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Sandra ONeill

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  2. 2. When it comes to design...I always have this hidden curiosity to explore my surroundings, especially when I enter in any space. Since I remember, I like looking how Studios GRADUATE PROJECT: CURIOUSERthings are related to each other; colors, materials, walls, doors and decor, but my mind keeps asking me: how and who could create this HEALTH CARE: KARADAphysical space? What inspired them to build such a unique room? CORPORATE: JB ASSOCIATES INTERIOR DESIGN FIRMWell, now that I found my passion in interior design, and as I learn innovative techniques and explore my creativity with new projects, I COMMERCIAL: AQUA SPAunderstand even more about those places that one time got my full attention. RESIDENTIAL: THE GUPTAS RESIDENCEAs I practice design, I have found that in some way I have started to develop my own style; being inspired by ancient architecture, mosaics, sculptures and elements that where used by the Romans and the Greeks. I also feel attach to the old but, I love the new trends and modern styles too. I always think that we "cant forget where we are coming from". We are who we are today because of our ancestors. It was then, when I started connecting the old with the new, with either architecture or ideas, and making it current with materials and finishes. Skills & Illustrations HISTORY OF FURNITURE DESIGNThere is a particular interior designer that has influenced my designs: Benjamin Ortiz. His philosophy is "Emotion is always a better guide than intellect when it comes to creating a richly satisfying environment". PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES HAND RENDERINGSIn that same way, I started looking at interior designer Kelly Wearstlers work. Her design philosophy makes sense to me: "There are no COMPUTER RENDERINGSrules in interior design. I take risk, and I believe you can do anything that your brain and your imagination can create". I finally believe that anything can inspire you, if you are open to seek and not just look around you. ARCHITECTURAL DETAILING: SWEET AND SASSY BOUTIQUE 3-D MODELING IMAGES CITED TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. TEA & CHAMPAGNE LOUNGE Blurring the line between reality and fantasy: Curiouser will allow the spectator to experience life through the looking glass. Located in the wonderland of Hollywood; California, this unique tea & champagne lounge will serve as an upscale destination, with an air of sophistication and sensual style. The new lounge will be an exclusive gathering place intended to stimulate the senses of taste, sight and sound. At Curiouser, guests will experience its whimsical atmosphere that will tease and engage fantasy with reality.
  4. 4. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTCONCEPT DESIGN DEvELOPMENT FINAL FLOOR PLAN This unique tea & champagne lounge will fulfill As the concept statement is created, ideas about the function of the the desires and needs of the wealthy self-loved space start getting into paper with bubbles and diagrams. To meet this final furniture plan, the kitchen and administration were move to the basement of the building and exclude characters from all the surrounding areas of Below some samples of the first bubbles done for Curiouser, showing the from the contract.Hollywood, and it will serve as an upscale destination travel path and circulation of the space. The new layout not only unifies the two floors with the glass elevator in the center of the building, but also provides a with an air of sophistication and sensual style. The sophisticated and functional lounge named: Curiouser will be an exclusive PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTgathering place intended to stimulate the senses of taste, sight and sound. At Curiouser, guests will experience its whimsical atmosphere that will tease and engage fantasy with reality.Client profileThe Italian couple Rosanna and Carlo Di Franco is planning to build in 2012 a new lounge, with approximately 4,500 sq. ft., to be located in West Hollywood, California. Bubbles & CirculationThey both enjoy the fabulous and exciting life style of Los Angeles and Hollywood. It has become one of the Another sample of work in progress is showing below. One of the biggest Preliminary Floor Plan 2main places where they spend most of their time, challenge for the space planning of Curiouser was the placement of the stairs to meet Californias building codes. FURNITURE PLAN FIRST & SECOND FLOOR PLANsince Mr. Di Franco is a writer and Mrs. Di Franco A1 IN-100 1/4"=1-0"a fashion designer. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTThey always dreamed of having their own lounge and after researching many of their options, they decided to create a tea & champagne lounge, that not only allows the visitors to experience the charm life Hollywood can offer, but also to design a space that can blend illusion and reality in place.The couple is very eager to have this new lounge design with their own taste and have their ideas and fantasies explored in this new venue.The project has been scheduled to be complete by Location: West Hollywood, CA, two stories.fall 2012 and The Di Francos are open with the Existing sq. footage: with first and second level, 4500 sq. ft.budget to create a lavish and unique design that This preliminary section of the building was Expansion sq. footage: N.I.C (basement will be used for administration, reflects their vision and passion. done to explore how the two floors can flow Mechanical and electric and kitchen area). together. Existing construction: Preliminary architectural plans are available. Preliminary Floor Plan 1 Building type and zoning: The building is Type II. Design Process
  5. 5. To unify the two floors and create the whimsical atmosphere that will tease and engage fantasy with reality, This was exactly part of the idea to work with different scale factor. The big vase is another sample of larger scale of furniture, architecture and ceiling heights were study. As shown above, the waiters is as tall as the structure. The flooring was another part of the design that was inspire by Alice in Wonderland, by using either club chair, but also compare with the column in the center, she appears smaller at the same time. random tile sizes and colors, or by applying checker board idea.Buildung Section
  6. 6. Architectural detailing is part of the design process to specify dimensions and how materials relate to each other within the space. Above is a section and elevation of the interactive menu wall that was designed to serve as decorative structure with functionally.Architectural Detailing
  7. 7. The new Tea & Champagne Lounge will provide semi private seating as well as open lounge areas, for those who like to see and be seen. The color palette for the first floor was influenced by tea colors and taste. Level 1
  8. 8. Lounge Elevation Level 2Lounge Elevation Level 1 Second floor was designed with sophisticated feeling in mind; with red tones and black and white finishes and materials, Club chairs were specified in three different green tones and textures, to recreate the feeling of a garden. The big the lounge will be ready for the night and champagne. vase with peonies flowers complements the idea. Elevations
  9. 9. Curiouser is an upscale destination, where reality and fantasy will blur the line through the use of color, materials, scale and sculptural furniture.Level 2
  10. 10. Karada, a Japanese term meaning health. will be an active karada senior community. One that will empower the individual and promote healthy lifestyle. This way of life will be balanced with the Serene inspiration of the surrounding gardens and trails through the use of color and materials.
  11. 11. Karada, a Japanese term meaning health, will be an active senior community. One that will empower the individual and promote a healthy lifestyle. This way of life will be balanced with the Serene inspirations of the surrounding gardens and trails through the use of color and materials. Karada will provide a holistic approach to active senior living. The use of Eastern and Western therapies will be used in order to achieve complete balanced well-being in our residents. The interior will feel as if one is in a garden or courtyard, using nature as a strong aspect of healing. Last, the influence of Japanese and modern architecture and design will help define the space in terms of function and aesthetical value. Entry Ellevation Light Fixture On the left, prototypes were created to define space planning. Above Final Floor Plan shows how the space will function. Final Presentation Prototypes
  12. 12. Karada will blend Japanese and modern styles to create a unique, healing, empowering place called Library Elevation The semicurved of the chair replies the half moon inspirartion. Fabrics and Living glass will complement the design. Living Room Perspective Living Glass wall @ entry area
  13. 13. Light Fixture Living Glass Doors Private Dining Elevation Dining Chair Upholstery Upholstery Dining TableKarada was based on the vital Aging design philosophy; for nurturing our minds, bodies and souls, by connecting our essence to nature, family and friends, in a space that promotes the ultimate wellness being. Dining Room Perspective
  14. 14. To create a modern and trendy work space for J&B Associates, Interior Design Firm; using a neutral palette with sitimulating bold colors and shapes.
  15. 15. The desired image for the space will be a contemporary look and feel that is supported with sustainable materials and finishes to showcase the design and concepts the firm succesfully Most of the lounge chair in the space will be specify on white leather. As an accent, green chairs will be place in created for their clients. The main design studio will be design to be light and airy, as well as common areas with the crepe artichoke color show below.flexible and collaborative.Block diagram as part of the design concept, was created to support all the ideas in one place.
  16. 16. All materials will vary in texture and finish. From a crystal chandelier to a pink metal wall treatment, the look in the space will stimulate the workers and coworkers to be more productive. As an addition, relaxing and active areas will be added, depending in the type of work. Perspective Entry Area. The look I want to create for the J&B Associates is a modern style with excited colors. The entry will remain neutral with a punch of colors.
  17. 17. The lighting will play an special touch for the design, that will resemble the bold colors that area through out the space, as well as the fabric and finishes selected. White on white are plan of the design, where bold colors will bring a modern touch within the space. For this interior design firm, a cafe/break room will be design for the workers to enjoy part of their day, in an space that will allows a lot of lighting, and group or individual seating for all. Cafe/Breakroom Perspective
  18. 18. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT The Art Institute of Phoenix R Aqua Spa 2233 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021 All work represented is for educational purposes only. Checked: C.Stedman PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT Interior Design Bachelors Program Inspired by the historical architecture, mosaics and Document Not For Construction colors of Pompeii, Aqua Spa will blend the old with Aqua Spa Lighting Plan ID387 Lighting Design new to create a modern and classic Holistic Spa. GENERAL NOTES: 1. ALL CEILING TO BE DRYWALL AT 12-0" AFF UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. 2. ALL SWITCHES SHALL BE MOUNTED AT 48" A.F.F. 3.SMOKE DETECTOR SHOULD COMPLY WITH ELECTRICIAN Name: Sandra ONeill Date: SUM10 Scale:3/32"=1-0" Sheet of RCP PLAN IN-104 A-1 IN-104 PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT