Qut presentation 9 may 2012


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Collaborative design

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Qut presentation 9 may 2012

  1. 1. Presentation by Dr. Mary Somerville and Dennis Humphries AIAAchieving Excellence Through A Collaborative Design Process 9 May 2012 Queensland University of Technology
  2. 2. The Auraria CampusUniversity of Colorado/DenverMetro State UniversityCommunity College of Denver
  3. 3. What is a collaborative design process?
  4. 4. Campus crossroads
  5. 5. Built in 1976 to serve amaximum of 15,000students. …Today, theAuraria Library serves50,000 students.
  6. 6. Auraria Library 1976Auraria Library 2011Auraria Library 2016
  7. 7. “A skin of aluminum and glass surrounds the Auraria Library building. Sun blindshave been attached to the glass skin to dim the sunlight. The library façade, inwhite enameled aluminum, contrasts with the dark earthy colors of the brickbuildings on campus.”Werner Blaser, Helmut Jahn: Transparency, 1996
  8. 8. 1977 – Michigan City Public Library
  9. 9. 1979-1985 – State of Illinois Center, Chicago
  10. 10. 1987 – Chicago O’Hare Terminal One
  11. 11. 2012 –Mansueto Library, University of Chicago
  12. 12. “Inside, the installationhas been fitted visibly,so that all spatialchanges will be possibleat any time. … Plantedinterior courtyardsloosen the building. Theinterior space is an opensystem.”Werner Blaser, HelmutJahn: Transparency,1996
  13. 13. 1978 Excellence in Design Award, AIA Chicago“A refreshing and highly- imaginative solution; a straightforwardwarehouse of books with little pretensions from our industrial society."
  14. 14. Auraria Library 2012
  15. 15. Student Survey ResultsPrivate study rooms would be great… I couldn’t find any place to sit today… more tables and chairs, please!Increase study carrels… We need more Additional power computer stations…outlets for our laptopswould be so useful…
  16. 16. Great libraries are thefoundation of greatacademic institutions.
  17. 17. Auraria Library and Media Center Design Charrette30 November 2010/ 1 December 2010Day 18:30 AM Introductions and roles of participants. Review Charrette agenda and projected schedule.8:45 AM Statement/Definition of the Project Goals.9:00 AM Review of existing systems conditions/limitations.10:00 AM Mind Breaking”- current/future trends.11:00 AM Building Breaking- (group design input)12:00 AM Working Lunch summarizing preferences/dislikes.1:30 PM Development of Initial Concepts and Ideas. (breakout sessions)4:00 PM Summarize /Assign Homework to be completed for Day 2.
  18. 18. Auraria Library and Media Center Design Charrette30 November 2010/ 1 December 2010Day 28:00 AM Summarize Process to date.8:15 AM Review of initial concepts/ideas9:00 AM Develop three alternatives. (breakout sessions)11:30 AM Working Lunch.12:30 PM Engineering and planning consultants review three alternatives.1:15 PM Synthesize three alternatives to one concept. (breakout sessions2:15 PM Present preferred option2:45 PM Summarize work and outline a schedule to complete the study.
  19. 19. Mindbreaking……If you go to the usual places for answers, you get the usual answers.So let’s explore beyond where you normally would go.
  20. 20. Master Plan Charrette
  21. 21. Welcome Back8:00 AM Breakfast8:15 AM Why We Are Here Again Review of 2010 Design Charrette8:45 AM Archetypes10:30 AM Thinking Big11:00 Auraria Library Place by Place a. Study Rooms b. Service Point c. Main Street Lunch break d. Courtyard e. Café f. Center for Colorado and the West2:45 Summarize/next steps
  22. 22. Who is the audience for our work?Students StudentsLibrary Staff Library StaffDonors Donors Broader Community
  23. 23. Three Questions to Answer: What Capabilities Must a 21st Century Graduate Need? StudentsWhat Activities Must He/She Complete to Develop Those Competencies? Donors What Materials / Resources are Needed?
  24. 24. Recent Enhancements: Faculty Lounge
  25. 25. Recent Enhancements: Jackson Enhanced Learning Center
  26. 26. Current Enhancements: Phase One Construction
  27. 27. Thinking BigCampus crossroadsSanctuary‘Anti-Ivy’Unique ColoradoansJoy of InquiryBlack Box TheatrePragmaticSimple EleganceShould be one of the top 5 reasons to come to AHEC
  28. 28. Auraria Library 2016
  29. 29. permeable dynamic the hive the hub central sanctuary international virtual adventure extend future ‘the Beacon’1. Entry to Exploration
  30. 30. performances gallery patio plaza bistro indoor/outdoor downtown views synergy stage laptops art2. Confluence Café
  31. 31. performances gallery patio plaza bistro indoor/outdoor downtown views synergy stage laptops art2. Confluence Café
  32. 32. Café – Charette Proposal
  33. 33. performances gallery patio plaza bistro indoor/outdoor downtown views synergy stage laptops art3. Collaboration Rooms
  34. 34. inviting open night events discover oasis platform interactive transparent4. The Connective Courtyard
  35. 35. flexible interactive evolving timeless intimate storytelling connectivity unique diverse local personal4. The Center for Colorado & the West