common plaza is placed in front of the site area so that the building is reachable by pedestrian. This is considered, because the site is near the train and bus station. Back Façade Front Façade Sketch
  7. 7. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “place for putri to express” Project : ‘Kamar Gue’ MTV Indonesia Concept TV Show Concept of the project is making a room that can be Type : Interior Design Make Over functioned as a place for the owner to express. The Team : Trisakti University Team owner, Putri, loves to act. She is a bit messy, and loves to Work as : Interior Designer read. She needs a room as an inspirational space. These Location : Putri’s Room; Jakarta, Indonesia directives is authenticated by making a reading area that Award : Mtv Favorite Design of The Year 2006 is also can be functioned as a mini theatrical stage. The stage can be filled with books. It’s a storage. Multifunction. Existing (Before) Plan toilet Multifunction stage bed
  8. 8. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO Project : Sriwijaya House Interior Concept Type : Interior Design To create a traditional Team : PT. Medici Graha Indonesia American style interior in the Work as : Design Consultant house of Mr. Rachmat. Location : Sriwijaya Street 38B, Jakarta Indonesia The design includes interior Client : Mr. & Mrs. Rachmat part (wallpaper, electrical placing, furniture & accesories.) Living room preview Working Space Perspective Master bed room Perspective Small Seating room Preview Guest bed room perspective
  9. 9. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “our ancestors are sailors!” Existing Project : Bahari Mixed-Use (Office, Apartment, Retails) through Waterfront Approach Type : Fiction Project (School Project) Team : with Rina Ariesti & Nurul Farida Work as : Architect Location : K.H.Samanhudi Street, Jakarta Indonesia Date : January, 2005 Concept Site is located in front of Ciliwung bank. The main problem in planning the site is how to make the lake flow in front of the site as a potential material. The site is located in the Old Town Area of Jakarta. That’s why, we try to explore the aesthetic area of the site by create a Hindische old port town ambience; because Jakarta is a port city in old centuries. Waters of the lake is being functioned as a transit way from main road to the site. In the site, we also create a canal way as internal recreational transportation. Bird-Eye Concept Sketch 3D Sketch of Shopping Arcade Office tower, apartment mercusuar analogy Shopping arcade, Canal Transportation ship analogy inside site Shopping Arcade Section
  10. 10. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO “Puri Botanical Township Futurarc Prize 2009” Project : Puri Botanical Township (Office, F&B and Waterpark) Type : Competition - Shortlisted Team : with Elsa Damayanti Work as : Architect Site : Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Indonesia Date : January, 2005 Concept The total site area is about 135 Ha, sloping down greenery, located within a neighborhood of middle to middle-up class housing development. The estimated driving time to Jakarta city centre is about 20 to 30 minutes. There will be access to a future highway – Jakarta Outer Ring Road – by 2009. The concept is to create green building complex with minimal power consumption and yet still integrated with surrounding area.
  13. 13. + ARCHITECTURAL PORTFOLIO OF SASKIA PRISANDHINI TJOKRO Sketches & Ideas Storage Rack Concept Simple, but strong. Using suspension and joint system within the pipes.